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  1. ??? it's pretty easy to understand ...things that worked 30 years won't work today ...surely it can't be that hard to figure out .It's bit like asking the BBC to bring back shows from the 70's because they has 20 million viewers back then .but in 2018 hardly anyone would care or watch them .
  2. Of course I understand speedway was better 30 years ago ..when have I or anyone for that matter said otherwise ? what has been said and you alude to it yourself is that things that worked then won't work now .
  3. I think that go's against what most fans are saying .it's common sense that because of the internet and all the other forms of social media people are more aware than ever on what riders are likely be at a match and that in turn that has can a massive effect on the size of the crowd . Do you really think if Swindon were missing there top two are were replaced say by juniors that people would not find out and it would not effect the crowd ? even by a speedway fan standards that is an amazing claim ..I think it also shows how the older fan is out of touch with things
  4. Pretty clear why .no one wants to see a no hoper be half a lap behind ..plus crowd numbers go down ...not sensible at all unless you like losing money
  5. orion

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    Poole are not scared of anyone lol well they should be now .good luck to the stars in the play offs .glug glug glug
  6. Surely Pete it not up to the fans to find riders ..it was quite clear form some time ago that Smith was unlikely to beat anyone so we might as well have given someone else a chance
  7. I thought we could not find anyone better than Jack Smith ?
  8. orion

    Race for the Top 4

    Whoever comes top will pick Belle vue for sure ,and even more some with Bewley missing .Even by speedway fans standards I am amazed to see there is a kl fan who thinks kl should ride Poole in the semis if given the choice. The first thing you must do is get to the final .another example of a fan having zero understanding of the money side of the sport
  9. Go back in time ? you surprised me
  10. We have gone into this before ..you could take examples in any sport and make it look stupid if you wanted to but does it really stop major investors or stop fans stop going ? lets take f1 ..major investor turns up and asks what the rules are . he's told that the best drivers get cars that are faster than worst drivers in slower cars and not only that they start in front of them meaning there is about 5 passes per race over 72 laps ...no tv station or fans are going to want that are they ? on wait a min there 100,0000 fans who have just turn up .look at the people who used to go on about the old one off world final and look at the crowds it got ..but then you look at the rules on how you got there and they were stupid but you still had 80k turn up at Wembley . As I said since we got to fixed race night this years and as the stats show they had made a massive different to amount of guests that are used and in some cases clubs had there best stats in 25 years, but have the fans come back because of that ? when the answer is no and that shows that people are not as worried about that than is made out In a ideal world we would have no guests or rr and no double up riders ..but after all this time no one has come up with a better idea that would work without having a massive effect on gate receipts. They made a effort this year to cut down on guests and to make sure that teams had more chance of putting the same one to seven out each week ..and what has happened ? people moaning wanted to go back and having there own race nights back and even more guests .
  11. orion

    Plan to save the Sport

    To be honest I think before we do anythink else we must get Jerran Hart released from prison .In speedway terms he our Nelson Mandela and if we can secure his released or break him out I think all speedway problems will be at a end as he will bring all the fans and clubs together .
  12. 16 you sure ? I do wonder if it was 16 how that compares to golden era when people said there was less guests ...I have a feeling 16 in speedway terms is not very many over a season and I also suspect that Swindon went ever lower than Belle Vue .this season So as I said not that many and perfectly acceptable for speedway in terms of what has gone before .
  13. First of all as I on about riders being replaced form the starting 7 due to poor form, not how many guests were used during a season . but as we are on the subject could you list me these 20 guests that Belle Vue used this year and in what meetings ...after putting the above up you must pretty sure that you are correct ..otherwise it would be a bit like turning up as Batman and Robin at a wake ..looking forward hearing from you Del Boy ..should be a great read
  14. Says a man who thinks josh auty should get a wildcard at Cardiff lol
  15. orion

    Speedway Star Question

    Sorry I think it's a poor one .. I don't think you would find many Swindon fans who would agree with what he thinks is going on
  16. orion

    Speedway Star Question

    ?? have been living in a cave for last 10 years ...There is no chance of stadium ever being built and there never was . it's amazing even after all this time and with all the history and lies we still have people who think it will happen .
  17. Your going a bit ott in what your saying .Who was missing in last nights matches in the premier league .Who had guests ? as I said before swindon have only made one change this year and kept 5 of the same riders they had from last year .Belle Vue and Wolves have hardly made any changes this year and have a lot of the same riders from last year as well .I think these teams made more changes 30 years ago . Speedway made a effort this year after fans kept moaning about guests, riders missing etc and in a way it's been lot better in terms of teams being the same week in week out .the trouble is all we had then was people wanting go back to riding on Friday night's etc when half the teams would be missing .the bottom line is you really can't win with speedway fans .
  18. You don't have canvassed anyone the answer is b .its amazing that someone could think that a world champion missing would not have an effect on the crowd .its easy see why speedway is in trouble when people think like that .
  19. Number one will still out of the side and a junior will be coming into the side no matter how you dress it up ...Tell me if people care so much about credibility who would get the biggest crowd ...A. Doyle replaced by a Junior or B Doyle replaced by Woffy
  20. And so what if Doyle guests for puk ? better that beating some junior ( Romanian ferret smuggler ) who has replaced him
  21. orion

    Swindon 2019

    The main thing is that we have speedway next year ,.the spineless goons from Tomlinson to the people the media have let this con carry on with not one person speaking out . For god sake someone from the club or the newspaper make a stand and speak out .
  22. Not much can be done Steve ..the horse has already bolted , The only plan has been to weaken the league cut cots etc and the crowds have fallen as the standard has . No money in the sport to get thou's riders back so we will just carry on with this slow death . I think all teams should be forced to run junior teams and matches be ran after the main match ( second half's ! your like that ) and more money put in at grass root levels to get more people taking up the sport

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