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  1. Still completely baffled why anyone thinks Tai shouldnt of tried slowing down Emil to try and get Lambert through. Its a pairs contest ffs. its more annoying reading people trying to argue against that than the actual Final itself!!!! if Tai had been passed by Emil as a result, who cares... At least he would of tried to get Lambert through. Better to try and fail than to fail without trying. As it stands, imo, the future for team GB looks really good. Woffy should be around for another 5/6 years at his best, Lambert really has come on this season, Bewley SHOULD be at Lamberts level in a couple of years.... thats without all the youngsters coming through. People rave about Polish prospects and their right to at times, theyve dominated the 4/5 rider team world cups for a while now but on the indivdual stage, barring Gollob in about 2011/12 , they havent produced a world champ in my 20 years of following speedway.
  2. Hardly. He does your club no favours, was a pillock before his illness and still is. Only have to glance through the threads he comments on to see various clubs fans reactions to his posts . Hes probably the most hated person on here. Dont mind all the Poole fans but cannot take Starman seriously. For a full grown adult, his behavior is abnormal to say the least.
  3. Pinny

    Rye House 2018

    Jonny the spud obviously hasnt been to many of his boys home meetings at Lakeside then. Now that is an absolute dump.
  4. Pinny

    Poole 2018

    Nobody would be able to say a word to Starman without his babysitter telling them off.
  5. Pinny

    Somerset 2018

    Is he the next big talent from Denmark?
  6. Pinny

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Come off it, a big fuss being made over a harmless enough post. Id say the changes make Leicester a lot stronger even if King and Newman were fit.
  7. Pinny

    Rye House 2018

    More like you think an issue like that should be swept under the carpet. Clown. Its disturbing and serious. People have every right to know about it , if it means they take extra care protecting their children against such creatures. Or was he a friend, thats why your getting so uptight?
  8. Pinny

    Rye House 2018

    Belle Vue will be ruined by spending so much on a stadium that wont ever pay itself off. People praise the people who built it but whos money did they use?? the sport is sadly on its anus in UK, cant see any way out of it unfortunately.
  9. Pinny

    Rye House 2018

    another one bites the dust. And nothing will be done about it, similar to when Birmingham closed. The bspa will say they will help the club in all ways possible, but wont . Every season the fans are ensured the season after will be the start of something new, and it never happens just seems to get worse and worse. doesnt help how speedway in the UK is still dated in the 70s/80s , yet in Poland and sweden etc the presentation is miles ahead.... get with the effing times for god sake.
  10. Pinny

    Chris Neath

    Cracking rider on his day and a shame he had to retire so soon. Felt after kicking on a bit at Rye he needed to move to a bigger track to further improve. Also part of a great era being a Wasp fan .
  11. He had two full houses there in 03 i remember, is this his first since?
  12. Shame the same cant be said of you
  13. It probably is him again! Funny how since Gavans been exposed Trackrat has been posting more and more!!
  14. Pinny

    Leon Madsen

    Hes been one of the top riders in Poland for a couple of seasons. Iversens selection as first reserve was right... wasnt long ago he was world number 3 and the top dog in the leagues, sadly a couple of nasty injuries have seen his form suffer and he isnt the rider he was any more. Whether he ever regains full form remains to be seen. jepsen jensen certainly seems to be flying at the moment also.

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