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    Boring formula 1 racing

    F1 is the worst and must stupid sport in the world ..the best drivers in cars that are fastest and better than the rest and they also get a head start ...but it is still watch by millions of people worldwide ..why I will never know .
  2. Would these riders like muller etc win a gp series in there year over 12 rounds ? the answer is no ..Woffy could win a gp series and could win a one off final
  3. Where do you want to start ...muller and that pole would never had made the final if they had not been in the easy part of the draw .or won with a massive home track advantage ..a farce to be honest
  4. So childish ..no one has said that at all .
  5. But it was not one off meeting thou ..different mindset ..how hard can it be to understand that ...Woffy understand what it takes takes to win a gp series and rides each meeting with that in mind . Tell him that has to win the meeting and he would adjust
  6. Why would he have not have won ? ..what you got to remember he never had to win ..he rode with a mind set to get enough points win overall Your right under the old system you had to be lucky to win rather than pure skill and fairness now .
  7. Was it ...the rules in the old days were just as stupid and not credible at all ..look at the make up of the world finals your be hard find something as stupid as that
  8. He clearly meant overall
  9. Not really .basically is the best riders in the world riding over a series of meetings that nearly always shows who the best rider is .The old format was a luck fest that ended up with a final that never had a chance of ever having the best 16riders in the world and always ended with 6 to 8 no hopers . it akin to a raffle most of the time .
  10. like or loathe Chris Harris but he has giving us some of the most memorable moments in speedway in recent years ..tonight was another
  11. What Top League ? how hurtful
  12. Not the have you ever ridden a speedway bike line ..zzzzzzzzz ….
  13. How did he get a invite to that ? is it a worst rider in the world comp ?
  14. We left after heat 11 after let another delay .it was like a slow form of torture .
  15. This has to be the worst speedway match of all time .10 mins between races to back drop of a 1980's sound track .if you wanted to know why speedway is dying this is it
  16. Another Belle Vue play off choke ….now to do what they do best ..play the victim
  17. Barry has brought a lot of gimmicks into snooker including the one frame shootout with a shot clock he also brought double in double out in the darts grand prix ,..You look at cricket and what 20 -20 has done for the game ...people do try to bring in new rules and change the game .sometimes they work sometimes they don't
  18. its already sunk ...and the names you put forward were the people who helped put it there .
  19. As has been said before when you on any other come up with any better idea's than guests etc that work with out effecting the crowd let us know ...I am a fan of better idea's that work not replacing no 1's with juniors .. I Doubt you will get in on Thursday as it's likely to be a sell out as Swindon have had the same 1 -7 most of the year ..I must admit it's had a massive effect on crowd numbers at the abbey
  20. The crowd can't have been as people don't like teams like worcs had .looking forward to a massive crowd at swindon this week as they have used less guests this season than they have used in 20 seasons .after all that is what fans want.. the same 7 each week .
  21. I See in the 20-20 cricket finals yesterday Worcs had a player called wood they got on loan to play 20-20 crickets from Notts This same player thou still plays for his parent club in the four game thou ..amazed the crowd was so big seeing the same kind of thing effects the crowds so badly in speedway .
  22. orion

    Where is SCB

    Yea no doubt about it ..once your like that you will never change ..the moment he's out he will become a danger to children . Also I expect he will be back under the forum under another name
  23. Spot on Baggy .it was plain to see what was going on and I find it amazing that anyone could think that what he done was a mistake .No one in there right would have done that on purpose

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