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  1. 11 hours ago, Sidney the robin said:

    You are deluded Swindon up until the playoffs will barely break even, does a sponsor help to pay for Jason ??? The club have made great strides this year under Rosco/ and Lee Kilby and the crowds have been generally very good but there has been a few weeks when they have been  lower than they have deserved to be .The NL fixture was a huge disappointment gate wise and people are picking and choosing there meeting's more nowadays but yes you are right the club are going in the right direction.

    What is deluded ? what is untrue ...Crowds have drop as the standard has ? clubs  closed every year ?  the plan is to cut the standard again the same plan as the last 15 years ? The problem with speedway is never thinks about how they will make crowds bigger its always been how many fans will can we hold on to .

    If Swindon are barely breaking even I would say that doing pretty well seeing most clubs are losing money .

  2. 6 hours ago, mikebv said:


    Bottom line is, you can't spend what you haven't got and most tracks look like they don't have much spare from what they pay out now. Therefore finding six grand a night (or maybe even more given they will have an expectation based on earnings elsewhere?) for two World Class No1 riders would be a 'tad' difficult I reckon..


    No the bottom line is you can't keep losing fans  and not replacing them . cutting the standard has clearly not worked but still it's the same plan the next year .Another 5 clubs will go under by next year and the plan will be the same again .no one talking about world class no 1's thou quite clearly is not a problem for Swindon as the good crowds pay for it .

  3. 42 minutes ago, foamfence said:

    Cardiff is a unique event, if the league had to re-structure and teams had to lessen their averages, it might make a slight difference. Anyway It looks to be heading that way whatever changes are made. Land is too valuable, tracks are too inaccessible and people have different leisure priorities. I can see the day when about a dozen tracks hold meetings clustered around weekends and Bank Holidays, using riders who work in other jobs through the week. I don't think the sport will stop but I think it'll change greatly.

    if Cardiff was not a unique event it will still be all about who was riding .. Agree with your other points 

  4. 10 minutes ago, Sidney the robin said:

    Well that shows just how much you know,  weren't  you there were you skint??? potless probably. Yes the National league has to be run around the fixture list as most people have not got a endless pit of money to spend  but it does not mean fans don't enjoy It .Woffinden turns up gets ihis 2/3 grand  a meeting  the crowd is hopefully??? 1,600/800 ??? do your sums it is not rocket science.!!!

    Yet again it not what you said no one even spoke about the money ..you said the standard of the rider makes no difference to the crowds ..so I ask again if NL rides  were riding at Cardiff next week would the crowd be the same ..it's not hard its just yes or no 

  5. 4 minutes ago, foamfence said:

    We are simply debating opinions here but in mine I think if we splashed out on more top stars (especially when you consider their wage demands), you would get tracks closing at an even faster rate than now, it just wouldn't work, you either go with what you can afford or you go out of business, same on the high street where only the cheapo stores selling downmarket rubbish survive. Cardiff does well but it's a one off that has become a tradition for many but it isn't a patch on Belle Vue but even the international meetings there don't do brilliantly. Imagine Zmarzlik at Belle Vue (or any other track), you'd need an extra two to three thousand more just to pay his wages, you wouldn't get them, then look at the state of most stadiums and tracks, the majority need bulldozing and replacing.

    I never said anything the money side that is another debate ..but just to say that the standard of rider does not effect the crowd borders on madness ..only a speedway fan could come up with logic like that 

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  6. 26 minutes ago, Sidney the robin said:

    No you don't quite understand Speedway firstly it is about being entertained and hopefully the new customer coming back the next week.I am old but you are my age probably? ???? you are in cookoo land British speedway cannot afford to many W offinden/ etc riders end of.If we could great we cannot the days of the UK league  being the best has long gone but it does not mean our leagues cannot provide entertainment.

    You said that its not about standard of rider that's brings in crowds .. so explain it that is the case when don't they have NL riders at riders at Cardiff rather that the top blokes after all look at the money they would save they could make a packet ? 

    How comes hardly any one showed up the the Junior match they had at Swindon ?  after all no one cares who's riding or what standard it is .

  7. 1 hour ago, Sidney the robin said:

    The way forward is to run to a budget and keep the costs down apart from Doyle,Iversen,Lambert, Fricke, our top two league's are pretty even.Speedway is about putting on a show and i have seen national league meeting's that are just as exciting as the Premiership.It is a MYTH about the top stars bringing in the crowds it doesn't for me Speedway is about a good night out and all levels can give you that.

    So why don't the National league have big crowds then if it's not about the standard of rider ..why don't they have just juniors rather than Tai and co  next week at Cardiff ? after all using your logic the crowd would  be  the same .

