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  1. moomin man 76

    Temporary Plan for 2021?

    May well be needing to ask if he is available on day release...
  2. moomin man 76

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Absolutely no chance of speedway returning to Blunsden. Never trust anything coming from the mouth of Clarke Osborne. Stadia UK make their money from closing venues and selling them on for redevelopment. Stadia UK have never opened a new venue, in all their years of operation.
  3. moomin man 76

    ICE 2021

    Sadly so true. In all honesty, the Russian final is far stronger than the World Championship rounds. I could count on one hand, the number of non-Russians who would be of sufficient standard to compete in the Russian final.
  4. moomin man 76

    ICE 2021

    Pretty surprised at the allocation; especially the allocation of only two places to Swedish riders. Unless Aki-Ala Rihimaki fances doing the GP rounds, I'm not sure who in Finland wishes to compete/is capable of competing at GP level.
  5. moomin man 76

    2021 GP Series Dates

    But at least Castagna gets a GP in his beloved Italy...
  6. moomin man 76

    2021 GP Series Dates

    Oh dear...hopefully no one will be expecting any entertainment from the meeting. Never seen an interesting meeting yet from Terenzano.
  7. moomin man 76

    Austrian Championship 1985

    Leitner also rode as the wildcard at the only Austrian Speedway GP at Weiner Neustadt in 1995.
  8. moomin man 76

    ICE 2021

    Zorn did indeed look well off the pace...in his final heat, he was taken from behind by Rihimaki, before the latter lost control on the badly rutting 3rd-4th bend. To be honest, Rihimaki probably lost around 4pts from race rustiness...
  9. moomin man 76

    ICE 2021

    Some good racing this afternoon in the European Championship, interspersed with long delays for track maintenance. However, with the cancelled GP Qualifier, it will be interesting to see how they determine the non-Russian GP riders. From what I have seen this afternoon, the only riders who can confidently expect a GP place (assuming they wish to compete) are Svensson, Ledstrom and Weber. The others will be there to simply make up the numbers. Haarahiltunen no doubt will get a place if fit to compete...
  10. moomin man 76

    ICE 2021

    Martin Haarahiltunen out of the European Championship final with an elbow injury.
  11. moomin man 76

    2021 GP Series Dates

    I hope not - a flat, long, narrow and very boring racetrack.
  12. moomin man 76

    ICE 2021

    Aki Ala-Riihimäki was a top ice racer prior to the millennium. I do not know his back story nearly as well as f-s-p, but he rode in the Nordic Championship pre-Covid and ended up the highest placed Finnish rider, so he has earned his place on merit. Atte Suolammi is very young, but showed promise last winter. At the moment, Finnish ice racing seems stuck between these two polar points, with the likes of Aakko having retired, Jarf seemingly not interested in riding abroad and others not able to make an international breakthrough.
  13. moomin man 76

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Ok. I know some of it was in the UK in 2019, as bits and pieces were used by Jesse Mustonen at SoN at Belle Vue.
  14. moomin man 76

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Nike Lunna has retired - he has steadily been selling off his Finnish equipment; I would assume the same has happened to his gear in the UK too.
  15. moomin man 76


    The Bulls may well wish to go back to Odsal, but whether they do or not, will not determine if speedway is staged. The article is somewhat disingenuous, as any speedway staged will generate revenue for the RFL, rather than the Bulls, given that the former holds the lease on Odsal.

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