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  1. thecoombdog

    Swindon 2018

    It won't be the top 3. Why people still believe things this person says is beyond me. But you are 100% right. 2 weeks out is 2 weeks too long. We can't afford RR esp when we will get smashed tomo.
  2. thecoombdog

    19/07/2018 : Swindon v Somerset : Premiership

    Glad im playing golf tomo night. Easy Somerset win. Possible 4 pointer
  3. thecoombdog

    19/07/2018 : Swindon v Somerset : Premiership

    If its RR and no Zach they will smash us.
  4. Come on then tell us. Who is close to the mark and what are they saying that could potentially put them in court? I also think you are slightly deluded about his ability to sign riders. Last year the changes were awful. And this years starting line up no better. So he isnt the god you think he is. Admittedly there is little to choose from these days in terms of riders wanting to do Britain.
  5. thecoombdog

    Swindon 2018

    Right on queue
  6. thecoombdog

    Swindon 2018

    You couldnt make it up. He will be onto Morris or Musi next
  7. One thing for sure is that in a months time you will be above us the way we are going!
  8. This post sums it all up. Absolutely clueless and just proves my point earlier in a reply to BB.
  9. Can only see a 16-20 point defeat for us tonight. We won't be able to cope with R/R.
  10. There is nothing to sort out. Time after time he replies to people based on him reading the original post incorrectly and then when you call him out on it he just keeps defending himself rather than admit hes wrong. I stand by what I said and an inbox message won't change my mind!
  11. Unbelievable. He's one of those stupid people who makes normal people start to doubt themselves.
  12. You are honestly the thickest person I've ever had the misfortune of communicating with. Someone suggested changes shouldn't be allowed which I disagree with. For all clubs.
  13. As per usual you miss the point. Personally I don't agree with you about your rubbish crowds as been to Poole when you have been losing and its been embarrassing. BUT if you are losing and getting 1000 less than normal then that has a massive factor on finances if you have budgeted for more. If you had been made to stick with that awful 1-7 this season you would lose a packet of cash as less people would turn up. Therefore I don't agree with anyone who says that changes shouldn't be allowed.
  14. Im sure if crowd figures were ever issued I would be proved right. Let's face the racing at Swindon is dog plop now so why would anyone go and watch a losing team when its awful racing as well. Die hards will go whenever. But these people who magically appear when its a tenner or we have Poole wont be back.
  15. Can't agree with that. Speedway is on its @rse as it is and if teams were made to stick to with an awful team then how many would go bust. We all know that Poole cant get a crowd in when they are losing. My own club Swindon is the same. The crowds were awful at the start of 2017 until we got Musi in and started winning. We lost money as it was last season. Can only imagine what would have happened if we had to stick with the original 1-7.

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