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  1. I cannot agree. What is past is prologue. Those who accept it now, will be to blame when it happens again in the future.
  2. Never mind who's riding, who is the referee? At least this week there won't be any TV cameras. Ignorance can be bliss sometimes.
  3. pointsmeanplayoffs

    Kings Lynn v Poole Playoff Final 2nd leg 10/10/18

    I think the way he looked up, saw that the state of the race, and then stayed down was the reason the ref put Klindt off 15M. I didn't know the rule existed to be honest, think it worked well in that situation.
  4. pointsmeanplayoffs

    Kings Lynn v Poole Playoff Final 2nd leg 10/10/18

    Gutted. I don't mind losing, but losing like that, well it's hard to take. Everything went against us, from injuries to key riders, to corrupt officiating, to illegal guests, it just wasn't meant to be. Such a shame.
  5. pointsmeanplayoffs

    Kings Lynn v Poole Playoff Final 2nd leg 10/10/18

    I am 100% with you... except this is a final and the only thing that matters in winning. We've had the best/one of the best tracks in the land for years and years and we've never won the big one. It's cost us actually, as many opposition riders love racing here and score well. As a BV fan I'm sure you can appreciate this now. The NSS will not help BV be successful on the track as it's so good and all opponents love it! Teams like Poole have their trick tracks which is worth many points thru the season. They'll kick off about that but I really don't care.
  6. pointsmeanplayoffs

    Kings Lynn v Poole Playoff Final 2nd leg 10/10/18

    15 FTG's and a 55-35 win for the Stars and everyone will be happy : )
  7. pointsmeanplayoffs

    Kings Lynn v Poole Playoff Final 2nd leg 10/10/18

    The gates to the AFA are already open, there is lorry after lorry going in there at the moment. Must be delivering new material for the track. Promoter Robin Brundle tweeted this morning that work on the track re-commenced at 5am this morning.The photo he shared looked like they were watering the track heavily. God knows what's going to happen tonight, could be any score. Just hope the Stars riders use the 'behind closed doors' practice session later this afternoon to get dialled in so that they can hit Pirates with some 5-1's early doors. That would make it interesting!
  8. I'm not, you have not understood my post. It should not fall upon Adam Ellis to uphold the credibility of the sport. it should be up to the teams/promoters. Poor guy just wants to put food on his table. Hope he scores a maximum tonight : )
  9. Why should he?!? He's trying to earn a living. Not his fault at all. Both teams should agree to run R/R. It's the only sensible outcome.
  10. pointsmeanplayoffs

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Any word on what ticket prices for Wednesday are? After increasing the cost of a cup of coffee by 20% the other week...
  11. pointsmeanplayoffs

    Official Playoff Final Thread: Stars v Pirates

    First bend? Isn't that where the 'hooligans' and 'thugs' (c) Alun Rossiter 2018 congregate?!? Might have to 'keep your nut down' if go stand with those lunatics?
  12. Pretty sure Stars will line up with Robert Lambert at 1 and Niels-Kristian Iversen at 5, both will be in heats 13 and 15 which is when the final will be decided. Couldn't wish for a better top two. Where are the Kings Lynn 'hooligans and thugs' (c) Alun Rossiter standing on Monday night at Poole?
  13. You're such a 'poundland mourinho' with your attempts at mindgames LOL
  14. pointsmeanplayoffs

    What's the best race you ve seen live

    Goosebumps thinking about that! Scenes at Lynn not seen since until last week versus Swindon. Place was jumping. Only right to mention how dignified and gracious in defeat both Middlo and Holder were in the pits immediately afterwards. They were class acts that night. Davey was gutted understandably!

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