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  1. I do understand how you feel was yanking your chain regard's Rangers and that other mob but i could never support Edinburgh over Glasgow no matter what i was brought up supporting the tigers not as long as you mind you do what you feel is right but we need as many fan's as possible especially just now.
  2. If you can do the unthinkable and change from being one of god's blessed to supporting the East End mob then anything's possible you have loyalty issues there I'm afraid .
  3. I would like to think so but this season will live long in the memory for all the wrong reasons if we come to the tapes next year the team structure need's to be right with up & coming riders rather than the riders in there twilight we could do worse than adopt the same team building strategy that the Monarchs use and get right most years.
  4. Hope the Glasgow promotion are reading the comments on Easy Tiger it appears that fans have had enough in that if the Riders can't be bothered why should they, basically they have had enough off watching that dross and who can blame us it's not cheap going to support your team and to continually be served up nothing in return. Our not so Captain fantastic has also been criticised for the Public spat with a team mate not a good time to be a Tigger at the minute.
  5. Without a doubt they are not going to risk any injury by taking any risks the way a younger rider will definitely going through the motions.
  6. Oh dear sums it up do you get the feeling that they really don't give a toss now because i certainly don't anymore or am I way off the mark and they do care but are just sh*t. And our current crop are riding the away tracks brilliantly in fact our current crop aren't even riding there home track that great come to think of it. On the bright side Davy it is 3 more than he usually scores the home team must have been quaking in there steel shoe with that prolific score another vintage away performance. Aye were crap does that help Max.
  7. Retired is he not but then again so had Andre Compton but the way it is looking it appears to be someone riding in Poland on a Sunday how that works who knows with us being a Sunday track.
  8. Clearly Not i can see nothing that there is any improvement in him and has impeded his own teamates more than the opposition.
  9. Off the two we brought in Compton is the one we need to keep and extend his contract until the end of the season Raun has shown up until now nothing and is the one who should be replaced if we do we have up to 8.62 to replace him with
  10. I would like to think our promotion can follow suit in the Professional manner that there Edinburgh counterparts have went about the process but and there is alway's a but were we are concerned it was only a matter off weeks ago we were asked to try and boost number,s coming through the gates to break even so i fear the air fence may be a step too far hope i am wrong but i have this niggling doubt Sorry to go off track there big well done to all at Edinburgh they seem to be way ahead of us on & off the track.
  11. Our own team has battered us in to submission even before the Monarchs were set loose on us so your probably right think most Glasgow fan's would like to see Edinburgh be succesful this season as much as they are our rivals it is good for speedway up here we are currently languishing and struggling big time but it swing's in roundabouts hopefully before long we can once again be the major force in Scotland and ram it down there throats.
  12. We done similar away from home in our 2011 league winning side we travelled because we knew if we did not win at least it would be close same as what yourselves are watching at the minute but the away support deserve credit in turning up in large numbers. Just confirms that both do have the support there if they have something half decent to support we do not unfortunately but i am sure the Glasgow promotion will be grateful for the added income stream. Seems it is down to Edinburgh to fly the flag for scottish speedway as we waved our white one on May 5th Well done Tony on your grovelling apology i did wonder at the time you were on to your second can of lager and saying to myself there maybe trouble ahead as i know your limit is only 1 but good to see your big enough to accept your post was a tad OTT.
  13. It helps when you have a winning team to watch we forget how that feels congrats on today best team on the day won & yes a very healthy turn out from our friends from the east.
  14. Wee nerve been touched there matey think you better look out your crash helmet but on the bright side you have a day away at Berwick on the 27th with the one and only me and because i will be on the bevvy you had better take plenty of money.
  15. Firstly well done to Edinburgh in a competent display and if not for Vissing making a complete hash in Ht 15 it would have been 4 rather than 3pts , we have now went 13 meeting's without a win and to be honest i really cannot see were another one is going to come from with this team all in all i am witnessing the poorest Glasgow team in an awful long time in saying that at least we were more competitive today but never looked like winning. It really is a difficult decision the promotion now face do they stick or twist , stick with what they have and risk dwindling crowd's or twist and change again for me Raun has looked poor and with the point's we have avaliable we could bring in an 8 point rider to replace him even scoring to his average today would have brought us a point but he looks totally out of sorts and a waste on 5.63 before anyone ask's I have no idea were that 8 point man would come from. and on to Joey Ringwood this lad looks like he is going backwards perhaps if he was in a team that was winning then the pressure would be less for him but he looks sapped of any confidence he had and is another rider we are carrying, Alas it is now the norm that we accept another defeat as is the way it is these day's too many last places has been the real problem and will continue to be unless further changes are made.
  16. Its only us that are allowed to say were rubbish though no interlopers on here pitching there tuppence worth Think the track walk in this heat may be tougher for the Monarchs than the actual meeting itself.
  17. Its a concern when even are own fan's are starting to rip the p**s and must be a worry to the promotion that we are a bit off a laughing stock at the moment and even the above statement by heat 12 show's how far we have declined I predict the Monarchs by heat 9
  18. Home from Home he has been wading through Possil every other week to acclimatise.
  19. Totally agree instead of telling the fan's to be positive they should make sure that we have something on track to be positive about how the hell can we be positive any more when we haven't won for 2 months talk is cheap and there are a growing few who now see this.
  20. Surprised Mr B is not biting to this now Dekker must have given him a pep talk .
  21. If there not this up by heat 2 i would be disappointed as well .
  22. See we are off to another scintalating start this could turn out to be the worst yet.
  23. LOL i am an optimist (sometimes) and i remain optimistic that Ipswich will beat us on Sunday . One step forward and two back watching this team so yes reality has kicked in i guess.
  24. Just mediocrity it is far worse than that

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