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  1. What was it again Steve ? not 100 minus 50 ? someone already found that a bit hard to work out
  2. So you still can't answer the question and now you are going to punch and run again ? I hope in this successful business that you run you never took 50 % of the income out of it with no idea how to replace it .
  3. And you can't add up ..got the answer on on how you replaced 50 % of gate money yet ? no point getting bitter because you still can't find a reply . And no point going on about education when can't answer a simple maths question . What are going to do run off again ? ps is your space bar broken ?
  4. But we had guests when speedway was massive ..it ludicrous to think that a team who are not champions can win the champions league but guess what it happens in football . What about Cricket ? they have a rule that when you they show a video review you can be given not out even when you are . As I said before you get hold any sport and find so called ludicrous rules but as the champions league shows it does not always stop crowds coming Look at this year ..let have fixed race nights so we have less guests ..so they do it and then the fans moan that they what there own race night back even if it means having a team full of guests ..
  5. How does prove anything ..got any stats or figures ? what about the wolves fans who went back to Wolves because Woffy came back and they won the play offs . old fans won't come back anyhow as they enjoy moaning to much, that is why even they don't to speedway they spend time on a forum going on about the past . The sport needs to aim at young fans not people stuck in 1975 .
  6. Yea but try make out it's not there opinion that they just want the rules back from the old days . But after the while the mask soon slips .
  7. This what i mean about these topics .it always ends up with normal suspects talking about the old days .and then then yet going on about second halfs war chants and not liking the gps and plays offs .in the end they just can't help themselfs .
  8. That nothing to with play offs that is down to bad fixture planning and leaving things to the last moment ..look at this year one of the best summers since 1976 and only 7 teams in the league but they still can't the matches ridden . it's just another example of how poorly speedway has been run in the uk .
  9. The answer to your last question is yea any match that means little will not have as many fans .. that is just common sense ..no doubt in the great era of speedway no one ever dropped aves to make there team stronger did they ? it happened all the time so teams could win the league next year or a cup in the same year is always been the same in speedway but no doubt you felt that was ok . Riders used to take money to drop points for god sake .the sports has always been bent . Not sure but did not have the league cup first in the old days ? I might be wrong but could not just drop ave to bring better riders in then so you could go on and win the league ? ...I guess with that in mind you stopped going ? Yet again no ever said the play offs are fair or the best way of finding the best team t but hey are a vital point in making teams more money something you cant understand . ive been to Swindon this year and they have made one team change this and that was down to a rider getting injured .the other night they rode Belle Vue who I think had the same top 5 they stated the season with . In fact Swindon and Belle vue sides have most of the same side from last year and wolves have had 3 or 4 as well . so all this every team changes a couple of weeks into the season and there is no bond between rider and fans is over stated . I expect Swindon Belle vue and wolves made more changes 30 years ago You go on about Poole this year but they likely to finish top so ever under the old rules they would have dropped riders and still won the league .
  10. Yet again the stupid idea of blaming play offs just because crowds have dropped ...they work in every other sport but somehow uk speedway is the only sport in the world that it stops fans going . if play offs stopped people going it's stands to reason that in every sport that they are used , the the crowds would be going down as well ..the fact that they don't should give you a clue on how the public view the play offs as a whole as well as the reason why nearly every sports have them in one way or another ..no doubt they are wrong and the oap speedway fan is right ? No one ever said that play offs will improved crowds and I doubt if anything will, but it's pretty clear if we don't have them the crowds would have dropped more quicker with hardly anything to race for nearly all the clubs once june comes ..if was a marketking man I doubt I would love the task of trying to market matches that meant nothing to anyone ,if we went back to a 8 club league with only one winner ….''Roll up ,Roll up it's 4th v 5th for the vital 4th place that means nothing '',
  11. Correct the last thing we need is teams still in with a chance of winning something so it keeps the fans coming in ..let them have no chance and end the season in june so they can go bust ...I think your post some up's the standard old fan who has zero understanding of the money side .we have already had one say lets take off 50% off teams gate money as a way forward ..not sure it can get worst than that
  12. I remember.that.match.mick I watched it in black and white so I never knew who was who.
  13. I never said that that clubs relies on gate money alone ? when did I ever say that ? are take it slow with you ..if you lose 50 % on gate money how do you plan to the make up short fall up ? it's a simple question to a great business man like yourself . all the other income is going to be the same unless you can explain why it would change otherwise . The bottom line is you come up with a plan (I never saw a business plan with it ) and you can't back it up or how it would work or even answer a simple maths question ...with business acumen like that I would not let you run a bath let alone a business ..
  14. What about sponsorship ..why would the sponsorship be anymore than any other season ? for some unknown reason a sponsor who has not come along this year is going to come along under this format and make up the short fall . the bottom line you still going lose 50k min if you come bottom . If you have got such a great business model and you can show how they would up the short fall I am ready to hear it ..the stage is all yours ? rather than I am not going to debate because I cant answer your question
  15. What calculation or Business model did you used ? lets say leics this year charged £7 .50 match and then come bottom and have no play offs you reckon they would not go bust ..you reckon they would make the season on that ? lets say they get 800 paying fans at £15 over 12 matches that is 144 k you then half that to 77k if you take £7.50 .you then you maybe add on some more as at £7.50 you should get some more fans. you still are to lose between 30k to 50 k ..you don't really have to shoot from the hip to work it out No point in trying something new just for the sake of it and even more so if it makes no business sense .
  16. I guess last Christmas by wham must have took some explaining to you ?
  17. Getting to the play offs and the income it brings in are just in important ..so if you charge £ 7 .50 per match and then 20 pond for say two matches or none in some cases most clubs would go bust in about 10 weeks as the surplus would be 30 to 40 k
  18. Yea I said that 100 times to you ..and so has everyone else . glad you finally understand
  19. ? I explained 20 times why football is not the same '..if a 4th play a 5th in the top league in football they would playing for a champions league spot ..a bottom could still playing millions of pounds in prize money .hence why they don't need play offs ..if you had posted the whole post rather than a line out of context it would have explain it to you then
  20. Nothing as there no such thing as a five ride average ..its work out per ride x 4 .Cook average is 8.62 for the last 4 meetings ..if you used the last two seasons 2017 and 2016 it's even worst
  21. No worries ..I happy to help you understand how you work out cma's
  22. Of course they will ..yet again you a have a 1970 mind set .a large % of fans wont go unless there is something to race for surely your aware of that ? What you say about Poole is spot on ..The play offs keep more teams seasons alive and even bottom like the lions had a match v Belle Vue had something on it due to the play off places
  23. No one in any sport has ever said that the play offs are fair ..the play off have always used to keep the season open for more teams and make them money .also every understands the rules before hand . without play offs and nothing to race for the modern fan will not go and clubs will go bus,t in fact play offs in speedway are more important than any other sport ..I ask again why would you watch a speedway match between a 4th and 5th team who have no chance of winning the league under the rules you want ? you said every match would count so explain what that would count for .
  24. So if went back to old league season every match would count yea ? so if a 5th place team rode the 4th place team and they were 20 points behind the leaders what would that count for ? looking forward to this answer . As has been explained a million times much more reason to watch more matches in a play off season than a normal one
  25. Rugby Union ,Rugby League Premier league darts ,American Football ,20 -20 cricket ,Ice hockey .,Netball .also speedway in Sweden and Poland ..it's very hard to find a team sport that never uses them now

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