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  1. Skodaman

    Speedways governors have failed us

    Last season it was possible to watch every basketball league match live!
  2. Skodaman

    Speedways governors have failed us

    What about Basketball?
  3. Skodaman

    Taking the knee

    Somerset have already dropped their logo.
  4. Skodaman

    Not quite National League League?

    Leicester can't run anything at the moment due to the Leicester Lockdown.
  5. Skodaman

    How many tracks will run meetings

    Simple, when you book in advance, the promoters ask how many children will be attending.
  6. Skodaman

    Corona virus

    It would be easy for tracks to do track and trace if everyone had to prepay; their details would be on file for each meeting.
  7. Skodaman

    leicester lions track hire ?

    As well as the Evington area to the east, there are two factories near the stadium where several emplyees have tested positive for COVID-19
  8. The death rate nseems to be increasing in UK now!
  9. The spectators shouldn't be on the tracks!!!
  10. Skodaman

    Polish Speedway on TV

    I thought that the Leszno Wroclaw meeting on Freesport was quite good.
  11. Skodaman

    Are YOU missing British Speedway?

    Leicester have committed to CL on Saturdays and NL on Wednesdays once the racing starts: if it does!
  12. Skodaman

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2020

    They did some Polish matches last season as well as a lot of Swedish ones.
  13. Skodaman

    Glasgow 2020

    There would not be a problem arriving at the stadiums as people stagger there arrivals. Spacing can be organised in the stadiums. The problem comes when the majority of the spectators leave en masse after the meeitings.
  14. Skodaman

    League to run over two seasons

    Its possible once we get the go ahead that a cap on the number allowed in the stadiums would be put in place. Those that can afford it will be able to go and those who feel they cant afford it wont. Therefore the cap will be maintained. I tnink that a booking system will also be in force to allow the number to be maintained.
  15. Skodaman

    Seventies Grand Prix

    Freddie was an avid speedway fan and I believe he bought a track spare for Sheffield at some stage.

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