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  1. EC Rides Again

    Warsaw 2016

    Throwing the bikes at each other!
  2. EC Rides Again

    Warsaw 2016

    I've seen MDL riders faster from the tapes. Harris really does seem at odds with his machinery, I thought the same thing last night at Scunthorpe.
  3. EC Rides Again

    British Semi Finals 2016

    Plenty from Sheffield there ! Tigers riders were very impressive tonight. Next Sunday will be tough for the Scorpions (whoever is in the side then).
  4. EC Rides Again

    British Semi Finals 2016

    A brilliant meeting on a cold night. Congratulations to all the riders in the line-up for mixing it in virtually every heat. Also hats-off to the ref and officials for running 21 races in 1hr 45 mins. The video of the meeting is a must.
  5. Conspiracy theorists please step forward.
  6. EC Rides Again

    Coventry V Wolves Monday 9th May

    Entertaining meeting for Nige and Kelv to get worked up about. I think the right result in the end.
  7. EC Rides Again

    Coventry V Wolves Monday 9th May

    No-win situation for the ref on that one.
  8. EC Rides Again

    Swedish Elitserien 2016 Premiere Round

    Must agree. Just the ticket. A nice 1 hour programme with all 15 heats. Just a shame about Sam's mangling of the English language. Well done Eurosport.
  9. Rob seemed to suggest that a change would be made before the visit to Glasgow on May 8th.
  10. EC Rides Again

    Speedway Champions League ?

    Scunthorpe was nominated to host the World U-21 team qualifier a few years ago and then the track was deemed not to meet FIM criteria because of a similar issue. At least the meeting was switched to Lakeside months in advance, not a few days beforehand !
  11. EC Rides Again

    Tv Coverage Of Swedish League 2016

    As long as it is edited to show all the heats then I'm quite happy with an hour on Wednesdays.
  12. EC Rides Again

    Sheffield Vs Scunthorpe Lc 7/4/16

    Respectable showing from the Scorpions.
  13. I've always thought that Wilko was a loose cannon. He's tough and will give his all, but he's always spoiling for a fight. As has been said he needs to concentrate on himself and not be distracted by "petty retributions".

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