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  1. Gazc

    Glasgow 2014

    I am sure most supporters will rally round and do as much as possible but one point no mention if the fence fund meeting is going ahead ? this would go a long way to raise funds for this and given that they are asking for help to increase fan base this would be a perfect oppurtunity for fans to get along in large numbers i am sure there would be a large Edinburgh contingent would also travel through and possibly Berwick also think they need to let us know as soon as if they intend to run this as it is now vital for the future off the sport in Glasgow that this goes ahead and everyone rallies round.
  2. Gazc

    Fire At Glasgow

    I haven't had the chance to see the content of the Red Alert but it does sound as if we are looking like having no Glasgow Tigers next season for what it's worth the way i see it is that over the course off the season i have witnessed several people with there self importance more important than the club itself. People walking about as if they owned the place , people saying i do this or i do that and i want this or i want that and if anyone dared to refuse them something they spit the dummy and resort to name calling if it wasn't so pathetic it would be funny. Now i was critical earlier in the season but only on the team front the other thing's that were going on was childish and uncalled for but i am wanting to point out that this is not aimed at any off the promotion or directors this was from certain people who yes did help out in various way's but if something did not suit there agenda or if something was refused them they kicked off like a 4 year old refused there jelly tots. Then the back stabbing began and the name calling also began i am sure if we do not come to tapes these people can hopefully sit down and say i wish i had done this differently or that differently , I may need my tin hat on but you know what i really couldn't give a toss as the Club should alway's have been more important than any individuals ego trip . Who can blame the Promotion on saying i don't need this S**T when all they were trying to do was increase the clubs profile for years to come but all they got from certain individuals was hassle and grief they were in it to yes make money but also for the love off the club People need to take a hard look at themselves as you acted like spoilt brats on a nursery outing Rant Over
  3. Think it's more a case of him fulfilling the fixture we have left as the professional he is retirement for James is pretty much nailed on.
  4. Gazc

    Fire At Glasgow

    I think we all guessed that but what has it got to do with the arson attack ? Stadium is in a well built up area but the Speedway lease this from the Local junior football team so security is out off budget i would imagine CCTV may be the way forward as long as it is cost effective
  5. Gazc

    Fire At Glasgow

    So do we just need to cross our fingers that this doesn't P**s of the promotion to the extent where they say why bother and i am sure that bar taking's at away tracks will take a real hit if my brother Paulco doesn't attend i mean Tsunami who will take over his mantle if that were to happen
  6. Gazc

    Fire At Glasgow

    Statement on the official site now on saying that the farewell & fence fund meeting on the 20th now in doubt and the promotion taking stock off the situation in what losses they will have and it put's in doubt wether there will be speedway running in Glasgow next season sad day indeed.
  7. Gazc

    Fire At Glasgow

    Just read on Easy Tiger that Craig McCurdy has stated that it was an act of arson and vandalism nothing stolen just mindless destruction Hopefully everyone can rally round and help as much as we can i know i can lay my hands on a plasma or 2 and some bar equipment The Brain dead morons who carried this out should be strung up by the short & curly'.
  8. Gazc

    Glasgow 2014

    Assuming that we stay at 42.5 the below team would be pretty good anywhere but how realistic it is i don't know Ricky Wells 7.81 Robin Aspegren 6.39 Theo Piper 7.70 Ulrich Ostergaard 6.52 Claus Vissing 6.89 Joe Jacobs 3.47 Anders Thomsen 3.53 Total 42.31 Solid throughout and in Thomsen at reserve a real trump card
  9. Gazc

    Glasgow 2014

    Think Anders Thomsen will be a shoe in for one of the reserve berths on good equipment as he has proved will make a mockery of his starting average
  10. Gazc

    Berwick 2014?

