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  1. Grand Central

    May 17th

    You are discussing the wrong part of the statement. League Speedway will be governed by the 50% or 4000, whichever is lower. Which would be fine for most except a 'bumper' bank holiday crowd Cardiff would be a different matter ... perhaps July will be under different rules ?
  2. Grand Central

    Berwick vs Newcastle 21st March 1992

    From my completed programme Max Schofield replaced Wayne Garratt in Heat 13 and finished fourth. Garratt is recorded as 'EX' for that race which (as he was replaced by a reserve ) probably means two minutes exclusion.
  3. Grand Central


    Probably the same as it did in the previous decades when both sports ran side by side.
  4. Grand Central


    Spot on. Pretty pathetic and utter BS about bringing on the youth. Just piss poor PR spin on having a two pointer at Number 7. Wasn't this 'the plan' in 1986 ?
  5. Grand Central

    2021 GP Series Dates

    Nearly 700 covid deaths in Italy yesterday ... Let's hope they are able to get that down to the levels they had in October ...
  6. Grand Central

    2021 GP Series Dates

    BSI planning to go out on a whimper ...
  7. Grand Central

    2021 GP Series Dates

    The first couple of practice qualifiers had a certain novelty value ... But that was it. Boring as hell otherwise. A terrible waste of a prime time Friday evening that would be much better used for Polish matches. and on top of everything the TV programme production was pretty dreadful.
  8. Grand Central

    2021 GP Series Dates

    FACEBOOK ALERT ! .... He's escaped again.
  9. Grand Central

    2021 GP Series Dates

    Oliver Dowden saying in the Commons today that he really 'hopes' that stadiums will be at full capacity come October next year when the Rugby League World Cup is to be held in England, but contingencies will need to be in place in the event of that not being possible At face value that seems positive ... Just not sure if it really is for 30-40k at Cardiff in July.
  10. Grand Central

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    FAKE NEWS ...That video was filmed in the summer and was about BLM.
  11. Grand Central

    SON 2021

    Well we know all that, we were here watching it unfold .... But bloody stupid to choose to put themselves in the same position with the best part of 12 months notice. Seems strange for this to be the way BSI want to bow out ... With a potential Lublin repeat. PS ... was at nearly every one of the BLRCs from early 70s to the closure of Hyde Road ...often spent the day watching the weather fearing a rain off and travelled in trepidation, frozen stiff on the night but with rose tinted specs it all seems marvellous ... Reality can be cruel.
  12. Grand Central

    SON 2021

    Holding it in Poland in October turned out so well ...
  13. Grand Central

    Eurosport 2020

    David Norris that is just a name from the distant past ... An irrelevance today despite his comedic value 15 years ago. And Keith Huewen ... I just despair ...
  14. Grand Central

    Eurosport 2020

    I don't think anyone here has ever mentioned keeping Sam in the job. I just made it plain that Dave Rowe had done a great job this season and for the last few years on Eurosport. Personally my choice of 'second chair' would be Chris Louis.
  15. Grand Central

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Yes. All of that. Just like in March there was a set plan to avoid lockdown ... All disappeared in 24 hours or so and total capitulation to the braying mob ... And now we've gone down the same route again. Wrong. Just wrong.

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