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  1. Grand Central

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    I agree. I can't really understand why BSI decided to go ahead with qualifying on Friday night's this season. Except that they just got the tech to work so HAD to use it no matter what. They were fully aware of the new TV deals for Friday racing in Extraleage and everyone knows the money being thrown around in Poland to riders. So it seems just a bit daft to start this timing thing in the full knowledge of having to do it with riders missing so often. Just looks a bit pathetic and puts KT/NP in the position of having to 'big up' tumbleweed on TV just 24 hours before the race. A dreadful advert for the sport. PR 'from the bottom drawer' someone might call it.
  2. Grand Central

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2019

    Lambert £60 MORE Iversen £60 MORE Lindback £60 MORE
  3. Grand Central

    Eastbourne 2019

    After not agreeing with me ... You seem to move on to then say exactly why his personality/interactions may have caused people to have found him unpleasant. I find that comforting.
  4. Grand Central

    Eastbourne 2019

    Yes, I don't pretend to understand the structure of management operating at Eastbourne. The demarcation between jobs and functions within the promotion seems somewhat 'opaque' to an outsider. So it is difficult to tell who really pulls the strings. One thing for certain is that whatever is written in the official programme, and by whoever. It is the licenced promoters who are solely responsible to the SCB if the content breaks the regulations on bringing any part of the sport into disrepute. That, I assume, would fall at the door of Trevor Geer and Mike Bellarby. I also have no real understanding or inference to make from the news at Companies House that John Cook resigned from the board of Eastbourne Eagles Ltd on May 28 and the company address shifted too. Suffice to say some sort of 'change' has occurred behind the scenes for sure.
  5. Grand Central

    Eastbourne 2019

    Cook has always been an unpleasant character. So it's never surprising whenever it inevitably surfaces in public. Pity that he is garnering such bad PR for Eastbourne now, though.
  6. Grand Central

    Speedway GP Qualifiers.

    Big plus. He'll never be get back in the GPs again.
  7. Grand Central

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2019

    Dudek £50 MORE Sayfutdinov £50 MORE lambert £50 MORE Kolodziej £50 MORE
  8. Grand Central

    Warsaw 2019

    Bizarre. I stated my opInion. I never advocated you could not express yours or be prevented from any discussion. Just that I dont agree with it, nor see it's merits.
  9. Grand Central

    Warsaw 2019

    I'm very happy with that. It could make a great 'story' and provide brilliant TV. A real giant-killing finale. If Lambert had pulled that off on Saturday then Pearson and Tatum would have orgasmed. And I might have got quite excited too ! It would be repeated endlessly in BTSport adverts and have had more views on YouTube than Chris Harris 2007. Win win allround.
  10. Grand Central

    Warsaw 2019

    Not sure. Except that we DO disagree. I do think this method is just about perfect . I dont think this method of determining a GP winner has flaws. And I dont think the way in which it works produces anomalies. The winner of the final and therefore GP winner is not the guy with most points. Fine. No problems for me.
  11. Grand Central

    Warsaw 2019

    I pride myself on being super critical of the FIM and BSI wherever I can. They continue to make some really silly decisions and need to be called out whenever they do. The Speedway of Nations continues to be some sort of Dog's Breakfast. BUT I cannot understand any of the ongoing criticism of SGP scoring and format. Especially this obsession some folk have with trying to invent bizarre extreme scenarios to aid their arguments. It seems just about perfect now. Better than any system before it. And should be left alone. Its just ONE of the few things in the whole Speedway world that isn't even slightly messed up.
  12. Grand Central

    Ivan Mauger. Belle Vue. 1969/72

    Craven set that time in 1958 And Ivan equalled it in August 1970 and shaved a fifth off it in October that year. That stood until 1975 when Peter Collins took it down to 69.4. But in July 1976 PC smashed it ... 67 dead on the four valve and that time was not lowered at all throughout the seventies through to 1983.
  13. Grand Central

    Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2019

    Lambert £100 MORE Doyle £100 MORE
  14. Grand Central

    Warsaw 2019

    Surely its just the delay of commincating between the transponder on the bike and the TV graphics. Mind you the delay in comminicating any excitement in this affair seems to be much greater.
  15. Grand Central

    Warsaw 2019

    The #13 gives your first two races together in heats 4 and 5 so gives very little time to make any changes needed after the first ride. He found this disadvantage to be worth avoiding even though he then ended up with his final total rides being in consecutive heats 16 and 17. Whether he made any use of it or not on the day, I don't know. But he won so who cares !

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