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  1. Heedthebaw

    2019 Championship Confirmed Signings

    Wow, didn’t see that one coming
  2. Heedthebaw

    berwick bandits 2019

    It obviously means last years figures didn’t add up. What was the alternative ? Shut the doors ? If you had been there and listened to Jamie’s explanation, you would understand. As he said, he is Berwick born and bred and loves the club and the sport. He is only there to keep the sport alive for the supporters of Berwick Speedway, The Bank of Jamie or his other businesses can not keep propping up the club financially, all he wants is the club to pay its own way and be sustainable for years to come. Look at the season ticket offer ! Incredible value, which is designed to help the loyal Bandits fans
  3. Heedthebaw

    berwick bandits 2019

    But you don’t KNOW how to spell
  4. Heedthebaw

    Leicester 2019

    I maybe wrong, but I’m sure you only get a reduction for a full seasons absence if was due to a “ Speedway injury “ and not any other, for example, sledging
  5. Heedthebaw

    Eastbourne 2019

    Don’t think you will see Steen Jensen in UK again, left Berwick under a big black cloud !
  6. Heedthebaw

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    If you want to be the best you have to be able to handle pressure, he’d be under probably more pressure at Brum because of what he achieved there last year. i think Luke is capable of stepping up too, Wouldn’t it be great to see two local youngsters develop into top riders in the next few years.
  7. Heedthebaw

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    I’d rather see him in Berwick’s plans
  8. Heedthebaw

    berwick bandits 2019

    Berwick season pass last season did cover all team matches
  9. Heedthebaw

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Old Bob, Is a two minute clock not being used next year at all tracks ? That will help surely ? Tractors on track is, or should be, to keep the track in a raceable condition and stop it deteriorating to quickly, is it not ?
  10. Heedthebaw

    Sheffield 2019

    And he went on to say he hadn’t ridden a bike since the injury
  11. Heedthebaw

    Edinburgh 2019

    But he still hates Shielfield, so back to 3.02
  12. Heedthebaw

    berwick bandits 2019

    Garcia is 4.47 on Speedway GB Site
  13. Heedthebaw

    berwick bandits 2019

    Who would you suggest? That team, depending on the last rider would be hard to beat around Shielfield and pick up a few points away. i think survival is more important than ambition at this time ! And I for one am just extremely happy to have Speedway in Berwick
  14. Heedthebaw

    Championship race nights?

    Berwick will be 7.00pm Saturday as it has been for 50+ years
  15. Heedthebaw

    berwick bandits 2019

    I’m sure

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