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  1. And still they bite ..even when you tell people .
  2. It' amazing ..after all these years and all the stupid names he still gets loads of people to bite .I bet he even he can't believe it .unreal
  3. Betting in 2018

    Betfair do the market ..mick like any other punter bets or lay .
  4. Betting in 2018

    Why won't you name the year ? the reason is you can't ..yet again you been caught telling porkies again ..no wonder you are a laughing stock on this forum when it comes to betting .
  5. Betting in 2018

    Why not just put the year up ..and we can judge for ourselfs if your telling yet another lie about betting ..I have a feeling you wont able to to ..just admit you were wrong and move on .
  6. Belle Vue 2018

    Not sure but last time I looked we had never left the Eu .
  7. Betting in 2018

    ? Another Sidney classic ..all that mff has said is that Poole was a good price and quite clearly by the price cut others feel the same .Nothing to do with what team he supports just a opinion about betting .Try reading the title of the topic rather next time .
  8. Poole 2018

    That's really good ..made me laugh
  9. Swindon Stadium

    The classic bit about Torquay is that why on earth would Osbourne want to be a football chairman ! he has little love for any sport at all ...how times can this bloke keep pulling the same strokes at every sports venture he is involved in ..but still no matter how many times he does it you still have people believing him when he puts out yet another false statement ...I find it completely amazing . And even worst you have people high up in Swindon having a go at any supporter whe dares to doubt Osborne Clark ! and even worst is how the local media have let him off lightly when they taking him to task and start asking questions ..
  10. Swindon Stadium

    For the latest develpments tune onto jackanory
  11. Swindon 2018

    Sadly you get people who are at the clubwho turn on anyone who dare say that it won' happen ..with Clark Osbourne track record on not building stadiums and change of plan after change of plan you still have people thinking that they are telling the truth and thinking it will go ahead ..i expect the next statement to be around September saying there will be a delay before the normal suspects tell us we are being negative for not being taken by yet another lie .
  12. Swindon 2018

    How much garbage Can people take in ....how can people keep saying its going to happen .

    it is lol ...who ever told you that ? maybe it's the same guy who said the rules change ever week

    Ok you did you say someone .. but then you speak about him the next post .... as I said so childish