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  1. moomin man 76

    2021 GP Series Dates

    Fairly similar to his reported comments in the Speedway Star this week. I'm honestly not sure how or why Castagna thinks speedway is somehow exempt from the Wada ban; however, unlike the Ice Speedway World Final, it is hardly as if alternative venues do not exist, or alternatively the option of running one less GP.
  2. moomin man 76

    IOW 2020

    Ultimately the BSPL have shafted Isle of Wight speedway for all that it is worth, in the manner in which the NDL for 2021 was constituted. I suspect they also hoped to shaft Mildenhall out of the league too, to turn the competition into a reserve team league. The BSPL need to wake up and realise that speedway in this country is on borrowed time. They can't afford to lose teams and tracks, as once gone, it is far harder to bring them back. Regardless of the current mantra of 'promoting youth,' speedway in Britain is rapidly heading towards the state it is in other European countries e.g. Norway and Finland with a handful of spectators watching largely amateur riders take part in what for most of them is an expensive hobby, unless those who claim to 'promote' the sport go out and actively promote it, rather than finding methods to shaft one another for minor gain.
  3. moomin man 76

    Top Championship rider in 2021

    Four good choices, but I personally can't see Nicholls averaging much more than 8pts.
  4. moomin man 76

    SEC 2021

    Not wonderful, with a 'frozen conflict' in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions in the east. Rivne, rather fortunately is in the West of Ukraine and is relatively close to the Polish border.
  5. moomin man 76

    ICE 2021

    Max Koivula was impressive for someone with little experience on the ice. Aki-Ala Rihimaki's move in the final seemed too soon and too desperate going for a gap on the second bend of the first lap. Unfortunately, the stream then broke up, so we missed the re-run final between Isoaho and Suolammi.
  6. moomin man 76

    ICE 2021

    Stream working well for me.
  7. moomin man 76

    2021 GP Series Dates

    I don't think that is a valid comparison. There are potentially a plethora of venues that could stage a GP, or alternatively it would be possible to run the GP series with one less round, so WADA's ban should still apply. The Ice Speedway World Final this year was unique, as there clearly wasn't a venue outside of Russia that could have staged the event with all those nominated to compete in attendance, plus with spectators permitted.
  8. moomin man 76

    Whats actually going on?

    It makes for interesting reading. Given the reported lack of communication from the BSPL, it appears that the stand alone NL clubs were sold down the river with a take it or leave it for the NL this year. I suspect this is all part of a plan to 'consolidate' the sport and turn the NL into a reserve team competition, with the stand alone tracks driven out of business. How Mildenhall will survive with six league meetings, plus a few 'open' filler meetings is beyond me.
  9. moomin man 76

    World U21 Championship 2021

    The current allocations for the Under 21 Qualifiers are as follows; Manchester - Czech Republic 1; GB 2; USA 1; Germany 2; Denmark 2; France 1; Latvia 1; Australia 2; Poland 2; Finland 1; Sweden 1. Riga - Czech Republic 2; Estonia 1; Romania 1; Ukraine 1; Latvia 2; Australia 1; Hungary 1; Russia 2; Norway 1; Poland 1; Slovakia 1; Sweden 2. Ludwigslust - Czech Republic 1; GB 2; Austria 1; Slovenia 1; Argentina 1; Germany 2; Denmark 2; France 1; Italy 1; Latvia 1; Russia 1; Poland 1; Sweden 1.
  10. moomin man 76


    Really happy with the digital subscription I have taken out. I ended up taking out the subscription, as it now appears that none of the supermarkets in Carlisle wish to stock the magazine.
  11. moomin man 76

    Notoriously Dirty Riders

    Perhaps but a comparison of the careers of both riders, suggests that Simon Cross achieved to a higher level than Sean Wilson.
  12. moomin man 76

    ICE 2021

    If you did some reading into Aki-Ala Rihimaki's back story, you would find it even more remarkable that he has been able to make a comeback to the level that he has achieved.
  13. moomin man 76

    Olle Nygren

    The phrase 'legend' is banded about all to freely, but in Olle Nygren's case, it is fully deserved for his exploits both on and off the speedway track. RIP Olle.
  14. moomin man 76

    ICE 2021

    Another one bites the dust...seems pretty ridiculous to be holding this meeting in the middle of the pandemic, along with the usual nonsense from the Russian authorities with obtaining visas, and the reported eight-thirty two hour border crossings mentioned on this forum. That said, I take my hats off to all the western riders prepared to put up with the above, drive crazy distances from the Russian border to Togliatti, to finish (in all probability) way down the field.
  15. moomin man 76

    ICE 2021

    I will be staggered if all the western competitors make it. On a separate note, it feels like a very odd World Final without any Swedish riders.

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