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  1. Pinny

    Coventry Drone

    Stoke looks no different now to what it did 20 years ago
  2. Pinny

    Jason Garrity

    Is the first paragraph referring to who I think it is ?
  3. Pinny

    Jason Garrity

    Sure it was JBJ around 2005
  4. The future of UK speedway is very bleak. Sad but true.
  5. Pinny

    SON 2020

    Theres putting money into riders and theres showing off on here about it. Its not the first time he has done it on here and wont be the last.
  6. Pinny

    SON 2020

    Why? Its as if your after suck up messages . Who cares how much you sponsor riders. Its like your trying to seek attention. i have no reason to PM you , i couldnt careless if you sponsor a rider or not.
  7. Pinny

    SON 2020

    What do you want, a medal?
  8. Rob Mac being a twit as usual. Surprised he hasnt mentioned how he was an announcer back in the 80s yet.
  9. Pinny

    Jason Garrity

    Cracking sentencing by the judge. You can even see by his photo on that article that drugs have started to get a grip of him. An utter scumbag and is locked up where he belongs. Hopefully never seen on the speedway scene again. Addiction must of been pretty bad to be robbing people at knifepoint for cash and cards. Then again, he always has been a scumbag.
  10. Pinny

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    The blokes always been a bell to be honest.
  11. Pinny

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Didn't you actually post an email on here first? So in affect, you made it public first. The whole season ticket thing is something that baffles me. Over a season, how much do you actually save? Just pay for the meetings you attend, so what if a season ticket saves you 50 quid a season. Stinks of tightness to me.
  12. Pinny


    I have thought for a long time that online streaming would be nothing other than a positive for speedway clubs. It can''t cost all that much to set up, and I seriously don't think it would hamper crowds that much either. Even if it did, you would have plenty of neutrals tuning in to watch. I know i would watch a couple of meetings a week. Put it this way, I struggle to believe all incomings for a home meeting would be less than if they didn't stream them. Even if you only got 2-300 people streaming, at a tenner a meeting thats an extra 3 grand. I have just used random figures before anyone jumps on that. Times are changing, the world is moving on. Get with the times and provide online streaming. Lets be honest, a proper Swindon fan for example wouldn't not go to a home meeting just because he can watch it at home for a few quid cheaper. For the ones who do go, 99 percent attend for the company, the presence, the smell and the part of a night or afternoon out. Many people can't afford to attend with their two kids, mrs and mate. And thats why they arent going anymore. But they can sure as hell afford to stream it in their living room for the five of them for about a tenner. It would obviously take some work to plan, price and launch but if done properly and not by a few buffoons then it can only be a success.
  13. Was it 1997 then with Reading he was top
  14. Cunningham was the top man that season was he not ?
  15. Thankfully it wont be long before Gustix becomes too fried in the head he won’t know how to turn a PC on.

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