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  1. thecoombdog

    Swindon 2019

    No chance with RR!!!
  2. thecoombdog

    KL vs Poole Supporters cup Mon 20/05/19

    FFS every topic now seems to end up with Gav and Lisa flirting. Just book a room and get it over with guys.
  3. thecoombdog

    Swindon 2019

    Yeah you could well be right.
  4. thecoombdog

    Swindon 2019

    I appreciate that Becker is an extreme case as he is flying and looks impressive. But surely there is a 4 point assessed rider out there if we did make a change. Shame Brennan got injured as he was good when he guested for us last year and appears to have progressed this year. When we signed Ellis on his inflated average and he was struggling at the start I admit that I thought we should have replaced him. But I've never been so glad to be proved wrong. He has done nothing but improve for 2 years since then and I will gladly admit he made me look a mug! I'm hoping Zach does the same in the next few meetings!
  5. thecoombdog

    Swindon 2019

    Yeah Adam has been very good and with Doyley and Batch reliable at the top, Tobi riding well and even Lamps chipping in with a few points its clear where we need to improve. You can tell Shanes is trying his nuts off but just isn't quick enough. Zach worries me as he looks to have no confidence at home. Last year he was trapping and beating good riders at home but this year he is getting beat even he makes the start. I would love nothing more than for the current reserves to turn it around but they don't look like beating anyone at home let alone away so the question is how long can we leave it. I want us to be loyal to riders but at the same time we are very close to being a very good team. If we had a Becker on a 4 we would p1ss the league.
  6. thecoombdog

    Swindon 2019

    We have all had a laugh at Poole's team and the general consensus from most is that it isn't the best. Yet they have drawn away at BV and won at KL where we have lost. I hate to be even suggesting changes but until we start getting 5 or 6 points from the reserves we are just an average team. The top end power is being negated by getting battered at reserve in every meeting. I'm no average expert but surely if we don't act soon then the top 5's averages will go up and the reserves averages will go down which will make them impossible to replace. i think the double header on Monday could be a double defeat with no Tobi.
  7. thecoombdog

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Not watching tonight but it's so predictable that whenever a meeting is on the box that isn't that good the same people will post messages taking joy in it .Shows how sad people are.
  8. Agent Tobi reporting for duty. Good lad. Hopefully he's on a guarantee!!
  9. thecoombdog

    Wolves 2019

    yeah Nick was at Swindon last Monday.
  10. Ah really. I had to quit twitter for a while after Liverpool won last night! So missed anything like that. They were his number 1 supporter's last year. What happened?
  11. Cover up for what? It's been peeing down in the Don today and same forecast tomorrow.
  12. thecoombdog

    Swindon. V Peterborough. 06/05/19.

    Thought Shanes was more on the pace last night. Certainly looked more likely to score than he has done in previous meetings.
  13. thecoombdog

    Swindon. V Peterborough. 06/05/19.

    yeah was pretty boring compared to the previous 2 meetings at Swindon but 2 out of 3 good meetings is way better than the 1 in 10 we were getting on the old track. Ellis and Tobi love a nibble at the tapes! Makes it interesting though as you could see how close Adam got to the Boro riders in heat 14. As I said earlier it was the best I've seen Ellis ride and extra rides in the Champ will only help him this season. Nice to see a young English lad developing.
  14. thecoombdog

    Swindon. V Peterborough. 06/05/19.

    I was worried when we got to heat 15 with Brady nominated as Gavan tells us every week he goes missing at the end of meetings. He did alright yesterday ..... twice in one day too!
  15. thecoombdog

    Swindon. V Peterborough. 06/05/19.

    Surprised Ellis didn't get heat 15. That was probably the best and quickest I've seen him ride at home. Impressive.

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