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  1. Grand Central

    British Speedway statement

    Company/Association AGMs are neither traditional or untraditional. They are just AGMs. With specific functions to be carried out. Other General meetings are possible. They are NOT AGMs.
  2. Grand Central

    British Speedway statement

    Did they pay someone to write this hogwash ? No AGM.... both teams have until the AGM to declare. Idiots.
  3. It still is a ridiculous system. But Russia were rightful winners AND GB are rightful winners.
  4. Grand Central

    Andrew Edwards Book & Peter Collins

    I am afraid PC, for all his brilliance in the track, seems to have turned into quite a sour tempered old man.
  5. No. That makes no sense at all. The U21 guy could come in to any race without needing to 'cheat' at all.
  6. Grand Central

    Pop up advertising on this site.

    Tbh it's a p!ss poor show. No matter what the reason. It looks scammy and makes the forum feel very dodgy.
  7. Grand Central

    Has Kelv put his heating on yet?

    Tatum and Louis were an excellent combination.
  8. Grand Central

    Has Kelv put his heating on yet?

    Tbh it's wearing a bit thin.
  9. Grand Central

    Wildcards 2022

    Yes, saw the postings on Facebook this morning about the reserve list announcement and most comments appeared to be about Martin and in German. Without any smiley faces.
  10. Grand Central

    Wildcards 2022

    Well there seems an awful lot of Germans up in arms today because Smolinksi hasn't made it onto the reserves list either.
  11. Grand Central

    Wildcards 2022

    It goes way beyond round by round wildcards; which is what I was just discussing. No postings were or are ever to be needed here to ensure continued full time representation for GB in the series. The promoters know which side their bread is buttered. The reason why there will always be at least one GB rider as a permanent rider (even as a season long wildcard) is not just about Cardiff. It will matter for the TV contracts much more.
  12. Grand Central

    Wildcards 2022

    Utterly stupid point to try to make. There never has been nor will there ever be a year without at least one full permanent member of the series from GB.
  13. Grand Central

    Wildcards 2022

    Yes... Three of those we have not seen a SGP for years as they were not financially viable WITH or without wildcards; so hardly a strong argument for imposing them on the dozens and dozens of meetings that don't need them at all. Despite all the flim flam of the press conference I don't see it really happening that we end up with viable GPs n all these other places Discovery say. And Gorican ... Oh yes let's have a dead spot in every GP All year just so we can resurrect Zagar for one evening. Wonderful.I Tbh any country that 'needs' a wildcard to get a decent crowd is probably not worth having GP in any case.
  14. Grand Central

    Wildcards 2022

    It's difficult to argue against local wildcards when you get a star like Kubera turning up. But he is the real exception. And in the end, for all his efforts, it got him nowhere in regards of a permanent place. Because he is Polish. Most of the time they don't add anything to the meeting, they definitely don't add anything to the championship. And they rarely add to the the crowd as Most GPs are held in countries who already have permanent representation. Just dead space in the year long programme.
  15. Grand Central

    Swindon Stadium

    Terry Russell has taken on the guise of a total simpleton over this whole affair. Why?

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