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  1. absolutely It would need Zmarzlik to be getting 18 or 19 points, which he has managed twice and for Tai to get less than 10 which has happened once. It should be all Tai's but an injury early on like Cook or Vaculik last night and then its open. Cant believe someone said he doesnt care. He must be confident but he needs to have his mind right so his way is to seem that what will be will be......of course he cares
  2. Is he the most exciting? Probably not, that would be Loram or PC or Morton or Lee Is the most naturally gifted rider? Again probably not Does he work hard, train hard, mentally prepare himself the right way? 100% Does he give 100% dedication to being the best he can be? Absolutely And yes of course we can in some way use world titles as a yardstick be foolish not to. I cant stand Havvy never have done but those who say he was lucky must realise that in 1992 he was the most dominating rider of the year.......do i think he is as good as say Lee, Collins, or Loram, all one time winners then no i dont. Would the achivements of Havvy rank above Carter and Morton and Jessup then in my opinion yes they would. Who was better to watch and had more ability, Jimmy White or Steve Davis? Jimmy White did..........but Steve Davis won far more My list of the top ten english riders ive seen ride would be as follows: 1. WOFFINDEN 2. PETER COLLINS 3. MICHAEL LEE 4. MARK LORAM 5. GARY HAVELOCK 6.KENNY CARTER 7. DAVE JESSUP 8. SIMON WIGG 9. KELVIN TATUM 10. CHRIS MORTON, JOE SCREEN & SCOTT NICHOLLS (all purely on being talented motorcyclists and in Nicholls case 7 times British Champ)
  3. No you couldn’t What a stupid statement to make.
  4. Nope im here just not posting on the same topic
  5. So with the season almost over what are peoples thoughts for next year. Personally if it fits my team would be Nicholls Schlein Covatti Heeps Newman Hume Mountain
  6. Do you know the definition at all? It means someone who posts messages to provoke and inflame. I may get argumentative with certain people but that isn’t trolling. The only people who have issues with me are 3 or 4 Poole fans and one other. A much bigger number have issues with Shovlar. That’s because he trolls , puts differing opinions to most to deliberately stoke the fire. If your unsure what a troll is then look at Shovlars comments on the Belle Vue / Mark Riss debate. Even his own Poole fans don’t like what he does. Im argumentative for sure but that’s not trolling Despite all I’ve said I still don’t believe he should have been banned
  7. Never had an issue with Poole riders ( well except dirty Dennis) or the vast majority of their fans , but there are 1 or 2 strange ones that’s for sure.
  8. Despite what people are saying and despite what I think of him I don’t believe he should have been banned I don’t see the point. Why shouldn’t people be called idiots or numpty if that’s how he feels..... people are to thin skinned. He does troll constantly and obviously doesn’t know the meaning of the word. He took it to far in some cases and got personal but I still don’t know if that’s why he was banned and no I didn’t report him. There are far worse people on here than Shovlar that need banning like MFF or Trumpy (see it’s recent posts for evidence, even setting up an account in Shovlars honour )
  9. I’ve now seen both heat 13’s and in my opinion I preferred the first one.....but both cracking adverts for the sport
  10. Banned for threatening to physically attack you lol. You have several different names on here and I’m afraid that I’ve only ever had the one but ignore it makes you feel better then keep accusing me of being Trackrat I don’t mind Now I’m not sure wether it’s bedtime or the warden needs to put the lights out but it’s time you left. For all their faults Starman and Shovlar have never set up different accounts and different usernames , they like myself are mentally stable adults. Im sure Shovlar when he returns will be proud of you for setting up an account in his name and defending him , trouble is he doesn’t think much of you and also finds you a bit strange. Now you can’t get banned for being a troll or I’m sure with your many accounts you would have been gone long ago. I have no issue with Shovlar in most respects and he went over the line to take cheap shots but yet being an adult I didn’t report him because I don’t see the need, the mods must have decided they didn’t like what he wrote. He may not have been banned for what he said about me it may be for something different. Shovlar is an adult who trolls and inflamed but at least he is a supporter of his team and not some freak behind a keyboard who is either 10 or has the same mental capacity. Nighy night
  11. Hope Shovlar sees how good Mark Riss replacement did tonight!! Horses for courses, accusing Belle Vue of cheating....... could he have been more wrong......then again it’s what trolls do. Hope someone can load up heat 13 if possible
