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  1. Imagine 10-15 years ago being in a last heat decider. Your guest would always go out for you and try and get the win. Spineless management , youd offer Howarth extra to go out and try and get a result.
  2. Pinny

    Birmingham v Berwick

    4 blokes in charge and the only one whos been involved in promotion is Laurence Rogers. That spells disaster surely?
  3. Newcastle wont last the season. Awful team building. And not sure i have any sympathy.
  4. Jirout rode about 6/8 meetings before being sacked didnt he? was a brainless signing, broke his back the season before and was never ever going to hit the heights he did at Somerset. Lund if i remember correctly came in and averaged around 6 and got sacked for Jason Lyons. Lund then came to Newport.
  5. Pinny

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    Absolutely horrible news. he was absolutely superb at his job - his passion for the sport was unrivalled. Watching live speedway on tv will never be the same again. RIP
  6. Great to see Oxford back. Now for Swindon, Newport, Exeter, Reading etc
  7. Pinny

    British Speedway Website

    Have to admit the new Site is absolutely terrible - takes forever to load on phone, laptop and desktop and is hard to navigate imo. Since websites have been designed to be mobile friendly , a lot of websites in general have taken a downturn in standard but at least most of them load quick. This new BSPA site is just horrendous on every level. Surely needs sorting.
  8. Agreed, Barker despite having his issues at times off track is pure box office on it and dirty he is not.
  9. If Auty is using old machinery at the moment , i doubt he is the only one! I do agree though that he has probably lost the bug for the sport. A year off through covid as well as a seperation / divorce will hit some hard for sure.
  10. Harris is notorious for having engine failures galore in the opening months before finishing the year strongly . Ask Coventry fans.
  11. So who is Allens replacement????? Is it Zagar?
  12. So whats the go with Wilson Dean and Roynon? Wiping him out after the race has finished seems a bit low ?
  13. Pinny

    Football 2021/22

    Bale with a world class performance got us out of trouble again. The man is just outrageous considering he rarely plays these days. Is he the best sportsman Wales have ever produced? Its a toss up between him and Calzaghe for me.
  14. Pinny

    Belle Vue 2022

    You never know. One suspects that if Iversen starts well for Lynn, it will be hard for both parties to replace him. Obviously we will see though. regarding Belle Vues mess of team building , even with Allen they still look a half decent side which could be worrying for other sides considering they have room to sign another top rider after a few weeks .
  15. Pinny

    Boxing Taylor v Catterall

    Had a sneaky feeling in the build up and after seeing Taylor at the weigh in that Catterall was going to cause an upset. He got under Taylor's skin and Taylor looked extremely gaunt and drained at the weight. But I didn't think it would be as one sided as it was, Catterall completely dominated him and had him down in the eighth. Had him winning clearly in 8 of the rounds, possibly 9. Taylor making himself look a pillock after the fight too with his "I knew I won the fight blah blah blahh" comments, he would of come across a lot better had he admitted he lost and struggled with the weight and is time to move up. Also saying there is no need for a rematch implying he beat him comfortably. Delusional or what? Jack Catterall put on a masterclass tonight and should now be undisputed super-lightweight champion of the world holding all four belts. A sad, sad day for British boxing and those judges responsible should hang their heads in shame. Even the judge who scored it 114-113 to Catterall should be investigated - it wasn't even close. I am a huge boxing fan but this has left a sour taste in my mouth and it will take something massively special for me to tune in to a live fight again. This is an even bigger robbery than Lewis - Holyfield 1. Disgusting.

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