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  1. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2018

    Yes, his premiership average is 2.00
  2. Mr Blobby

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Godfrey to blame.
  3. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2018

    Should score pretty well at home and is capable of chipping in away. No pressure on him either coming in at 7.
  4. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2018

    Fully expect max Clegg to fill the final slot in the side.
  5. Mr Blobby

    Glasgow 2018

    No he doesn’t
  6. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2018

    Cause he never really had any backing sponsorship wise or anything as his move was such last minute. If he’s serious about doing well over here he needs to go home and get sponsorship so that can get better equipment
  7. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2018

    Just keep waiting on that phone call
  8. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2018

    Still bitter over Robert not get retained I see. Oh well.
  9. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2018

    Strength in depth approach next season maybe ruml and Riss at reserve and Becker in the main body that’s if we can get him as I’m sure there will be certain clubs sniffing around him.
  10. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2018

    That’s ruml also announced that he’s been dropped from the side, shame for the kid as he never really had a chance to prepare for the season. Would definitely have him back next season at reserve if he can go back to America over the winter and prepare and invest in his equipment for a while season over here.
  11. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2018

    From what I’ve heard the club out of interest asked the BSPA what his average would be, they were told it would be a 4. Can’t exactly remember the conclusion they came to for it to be that but it wasn’t exactly convincing.
  12. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2018

    Would come in on a 4.00 average
  13. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2018

    Mark Riss has announced he’s been dropped so there’s one fully expect ruml to be the other
  14. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2018

    Maybe a move back to where he’s comfortable might help
  15. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2018

    As frustrating as he was at times he’s very capable of scoring 5/6 points a meeting at home plus had the occasional good meeting away even though the majority of the time away from home he was awful.

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