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  1. It is also an open air asylum being a local and speaking for the local tourist board.
  2. Anything west of Harthill is called civilisation.
  3. I live in Paisley , geography not your strong point I am guessing But don't need 20/20 vision when some of your own are on here slating the track so is there opinion not valid either , anyway we didn't need to see it plenty on here telling us how p*ss poor it was.
  4. You should try and patch things up if it stops you posting regularly.
  5. Now now Blobby I don't hate you couldn't really give a toss to be fair but you really do yourselves no favours at times in how thing's are done and leave it wide open for this type of criticism. Win at all cost's is fine but not to the detriment of the fans and rider safety.
  6. Fair enough I was surprised but suspected you were at the wind up but you will see how it will come across to people.
  7. I am hoping you are kidding here , two riders injured but championship domination is a small price to pay. Tongue in cheek or not that is a poor statement to make , a rider getting injured is one too many never mind two , what a stupid thing to say.
  8. Bigger picture though they are just collateral damage in there quest to succeed at any cost.
  9. Grippy & dangerous are two different things though.
  10. Pretty much sums it up, win at all costs mentality has always been there remit. Nothing at all wrong with that but what line do you cross that it then becomes wrong , appears from what has been said they crossed it lsst night.
  11. Fair play to him though saying how it is rather than the everything is rosy in the garden crew.
  12. Wouldn't worry about it he likes to try and ridicule anything he latches on to. Its not like he hasn't made anything up on here regarding Glasgow & an ex rider.
  13. Gazc

    Ipswich V Berwick

    Can understand the frustration of the Berwick fans after the blank weeks during a heatwave. Not a lot you can do about the weather now though.
  14. Gazc

    Ipswich V Berwick

    3 pointer for Berwick would really have put them in the mix , looked like they were on there way to achieving at least that unfortunate the weather intervened.
  15. I would not want Richie back infact we got shot of the wrong Richard in the close season. He has found his comfort zone over east and he is doing well and fair play to him. But back to Glasgow not for me. But i think Bomber will be back with the Panthers next season hasn't really settled with us.
  16. I don't get there until start time due to work I very rarely venture round the back straight , I only see him if I am earlier or if he needs a lift home which is rarely these days. Sorry I missed you.
  17. Need to get a better parking space I get back to mine cleaner than when I left it. If I knew you were up I would have looked out for you next time maybe.
  18. Or even running the BSPA they like a good plot.
  19. Gazc

    Glasgow v Ipswich

    Iil get something sorted might not be a trophy mind but will be something appropriate for such trickiness
  20. Your more than welcome at the Stade de Facenna, at least you will see more than coloured helmets whizzing by at 25mph at the chamber of tricks.
  21. Gazc

    Glasgow v Ipswich

    I will have a tenner on you don't win 75-0 at the dome of tricks.
  22. Gazc

    Glasgow v Ipswich

    Cookie not being put out as a tac sub in heat 9 once again highlights his inexperience, it is just another baffling managerial decision in a long list of baffling decisions. Bottom line do we need a rookie manager that could have cost us last night and probably helped Ipswich gain a point or should we have went with a manager that knows the in & outs of what is required. Think we all know that answer.
  23. Gazc

    Glasgow v Ipswich

    Yes as Chris Louis say's was a compliment to a great young talent the lad has it all, the tongue was firmly in there cheek with the comment.
  24. Gazc

    Glasgow v Ipswich

    Very enjoyable meeting Ipswich starting off very well with us coming back at them as the night progressed , Ipswich were good value for at least the point they got but were let down in the big heats with some strange manoeuvres especially from Riss which ultimately cost them. Young Kemp looks the real deal and a very confident young man also, came across very well on his pit interview . Ultimately I think Edinburgh will be favourites to join P'boro , Lakeside and Worky in the play offs they for me have a more balanced feel about them than either us or Ipswich.

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