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  1. Grand Central

    2019 SoN Draw

    That would be a 'no' to a straight draw, then. And as you say just like many other years That would be a yes, or partly, perhaps. I only wondered. That is all. I'm not really any wiser, but hey-ho. Not of any improtance at all.
  2. Grand Central

    2019 SoN Draw

    Did a 'draw' actually take place at all. Or would it be more accurate to say that the composition of each semi was 'chosen' by FIM/BSI more deliberately than by chance.
  3. Grand Central

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Being fair, Speedway Star are - in large part - a victim of circumstance. They 'peaked' early this winter with the excellent pre-AGM issue that was quite a departure from the usual fare the mag offers and could not be faulted. But since then there has been so little to be reported of any consquence that they were always going to be floudering for decent copy. My (very personal) view is that the reliance on a couple of rather stolid chunks of historical stuff and severe bout of Lanningitis has not helped much. I feel that the pre-AGM issue actualy raised an awful lot of expectations that something really would change for the better as a result of Chepstow. But the outcome was as non-event as possible and left many deflated. Similarly, the high spot of that issue of the Star has been followed with a return to what is largely the same-old format. The moral is we should all be happy with the Speedway we have ... for fear that we wont have any at all. And we should stick with the Star during the winter ... or risk being without a weekly mag at all come March/April. I will be renewing.
  4. Grand Central

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Actually I couldnt agree more. My online subscription to the Star is one i turn to at Midnight every Wednesday and I will continue to do so without question .... But that does end up meaning that I cannot help being immediately aware of things i really like and things I dont. And that just seemed a bit obvious this week. Especially the formulaic writing style of Mr Lanning over quite so many pages. I am genuinely pleased that the sales are on the rise ... Clearly Phil Rising knows far more than I do about the decision making needed to run a mag successfully.
  5. Grand Central

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Very, very harsh. But unfortunately so true. The timing of the AGM is partly to blame, so hopefully this was just a 'one off' dip in quality. But the rather tragic over use of Philip Lanning is just a backward step to the 1990s.
  6. Grand Central

    AGM November 2018

    The saddest part really is that this is probably the best outcome of an AGM that was ever going to be possible. Rather like Mrs Mays deal is. Though it pains me greatly to say it. I know just about everyone wanted more or bettter. But there was never any true consensus as to what that 'better' was. And the people actually involved can only deal with the situation as it is today. The real Politik. The last thing speedway needs is a rash of supporter resignations. We are better than Cabinet Ministers, surely.
  7. Grand Central

    Celebrity fans

    This was back at the start of 1980. It was actually Christopher Wenner who rode not Simon Groom and he was helped to 'win' the race in a time of 91 seconds.
  8. Grand Central

    BBC Sports Personality Stitch Up

    For many years you have been able to vote for free online. I believe that is where the vast majority of people chose to do so. To pay 15p to vote by phone would be an option ... If you were either wishing to donate it to Children in Need ... Or just a bit thick!
  9. Grand Central

    Cardiff 2019 date Saturday September 21st

    As did we all. it's obvious. But Torben's fertilizer was still spread.
  10. Grand Central

    Cardiff 2019 date Saturday September 21st

    It was a direct quote from Torben Olsen. The Star published that and the rest of his nonsense verbatim. Perhaps just for a laugh.
  11. Grand Central

    German GP Teterow Saturday September 22nd

    No need to be apologetic at all. You have got the point well and used a good hypothetical analogy to express it. I offer no hope that this will be understood by the same old faces who have been spouting their nonsense for years.
  12. Grand Central

    German GP Teterow Saturday September 22nd

    This is SO beyond question. Why can't some people get it?
  13. Oh you're right about that. No doubt. But I think BB is just a bit too far back in time for most, now. 45 years since TIYL. Ivan's name still has a decent currency today that I would say is higher that Briggo. But It will be gone soon sadly. And will not be replaced by any other. But as Iris said ... Not even Alastair Cook is a household name. This week he was the answer at our pub quiz because of all the news around his test retirement and amazing scoring. Half the teams did not get his name right. And one put down Ian Botham.
  14. Fair enough to all that. But the real answer to the 'Ivan Mauger question' was NO Speedway has been a household name since him. Not even remotely close. In NZ or anywhere. And never will be to be honest. To answer 'Larry Ross' just sounded ... a bit weird.
  15. This was his quote Honestly Larry may be 'well known' in NZ but could never be called a Household name. Anywhere.

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