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  1. Would love to see Puk do well but as said hes old now and coming back from another bad knock. that said, with no pressure on him at all he may well do okay. However , as one of my all time favs right from 2003 when signed at Newport on a 9.0 average and classed by many as an awful signing , id love to see him have a great season. At 2 or 4 around Lynn, you never know. class rider in his day, dominated the polish and uk averages for a couple of years and made world number 3 . If only the old school bsf posters Racer X and Jungle Jake still posted here... i always said he would have a better career than their beloved Zagar, Janusz K , Jonas Davidsson and Bjerre and was proved right!
  2. Pinny

    Belle Vue 2024

    Ah so shes a smackhead cos she used to like a bit of coke? smackheads are heroin addicts. She hasnt ever done heroin as far as i can see.
  3. Pinny

    Belle Vue 2024

    When has Kate Moss ever been a smack head ?????
  4. Pinny

    Brummies 2024...

    Can see Brum ending up a right mess , a half arsed Zagar riding to top up his pension stinks of a disaster waiting to happen.
  5. Pinny

    Football 2023-24

    Dont tell Shovlar that, for some bizarre reason he thinks Bournemouth are a really good side and will finish above 7 or 8 sides! Ha.
  6. Pinny

    Richie Worrall statement

    He did get banned in 07 riding for Reading and not Glasgow. This davie guy is talking garbage.
  7. Pinny

    Richie Worrall statement

    Danny Bird got banned whilst riding for Reading , apparently an Aussie faked a back injury unloading his van to avoid being tested at the same meeting.
  8. Pinny

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Insane decision.
  9. Pinny

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Ill happily bet you 100 quid that Fulham and Wolves finish above Bournemouth in the league this season. For some reason you are over hyping them hugely - their a poor team. They will finish 16th or 17th - depending on how Everton bounce back from their points deduction and if they end up facing any more deductions.
  10. Pinny

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Nonsense. The only reason they may stay up this year is due to such poor teams being promoted this season. If , like most seasons , one of the newly promoted teams was good enough to stay up, Bournemouth would be a cert to go down.
  11. Pinny

    Richie Worrall statement

    I heard mickey mouse wears a richie worrall wristwatch.
  12. Pinny

    Richie Worrall statement

    Jesus christ. He got a very lenient punishment and is still complaining. What a kn0b.
  13. Pinny

    Richie Worrall statement

    Silly boy and an even sillier punishment but it doesnt mean career over. Frankie Smart got 18 months and missed a full season and a half and came back better than ever before.
  14. Pinny

    Richie Worrall statement

    Shocking outcome and punishment. should of got 2 year ban as of when he was found guilty.
  15. Pinny

    Football 2023-24

    United absolutely woeful atm. Club is rotten to the core. Not sure it can all be blamed on the owners either. When you sit and look at Ten Hag being given over 400 mill quid to spend, some of his signings have been awful. Antony for 86m, Hojlund for 72m. Hojlund doesn't look bad but he still has zero league goals. Antony has been a huge flop, as has Sancho who admittedly Ten Hag didn't sign. When you look at the players Ole and Rangnick wanted to sign compared to what we have ended up with, its depressing. I am not sure I agree with sacking managers every few years but I can't see Ten Hag getting this lot going. He has to take a lot of the blame. Was Mason Mount his choice? When you think you could of had Maddison for a lot cheaper, you have to wonder. If you take Mount and Hojlund out of that side and put Kane and Maddison in there, it looks a whole lot different. The club should of gone all out for a star striker guaranteed to bag a hatful of goals instead of gambling on a virtually unknown in Hojlund. A sorry state of affairs and ten years on from Fergie, we are no better than the Moyes days. Probably even worse at this moment in time. Clubs a shambles and an embarrassment. Now the time difference in Melbourne is +11 hours, I certainly won't be waking up at all hours to watch them anymore. Yes the Glazers are greedy owners and have spent sod all on other areas of the club but the fact is they always splash money on transfers - so either the manager or the backroom staff (or both?) are to blame. Maddison and Kane would of cost less than Mount and Hojlund and Amrabat and Regulion on loan. Amrabat has been another woeful signing on the back of a semi impressive performance or two in the world cup. I would go as far to say that these are the most worrying times for the club since Fergie left. At least under Ole, we played better football. This bunch of rubbish can't get results and look woeful in trying to. Least said about Rashford the better, typical new contract flop.

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