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  1. Pinny

    One Club Servants

    Scott Nicholls
  2. Pinny

    US riders of the 30's

    Ah adonis!!!! Who has gone extremely quiet since being called out on the behavior of members of his family , as well as his own! All on google for everyone to see if you type in his full name.
  3. Pinny

    US riders of the 30's

    You all seem to fall for this Gustixs rubbish. Hes a sad old man whos hopefully nearing the end of his days .
  4. Pinny


    Still have no idea why Korneliussen wasnt used in heat 15 instead of Lund?!
  5. Pinny

    Newcastle 2020

    He was very popular at Newport too, remember him riding as a heatleader when he really should of been second string and he quite often used to pull big races out the bag. get well soon mate
  6. Pinny

    In what order would you place these Aussie greats???

    Correct, came in 1997 for his debut season at Newport before moving up full time with Poole in 2000 and dropping back to Newport in 2002.
  7. Pinny

    In what order would you place these Aussie greats???

    Superb , he was outstanding in 1999 and had many guest bookings in the EL for Pboro and impressed. sadly got stitched up by Kokko and Norris on his EL debut in 2000 for Poole and smashed his wrist to bits , came back and whilst he didnt get worse he never looked being the future star he did pre 2000. dropped back to Newport in 2002 and was still a classy number one and made some good passes but mainly relied on his gating which he hadnt done before his big crash. lindqvist was another Wasp who had a shocking yet simple shoulder injury in 1999 that ruined his career. wato tho in 1999 was a class act, went to Swindon for our two wins there and he was always flying later on in the meeting when it mattered. loved Smart too, he was so exciting to watch and for a rider who quite litreally only probably gave 45-50 percent of his life to the sport , was unbelievable. They dont make them like that anymore.
  8. Pinny

    In what order would you place these Aussie greats???

    In all honesty his days at Oxford were never going to last long
  9. Pinny

    In what order would you place these Aussie greats???

    Agree. His stats for the Elite League over such a duration are mind blowing . Posted 10 point plus figures for ten years in a row. Superb. remember seeing him at the 2001 Cardiff GP and the next day at the Welsh Open at Newport and was gobsmacked by how good he was. Although the first time i seen him live was the 1999 ELRC at Coventry. And he won that as well. rickardsson though was absolutely superb at Grand Prix level, where it mattered most of course. But as for league speedway , id of taken Adams or Crump every time. Although i do wonder if Trick didnt put the full effort into league speedway . i will never forget a story from Craig Watson about Trick during their time at Poole together. Rickardsson blew His engine on the stand warming up before a meeting for his main bike and couldnt of cared less, just took his third bike out the van like it was usual . overall, from 1999 to present day, in all comps, id have to say Trick, pedersen, crump and adams would be the best 4 i have seen. Gollob for my liking was too hot and cold. I personally dont think woffy would of lived with them in their primes.
  10. Pinny


    He didnt want to return to Edinburgh for another season...
  11. Pinny

    In what order would you place these Aussie greats???

    I think post 2000 ish Jason alone was the perfect speedway rider.
  12. Pinny

    In what order would you place these Aussie greats???

    Never seen him ride obviously but the oldies at Newport absolutely loved him so must of been pretty good!!!! a class speedway family , Neil Street was a great bloke too
  13. Pinny

    In what order would you place these Aussie greats???

    When i first got into the sport he wasnt very popular , due to him being a spoilt brat type character but he certainly got my respect as years went by. Any rider who won a title during Rickardssons years deserves a lot of credit.
  14. Pinny

    In what order would you place these Aussie greats???

    Often heard at Newport oldies say Phil Crump had more talent than Jason but didn’t have the cutting edge to be world champ. Jason crump I thought was superb , had it all he really did. Was unlucky to be around in Richardson’s era else he could of had 4/5/6 titles to his name.
  15. Pinny

    Speedway Crashes

    Nick Simmons clipping Wato’s back wheel on the first bend at Exeter and clearing the stadium and landing in a back garden. How the hell he lived to tell the tale I will never know. Went on a random trip to oxford in 1999 to watch Oxford vs Poole , Jesper Olsen guesting (can’t remember for who) crashed on the third bend . Horrendous crash and his hard hat came off and was ruined. Newport v Edinburgh 2002/3, Frede schott driving the rest straight into the first bend fence and causing carnage. Pathetically was allowed in the re run and won forcing a re run of the two legs (must of been KO CUP). ben Howe clattering into a reserve at Arena and going straight through the fence and smashing his thigh to pieces.... nigh on ended his career. many many more to list but they are some of the worst I have seen.

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