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  1. Aye but they are usually wrong
  2. Sense off humour by pass required the second part of your name is apt right enough
  3. We need to win by wait for it 46 points Berwick need to lose by 12 points or less , I think there is more chance on the Berwick scenario than ours .
  4. The following statement was released earlier Tonights Premier play off meeting between Edinburgh & Workington has been rained off due to Rain Does that help in any way
  5. No problem another prediction i would like to share with my Bandito cousins straight from my crystal ball is that Dick barrie is to have a sex change operation and was to call himself Barrie na dick
  6. When i was looking in my crystal ball at the start off the season he was told to book his flights for Saturday 20th October hope this clears that up
  7. Mis-understanding Tsunami Just like noising Monarchs up in a good natured way off course as youngy does us nothing more but thanks on your response and we can put it to bed i am sure the real culprit will show there hand sooner or later
  8. Apologie accepted Tsunami the wind up i was having was in riders feigning injury which was mentioned earlier in the thread Paul Bentley springs to mind before going to Armadale as he hated the track and Kevin Wolbert (burger gate) I will just leave it at that . As i say i was having some lighthearted banter and assumptions were made , that i had made the initial PM which off course Not Guilty is the verdict i shall leave the Forum Polis as Young51 says to investigate and i shall continue with my banter if that is OK
  9. You should have asked young51 that before you accused me on this forum and yes you are correct there is no place for it the banter with young 51 i have is alway's good natured and i would never dream off saying would young 51 received But to insinuate that i should not post on here because off what you think is true is well i am afraid pretty poor and nothing to do with you anyway I may or may not get an apology for your incorrect accusation but to be fair i really couldn't care PS Thanks young51 for putting this straight
  10. To be fair you Edinburgh fan's are past master's at the wind up , only most on here can see that I mean who would feign injury (Paul Bentley) or illness (burger gate) before going to the wide open expanse off a track that is Armadale
  11. Gazc

    Ryan Fisher Joins Leicester

    But in what league ?
  12. Gazc

    Scunny 2013

    Yeah he is still on Glasgow's books but i am sure if the right offer was made i have a feeling the new Glasgow promotion would cash in , same goes for Josh Grajzonek they would more than likely sell here too depending on other teams having spare cash which is highly unlikely.
  13. Gazc

    Glasgow 2013

    Questions i am sure that will be answered in due course.
  14. Gazc

    Glasgow 2013

    Think the original poster was putting a positive spin on being able to take to track , then you come along with your usual negativity thought you might have been pleased a team in trouble may have found a solution . Team building will be the final piece and to be honest as long as we are competitive I don't think any off us care as long as we have the Tiger's to support , I notice no other negative comments only your's why am i not surprised
  15. Pretty much nail on the head there Swindon let him D/Up to improve his match sharpness as he wasn't getting enough meeting's with them
  16. Wondered how long that would take to crop up whilst i don't dis-agree with you everybody knew what the rules were at the start off the season
  17. Gazc

    Berwick Bandits 2013

    I have it on Good authority Michael doesn't like 1/4 pounders (to much fat in them ) i know he likes pies though that is why he eats them all
  18. Gazc

    Berwick Bandits 2013

    Your not getting him then throw in the buns for the 1/4 pounders and we might have a deal
  19. Gazc

    Glasgow V. Berwick

    Not at all you just need some new patter
  20. Gazc

    Glasgow 2013

    “We want to make you aware that the club will stage a critical meeting of supporters at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel (Queen Mary Suite) this coming Saturday, 6th October, with arrival 4:30pm for 5:00pm. We need EVERY supporter to show their backing for the very future of Glasgow Speedway and turn out in force to demonstrate their passion and support for the Tigers. If the club is to have a future in 2013 and beyond, it is of paramount importance that ALL supporters – current, occasional and past – turn out on Saturday as the attendance on the night will be used as a barometer for collective appetite for speedway to continue in the City. This really is the occasion where your support is vital. All supporters in attendance will be addressed by the promotion, with regards the future of the club. Come and enjoy watching the decisive GP from Torun which will be shown ‘live’ on a big screen. Admission is FREE, with food and drink available for purchase on the night. The future of Glasgow Tigers is in your hands, see you there” The above taken from the Official site now i may be slightly critical here but surely the potential new owner's will know how the club is performing financially via the company accounts instead off how many fans turn up next week to act as a barometer if it is viable . I know off some Glasgow fan's quite a few in-fact who are travelling to the final GP next week in Poland we have been given just over a week's notice in respect to the above and they intend to use the attendance next week as a gauge to assume the viability of Glasgow Speedway not well thought out in my opinion . Fan's being taken for granted once again in my opinion
  21. Tend to agree we have had the same criticism levelled at our track and crowds are not what they used to be a recurring problem at some tracks is it any coincidence that Doc Bridgett is once again looking after the track at Ashfield and Danny been let go ?
  22. Gazc

    Glasgow V. Berwick

    Maybe but the amount off rain we have had it may well have been rideable but race able i would doubt better it be called off rather than forced on with no entertainment value for the paying public , the official site had said the track was under water in parts At the rate the injuries are happening we may not have anyone fit by the 14th
  23. Gazc

    Glasgow V. Berwick

    This one has never been cracked before have you no new material this one has been played to death now, i bet that this will be done again next week and the following week and so on you need to get out more or perhap's study to be a weatherman Rained in the west since 5pm last night until 1pm today brightened up now but i guess the damage has been done
  24. Think Edinburgh have enough about them to win this

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