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  1. Dear tiggers, 3 points tomorrow please, with much love from your favourite Mr B
  2. Good point, must have that dodgy fuel out again.
  3. Cookie loaned out a few of his 600cc to his team mates? Get them checked.
  4. Only ourselves to blame chucked away a point at Sheffield and Workington in heat 15 on both occasions and were horrendous on Tuesday night. Right I’m away to dig out my ABG banner
  5. Don’t know if I mentioned it already but mon the witches!
  6. Agreed, thought some of the racing last night was different class. Pickering was spectacular but would prefer he just gated as entertaining as it is. Wells apart from his second ride that he won by a distance was pretty poor. Erik just seemed down on speed but gave it a go at least. Less said about Worrall performance the better.
  7. Not me beaten by the better side last night. No problems here
  8. Oh dear, still not finished those grapes.
  9. The booing at Cook was just a laugh nothing in it. As cyclone said everyone was having a wee laugh and giggle before and after it.
  10. Doesn’t mean that they are going to get the set up right. They’ll obviously have a base set up in mind from previous visits this season but obviously they would of been of no use tonight. No excuses however as we were a shambles tonight and got everything we deserved beaten by the better and hungrier side tonight.
  11. Embarrassing, woeful, spineless. With the exception of Nicol and Pickering. Track seemed a lot slicker than normal compared to any other time we’ve been there this season don’t know if that caught some of the boys out or what but we deserved nothing from tonight. Thought some of the racing tonight was very good. Some cracking stuff. Oh well mon the witches and the hammers.

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