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  1. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2019

    I think there was some fair comment at the start of the year and that less than perfect preparation showed in his performances He ended the season in much better shape and form Only Cam can decide if he wants to make the most of his undoubted talent - its in his own hands
  2. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2019

    End of season 'do' 27/10/18
  3. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    I dont see any good reason to be gloating or laughing about the Glasgow situation Regardless of any financial budget reduction that is coming I think we should all hope that there isnt a similar reduction in interest in the sport generally The overall approach and attitude to club and community (IMO as a neutral outsider) has been a breath of fresh air I very much hope that continues and others decide to follow
  4. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    AGM November 2018

    I find it a bit strange that some are hoping for a running commentary from the AGM Until the end nothing is decided/confirmed and even then may require some tweaking in hindsight I do just hope though that all of that is in place before the season starts this time. It is the supplementairies that are most damaging IMO
  5. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2019

    Well done Pob for your efforts with the Massif pages Would be great to see the Witches and the Massif get bigger and better next season
  6. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2019

    At this stage every rider is a possibility
  7. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Panthers up for sale.

    It will be interesting to see who the new owner is not just of Peterborough but also the other clubs currently for sale New blood should be welcomed - perhaps there may be 1or 2 surprises that shake the sport up for the better
  8. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    BSF Awards - National League

    Drew Kemp
  9. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    BSF Awards - Premiership

    Lambert for me
  10. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    BSF Awards - Championship

    Wells for me
  11. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    AGM November 2018

    Put certain riders of a 50m handicap and you would have them as 3 pointers by May but stuck off 50m all year The next year off scratch those same riders would average 10+ Handicaps not practical IMO
  12. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Panthers up for sale.

    Perhaps we talk to people who talk to people.... Anyway Ged doesnt live near Peterborough and he knows whats going on (hopefully)
  13. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    2019 NL Season

    Only because Flint is such a talent and improved his average dramatically On starting figures not as strong
  14. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    2019 NL Season

    Flint Hume Clegg and Davey all in the same team is too strong for the NL IMO
  15. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2019

    Agree Jason that the 2nd tier reserve berth should be exclusive for Brit riders to progress from NL and like the idea of them staying at reserve all season

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