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  1. orion

    Rye House 2018

    Have ever thought of giving Simon Bates a call ? ..I think he still does our tune
  2. orion


    You sure ? all the people I know who go anymore don't want the likes of Tai and co to come back ..they want 7 juniors who wave at the crowd and have a pint in the bar after . We got to cut costs so even less people go and we get yes sponsors press coverage etc ..it's the way forward
  3. its on sky sports ... phil taylor has been placed in sports personally of the year etc ..how do you judge what is a sport ?
  4. I know look at Darts
  5. orion

    End of season playoffs to change

    Another amazing topic .a poster who posts story after Story day after day that are untrue makes up yet another story and people take it as gospel ..wow
  6. orion

    Swindon 2018

    Of course that was end Clark's plan all along .The staduim was never going to build where they said . And of course the new plans will never get off the ground because of the noise and where the houses are now built .You can see Osbourne Clark with a Hannibal smith cigar saying I love it when a plan comes together.
  7. orion


    Why would be the same .it was not the point i was making .you gave a example of why we should not have strong teams become reading went bust .so I am giving you example back of when not having top riders has hurt another club .. it's not hard to follow .Losing fans that never come back is not sustainable for anyone but the plan is to carry doing that ..amazing .
  8. orion


    Losing fans that will never come back is unsustainable where have you been the last 20 years ..for the Reading story read Poole who had a high standard team and were making a profit each year to now where the crowd are 50 % less due to not being able to do the same .
  9. orion


    When did I say anything about gp riders as no 1's ? I say the standard getting lower
  10. orion


    Not doing to well in doing that is it ?
  11. orion


    And what we are doing at the moment is suicide ... the people with heads in the clouds are people thinking that keep making the league weaker will make things better even thou we have been doing the same thing for the last 20 years . 7 riders of crap standard who turn up every week and wave to the crowd and do a wheelie and talk to 70 year old people in the bar after wont save the sport ..what other sport thinks by making the standard worse that crowds will get better ? by somehow speedway fans think this is the way .unreal
  12. orion


    Of course the standard answer is to have any 7 riders who ride and turn up every week and somehow the crowds will come back ..what other sport thinks that getting the standard lower will makes things better and will save the sport . There no easy answers but the mind set must be to raise the standard of rider and make teams stronger not weaker ..Each year the same plan is to lower the standard (cut costs ) quite clearly it's not working but the answer to this is to do the same again .
  13. orion


    Sadly as you can see on this topic and many others speedway fans think the way forward is get less people to watch it ...it really is an amazing mind set .
  14. orion

    Rye House 2018

    Of course it does .its common sense that the better the standard the more fans who have stopped going would go again and the more people that come back the more likely that they will bring new fans with them .. I got no answers how we do it but if the only plan to keep droping the standard and have a mind set that we don't need top riders in the uk then the sport will carry on losing fans intill it's dead..

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