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  1. A ORLOV

    Swindon Stadium

    If you do visit, pm me and let me know.
  2. A ORLOV

    Swindon Stadium

    Reading are using Swindon this season in the MDL as their home track, and the Young Lions also have a meeting here, both of which are good .
  3. A ORLOV

    Swindon Stadium

    Not in the last season, then only a few times the season before. It used to have young riders on it before most meetings a few seasons ago.
  4. A ORLOV

    Swindon Stadium

    We will see when they are installed.
  5. A ORLOV

    Swindon Stadium

    The brick wall is only up to ground level
  6. A ORLOV

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    If any dodgy results to get one team into the playoffs takes place the other teams can always appeal to the head of the bspa
  7. A ORLOV

    Swindon Stadium

    You may be right, I was just going on the configuration and positions of the existing ones around the rest of the track
  8. A ORLOV

    Swindon Stadium

    It also has the space for the lighting poles and different cables .
  9. A ORLOV

    Swindon Stadium

    For youngsters to train on.
  10. A ORLOV

    Swindon Stadium

    They are looking to save time and money by not having to repair or replace the airfence during the meeting, so they are putting the airfence behind the block wall
  11. A ORLOV

    Speedway results

    No need to, get the majority of them from Speedway Updates while the meeting is in progress.
  12. A ORLOV

    Swindon Stadium

    Picture on fb shows that the width of the new bend is the same as bend 3 & 4 so the picture above did show a skewed image.
  13. A ORLOV

    Swindon Stadium

    Probably Matt
  14. A ORLOV

    Swindon Stadium

    It is also great to see that the straights have been widened as well, which should improve the racing lines.
  15. A ORLOV

    Swindon Stadium

    Yet Stadia came up with the excuse, after a history of others, that they could not build the stadium in its original proposed site next to the A419 because of the drainage issues. Well good luck to anyone that buys a house there, still they will be able to grow rice.

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