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  1. Grand Central


    Continually annoyed by Curtis Sport stuff ... Spoiling some of my enjoyment of the excellent work being done everywhere else in the mag.
  2. Grand Central

    League to run over two seasons

    That just makes it sound more daft.
  3. Grand Central

    League to run over two seasons

    Daft idea. Run whatever short season that can be done this season and start afresh in 2021. Keep it simple.
  4. Grand Central

    Corona virus

    Could not agree more. I have not needed any of the assistance offered as I have friends/family who have been able to meet our needs; but others I know have made use of the support and they report only positive things. In addition as a small business owner i cannot fault the various types financial assistance we have had, so far, and the excellent way the claims processes have worked.
  5. Grand Central

    Corona virus

    And yet NHS Scotland is held up - in some quarters - as being so much ahead of that awful Tory-run English version. I am happy with the Sassenachs.
  6. Grand Central

    Corona virus

    It may well be. But I think we (who are the ones who HAVE received shielding letters) were trying to inform the group of actually how it is working in practice. Which seems to be somewhat different to what you and others have imagined.
  7. Grand Central

    Corona virus

    My letter went missing some weeks ago ... It was about five pages long recommending 12 weeks shielding plus all the information on food parcels and mental health assistance. I have no memory that the word 'vulnerable' was ever specifically used. The terminology was that as I had a significant health condition I had been identified as being more likely to require hospitalization if I contracted the virus and would be more likely to suffer more serious complications as a result. I know they letter was modified later in April to set shielding to June 30 for those identified later by other protocols, but it is standard letter that every one chosen gets.
  8. Grand Central

    Corona virus

    Yes. I only mentioned my age, because it is my age !!
  9. Grand Central

    Corona virus

    Not true at all. 55 years old with diabetes that seems impossible to get under control was sufficient to get me the shielding letter at the end of March. From the many conversations I have had with others; none would back up the criteria you believe is operating for shielding advice.
  10. Grand Central

    Grand Prix Tickets.

    I am afraid that has bloody obvious for weeks.
  11. Grand Central

    Could the season be extended.

  12. Grand Central

    Could the season be extended.

    No matter what horrendous problems this virus and lockdown has caused for Sport ... One thing is for certain ... None will be answered by planning for UK Speedway in November.
  13. Grand Central

    Corona virus

    No, I never have had flu. I have had my flu jab for the last few years.
  14. Grand Central

    Corona virus

    Hope you recover fully soon. It is this sort of real life experience that is not reflected in any stats at all. Whilst all the talk is of death rates; there is a 'success' being ascribed to every 'non-death' that does not seem to reflect just what level of suffering has been experienced by some/many of those who have been through it and survived. My anecdotal experience locally is that for quite a few this ranks as the worst experience of their life and nothing like a dose of flu. They are not getting back to normality quickly at all. As one of the high risk people who are under 60 but will HAVE to return to work at some point. I will not be in a position to totally destroy my business by being shielded for longer than the 12 weeks and once the business grant is spent. And that will be scary.
  15. Grand Central

    Your best speedway year

    We managed to get seats in the grandstand where it was only minus 10C.

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