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  1. Robert smiths, tradition every trip to Berwick to stop in there
  2. Was very unfortunate rain fell right on start time however still got my usual chippy so every cloud and all that.
  3. Comfortable home win, we’ll fail to compete.
  4. No, since Alex has left the rules seem to change or get worded different depending on what club it is.
  5. Personally feel like if it was any other club it wouldn’t be a problem. Ever since Alex stepped down we’ve had nothing but issues with the BSPA. Also I see there is a young Aussie over riding in an individual at Somerset but I take it that’s slightly different as he’s not attached to a club?
  6. But he’s also rode at Leicester and Redcar neither with wolves. Certain people at the BSPA have an issue with the club, same person who wouldn’t allow us to sign becker last year.
  7. New format this year 12 riders 2 semi finals and final compared to the 16 rider field. Sam masters no longer riding thanks to the powers at be once again showing their true colours by not allowing him to ride in meeting. Until it becomes an independent body the sport will continue to be a joke.
  8. Mr Blobby

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 03/06/19

    Hard racing just misjudged, most boys also crap there pants and shut off also when someone is coming across to slam the door Chris however did not. hard racing get on with it.
  9. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2019

    Hopefully we have a master plan that brings Sedgmen back but keeps victor.
  10. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2019

    Not to shabby a replacement, will score more than Sedgmen has been. Shame josh is out for a bit though.
  11. Mr Blobby

    Newcastle 2019

    No it’s okay I think we’ll pass.
  12. Mr Blobby

    Newcastle 2019

    Rather have lambert tbh
  13. Mr Blobby

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    All out this year.
  14. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh v Glasgow Friday 24th May

    I agree the side was built on Sedgmen riding to his 14/15 season form of averaging around 7 instead he’s averaging around 4. Lawson in at reserve should hitting around the 5 point mark instead is averaging around 2.5/3. Side was built on a bit of a gamble and it’s not paid off.
  15. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh v Glasgow Friday 24th May

    It wouldn’t of effected the result, we’re pants just wondering what the ruling was about it and complaining about what was an awful piece of refereeing. A Glasgow win was never in doubt we didn’t look like getting a heat advantage all night.

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