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  1. And how would they know that, is this part off the due diligence process now i can see the interview now Kevin we want you to be our No1 next season Oh ok Kevin have you any financial difficulties that mean your equipment isn't up to scratch and you will struggle to score points No It is not as if they would do a credit check on him to ride speedway Jeeeeeeeez I really despair at some off the post's on here.
  2. Compared to and i am using Edinburgh as a guide our presentation and overall match day running is as un-professional as there's is professional but you are correct another season like last and the crowd will drop as to ask them to continue to pay to watch crap 2 seasons in a row is pushing your luck a bit too much so from that respect they need to address all the issues they have.
  3. On current scoring levels anyone who scores over 5 a match would be an improvement not being funny but apart from Friday at the Dale he has hardly been a number 1 it is not a case of who comes in it is a case of the change has to happen for everybody's sake including the rider who if you witnessed what we had to today then clearly he can't be enjoying it either Even the Gjedde situation was better than that today he has talent there is no doubt about that but for all concerned it would be better he was moved on.
  4. Think that is a given and i think more than him may follow if anything can be salvaged then things need to happen quickly the next 2 meetings Redcar on Thursday & Home to Peterborough on Sunday should be the ultimatum on improved performances. There can be no room for sentiment we need to be ruthless to save our season you only need to use Newport in 2011 as a gauge on making the right changes and transforming there season i suspect possible replacement's are being sounded out already. The ball is firmly in there court but going By Wolbert's body language today it would need a massive turnaround in his performance levels to save his Glasgow career. I know Dekks has been using the Agent Wolbert phrase tongue in cheek but the difference is that an agent has pride in his performance i have never witnessed as poor a No 1 performance from a rider in all my years attending he looked as if he would have rather been anywhere apart from Ashfield today as i say i think possible changes not just one are already in motion for our sake i just hope they are the right ones we shall see. No dilemma Screm they just have to be ruthless in the changes required and quickly after today I believe they know that and this will happen.
  5. Oh & well done to Edinburgh you can only beat what is in front off you and the are certainly doing that.
  6. Just back feeling utterly dejected not going to say anything about today apart from one word EMBARRASSING
  7. I was referring to the more recent past Fred when the 2 man & a dog travelling support from the East was the norm for a couple off seasons you haven't got a dog by any chance have you Fred ? .
  8. Ah but we have went with the balanced approach no heat leaders 6 second string's & 1 reserve at this rate Anders will soon be No 1 on a 5.8 Average .
  9. Well Right said were do we start it is the easiest thing to do in support a winning team and that is something the Edinburgh fans are used to in-fact over the last 10-15 years they have been the most consistent team in the league by a distance. It is when a team is not doing as well as perhaps they might that it isn't alway's as easy to go and watch your team being continually turned over as we normally have to bar one or two exceptions but in general we do turn up and support our team. But in general terms when things aren't going so well through smugville that is when the travelling fans impersonate the invisible man as i have seen for myself over the not so good years for yourself's so for you or any Monarch to preach to us about travelling to support our team is at best Laughable and proves the point most on here think about how highly most of the Edinbutgh fan's think of there self-importance albeit it really is only yourself's that think that the rest of us couldn't give a s**t.
  10. You really need new material there must be someone more boring than you Dekks looking to tutor you.
  11. Did Max pull over on the back straight like and shout Al my fuel pipe broke thats why i lost .
  12. Gazc

    The Surprise Rider

    Wolbert followed closely by Piper both have been crap Ooops Sorry wrong thread. Im surprised you are Undecided George got to be the Golf if you had witnessed what i had to endure at Berwick last night .
  13. For a fee anything is possible I wouldn't doubt for a minute you could certainly do it again but with our record off picking riders to don the stripes at the minute when we do unearth a young un with talent we would do well to hang on for as long is possible. Enjoyed last night's visit to Berwick as usual less so the meeting as apart from our young riders we were guff it is a sorry state when the Young up & coming riders are showing up the big hitters that were signed to score the points to ease the pressure on the young riders , our top two especially have been extremely poor so far and someone should point out to them that the two white strips off material are called Tapes and when these go up they are supposed to move we are losing it from the start's this is one area we have been consistent consistently crap but consistent all the same. Messers Wolbert & Piper need to up there game and support the big hitting Thomsen and Berge then we might win a meeting not too much to ask is it .
  14. Well not a lot to be said on the scoreline other than we will not be the only team to be beaten by a margin by a very good Workington team they really did look very good tonight however all is not doom & gloom from our perspective whilst on paper it looks a bit of a drubbing the reality is that every single rider was well on the pace tonight and all had there moments. Workington were much sharper away from the starts and deserved there win but there is a lot to look forward too from this team one thing for certain we shall not finish bottom which after last season is an improvement well done to Workington who are justified as one off the pre-season favourites.
  15. I can confirm George that Armadale is a dump even more so than our dump and is a trick track that is also Shi*e and the viewing is crap forgot to add that not sure about the Micro Climate bit .
  16. Armadale has it's own micro-climate though so should be fine or didn't you know that Armadale had it's own micro-climate i thought someone would have let you know that Armadale had it's own micro-climate Anyway we have space in the car for workington tomorrow if your going down if you are getting the bus iil see you down there.
  17. Gazc

