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    it is lol ...who ever told you that ? maybe it's the same guy who said the rules change ever week

    Ok you did you say someone .. but then you speak about him the next post .... as I said so childish

    I thought you were not going to post on the subject anymore ? now your back with more child like name calling ..

    How can it be a fact ? unless you show it and who it was from ...sending people pm's calling people names is not only the act of a coward it really is childish

    Some great posts on here, I remember seeing some people who were at a golf tournament for the first time and wanted to know all the rules ..when I told about the two length club l rule when you take a drop they just laughed and left the course saying they would. never come back .
  6. Swindon 2018

    He never bailed out last year ?..he got sacked for pulling out a meeting because yet again he did not fancy the track ....you can debate if the Kings lynn track was ok to ride or not but yet again the common denominator of a so called poor track and a rider pulling out or showing no effort Is Troy Batchelor ...it's not just bad luck or chance that he is always involved .
  7. Swindon 2018

    You can't replace someone if he does in the semi final like he did last time as the seasons over ..not sure how many more time this bloke has to let people down before the penny drops ..only Lewis Bridger will let you down more .
  8. Swindon 2018

    How can there be good team spirit with Batch in the side ? no good scoring 30 points in 3 matches if your to bail out the moment he's feels a rain drop on his face in October . Nearly every Swindon fan never wanted to see him again after last time but somehow not long later it's all forgotten and he is a great signing .. a fruit fly has a better memory
  9. Swc 2018

    So have you .
  10. Thanks for the reply you speak very well I have to say ..its looks like your working hard and doing a very good job .My opinion won' change that unless the standard of rider picks up the crowds won' t also .Where you are etc makes you diffrent to any other speedway club and thou what your doing it' clearly working I am not sure it would have the same effect elsewhere .yet again thanks for the reply and good luck in what your doing .
  11. Swc 2018

    I thought there were 5 in each team last year if you include the under 21 rider ....we all know it's a cost cutting exercise so don't TREAT people like they are stupid and stop being a puppet for BSI .
  12. Swindon 2018

    Really Poor signing ..Swindon fans must have short memories if they forgot what he did in the play off Semi Final last time ...he may do well for a time the but when going get's tough he will quit on us and let us down . Batch has one concern ..himself
  13. People in general want to see the best and there team to win ..you could have the greatest meeting in the world but if your team get's beat each week fans will not come ...so great racing bringing in fans is a myth and down the list in what is in important ...the best riders get the best equipment as they are better in the first place hence they get the bigger clubs and better sponsors so they can buy the equipment ...Why do think Woffy got the chance to get better equipment than say Josh Auty ? the reason he was better in the first place . Lewis Hamilton Drives get to drive the fastest cars in F1 as they know he's the best driver ,Ryan Moore in Horse Racing rides the best horses as they reckon he's the best jockey. yet again it's not by luck that they get to position in the first place
  14. They don't watch them thou do they .....people don't care about watching 4 riders of equal ability on lesser equipment it's a complete myth ..the general public in any sport want to watch the best even if the crush the oppo ...your post some up's why speedway is going to die in the uk .