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  1. 10 x Speedway books.

    Oh thanks for that, didn’t realise the value, it’s in vgc, maybe listing them separately on eBay is the way to go then.
  2. 10 x Speedway books.

    Hi, selling 10 of my speedway books, prefer to sell as job lot, I bought these all new when first published and all are in very good condition with no rips or tears. The books are as follows. Wheels and Deals ... Ian Thomas Booey.... The Eric Boocock story More Confessions ..... John Berry Wiggy ..... Simon Wigg in his own words The Moran brothers ... A dangerous life ... Chum Taylor Out of the frying pan .... The story of New Cross Forty years on, Kings Lynn speedway ..... signed by Martin Rogers Michael Lee ... Back from the Brink Tommy Jansson ... The legend who died young unsure on price, please pm me with offers if you are interested, collection prefered, I live just North of Peterborough so can meet anywhere in the area or collection from home. Alternatively I can get a price on postage.
  3. 10 x Speedway books.

    I wouldn’t sell them all for £30, I’ve had a few people message me about individual books so will sell for £9 each plus £3 postage, apart from Chum Taylor which will be £5.
  4. King's Lynn Stars 2017

  5. Peterborough V Ipswich 28th March 2pm

    Quite possibly the case, I haven't been to the showground yet this year but just read your post about trenches and bits marked for digging all over the site which would, I assume include the cattle sheds and Arena Centre area. Health and Safety is the reason given on the press realise and many more people attend these fayres than the average crowd even for a local derby, shame for the promotion and no doubt out of their hands as Bank Holiday fixtures usually generate a nice income for the club.
  6. Peterborough V Ipswich 28th March 2pm

    But the huge 2 day Antiques Fayre goes ahead as planned on Friday and Saturday.
  7. Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere on another thread, during the very early planning of the new stadium at Belle Vue supporters where asked if they would like to donate I think £50 for a named brick to be placed on a wall at the stadium. 2 people in know did this in memory of sadly passed supporters, paid,recieved an initial receipt but have since heard nothing. One of them asked me at the weekend about it but I have no idea, I don't know if many where ever sold so it just died a death but I said I would ask the question in case anybody knows if they have incorporated such a wall.
  8. The New National Stadium Brick Donations.

    Thanks for the replies, they haven't recieved a replica but that's not why they purchased, if they are being delivered this week all appears to be good, I'll pass the info on.
  9. Swindon 2015

    Doyley has always been this way inclined, even when questing.
  10. Peterborough Panthers V Ipswich Witches -12/06/2015

    This is correct Danny did use the GTR engine used by Lambert in Vojens, he switched back to his GM for heat 15. The van and bikes were back in time to go to the workshop and prepared properly for last night not just a dash straight to the track. Mr Rathbones comment about the Ipswich pair having better resources to enable them to ride last night are a little wide of the mark.
  11. Peterborough Panthers V Ipswich Witches -12/06/2015

    [quote name="Crump99" post="2628189" timestamp=" But nobody is falling for that excuse? Wasn't Lamberts reason for not riding that he couldn't get back in time? Just stating that I can be done if the desire to do so is there.
  12. Peterborough Panthers V Ipswich Witches -12/06/2015

    Danny will be using the bikes used at Vojens, the van was back in the UK by about 9am this morning!!
  13. Warsaw Gp Saturday 18th April

    Wonder who the 'blue chip crisis management expert' commenting was? Chances are it is Mike Bennett who runs a very successful company in this line of work.
  14. Posf2 Poole V Kings Lynn

    Do we take this to be that a decision has already been made as to who the second set of finalists will be IF tonight is called off?
  15. Belle Vue National Stadium

    Likewise my Mother in Law as a small memory gesture for my late Father in Law who was a big fan and sponsor a good few years ago.
  16. Dave Robinson

    Last nights TV ref , dressed as a bulldog as mascot of Reading and bit part mechanic there too.
  17. Berwick V Rye House (pl) - Now 23/8

    Sorry for any mis information, actually RH only on "standby"
  18. Berwick V Rye House (pl) - Now 23/8

    That I honestly don't know, just that he has been asked..
  19. Berwick V Rye House (pl) - Now 23/8

    Ritchie Hawkins in as guest for Rye.
  20. Swedish El Vs British Pl

    Agree, although the quality of riders are better I find it no better entertainment wise.
  21. Peterborough Panthers 2014

    Cancel that, cannot agree terms with one of them!
  22. Peterborough Panthers 2014

    2 former long tracking panthers, perfect for the proposed Sunday meetings :-)
  23. Panthers 2013 Thread

    Look towards the North for an as yet unannounced reserve spot!
  24. Huggers

    I thought the PC hugger went between the Rear wheel and a now older style Rear mudguard to fill the void, unsure where the spoiler comes into it as this is in the Rear wheel.