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  1. Won’t matter anyway, he’s got nowt to lose as he’s been sacked anyway, and if Sheffield have not got a replacement lined up, then Lasse could drop them right in the preverbial !
  2. Heedthebaw


    And even with they’re wealth, they were given 5k from a supporters group earlier this season to help towards medical cover
  3. BBC has been forecasting rain and thunder all day today and we’ve never had a drop,
  4. I wouldn’t think that is the riding order, more numerical order by averages perhaps ?
  5. Heedthebaw

    Workington 2018 .

    They don’t HAVE to change
  6. Heedthebaw

    Workington 2018 .

    There’s a draft fixture list issued to all promotors after the said promotors have informed the fixture compiler of dates they wish to avoid, for reasons such as Stadium unavailability or riders with foreign commitments etc etc, Another draft or two then is issued until every one is happy. Only then is the Official fixture list issued, so any clubs Promotors can only blame themselves if the fixtures are not to their liking
  7. Heedthebaw

    Glasgow 2018

    Don’t worry about balderdash&pifle, he’s the resident Berwick pain in the #*&%, slags off anyone and everything concerning the promotion and organisation of all things Speedway ( Especially Berwick). Does a lot of brown nosing with riders and can’t see past them, While it was not perfect, your live stream was very much appreciated, Thank you
  8. Heedthebaw


    65 and in your case, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult
  9. Heedthebaw


    I believe so, Matty Wethers
  10. Think your riding order is way out !
  11. Who took over the Track curators duties after Stewart Dickson left ?
  12. May not be everyone’s favourite, but light years ahead of Roy ( shouting stupid nicknames ) Clarke, I hosestly can’t understand much he says or should I say shouts,
  13. Don’t you just love it when people pass comment on something they obviously know nothing about !! I personally have spoken to four Berwick riders today and they all said the track was very similar to the week before and was good, slightly slicker due to the ground heat and wind and razor unable to water in the afternoon due to Berwick Rangers playing at home, the problem was theirs and not the track !
  14. Covers wouldn’t work at Newcastle as the drains are basically useless.
  15. Your quite right, it was not last year, Old age and memory loss seem to come together haha

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