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  1. trophykid

    New Godden Engine

    Whilst a new, competitive engine (so far) is to be welcomed, is the way ahead regulation? I’m thinking for example, how British Superbike Racing has engine regulations and specifications to keep the racing as fair as possible (therefore entertaining) and keeping costs down. I bow to superior knowledge of course
  2. trophykid


    Surely they can run on Sunday afternoons, if the lights are an issue? Stoke has great potential, a shame to see it lingering on in this way.
  3. I think it'd be interesting to debate what realistic (!?) changes could help the sport. My own thoughts on this are: 1. Get the GP to Wembley. It'll raise the sports profile in so many ways, it would be THE prestige fixture too. It may also act as a catalyst for Speedway revival in London or the South East. 2. Cradley getting their own stadium would be a huge boost, as a famous club with a large support could help to energise the first or second level of speedway. 3. Further to the Cradley comment, can there be practical help for those who want to revive speedway in old strongholds i.e. Ellesmere Port, Long Eaton, Halifax etc. 4. Can there be a genuine governing body that'll rule for the benefit of all? The changes in the winter were the first signs of collective action - more of the same? 5. Can ITV4 (a motorsport channel) be persuaded to run a weekly highlights package? Does the BSPA have a media officer who could promote similar links? 6. Err that's it!
  4. trophykid

    Belle Vue / Coventry Nl

    Not unprecedented as Sheffield and Scunthorpe had a shared team in 2011 in the NL.
  5. trophykid

    Gerhard Engine

    The Mahindra deal for JAWA is just the use of the JAWA name in the Indian home market. Otherwise I expect JAWA will continue to operate as they normally do.
  6. trophykid

    Plymouth 2017 N/l?

    That's hard to estimate. The first PL fixture in 2011 against Sheffield had to have been Plymouth's record attendance (in my opinion). Attendances were maybe slightly higher initially. Mike Bowden wanted to take Plymouth back down to NL in the autumn of 2012 maybe because crowds weren't big enough even then? What's certain in my mind was how crowds had dropped off over 2015/16, though there was a spike during the play off run.
  7. trophykid

    Belle Vue National Stadium

    The Speedway Star don't want to rock the boat. A bland, propaganda magazine for the powers that be. I stopped reading it a long time ago.
  8. trophykid

    Plymouth 2017

    If the previous promotion went into liquidation, does that mean that any debts are reduced or written off?
  9. trophykid

    Plymouth 2017 N/l?

    I'm glad this has been resolved. The local fans are quite against the prospect of NL running. The NL is a different league compared with the last time the Devils competed in it.
  10. trophykid

    Plymouth 2017 N/l?

    I sincerely hope there is good news. As much as you need your big set ups likePoole and Belle Vues etc, we need our Plymouths too. We need its eccentricity, and If Ealing studios did Speedway films...
  11. trophykid

    Crawley Heathens 2017

    Not moving to West Sussex may be helpful
  12. trophykid

    Belle Vue 2016

    I'd say a new stadium could be a major factor for future success. A new facility like this is always going to be an asset when trying to attract new riders. If, they can also increase their home support too, I think riders want to race in front of packed crowds. And crucially, a new stadium means new sponsors, a heightened visibility in the business community, and control of and increased revenue streams. If Belle Vue can get the best out of their new business model, then they are going to have more money for rider payment etc. It's better than nowt I suppose
  13. trophykid

    Belle Vue Grand Opening Refund?

    Refund received in the post Saturday morning. Very relieved to see it
  14. trophykid

    Plymouth Remain Open!

    Can you elaborate any further? I can't see this on the Internet.
  15. If the meeting is on, can tickets be bought on the day? Or is there a provision for a cash turnstile?

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