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  1. Every time I read anything quoting what Castagna has to say on these matters just makes him sound more and more of a prat.
  2. Grand Central

    Grand Prix changes

    Except .... I don't give a stuff about anything to do with football at all. Whereas I have followed Speedway for 50 years, travelled Europe and spent probably thousands of pounds watching (every) SGPs in person or on TV. So forgive me for finding it important, even if you do not.
  3. Grand Central

    Grand Prix changes

    Please don't have such musings in public. The more ridiculous the idea ... The more likely that Armando will implement it.
  4. Grand Central

    Grand Prix changes

    I hear you too. But as it is they have NOT made it a five point difference between first and second in the final which could really impact on outcomes; it is just 2 points. And then again ... Have any of us ever thought that the prestige etc of winning a GP has been lacking so much that it requires a rejigging of points to increase the incentive ? Leaving well alone seems just perfect to me.
  5. Grand Central

    Grand Prix changes

    Cheers. You are absolutely spot on about how the dynamics might change. As far as I can see you have just made a great argument AGAINST changing to this new system. In general the race point system makes EVERY point in EVERY race of vital importance ... making for a better race meeting throughout. Anything that takes that away even just a little - just like you say may have been in Billy's mind - is generally a very bad thing. For the spectator.
  6. Grand Central

    Grand Prix changes

    Actually you're not quite right about the 1996 series. Back in 1996 the points were awarded 25-20-18-16 .... whilst we get 20-18-16-14 in 2020. In 1996 we did not have semi finals and finals; instead we had A B C and D finals. It is true that at the year end just two points separated Hamill and Nielsen at the top. And if you use the 2020 scoring it is also the case that Hamill would beat Nielsen by just two points. A close series either way. But ... Interestingly if one looks back to the scoring in 1996 over the six rounds Billy Hamill and Hans Nielsen actually tied on 65 race points each on their heats 1-20 scoring. And they both scored 9 points in the A finals they reached. TIED if the 2019 system was used back then. You cant get closer than that On countback Hamill reached 5 A finals and Nielsen just 4 so positions unchanged. Speedway at its best is about 3-2-1-0. Dont mess with it.
  7. Grand Central

    Grand Prix changes

    To even mention Erik and Hans now though is so backward looking ... We are thirty years beyond ANY relevance that would be helpful in decisions or understanding. In Speedway terms or the rest of society. Despite being closer to 60 than 50 myself I can appreciate that it is just this sort of 'harking back' to pre-history by oldies that must drive anyone born post 1990 absolutely bonkers. And make them switch right off from listening to us on many issues of TODAY.
  8. Grand Central

    Grand Prix changes

    Good God .... That would have been in 1988 or 1989 !! Get a grip !
  9. Grand Central

    Grand Prix changes

    What a bizarre comment ... Four riders who quite demonstrably couldn't 'put bums on SGP seats' any better than the 2019 guys.
  10. Grand Central

    Grand Prix changes

    Of course it may end up that the 7th and 8th in SGP2020 get 2 of the extra wildcards. So ultimately the switch to only the top six qualifying by right may make little difference to the personell in SGP2021. But ... during the SGP year it has always been the top 8 placing that has seems to drive competition in the lower reaches of the points table and maintain interest in their scoring. At least for the commentators who make great play of this. Raising the bar to the top six will just make it look as if there are just more riders 'out of contention' and from even earlier in the SGP year. Have less to race for themselves. And have less for us (and for NP/KT) to care about too. Just not really sensible ?
  11. Grand Central

    Grand Prix changes

    Dont agree at all. I think the title matters quite a bit. Especially for that illusive 'credibility' everyone seems to value so much.
  12. Grand Central

    Grand Prix changes

    No doubt about the problems of the SWC and the need for some changes But that did not mean that they answer was the ridiculous SON format, rules and even more stupid title they came up with. Trouble seems to be that Castagna and chums cannot come up with the right response when needed, no matter what situation they are given. Something NEEDS change because there are real issues needing to be resolved ... Their ham-fisted way gives us a botched product like the SON. Meanwhile something that works really well like SGP scoring and needs no change and they cannot stop themselves messing around with it to make it worse. Why is it that in just about EVERY walk of life, every institution, every international sporting body, every bloody government seems to be headed by total f..wits at the moment ?
  13. Grand Central

    Grand Prix changes

    Yes. If the numpties that came up with the scheme for next year think it is such an improvement ... Then why not put it into practice when they had the chance by giving the SEC winner a wildcard for next year. I think it's a poor change but at least my picking Mikkel M it would have shown their integrity by being committed to the idea. Right now. As it is they look pretty shabby.
  14. Grand Central

    Grand Prix changes

    Piss poor decisions , yet again.
  15. Grand Central


    Great news, Thanks.

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