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  1. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2020

    Would you like a MASSIF video Blu?
  2. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Will the premiership start on time?

    I think it's important that even if it is just a few weeks that we have available that the sport does whatever it can to say we are still here and fighting Infact the same applies to every business and every person all around the world When we do come through this it will be incumbent on everyone to show some real spirit and fight
  3. To Norbold and all those in the same boat - take care and I hope you have the family/friend network to keep you going and as sane as is possible
  4. Wife and I both still working (school and financial services) so as normal as it can be in the circumstances Until Friday still expected to take face to face appointments in a windowless office - whether this will change next week who knows..... Mrs will even be working through what should've been the Easter holiday so kids of key workers can still come into the school whilst their parents do the vital work
  5. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2020

    They can put it on a Tuesday afternoon in December and I would get there unless physically impossible
  6. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2020

    From a business point of view (if that isnt a bit crass in the current situation) the question wouldnt care a lot for those in your position (no offence intended ) Say the midweek attendance is 1000 of which 500 couldnt/wouldnt go at weekends but a Saturday meeting gets 1500 due to attracting 1000 newbies I cant see any tears for the 500....
  7. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    Better to ask Geoff - he only comments when he has proof so must have the link you would like
  8. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2020

    Let's hope we get to find out for sure
  9. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    I seem to remember that Barry Bishop had quoted increase in attendances in the region of 300% Yes from a smaller base but commendable all the same Whether his approach of a inclusive community feel would work in a larger more urban setting is open to debate but I would give it a better chance than many of the current efforts elsewhere
  10. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Will the premiership start on time?

    Agree - It will be very difficult particularly if the start is later into the summer and the window shorter If that's the case I'd like to see thought now into a revamped competition to suit those riders available and the time available. This could be team based or individual but IMO needs to be a co-ordinated effort rather than ad hoc offerings from clubs
  11. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2020

    Looking like P+P wont be needed until at least June and possibly not at all for 2020
  12. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    19/03/20 Peterborough v King's Lynn (PSC)

    There is a BSPA meeting tomorrow - until them there is nothing to update I think we all know what it will be when the update comes though......
  13. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Possibly - he is one that likes to push boundaries like with his advance/retard switch (which of course was subsequently banned)
  14. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    I've seen some lovely looking swords knives and guns too - all illegal for good reason.....
  15. dontforgetthefueltapsbruv

    Ipswich 2020

    Declare him British, European and World Champion while you're at it

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