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  1. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2020

    https://www.edinburghmonarchs.co.uk/news-centre/article/2020-03-11/monarchs-engage-with-edinburgh-city-plan-2030 If anyone fancies helping the club finding a permanent home that will see the monarchs have a long term future can they click the link above and show your support to have another purpose built stadium in the UK. can only be a good thing for the sport in the UK if we can get enough support.
  2. Mr Blobby

    Armadale Devils 2020

    George Rothery completes the devils side. Probably the best of the 4 riders who are new to the league this year imo.
  3. Mr Blobby

    Somerset 2020

    Hope he’s deemed ‘good enough’ this time around. improvement on bwd.
  4. Mr Blobby

    Armadale Devils 2020

    I mean getting hammered every week isn’t exactly going to help confidence no matter what league.
  5. Mr Blobby

    Armadale Devils 2020

    Last signing has been a solid scorer or the devils could be in a bit of bother.
  6. Mr Blobby

    Armadale Devils 2020

    Solid signing at number 3
  7. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2020

    Edinburgh ‘what the fork’ monarchs, some name. All joking aside great to have a team sponsor for the next 2 seasons.
  8. Mr Blobby

    Armadale Devils 2020

    Another young Scottish lad made good strides last year with his first year on the 500cc.
  9. Mr Blobby

    bandits 2020

    Leon has signed for Armadale so still be getting the small track experience.
  10. Mr Blobby

    Armadale Devils 2020

    So flint confirmed, solid top 2 for the devils.
  11. Mr Blobby

    Armadale Devils 2020

    A top number one that was very much needed to help with the inexperienced bottom end. never know could get himself a promotion to the championship side if one of the new boys aren’t up to scratch.
  12. Mr Blobby

    Unattached British Talent ?

    I wouldn’t disagree about Edwards and kemp. It seems the young guns currently coming through are going in the right direction compared to the ones of the last 4/5 years. however with the more professional approach from the team GB camp and all these training sessions and international test matches this current crop of youngsters can continue to grow.
  13. Mr Blobby

    Unattached British Talent ?

    It’s easier for promoters to bring in a foreigner hoping they’ve found a gem instead of a Brit who has been around the same average for a couple of years.
  14. Mr Blobby

    Unattached British Talent ?

    Well no, greaves for example has been around a few seasons now and can’t even average over 5.
  15. Mr Blobby

    Unattached British Talent ?

    Teams would rather take the risk of bringing in a fresh face from abroad that they hope will go from being a 4 point rider to a heat leader within 2/3 seasons than sign up a Brit who you know what you’re getting with and probably aren’t going to hit those heights.

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