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  1. Pinny

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Has NKI announced he wont be riding in the UK? If not then id be surprised if he isnt in this Lynn team.
  2. Pinny

    Swindon Stadium

    Being in construction I can tell you right now that the track alone will take longer than a week , there is no chance of a semi new stadium being completed before march let alone a week.
  3. Pinny

    Poole 2019

    I just dont like you, calling you the most disliked person on here isnt obsessed or acting the hardman at all. your constant negative drivel about Poole is pathetic and boring. You are the one whos obsessed, your obsessed with Poole. now your own club are in the same division as Poole you would of thought a normal guy would spend his time on the Ipswich thread, not the Poole one more?
  4. Pinny

    Poole 2019

    Yes very obsessed !!!!
  5. Pinny

    Poole 2019

    There can be no doubt that Gavans the most disliked person on this forum surely?
  6. Pinny

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Worrall when 100 percent fit is a much better rider than Auty.
  7. Pinny

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    No hope for a guy like that I am afraid.
  8. Workington class this year, hope they win the lot
  9. Pinny

    Poole 2019

    You have done nothing but swipe at the club since he left. I just can’t work out how people think that a club that makes a profit, with a very healthy fanbase , is not worth a lot of money. Other people seem to think lesser clubs are worth money as many have changed hands over the past few years, so why wouldnt the, like it or not, biggest club in UK speedway over the past 20 years be any different?
  10. Pinny

    Poole 2019

    Aw diddums , someone still upset their boy got the arse from Poole?
  11. Pinny

    Poole 2019

    Not surprising really ... you considering a bid?
  12. I doubt any buyer would careless about the rest of the clubs in the UK, Poole Speedway with the crowds they get will be a profitable buisness. its like saying pubs are dying so I wont buy a pub thats busy all the time and has madr money annually for the last 20 years, because other pubs are dying and closing. speedway promoters do not lose as much money as they say, every year the likes of Dave Tatum at Stoke say hes lost a fortune yet still the next season Stoke are running under his promotion. It just doesnt wash with me. And the same with a number of clubs. Poole Speedway regulary attracts over a thousand paying customers a week , unless Ford asks for silly amounts of money then it would be an attractive buisness venture for someone.
  13. Because he has been there years and as he says, wants a new challenge. Many buisnesses that make a profit have been sold on. Are you seriously telling me that you think Poole Speedway runs at a loss? There will be a queue of people looking at taking it off Fords hands if it becomes available , same cant be said for many of the other clubs.
  14. Just going on what their fans say. It clearly is a profitable buisness therefore I would imagine quite a few people, whether thats current or former promoters or newbies, would be interested.

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