  12. Starmans health was put on the forum when he was taken ill , and many times since he has commented how he is getting on. I have never mocked his health situation is the point im making
  13. If you think people have unusual tastes then for sure a bit of mickey taking is fine. But if someone has mental issues, health issues, marriage break up, family issues or the like, then you have to be a twisted individual to find it amusing to highlight that and take the p1ss out of those people. I have no time at all for Shovlar, the man is a troll who voices differing opinions to mainly the rest of the forum just to get a rise and inflame.........................but if he had health issues or personal problems there is totally no way i would take the mickey out of those, kind of sick and weird in my mind to get pleasure out of other peoples misfortune
  14. What i did was i was asked where i had been because i was off the forum for a month or so...............people assumed i was banned..................i merely said that my marriage was over and i had moved out and was spending time sorting stuff out and the welfare of my children. Shovlar then thinks he can start saying things now ( a year and a bit later) about my ex wife running off with other men and basically taking the mickey.........you dont do that sort of thing unless you have some sort of issue as a person.....and also to be so far away from the truth when it was me that moved out. So no maybe i shouldnt have said (a year ago) that i was seperated, but i still dont expect the rise to be taken out of a personal situation. As stated ive never got on with Starman either but the guy has had a serious illness, i wouldnt dream of making any sort of fun out of a personal situation, but i guess if it gives people their kicks then thats what they will do....................lets hope nothing ever happens to Mr Shovlar in his personal life.............and that nobody on here decides to mock him and make up lies. Anyway back to speedway...............
  15. If someone calls me a fool or numpty i dont really care im not 5.............start digging into personal stuff like my marriage then thats an issue
  16. Depends what the ban is for.................if its for calling people fools and numptys then its a bit of a joke. If the mods have decided its for personal attacks on me and maybe others then its justified....not that it bothered me. was great comedy value really
  17. Other teams over the years havent pulled the stunts Poole have lol
  18. Yes you can......been banned twice and still able to read the forum
  19. I havent once made any reference to Starmans health........ask him yourself
  20. There are far worse people on here then Shovlar. he purely writes to get a reaction which is the definition of a troll.............i react , rightly or wrongly and then just get accused of trolling myself. Peoples personal issues should never be brought into the forum thats where the line is crossed. Ive never seen eye to eye with Starman, and still at times his posts are a bit strange, but never would i lower myself to comment on his personal and health issues
  21. I can promise you on the lives of my children that i certainly havent reported him...............im an adult i dont believe in doing that sort of thing. As i said i never reported him and the personal stuff was water of a ducks back as he was so far off the mark. If you want to be personal with people about their lives then yes you deserve a ban........personally i find it a bit freaky that he was so intrigued in my life...............no offence to anyone on here but i dont really care whats going on in someones life and its up to them if they want to share it ................not for some troll to put it on a public forum and get it all wrong
  22. What are you going on about? Said Poole deserved their result and then said they shouldn’t throw it away now? Plus if you are insinuating that I got him banned think again. Yes the man is a troll who inflames people with his posts , but I’m 42 not 12 and never seen the need to report anyone and being 100% honest Shovlar hasn’t used derogatory word against me anyway. If he has used words the mods ban you without anyone reporting you, I’ve called people numpty and been banned
  23. Lol all the Poole fans asking where I am well I take my daughter training on Mondays so just watched the recording. Poole rode well and deserved their result but it isn’t over yet though surely Poole can’t throw it away
  24. I disagree a bit. If he does well he will face Doyle 3 times so thats 6 points so you saying he will win the other 2 to give him 12? Cant see him doing that the form he is in, last time Summers and Covatti beat him so anything could happen. Can see Brady getting 8-9 tonight
  25. Gavan

    Good luck Robbo

    A credit to the sport Gives 100% everywhere he rides. 2nd in the 2001 British Final beating Dugard in a run off , who dont forget won the GP there the season before, so he could mix it with the best on his day. Had his fair share of injuries as well. A happy and safe retirement

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