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  1. Lindgren has always dished it out but cant take it back. in my opinion its the world title at stake, by all means dish it out but when its returned dont take it like a baby. I remember lindgren being extremely vocal about Nicki P, a rider with ten times more ability than him, not so long ago.
  2. Lol! i hide behind no alias , anyone who wants to know my full name and address is more than entitled to message me and get it. Have met hundreds of people off this forum over the years.
  3. Haha yes of course its total rubbish! You have no idea whats going on you silly old man. Now ssssh.
  4. Its nothing to do with how long he has worked in the UK for or whether he has a child there. its off track behavior which is preventing his UK visa.... not quite the innocent victim in the whole situation like some are making out.
  5. Pinny

    Poole 2018

    The thing is, even the so called top riders i.e Kildemand seem to come in and take the piss. The whole of British Speedway is an absolute shambles. Neither league are as strong as they used to be. Can you imagine a prime Jason Crump or Rickardsson in this so called top flight now? Theyd only lose a race all season when they raced each other!!! As much as I like Jason Doyle, top bloke and rider and brilliant to watch... can you imagine him topping the EL averages and winning the world title when the likes of Rickardsson, Adams, Crump, prime Pedersen etc were about? the fact that many teams heatleaders are also heatleaders in the second division underlines what a mess the sport is in. nobody wants to invest money into it and why should they? grotty stadiums, a sport stuck in the past with its presentation.... its no wonder the top riders here leave their top gear in Poland and Sweden. They can turn up in the UK on second rate machinery and still earn a wage whilst making a mint on the continent riding their best gear. Im a carpenter and if I had two jobs, one paid $100 an hour the other $50 and I had to have a set of tools for each job, id have my top tools on the $100 job and cheaper tools on the $50 an hour job. Until money that matches Poland and Sweden appears in the UK somehow then the sport will get worse. Doesnt help how the promoters and leaders of the sport are an absolute shower of sh1te either.
  6. Seems to me Bickley has been thrown at the deep end and is nowhere near ready for this level. Klindt is what he is one meeting sensational next meeting downright shocking. Bach has never been the same since his bad injury all those years ago, maybe number one in your line up but number one material he is not
  7. Pinny

    Poole 2018

    Have twice already and had it removed from the topic!!! All this crap about it being “personal” is nonsense in the hope that fans leave it at that and respect his privacy! If only they knew! should be treated like any other person and be named and shamed but seems as though if I put what has happened on here I would pick up another months ban. Poole and Holder should make a joint statement on whats going on and tell the truth!
  8. Pinny

    Poole 2018

    Wont be joining any British club this year I dont think!!!
  9. Were not allowed to discuss it apparantly !!!!
  10. Lol. Be intetesting to see fans reactions when it does finally all come out...
  11. Skidder any reason why Holders situation has not been made public knowledge yet? If this was Joe bloggs off the street then it wouldn’t be such a secret? you can basically forget Holder riding in the UK this season. And maybe next. And I think deep down Ford knew this pre season so why on earth he was signed is anybodys guess!!! Sundstrom has certainly improved these last few meetings so will probably stay now, however changes must be made. If a number one came in and nudged Kurtz to 3/5, then Poole could still be in with a shout but those changes have to be made rather quickly.
  12. You hardly post on here!? Hahahaha. Whos hiding behind an alias???
  13. Hide behind an alias? Lol! People have known who I am for well over ten years and know my full name! You would want to hope Poole are on the fiddle as, if not, the promotion and management have clearly lost their touch sitting at the bottom of the table with that line up! Also lets have some names on who has me on block then?!
  14. In all honesty, neither have done much to boast about this season. Been up and down to say the least. Morris owned Kurtz at Poole and vice versa at Swindon. i still refuse to believe their is no average fiddling going on at Poole.
  15. Pinny

    Poole 2018

    Clearly havent heard why his visa still hasnt been granted yet then???

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