    This is a big  problem old people who are happy to watch anything and  think that is  how the rest of world think ..you can see why speedway has the problems it got , . anyhow I got a great plan lets cut the standard again so the crowds drop it's not worked for the last  20 years so lets try it again 

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  8. On ‎9‎/‎10‎/‎2019 at 6:28 PM, foamfence said:

    I agree with that but it would mean reverting to one league and initially a lower standard of rider, fine by me but every time anyone suggests it on here they get shouted down.

    It's get shouted down because putting the standard down  is one of the main problems speedway has and why crowds have drop and stadiums are shutting down ..of course when this happens the answer is the lower  the standard again .

    The same old people who reckon 7 juniors on a sat night with no guests is somehow the way forward ..

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  9. 6 hours ago, Bavarian said:

    But then a guest rider was only allowed to cover for a missing number one / heat leader, but now there are guest riders for seemingly every rider, including the reserves, plus the doubling up and doubling down of riders which makes a total mockery of the team (loyalty) aspect of the game. This has simply become too much to be acceptable anymore.

    Swindon have nearly tracked the same 1 -7 for last two years with hardly any guests it's never been better .. never heard nothing form any Swindon  fan being worried about  Ellis Perks riding for a Pl side ...as I said just more myths made up .

    Because of the high ave age of a speedway fan they tend to moan about most things some with good reason but most  of the time just for the sake of it .

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  10. 1 hour ago, topsoil said:

    I would have thought any potential sponsors / speedway image links would have concentrated more on speed, power, noise, danger, thrills etc rather than guests, r/r, averages, double points, t/s which, really only speedway anoraks are interested in. I doubt if any potential sponsors of football tournaments are put off by VAR. 

    Spot on sponsors being put off by rules is another speedway myth as I said we had guests when speedway had  massive sponsors

  11. On ‎9‎/‎11‎/‎2019 at 7:01 PM, mikebv said:


    Add also the fact that a company could sponsor a team with a significant sum of money and then find that their support will be rewarded by their number one rider (who will invariably be the chief beneficiary of their patronage), being actively allowed to destroy his own team's chances of winning the league by riding for any other team in the league, and you really have a hard sell to persuade any self respecting nationally known business to come on board..

    There used to massive sponsors deals when the same thing happened all the time so not why that's a issue now  when it never used to be ..unless guests are a new thing in speedway of course  . In fact with fixed race nights its even less likely to happen now ..

    It's makes you wonder how they got sponsors in the old days ..maybe they never told them  about guest riders :rofl:

  12. 30 minutes ago, RS50 said:

    And in tennis if you win the first rally you get 15 points, if you win the second you get a further 15, making your score 30, but win the third rally and it's only worth another 10.  Anyone explain that?

    Wait to the media get hold of that .Wimbledon will empty next year  what other sport would used  that system ..Bad news for golf as well with scoring system they used to decide the Tour championship last week ..just hope that it  was  not on  tv .

  13. 4 hours ago, mikebv said:


    No "proper" competition would ever dream about letting its own competitors make the rules up,

    Yes they do ..a lot sports in the us and ran like that .. another speedway myth . I see in cricket you can play for Two teams one the championship and one in limited overs .. Wait to the media get hold of there  be no crowd on t 20 finals day .

  14. 10 hours ago, mikebv said:

    Every team can draft pick riders from all the others teams in the league every week of the season now so no need to bring in any extra rules.. :D

    It ensures a competitive league...:rolleyes:

    They do ..sadly thou people keep making fuss about it nowone  has ever come up with a better plan that understands the money side of the sport ..

  15. 4 minutes ago, mickthemuppet said:

    No they are not , at least 50% of them are losers and always will be 

    His tips  are mainly winners .. You are the worst sports better of all time ..nearly every bet you put up is a loser 

  16. 5 minutes ago, Midland Red said:

    Those would be the fans who find it difficult or impossible to attend on a Monday or a Thursday, when their regular night was a Friday or Saturday, and they and their kids could attend

    The fixed nights only really suited fans of teams who always used to race on a Monday or a Thursday - and of course those teams didn’t ride on both nights, so even then some (say) Thursday regulars would be missing on the Monday, and vice versa

    No points having fixed race nights if riders are going to be missing on the nights you go on about that was the whole idea .. Friday and Sat have  little  affect on crowds anymore the stats show you that .

  17. 23 minutes ago, SUPERACE said:

    Fixed race nights do not work, they haven't had any positive impact only negative.  Scrap them next season.

    It what way don't they work ...all the fans wanted them Swindon have had nearly had the same 1 -7 home and  away for two years with hardly any guests  .. we were told  that's what the  fans  wanted ….this  is  what  makes laugh when they  say that the powers that be don't listen to the fans  . Well they do are then they still moan .

    Go back to normal Race nights and  fans will start moaning about to many guests etc ...standard speedway fans


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