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    A wonderful tribute to Ivan Mauger in today's Star with great words by people who clearly knew and loved the man himself. Made it very difficult to read this morning But brilliantly put together by the whole team. Looking forward to next week's issue which is promised to offer even more and, hopefully, by then the emotions of his death will be a little less raw for us all. I particularly appreciated the chequered strap at top and bottom across the pages ... a great touch. And I have to say the new style Star front page combined with the stunning 1970s photos of Ivan look just beautiful. Thank you to all involved.
  2. Bt Sport Coverage

    Indeed there are. And anyone with a money spinning Good Friday meeting would, I am sure, prefer NOT to be having it broadcast LIVE on TV. Or to be running against a live TV meeting elsewhere. Common sense what impact it would have on their bottom line.
  3. Bt Sport Coverage

    Interestingly, I do remember more than one thread in early 2017 did indeed involve a discussion on some people's feelings that early season crowds were quite encouraging. The last 2017 post on this thread was on June 2. BT Sport started their 2017 coverage on June 19. I make no claim that the two are directly connected. But you did ask.
  4. Bt Sport Coverage

    No I do not think it is solely because of TV coverage. But I do think it is a big reason. And for me, personally, definitely THE biggest reason for the overall number of meetings I attend being significantly reduced. On a side note .. I gave up Sky Sports when GPs left them and went without the Eite League coverage for the time they retained the UK rights. I never felt it worth continuing the subs for that alone. Until it went to BTSport when I got GB Speedway 'free' with my Virgin deal and then I watched every Monday meeting. Speedway fan for 40 years, attended probably 2000 plus meetings in that time ... But having it regularly on TV and I really do stay home more often. And every time I do the promoters lose the best part of £20. They are right to be more worried about this aspect than people here give them credit for.
  5. No TV deal?

    mea culpa Clearly I am totally in the wrong. My view was born of spending my entire working life either eating before or after work and paying myself for all my meals and snaks whilst at work. Even when I workied unusal shifts.> This is a very different world, clearly. Can I suggest that we all club together to support a 'fighting fund' for those poor deprived souls who worked for BTSport in 2017. Now I understand their plight of being denied catering facilities I empathise with their cruel and unusual working conditions much more keenly.
  6. No TV deal?

    Hilarious £30 plus a head for grub at work. I'll have have the lobster, darling!
  7. NO Regulation 9.2 states that in the race-off heats and the Grand Final where it ends 3-3 the winner of the race is actually the loser. It is the second and third that win. This problem is inherent in a pairs event settled by single races rather than overall points score. And yet we are told that it is the TV people who need a deciding final. I bet the TV bods don't realise this gem of a rule they have been landed with and it's potential consequences. I know the 4320 scoring often used (but not here) has this effect and other pairs events run with the second and third winning, but really is that consistent with an event having a a deciding single race? I have certainly hated its use over the years. Surely any method where the guy that wins the Grand final may be deemed the loser of the championship, is bloody bonkers as a crescendo to a 4 day international tournament on TV, especially to outside viewers.
  8. No TV deal?

    You are right in so much of what you say. We just come to different conclusions on the effect Speedway on TV may have on attendance. Yes I am a neutral in some respects because of where I live. An Aces supporter in London is not ideal. But that has been the case since 1984 so it's nothing new. In the last few of years i have attended around 10-15 UK meetings plus a couple of GP/SWC per annum and all have been a separate choice rather than ritual to a nearby hometrack. This is massively reduced from my high spot of the eighties and nineties when I averaged 80 plus meetings a year. The last time did over 50 a year must have been the early 2000s. Many things have influenced my choice to attend (of course) from the weather, to Aces fixtures, to team absences, to changes of race nights, track closures and even marital status. As it always did back in the day. But I'm afraid that having the luxury of some TV coverage always being available within the next few days has been the single biggest reason for making the choice to stay at home than anything else, when push comes to shove. Especially after i have a paid the monthly fee i feel 'justified' in making that choice to get my 'money's worth'. Sundays watching Polish league matches online actually quite a factor too now. There are only so many hours that one can devote to Speedway and with so much of that being 'used up' inside the home it is really just inevitable that would reduce the time devoted to live attendance. Isn't it? I have no idea how representative this is of others. And I know It says some sad things about me. But it is the truth.
  9. No TV deal?

