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  1. So with the season almost over what are peoples thoughts for next year. Personally if it fits my team would be Nicholls Schlein Covatti Heeps Newman Hume Mountain
  2. Heat 12 I think you will find. And yes great management from Middlo to replace a rider struggling with a reserve who was going well and you call that hard work lol Woryna at reserve will do well but it’s no good if the replacement in the main body gets 1 or 2. Nielsen and Woryna got 17 between them the other week. Tonight Starke and Woryna got 13. It’s ok Woryna scoring well but only if the other rider gets his 6 or 7.
  3. I’m 5ft 8 and about 12 stone so you assume very wrong. Just hard to deal with idiots on here
  4. Seen it all now someone telling starman not to take the bait lol
  5. If you can please point out any of my above post that sounds false then please do. Does the truth hurt?
  6. Wow never expected Poole to choke like that! How do you lose that? Thorsell bike issues Morris a top scoring reserve excluded twice Schlein not fit Masters not in form Heeps awful Yet somehow Poole chuck it away even with a ringer at reserve! Linus having his best meeting and Josh on the pace and Worrall with 2 wins. MS at reserve was awful and Brady again goes missing when he is needed the most.
  7. Why can’t Poole rely on Kurtz in heats 13 & 15? Seems to struggle with pressure at times
  8. You are thick or trolling Greaves has already beaten both Woryna and Josh and Heeps only beat Starke Have a night off for once
  9. You mean replacing Heeps who had done nothing? You are seriously clueless Brought his Polish form lol. You mean fiddle his average typical from Poole. As long as you paying Poole fans are happy being cheated I guess it’s fine
  10. Gavan

    Poole 2018

    Sundstrom as a heat leader that he was signed as should score 8-10 a meeting and he wasn’t. All of a sudden he is. So yes fiddling.....but not as good a rider as Hans
  11. Kurtz , Sundstrom, Josh and Woryna All been cheating the Poole fans all season and now treated like hero’s lol
  12. Gavan

    Poole 2018

    Yep a risk and not as good as Hans Andersen. Im still right in that but thanks for reminding me.
  13. MS out Sundstrum out Josh out Brady not a number one. As a supporter of Poole you are a bit of a joke wanting everyone replaced and now they are your hero’s lol Obvious they have been on the fiddle
  14. Shame the same riders have cheated your fans all season long ......same old Poole
  15. Funny how the riders who have been awful all season suddenly step up at the hardest away track in the league. Congrats on the averages fiddle
  16. Doesn’t matter if the replacement is no good lol
  17. Why did Poole sign an out of form , back from injury Paul Starke? Strange
  18. Gavan

    Poole 2018

    Poole riders should be ashamed the way they have cheated their fans this season. Fiddle those averages then try their hardest at the hardest away track in the league
  19. 5-1 to British reserves in heat 2 against a gp standard pole and one that was supposed to be a hell of a lot better than he has been. Maybe Poole might back the Brits one day!!
  20. Gavan

    Poole 2018

    The Poles still have time to improve but there is no doubt they don’t have their best kit here. Im not arguing with the fact that Nielsen isn’t a better rider than Shanes and yes any promoter would have done the same. I’m only arguing the reason which is due to the other riders
  21. You say 2018 champs but I think that will be Belle Vue or Swindon but Wolves will be top 4 in my opinion. But your entitled to your opinion and it’s a valid one that Wolves will be 2018 champs. Im not sure how Wolves can meet Poole in the play offs unless I’ve missed a rule change that 3rd and 4th meet 7th or 8th
  22. Nope Wolves site actually Starke in the top 5
  23. Gavan

    Poole 2018

    So just answer me one question. Could Shanes have been replaced by Stefan Nielsen if everyone had ridden to their averages? The answer is no in case you wasn’t sure. James Shanes could only have been replaced by another 2 pointer otherwise.
  24. Gavan

    Poole 2018

    And still you don’t get it like banging a head against a brick wall!! Of course people would have brought Nielsen in for Shanes it’s a no brainer......but please understand the reason why!!! If the top 6 has done their job then Poole couldn’t have bought Nielsen in for Shanes and in all likelihood Shanes would still be riding. And please have a little look at the averages before you say Morris has been as bad as Kurtz. Both at number one and one is averaging a point more than the other lol
  25. Gavan

    Poole 2018

    Klindt, Starke......... whose next Lahti or Kennett lol

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