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  1. OAP concessions, why?

    The simplest answer to the OP is that OAPs get a discount today, just because they always did in the past. Going back to a time when very few OAPs attending Speedway would have a private pension and would (then) have been on the poor side. That is/was the British tradition. The argument for taking the concession away is a fairly silly one. The negative impact of removing that 'discount' today would piss off so many that the promoters would be stupid to do so as the attandances would be hit badly. But then I would have thought SCB was very able to work that out for himself. So, I assume he just felt like prodding the hornet's nest due to boredom!
  2. Poole 2018

    Of course it is always wise to take what these old duffers said with a large pinch of salt. The record of Coventry before 1979 under the old Rider Control Committee and after under the CMA formluas is remarkably similar. Actually, perhaps even better in some ways "when the averages came along" Not so much a failing of the avarages based system at all. Those promoters like Bamforth spent oodles more cash and others were (perhaps) just better skilled at working to the new regime than the CEO felt he was, especially after Peter Adams left Brandon. But the Bees still managed well, without the need to lament the change.
  3. Indeed. About as pointless as comparing a CEO for British Speedway with that of the CEO of the FA Premier League. As some bright spark did before Christmas.

    If I were to be cursed with so little personal knowledge of the past. That my views had to be shaped by YouTube alone. Then, hopefully, I too could be excused for coming to some pretty daft conclusions.

    Actually, even that is only part of the story. We travelled to Wembley from Halifax and were ONLY interested in a KC win. It should have been the worst thing in the world for the despised Penhall to win and in THAT fashion. But he did. And yet even so ... that night remains in the top three Speedway meetings I have attended in my lifetime. And the other two up there are not GPs either. I do really love the SGPs ... but being honest probably only the odd one or two creeps into my Top Ten of best meetings ever. It isn't all about 'the racing'. Never has been The best EXPERIENCE is a combination of so much more that just 'counting up the passes' on the track. Perhaps you just had to be there. But Wembley 1981 really was THAT special. And trying to explain just how tangible that experience was to those who were not present is just utterly futile.
  6. The C word ( chaos )

    At least you have changed your tack so much that it now makes some sense. The original glib statements. So oft repeated, were just incorrect. Not semantics or opinion.
  7. This weeks Speedway Star dec 23rd

    Yes, it was oddly written. But then Peter Oakes has had a few odd moments this year . I noticed he has even had to bring up the Italian weirdo again, when raking over those particular coals once more seems very ill judged. But his fixation is seemingly very strong. Personally, I would have thought that particular episode's coverage in the The Star would have gone down in the LOSER section itself, alongside the Peter Collins cock-up interview. Which were surely low points of the year to rival at least some of those that were chosen..
  8. The C word ( chaos )

    I'll informed nonsense yet again.
  9. 2018 Grand Prix Venues

    Yes... But liquidating the few assests they have may go some way offsetting just a bit of losses suffered over the last few years of this, latest, I'll fated exercise .
  10. Swc 2018

    It is getting a bit silly to play this rather childish game of 'correcting' people when it suits. And then to finish each little bust of activity with this coquettish denoument of 'wait and see'. I do not get the impression that the full details will have been worth any of the teasing. The 'FIM Monster Speedway Damp Squib' starts in June.
  11. Swc 2018

    That is just not true. There were FIVE men per SWC team Why would you say otherwise. And only Speedway could be mental enough to call THREE people a PAIR. For all the years that the World Best Pairs operated - which you have repeatedly said yourself was a competition YOU enjoyed - it managed with two men and only had the very occasional time that was reduced to a single man. But If they want or feel they must have three per team then at least show SOME sense and actually call them TRIOS.
  12. So where did it all go wrong?

    I was going to respond myself. But it would be superfluous after reading SCBs post. I do not think I have seen a better critique. Brilliant.
  13. Swc 2018

    Not so much 'interesting' as 'crucial' Surely no one could countenance a World Championship level event which gave more points to the pair who come second and third?
  14. Swc 2018

    Far be it for me to suggest any such thing. But feel free to enlighten me on an alternative forum, discussion site or any other online facilty that offers such a representation of the 'wider soeedway public' that you consider better. If one exists. Then I imagine that you, and me, would be contributing to that. And not lurking around here.
  15. Swc 2018

    So that is one more 'vote' for the new format. Well done ! As that side seem to be lagging a fair bit behind at the moment I suppose KT could be coming in as. a 'Joker' to record double votes for his 'team'. As I am sure the organisers will want to 'pep' the competition up with such exciting ideas that have been loved by so many in the sport before. This could turn into a winter long series.