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  1. Hunty

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Not with a 36 Point limit
  2. Just posted on facebook... The Heathens management have declared their intent to re-enter the National League next season. Fantastic news!
  3. Hunty

    Speedway Promoter Game?

  4. Hunty

    Cradley Heathens 2017

    Great start to have decent 3.00 reserve. I think Bradley Andrews will be the other reserve and hopefully he will push on after a frustrating debut season. As for the rest of this seasons side...Danny Ayres would be a great singing, Nathan Greaves would a great addition again.
  5. Hunty

    Cradley Heathens 2017

    I think a top two of Ayers and Perry should be strong enough with so many riders like Clegg ineligible next year. If Belle Vue don't run then Perry swapped with Bewley would work but he is just a kid and you cannot expect him to be our out and out number one. Its going to be interesting to see who signs this year as I think the league is in a bit of a low point and we have not got to many decent riders coming through.
  6. Hunty

    Crawley Heathens 2017

    Auto correct is the forum posters devil. Sorry...I posted from Iphone! I would like to wish Crawley all the best in the coming season but they can do one in using the great name that is The Heathens
  7. Might as well make a start on 2017 now as I need something give me my speedway fix. First question, are we going to move back to Tuesday as Wolves now have extra fixtures with the league getting slightly bigger? How are we going to beat Birmingham this year? Is the end of 2017 our only foreseeable future? I just don't see it being feasible to stay at Monmore for many more years mainly because we have no contract or anything that guarantees us a team year on year.
  8. They are a good team, think tonight the Heathens were shown how to build a team! Should be us two in the final but only one winner at the moment!
  9. Intresting this...Some of the Heathens are way way way off the pace! Thank god for play offs cause this team wont win the league! Got a lot of improving to do over the season!
  10. Here's for an Away point! I can see why both sides wanted this fixture early though! We're trying to catch them with less track time and they are trying to catch us with rusty reserves!
  11. Hunty

    Cradley Vs Colts 28/03

    That young lad will go far...really was a pleasure to watch him ride! At just 16 and putting up against the big boys was brilliant! He had an eventful 3rd ride where he nearly skittled everyone else on track after storming into the lead from the gate. This is why I love this league, I'm watching future British champions and I do belive a possible world champion in Max Clegg but that's just my opinion!
  12. Hunty

    Cradley Vs Colts 28/03

    It's on! It's loverly at the moment but expect it to be very very chilly! Ommer Um Cradley! It's on! It's loverly at the moment but expect it to be very very chilly! Ommer Um Cradley!
  13. You can mislead fans by knowing that match won't be on and then leave it till Monday 6pm to tell us! Same the way the track wasn't ready on Friday but 6000 fans turned up on Saturday! Hmmm And tell me anywhere where cradley promotion told us the fixture was not on! It was one man on Facebook who announced it! As I said before he could have misheard or made it up! The announcement the match was off was by a fan not by the promotion of cradley! One man and Facebook! There investigation over! Sort the track out and give people their money back! One man and Facebook! There investigation over! Sort the track out and give people their money back!
  14. The three promotions have a right to their fans to let them know what is going on...I'm not going to travel up on Monday if there is any doubt the meeting won't go ahead. I'd like to point out that the Cradley promotion has not released any information about the fixtures and that the confusion came from one fan on Twitter that it was announced at the meet the riders night on Monday! There was nothing official and the man on Facebook could have miss heard or made it up (Doubt it though) The fact is yesterday Cradley said on Twitter that the fixture was on until further information was reported.... So belle vue need to sort this out and stop misleading fans with lack of information...Also the whole debarcle is Belle Vues promotions fault IMO, there was testing meetings for the stadium but not for the track so they got that wrong, and then they got all wrong on the day with the facilities they put on for 6000 people! I think Cradley need to be cut some slack cause they have nothing anywhere through their official media that Monday is off

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