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  1. Poole 2018

    Mark Loram, Joe Screen, Kelly Moran.......all more talented than Ivan Mauger on a bike but it takes something special to become a multi world champion. For all his talent Darcy hadnt got there when his career cut short...................but to say he would have been world champ time and again is a bit much
  2. Poole 2018

    Krysztof Kasprzak Jack Holder Brady Kurtz Kyle Newman Hans Andersen Nicolai Klindt James Shanes I seem to remember that that 1-7 was being called untouchable about this time last season!!!!! The 1-7 this season for Poole looks no better than last seasons to me. Many ifs and buts in Sundstrom and the 2 Poles and Holder......................would hate to see last season repeated..................you never know Lahti and Kennett might be free mid season to replace Holder and one of the Poles!
  3. Poole 2018

    Darcy over Mauger?? Hmmm
  4. Poole 2018

    Poole should have had Hans and Shanes........instead they could get shafted
  5. Belle Vue 2018

    No im right Thorsell rode at number 4 thus technically getting easier rides. Though yes he did ride in numerous heat 15's
  6. Belle Vue 2018

    Agreed. He isnt as good as Doyle or Morris but ahead of everyone else, even though Thorsell has a higher average it was gained form second string. His commitment will rub off on the others and with 3 other heat leaders in Fricke, Worrall and Tungate backing him plus young Bewley Belle Vue look mighty strong
  7. Belle Vue 2018

    Is that Musielek that replaced Grondal? You know the Musielek that Swindon have signed and will race for Swindon next season................along with one of the best young brits in Adam Ellis that Poole showed zero loyalty to after helping them to win the league.......Pooles loss was Swindons gain there
  8. Belle Vue 2018

    I wouldnt say the promotion got ruthless........more like riders like Karlsson and Skornicki got older and other like Tai didnt want to ride here. Wolves i would say are one of the most loyal teams out there. 5 of last seasons starting 7 were from the season before This season coming one of Lindgren or Thorsell had to go but Masters and Howarth and Greaves and Schlein are back and the returning Morris.
  9. Belle Vue 2018

    Correct at times you do need to be ruthless. But Swindon won the league by retaining Doyle on a high average and kept Morris after a poor season and showed a lot of faith in Ellis
  10. Belle Vue 2018

    But you let him go for KK Newman, Ellis prime examples of a lack of loyalty. I agree that loyalty doesnt make you successful but Poole are one of the worst when it comes to loyalty
  11. Poole 2018

    My opinion is that if he eradicates the duff rides Kurtz will average more than Morris. But right now in the uk Morris is better....fact
  12. Poole 2018

    Wasnt about who was the best rider. Morris IS the best rider in the UK ...its not even a debate By the end of next season it could be Kurtz........thats opinion.
  13. Poole 2018

    You are making no sense at all. NICK MORRIS WAS BETTER THAN BRADY KURTZ IN THE UK IN 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!! You even agree Morris was 'better at scoring points' thus surely making him better last season!!! 2018 is all about opinion but to keep saying Brady is better than Morris over here is laughable
  14. Poole 2018

    Nope i wouldnt say Leon Madsen is better than Jason Doyle But i would say Leon Madsen was better than Jason Doyle in Poland
  15. So with the season almost over what are peoples thoughts for next year. Personally if it fits my team would be Nicholls Schlein Covatti Heeps Newman Hume Mountain
  16. Belle Vue 2018

    Depends on which way you look at it. Ipswich riders since before christmas have been to many corporate functions and also time at local schools as well as the ties with the football club. The promotion are getting the riders out there and getting maximum exposure from the town. There isnt a right or wrong way in my opinion its whatever works for the club and the community
  17. Poole 2018

    are you trolling or just simply not that intelligent?
  18. Poole 2018

    ???? so Kurtz in the UK is better than Morris yet Morris averaged almost a point more!!! please come on get real.....you may think Kurtz is better rider which is a valid opinion.........................but last year in the uk Morris was better. Your making zero sense
  19. Belle Vue 2018

    ah bless Just highlighting the point that Tungate is on a good average. Kurtz looks like he should be on a good average so if Tungate is 2 points lower looks even better. And your lord and master Shovlar says that we can use Poland as a guide to Brady being better than Morris but then says we cant use Australia as a guide to Tungate and Kurtz. Love to pick and choose to try and suit an argument very touchy down Dorset way
  20. Poole 2018

    why on earth are you going off on some weird tangent to try and argue against a fact! WHOSE AVERAGE IS BETTER IN THE UK??????? Nobody is saying Kurtz might not average 9 this season and do better than Morris Nobody is disputing Kurtz does better abroad. But until he averages the same as Morris or better in the UK then over here he simply is inferior...........end of discussion. And yes Zagar is better than Morris........but in 2016 the format was different..plus if he averaged lower then Nick then no he isnt as good over here. Surely its not to hard to understand
  21. Belle Vue 2018

    please tell me where i have sniped at anyone?? oh sorry your a Poole fan so yes you quite precious i guess. Tungate is on a good average as a second string if he is capable of beating a rider who is 2 points better off riding as a number one..............no sniping just an observation
  22. Poole 2018

    wow and yet your still not understanding anything. never said there is a massive gap as you put it but there is a gap. If Kurtz eradicates his duff rides he will close that gap and maybe average more than Morris. on the world stage Brady is ahead of Morris but in the uk he isnt simple as that
  23. Belle Vue 2018

    Great signing getting the Aussie champ and on a great low average , nearly 2 points lower than the rider he pipped to the title, plus he flies round the NSS. Belle Vue team shaping up very nicely
  24. Poole 2018

    I find this incredible that some Poole fans can be that daft not to see facts! 2017 Brady Kurtz was not as good as Nick Morris in the top flight. There is no discussion on this its fact 2018 Brady Kurtz has the potential to be as good if not better than Morris is over here. You cant compare what they do abroad unless your Steve Shovlar who is saying Brady is better in Poland but yet thinks it doesnt matter that Tungate beat Kurtz in the Aussie champs! If your team building you may well have Kurtz as his average is nearly a point lower and his will go up you would think and Morris may stay the same. I agree Brady may go on to better things than Morris but at the moment IN THE UK Morris is simply better than Kurtz.......you cant argue that.