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  1. it's been explained to Sidney about 50 times ..he never going to understand
  2. Nice post Steve ..feel bad as I had forgotten about him ..The story makes you feel very humble and understand how lucky we are just to be able to do the normal things in life
  3. There are no solutions .if you had read the six pages you would understand most people feel the same .
  4. it's a tricky one ...my memories of years gone by at Swindon was that the track was very deep to start with . These days it's risk free and very slick from the start . There can be no doubt it's been a poor track for quite a while now and not only that quite dangerous with holes etc ..One of the reasons Nick Morris left was because of it . A school of thought might that the lack of money in speedway is also effecting how the tracks are being set up .
  5. Sadly it is terminal ..I can't see any way forward ..Each fan at each club must wonder when they will hear that there club is closing down .
  6. Workington crowds have been droping for years ..each year has been nip and tuck if they ran on or not ...Running on a sat night has hardly been a saviour for them
  7. Yea look at Workington and how Saturday nights were helping them ...another myth
  8. No argument about standard etc dropping that is a given ..that go's back to my point about no one caring ..look at Woffy he won't even ride in it
  9. The excitement factor was far superior ..the racing was not . The one thing I have always noticed is how people forget about poor racing in the old days .As I said misty eyes
  10. Yea there is a million factors ..for me it's the lack caring about the match / result when I go ..it used to matter so much to so many people ..I think like you and a lot people I think it's a sport in the uk that is dead in the water and can't be saved now . we are losing 3 to 4 clubs a year . If speedway was a animal it would be a endangered species
  11. The standard of riders was the racing was not ...Speedway was much better in the 70's and 80's no doubt about it but it was because of the whole event .No good going on about where you watched speedway the bottom line is no matter what era most of the races are won from the gate ..
  12. You see great racing at Belle Vue now you see great racing at Somerset you see great racing at scunny ….so as said good and bad racing then and now .As I said old fans always fall into same trap ..it was better because the crowds were bigger and it made seem better.
  13. That is not the point he is making ..Thou racing is good it's not made the crowds come in ...it one of biggest myths about crowds and good racing . People need to feel like the match matters ..the problem is to most that feeling has gone .. Another myth is about racing being better in the old days ..it never was, most of the time is was poor just like today . When you have crowds and big names it always felt like the racing was better but really most the time it was gate and go .
  14. orion

    Swindon Stadium

    Not really ..I can't see any value in any speedway club . Lets be honest nearly every club runs at a loss ...You would have to crazy to buy one .

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