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  1. U8 row 8 - four tickets for sale. Above start/finish line. Please pm me or reply below if interested. Thanks
  2. Warning: if you are planning on bringing your own food and drink into the stadium make sure you stuff it in your pocket. Security are searching bags and not letting any food in (not searching pockets though) this includes baby food and those who have allergies. This is NOT a Sheffield Speedway decision, Neil Machin appears very unhappy at the number of upset fans. Flask of tea or coffee is allowed...logic doesn't prevail!!
  3. I'm sat in Morrisons cafe, rain is bouncing at the moment...can't see any sign of sun...anywhere!
  4. LH91

    Rip Lee Richardson #RICO

    Link removed. Thanks to those who reported it.
  5. LH91

    Peddlar Palmer

    Moved into Years Gone By.
  6. LH91


    Thanks, let's hope he knows his stuff in another area then.
  7. LH91


    Enjoyed watching speedway on the BBC! He looked very nervous when he started but answered confidently. If he does get through to the semi final is it the same format? e.g. specialist subject + general knowledge? Hope the researchers are doing their homework for more questions.
  8. LH91

    Test Delete Me

    Still here to me too!

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