    Might as well after all the next step will be to claim Ashfield as an asset also after your Bellego escapade.
  11. I alway's knew i was destined to win this i am now considering applying for the team manager role at Glasgow next season with my proven track record how can i fail.
  12. Think you may be correct not sure about Belle Vue but i vaguely remember reading that it must be a SCB referee or official to make that call at Glasgow.
  13. Nice to see yourself and the Blob man are generous in defeat as per but are we surprised after all it is the Edinburgh way just got the excuses out not as early need to get practice of Deeks for that , and is Mickey Mouse sponsoring the cup this year cos you lot were pumped i am pretty sure nay i am certain poor wee Mickey would not have got a sniff of sponsoring it if the score wasn't so one sided in favour off the blessed ones from the West Only one thing left to say Young my man ROON YE
  14. Chucks glad you were well looked after Glasgow fans have the reputation off being one of the friendliest bunch of fan's and i am glad you enjoyed your visit i am usually nice & jolly myself it is only when i am watching Glasgow at the minute that i become less than jolly here's hoping Glasgow shall be there next year for you to pay us a visit again. Obvious scenario i can see is that they should organise a fundraising meeting this in my opinion would raise far more than a dinner & sponsored walk , whilst i am not knocking those fundraisers the meeting is the best way to raise a substantial amount. Now that we are well into August and nothing has been even mentioned regard's this and the comments about declaring at the AGM in November wether we shall be running when it is too late tell's me a lot , as i see it they should be at least trying to organize this and promoting it accordingly at least they have tried that option to raise the funding required . I may be way out and something is in the pipeline if so i apologise in advance but time is running out and in order for us to run next year they actively need to be promoting more in term's off holding a meeting like this rather than sitting back and telling the fan's that have had to put up with a lot this year we will let you know in November if we are running or not , the promotion fan relationship is probably at it's lowest at the minute and the Fan's have remained loyal so far but they need to be shown a wee bit more rather than be taken for granted . Time will tell but it ain't looking good Just off topic but i would just like to thank Joe Screen in all that he has done at Glasgow speedway in the last few seasons he has been inspirational at times and no doubt he has helped all the younger lads in the pits behind the scene. Enjoy your retirement Joe and i am sure i speak for all Glasgow fan's in saying you will be sadly missed at Glasgow here's hoping that he remains associated with the sport in some capacity I would hope that the current promotion would acknowledge everything he has done for Glasgow via the website i am sure this will come in time As Grievesy is still riding we can hopefully give James the send off he deserves sadly we were unable to do this for Joe hopefully he will be up before the season end's so we the fan's can at least show our appreciation .
  15. Gazc

    Workington 2014

    The product we have had to endure at Glasgow this year has went further down than down if you get what i mean and we are one of the dearest so i would guess not would be the answer
  16. First i have been for a few weeks and to be honest i wish i hadn't bothered but hats off to the hardcore fans that have been every week having to watch that week in week out it can't be easy shelling your hard earned money watching you team being turned over on a weekly basis. Was interesting to hear Stewart's comments that we are basically running 9.5 points under the limit carrying Thomsen or more to the point his equipment which makes O Malley's kit look GP standard and we will not win any meeting's with that handicap it was clear that he is hurting as much as we are , alas it is now too late in the day to make any further changes as it would be a pretty pointless exercise as the Wooden spoon is destined for Glasgow. Enjoyed Neil Macfarlanes comments also how i wish he was still involved as we would not be in this mess Highlight off the day for me yesterday though was walking through the exit at the end off the meeting hopefully next year we can at least be competitive if only to pay back those loyal fans who have stood by that dross in large numbers.
  17. What is this thing a win you speak off and how do we get one .
  18. Will they who knows if they will or not but as has been said what people do on the forum is there choice as you have your's simples.
  19. Im not to fussed either way Mick all i want is to have 7 riders totally committed and at least win at home think my plan would get 3 or 4 really promising youngish riders like Thomsen or in his mould who will improve on there average and ride 100% throw in 3 experienced heads mid-late 20s and that is a pretty good formula in my eyes.
  20. The fan boy's won't like this Mick
  21. Aye it is a real dilemma Newcastle have struggled also aye right.

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