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  1. Would have still had him at Swindon
  2. A ORLOV

    Swindon 2019

    There seemed to be an increase in the numbers watching the meeting, I expect it to rise again against Belle Vue next week.
  3. Not sure it was the track as his scores in Poland have also dropped. Hopefully he can get back to the riding and scoring he is capable of but not tonight.
  4. A ORLOV

    Swindon 2019

    I believe you are right and was surprised there were not less fans last week to watch Kings Lynn for the 3rd time. I would think the numbers will be up for Wolves tomorrow, but then we have them again on Aug 8th.
  5. A ORLOV

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I feel sorry for any fan who purchased a season ticket.
  6. Rosco tweeted broken collar bone so he will be out for a while, we are having injury after injury.
  7. Only if the team gets its averages right at the end of this season
  8. Swindon line up Jason Doyle, Adam Ellis, Tobiasz Musielak, Ramus Jensen, Troy Batchelor, Ellis Perks, Claus Vissing Wolves line up Rory Schlein, Ryan Douglas, Jacob Thorssell, Nick Morris, Sam Masters, Kyle Howarth, Luke Becker Tobi and Ramus riding against Jacob and Nick will be interesting. Both teams have 18 points from 12 meetings and at present are 4th and 5th in the League Table, so more than a six point win is essential.
  9. A ORLOV

    Thank u Buster

    Love bacon but not boiled ham
  10. A ORLOV

    Swindon 2019

    Hope so as he deserves a place
  11. A ORLOV

    Thank u Buster

    only the troll who posted that they live in the garage
  12. A ORLOV

    Thank u Buster

    crumpets with melted cheese or strawberry jam are nice
  13. A ORLOV

    Thank u Buster

    I knew someone who put marmite on fruit cake
  14. A ORLOV

    Thank u Buster

    marmite on crumpets, love it or hate it ?
  15. A ORLOV

    Thank u Buster

    no, just resting

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