    I find it quite interesting how some are using examples from other areas of sport (?) and their TV marketing success. And yet I don't have the faintest idea of what they are talking about. Clearly the marketing has been good enough to engage many many people who like that kind of thing ... but it has passed me by, totally. Perhaps that shows the mountain Speedway would have to climb to be effective at getting through to folk anything like me. I was wondering does this UFC have a UK league of system of twenty odd venues running March to October that I can attend regularly on Monday nights? And if so, how do they go about getting all the other venues running that night filled, with (say) 1500 spectators or so, whilst one of them is also being televised Live at the same time? Their experience at making that a success may be useful here.
  10. No TV deal?

    To be honest Halifax Tiger you are a very special case, yourself. Living in Elland and attending 50% of Workington fixtures as well as several visits to Isle of Wight must make you the most fervant and most travelled Speedway Supporter here. Which is brilliant and makes many of your posts informative to many. From my own perspective, as a northern exile in the South East, I can say with certainty that in 2017 (and previous years) I watched every League meeting on TV and didn't attend any meeting Live on those nights. And over the course of the last few seasons my general attendance has gone down as a direct result of having Speedway (incl GPs) on the TV. Whilst I do not consider myself representative of all supporters I believe I may be a LITTLE more so than yourself who must be the UK's No1 attendee. The various bizarre and irrational reasons that other fairweather fans use to make a choice NOT to attend must be quite impossible to imagine for the ultra-commited. But we do. And I do think TV is a real factor that is quite a bit bigger than some here seem to be aware of.
  11. Ivan Mauger 1972 unreal.!!!

    The famous Belle Vue training schools were on Monday nights at Hyde Road. Bizarre really that the in those days the league meeting went on prime Saturday evening and the training school on a dead Monday. Whereas today the team has to race on in the Monday graveyard.
  12. No TV deal?

    As I made clear. I offered no criticism of TR.
  13. No TV deal?

    This is not accurate surely. I thought Terry Russell was very much involved in negotiating when Sky decided they wanted out on their deal last year. And was also involved in cobbling together last year's arrangement to salvage the half year arrangement with BT. Actually not criticising TR here ... Just didn't think the sequence of events you state is quite right.
  14. No TV deal?

    Well ... The trouble is they MAY have a point. If I look through my own diary from the last few years then my speedway attending does seem to vary quite bit along with the TV schedules (as it does for GP and SWC attending). Much more than I thought before checking back on the true data. Fewer meetings attending in the couple of weeks after the SWC , most often after a GP Saturday it is Monday on TV rather than live attending that week and there is no doubt I went to more meetings before June last year and fewer whenev the BT regular Monday's started. In addition, I have avoided going to ANY league match that is being televised for years and years. And I have hardly attending any league meetings on a Saturdays, largely due to TV on alternate weeks. It is quite plausible that some people may forgoe a night at Derwent Park to watch a GP from (say) Poland on the same night combined with a league match from Belle Vue on the following Monday. I would!
  15. No TV deal?

    I think you are absolutely right. But if I were in some promoters shoes, with my own money on the line i would FEEL quite a bit different and I would be 'bitching' like mad i would imagine. The prospect of running many meetings on (say) graveyard-Monday against TV Speedway elsewhere or (worse still) at my track with no adequate guaranteed compensation if it is unprofitable would give me the real colly wobbles. And all the (correct) talk of the greater good, sponsorship opportunities etc etc would do very little to ease my night's sleep. But then I am not a Promoter. And nor are most of those here who are deriding those poor buggers (whose gonads are on the line) who have misgivings.