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  1. Heedthebaw

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Aye, he’s doing a lot to help Speedway at Newcastle to continue, NOT. WHAT A A-wipe
  2. Heedthebaw

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    I see the containers that formed the pits are for sale on a few Facebook sale pages
  3. Heedthebaw


    Ar e you Rob Grant ?
  4. Heedthebaw

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    other clubs do major track work in the closed season and keep on top of it as the season progresses
  5. Heedthebaw

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    Not quite true, for something’s yes, for sporting events, a different story
  6. Heedthebaw

    Medical cover?

    And have had for many years now
  7. Heedthebaw

    Birmingham v Berwick

    Laurence Rogers has worked at many many clubs, Most of which are now gone. Tells you something.
  8. Yeah, I cringed every time I heard it, I hope it’s the first and last time they use that
  9. Heedthebaw

    Josh Auty

    I’d prefer to give, as I regularly do, my money to the SRBF
  10. Heedthebaw

    Plymouth v Poole KO Cup 1st leg 5/4/22

    Not be the first time it’s happened
  11. Heedthebaw

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Where are the riders going to come from ? Belle Vue can’t get a full 7 this year
  12. Heedthebaw

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Withholding his services would come with a 28 day ban
  13. Heedthebaw

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    I would be shocked if Dani Gapp changed his mind and rode in UK this year
  14. Heedthebaw

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    For, “Laurence still in talks”. Read, Laurence still begging and grovelling !
  15. Heedthebaw

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Who were. the options ?

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