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  1. Proctor a doubt for tomorrow saying he’s 50/50 to ride after his shoulder popped out. Be a real shame if the final was ruined due to an injury.
  2. Worrall scored 17 at Ashfield earlier in the season.
  3. Reverse psychology gaz.
  4. Got sources in the possil young team who I had out doing a bit of spying for me in return for a bottle of MD.
  5. I heard the water truck was out doing laps.
  6. Mon the lions, Dickson has this covered.
  7. All for us having international test matches but why we don’t go to Europe to have them I have no idea as that’s where we’re crap. Would benefit more from riding away than at home.
  8. Mr Blobby

    Edinburgh 2020

    But also crowds increase having riders like masters. As our gates went up when he rejoined the side compared to earlier in the season.
  9. Mr Blobby

    2020 Wildcards

    Smolinski and berge shouldn’t of even been considered never mind picked. Michelsen should be first in line imo.
  10. Times at Armadale are around the 56 second mark last night they were around 60/61 mark.
  11. You do realise the track was soaking and times were 5/6 seconds slower than normal.
  12. An article in a paper with a horrific headline shock horror. You just better hope you win the league in the next couple of years before they move on.
  13. Mr Blobby

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    It’s not a surprise as at the time of the appeal being accepted you knew there was only one outcome. The sport is corrupt and that’s one of the reasons it’s dying a death.
  14. Mr Blobby

    Newcastle 2019

    How is it? Poland has always took priority.
  15. Mr Blobby

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    For the benefit of Kings lynn and Glasgow not the actual sport.

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