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  1. No I’m not bless you. Tell you what have a read back over everything then get back to me. I simply said in the UK in 2017 Morris was better than Kurtz Not my fault if a few of your stupid fans want to keep bringing it up that I said something different. But it’s funny how they have gone oh so quiet
  2. It’s taking a very long time for certain Poole fans to come on here tonight. Where’s my buddy Arthur Fry to remind me why Kurtz is better than Morris?
  3. Pride comes before a fall for so many Poole fans that’s why people are enjoying this. when you get the usual suspects going on and on before the season starts about how good the team is , then this is such fun. I think Timo Lahti and Eddie can come in if needed
  4. He most very is in the UK which was the point I was making before
  5. Don’t agree. Kildemand, MS and Shanes are the only ones doing there job. Kurtz showing he struggles to be a number one Josh and Linus have been poor Woryna the next big Pole only getting 5 or 6 a meeting.
  6. How did that go? Only just lol Oops
  7. Brady Kurtz has been nothing short of poor. Poole must regret getting rid of Hans for Sundstrom. The poles flaky at the moment. And the best rider is leaving soon for a rider in Holder that nobody knows how he will perform When you have idiotic Poole fans before the season going on and on about how they will walk the league it gives me great pleasure nights like these. That’s not aimed at the decent Poole fans just the ones giving it large before a wheel has been turned
  8. Thought Bellego was supposed to be rubbish lol. Kind of embarrassing really for Poole even more so when the best rider in Kildemand is leaving soon! Even if Poole come back and win it shows the frailties in their side
  9. I know mate. Thing is I never said Morris was better than Kurtz but some people wouldn’t let it rest so I’m just giving it back
  10. Anybody know how Nick Morris got on against Brady Kurtz in heat one please?
  11. Its nothing to do with having a short memory. Riders eventually regress through age, some sooner than others. Holder was World Champion 6 years ago so there are now many riders better than him that havent won a world title, Zmarzlik, Dudek being just a couple but there is a long list. Holder was very lucky to get his GP place back so the fact he has been World Champion and Kildemand hasnt is irrelevant. He has had plenty of stuff to deal with, personal issues and injuries but i just don think he will ever hit the heights again. On the other hand will be a good solid heat leader for Poole and will help the other guys. Will he score more than PK? Doubtful
  12. Where in my post does it not say im a fan of Kyles? Im agreeing he shouldnt have been dropped last season and i dont see how spanner will do better than Kyle would have done
  13. Didnt say you dropped him for a Pole did i? He isnt riding for Poole this season and MS , who is, will probably do no better. Yes Kyle might have wanted to stay at Leicester , and who could blame him after the way he was let go last season after all the good stuff he had done for Poole
  14. I get what you are saying but its annoying for young Brits to be booted out for a foreigner on a similar average who isnt as good or the same. Kyle Howarth was moved on for Mickey Dyer although that was a joint change. Adam Ellis was more than capable of doing the job Jack Holder did. And i wont have it that Newman isnt as good as MS in the uk
  15. Totally agree The Poole side was built with technically 3 riders who could be a number 1 in Kurtz, Holder and Josh which on paper is possibly the strongest top 3 in the league with Linus able to step up if need be. Shanes is the best low averaged number 7 and if the top boys do their job he will need 3 or 4 a meeting, which im sure he will do. If Poole dont win the league it wont be down to Shanes, it will be due to one of the top boys not doing their job
  16. Im not saying Rome was built in a day. Im saying i would have expected the Poles to go better at the NSS then anywhere else. Cant see them doing much on the smaller tracks but i may be wrong. Poole dont really give Brits that much of a chance if you look at the bigger picture and personally i dont see much wrong with Shanes at number 7, he is only expected to get 3 or 4 points a meeting. I havent gone on about how sh.t Poole are and please find where i have degraded them? Poole quite clearly have the best 1-7 on paper but titles are not won on paper. Before a wheel was turned i said the Poles may be flaky.....Kurtz needs to step up more (which i think he will) Linus will not be as good as Hans......and there is doubts over Holder. I agreed Poole have the best team but if im not allowed to say i felt doubts over some of the riders then whats the point of the forum? I feel riders have to perform to their ability then Poole will win the league but for me there are question marks I would have expected Poole to do better last night on a track the riders should go well at. If they cant beat a patched up Belle Vue on a track they should enjoy , then i dont hold out much hope for them going to places like Wolves where you would expect Poole to struggle. Im sorry if your to precious to accept other peoples opinions and feel that it has to be anti Poole if someone doesnt say they will walk the league
  17. As i said Kildemand is scoring what Holder would do but Chris might get the others to raise their game. Holder will score 10's and 11's like Kildemand would do but if his knowledge helps others its better to have Holder than Kildemand
  18. I would have said the Poles may have done better and yes they will no doubt struggle at Leicester, Rye and Wolves. As ive said although Wolves dont look that strong they would be a match for Poole over 2 legs Holder wont bring better scoring than PK , but a bit of experience and his presence can bring the other riders up a notch maybe. Cant see how you can say Josh was 'a Poole type move'. I wouldnt ever say Poole have dirty riders (Not since Dennis Andersson) but it seems form those that were there that Josh was a bit naughty
  19. Guilty as charged at biting at what comes out of Shovlars mouth
  20. Thought that Poole would have done better as Belle Vue were seriously weakened and Tungate struggling. Whats wrong with Shanes? Young Brit giving it a go and he will have good and bad nights. The way Poole have set their team up as long as he chips in 3 or 4 a meeting he will be doing whats expected. Maybe you could bomb him out same as Howarth, Ellis and Newman , why do Poole not give Brits a chance?
  21. Correct. I wouldn’t let 2 average performances put Poole fans off just yet there’s room for improvement. Just think of the team Poole could have had of the kept good young Brits like Howarth, Newman and Ellis. Was looking forward to a match report
  22. Ah still going on about the Kurtz v Morris thing lol Are you a child or just lacking in intelligence? One more time , unless your not using the family brain cell, Morris averaged more than Kurtz in 2017. There you go hope that clears that debate up
  23. Where’s the match report??????
  24. Hello bless you. So who are you which new name we have here. Some strange weirdos support Poole don’t they. Covatti flaky lol just had a season off injured moron! So it’s ok to big up Poole as the best team before the season but when the season starts we can’t make a judgment lol Some of you are very precious I must say. Now go pick your dummy up
  25. So you talk out of your backside then as you were telling anyone who would listen how you would stuff Belle Vue and now against a weakened side your happy with a point and you wonder why everyone universally thinks your a prat. So far the Poles have been flaky with some promise. Linus is certainly not up to Hans class at the moment and they have the unpredictable Holder returning to replace a rider doing his job. worrying times