    Glasgow 2014

    I heard a rumour that my uncle used to be my Aunty not sure if it's a gimme though
  18. Gazc

    Glasgow 2014

    Who knows Mr B Who knows in fact who really cares what will be will be
  19. Gazc

    Glasgow 2014

    It is only the truth if you want to believe what has been said by another team's promoter i would rather wait and see what transpires and IF joey is refused his visa then we move on after all it isn't as if it is only Joey that is affected as our nearest would have you believe , If they are so concerned about this did they discuss the situation regarding visas on Alex Davies , Ryan Douglas , Jason Doyle etc no they more than likely didn't because it ain't big bad Glasgow Last Season when Sam Masters was refused i didn't see anything come from the Glasgow camp or any Gloating being done why was that simply that it didn't concern us and they moved on with Claus Vissing and had a very good season i really cannot for the life off me understand why they feel the need to ridicule almost everything Glasgow. I have alway's stated on here my admiration for the Edinburgh promotion on how they go about there business on team building etc but if what was said by the senior BSPA official and Edinburgh Promoter is True then they have really went down in my estimation And i don't know why you seem to be so upset about this you clearly want to believe what has been said which is your perrogative we however are not as naive. Maybe so Lioness but nobody is untouchable in that if these comments he allegedly made at his own teams get together about us is true then if our promotion wanted to complain about the un-proffesional manner a senior BSPA official acted in public discussing something that let's be honest shouldn't have been discussed at all then as in all walks off life there will be a process that this could be dealt with if true.
  20. Gazc

    Glasgow 2014

    Probably right George but as i said it doesn't suit the agenda so they will spin it to suit there own agenda or to put it another way if what Mr B has said is 100% factual in that one off the main player's in control off british speedway has discussed another clubs possible issue in regard's to his visa it has not shown him up in a very professional light discussing this to his own supporter's about another clubs business In fact i would go as far to say it is a very serious allegation Mr B has made in light of his senior position within the sport on what was actually said and i would like to think that someone within the hierarchy ask the question on why this was discussed at all when it clearly has nothing to do with them Or as i also said i think it is more a case of the Gloating being done behind closed doors I hope someone from our promotion are having a look at this as any confidentiality has been betrayed by a senior official and if i was one off the promotion i would be wanting the book thrown at him Thanks Mr B you may just have opened 2 full can's of worms here.
  21. Gazc

    Glasgow 2014

    Not false hope at all whilst we would like Joey back i think i would rather listen to what our promotion are saying in respect to this rather than some gossip that went down at a Monarchs gathering or whatever it was even when they have a get together the main topic seems to be the only show in town . If he doesn't return shame as it is we move on and replace him with another rider seems to be more off an issue through Edinburgh way than it does through here a case off more interested in what we are doing and if it doesn't suit the agenda they make there own one up to suit to be completely honest if as Mr B say's it came from Harkness why the need to say anything or was it just a case off them Gloating on our mis-givings on the situation as they see it pretty sad really but am i surprised well what do you think.
  22. Gazc

    Glasgow 2014

    And then ignored knowing you .
  23. Gazc

    Glasgow 2014

    Now that's a new one you need to get some new material all the spare time you have with the school's being off just now should have given you the perfect opportunity to do this you have dissapointed on your lack off new material in-fact it has bored the s**t right out off me Mr B Mid-session report card is a must do better .
  24. Gazc

    Glasgow 2014

    We did and finished bottom of the league anyway come September Brits will be foreigner's as well.

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