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  1. Race Nights

    As a Swindon fan this is the last thing I want. Ive been losing a little bit of interest each year for a while and depleted teams and RR is the main reason for that. Last year was tedious watching the same riders guest for a different team 3 or 4 times.
  2. Poole 2018

    Jesus f'ing Christ. Kurtz has big potential on the world stage IMO. Morris improved shed loads last season, held the team together when no Doyley and pretty much won us the league at Wolves. Both sets of fans like their number 1s and they will be in the top 5 of the averages next season. Who gives a F about the rest!!
  3. Poole 2018

    I personally think the Poole team now is miles better than the Swindon team at this moment. We will get pummelled at reserve. I don't agree about Kurtz being better than Morris over here but apart from that I think man to man they have us everywhere else. But as we know from last year, the league isn't won in January!!
  4. Poole 2018

    Repeat posts from early 2017. How did that work out?!!
  5. Poole 2018

    You don't have to tell him mate. He has sources! He knows it all.
  6. Swindon 2018

    Merry Christmas to all my fellow Robins fans and indeed all fans from other clubs, even Poole!!!!
  7. Somerset 2018

    Still gutted hes not at Swindon but happy to see Doyley remain in Britain. Will make the Swindon Somerset clashes interesting next season.
  8. Rye House 2018

    Every team is plop so far according to Shov. But no doubt when the meetings start in March Poole will be massive underdogs when hes making predictions.
  9. Swindon 2018

    Heard the Czech would come in on a 1.5 average. A reduction on his 2.5 average for each year he hasn't ridden here.
  10. Swindon 2018

    No chance. I know you hate Poole so love a sly dig at them but our reserves will get murdered by them and if their top 5 includes Holder and another that is rumoured then its better than ours. That's not to say a mid season change won't change that but right now there is no way we are favourites over Poole.
  11. Poole 2018

    No need to tell me Gav. I saw it all 1st hand. But doesn't matter what you think of him but Ford rarely gets it so wrong 2 years running.
  12. Poole 2018

    Do me a favour. You haven't got any source. I've got more connection to Poole speedway than you because I've been there a lot to watch Swindon.
  13. Poole 2018

    That team would absolutely hack up on the bridle next season. Fair play to Ford if he's managed to put it together.
  14. Poole 2018

    Ive only one thing to say about the Poole team. If they are using RR at Swindon next season I wont be filling out a programme!!!