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  1. Since I sponsor two of them they talk to me every meeting richard
  2. Load of crap, I spoke to all three riders and they had not been on it this morning.
  3. Swindon have Dimitri Berge and James Sargeant at reserve for this meeting as Birmingham are at Eastbourne in the afternoon.
  4. Just seen pictures on twitter
  5. OK I accept that could be the reason for the later finish but in cold weather delays and time wasting need to be kept to a minimum
  6. Just hope the riders are able to get some practice in on thurs morning
  7. I followed meeting on Updates and noticed that this meeting took longer than the others on the same night, fans must get fed up with the delays for the tractor racing.
  8. A ORLOV

    BT live Speedway coverage?

    More just added July 29th British Final Aug 12th Wolverhampton - Peterborough Aug 19th Poole - Swindon Sep 2nd Wolverhampton - Kings Lynn
  9. A ORLOV

    BT live Speedway coverage?

    Released BT schedule May 7th Swindon - Peterborough May 20th Ipswich - Wolverhampton June 3rd Belle Vue - Ipswich June 17th Poole - Wolverhampton July 1st Belle Vue - Poole July 8th Kings Lynn - Poole July 15th Peterborough - Belle Vue
  10. With all the interest on here there will probably be more Wolves fans there than Peterborough ones.
  11. A ORLOV

    Swindon Stadium

    If I remember correctly all those around the old track were cladded, so doing the same with these will be no different.
  12. A ORLOV

    Swindon Stadium

    They are not
  13. A ORLOV

    Swindon Stadium

    With the dog racing and rain we are getting today both tyre packing and practice by the riders would have been very difficult today or tomorrow and could have caused issues so it is the best decision to postpone.
  14. A ORLOV

    Swindon 2019

    Meeting against BV on this thurs 11th has been postponed. http://swindon-speedway.com/news.php?extend.3222

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