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  1. acef


    And speaking of track prep it would seem troy aint to impressed with Swindon tonight.
  2. acef


    So even without the ruts or a bit too much dirt, the power at the low to mid range is still going to hurt you on a track like Rye for example. Your having to lose so much speed going into that corner and your essentially at a right angle, the thing just straightens out if you overcook it even it a little bit. I get where your coming from. The bikes make it hard and I certainly wouldn't fancy trying to keep it on the kerb on these smaller tracks. I'd be out by the boards and make the track as big as I could to keep the bike at its optimum momentum. What gets me there is the silencer. I know it plays such a huge roll but that is going to be hard to redevelop. Especially in the UK where the noise pisses off a lot of the locals. I also don't get how Greg would struggle if the engines were toned down a bit. If that's what you meant. He's straight outta calafornia on super tight tracks. He grew up with those machines 30 years ago. Surely he'd appreciate some better development
  3. acef


    So explain a bit more about the mechanics to me then. The bikes now are clearly more volatile and have higher revs, there is less throttle control so a bigger track is surely safer where there is more banking and run off to scrub your speed. I'm guessing the current lay down is always turning over a lot faster so even with the tap off your still revving high as f%%k in a race. Its the control of the motorbike at the lower end that has been lost, which in your opinion makes the bike dangerous? So on a smaller track its harder to get the back end out than it used to be because there is too much power in those moments. Is that what you mean?
  4. acef


    Yep. And shiny bikes with neon colours. Its the 21st century. That's how we roll now.
  5. acef


    But they are fit for purpose everywhere else dean. Panama doesn't have the same footballing infrastructure as England, but they haven't reinvented the game. They still played us at a game of football in the world cup. They aspire to be like us and thats a great attitude. By changing the equipment you are cost cutting and corner cutting. It's got to be implemented across the sport for it to work. You can't just do it in one nation. The only way to start competing is to stabilise the product by providing better entertainment then you can market and drive revenue. And we will go round in circles all night mate, because imo to improve the entertainment we need to sort out the tracks to accommodate the bikes.
  6. acef


    Absolutely. The team element still works there so their product doesn't need changing. In fact it's only getting stronger. As a consequence of that costs have risen because riders are earning more and so invest more. Supply and demand. That is my argument. As speedway shares the same basic principle it means the equipment over here is no longer relative to what they earn. But that's just how it is. We don't cut corners or dilute we market a better product so the riders over here can invest like they do over there because they are earning more, and they are earning more because there are bums on seats because we have a better product.
  7. acef


    It costs what it costs. That's the value. If they can't afford it then they need to step off the saddle. I hear you. I get why you'd want to help, but the sport is moving in the direction it's moving in because of Poland and the big bucks. That's just too big a fight imo.
  8. acef


    Then perhaps it needs to start selling its self as a motorsport? That's the obvious answer to this isn't it? I keep talking about the word decline. Its really important. Just because the few remaining fans are telling us that it's a team sport, just because some people think it's always been for the family and the freind etc, doesn't mean it is or that it has to be. I'll use the analogy I did earlier. If my restaurant was declining I wouldn't be listening to the remaining customers who were telling me its great because it isn't, I'm declining. I have an issue that needs addressing. Its the same here. Speedway might have always attracted a certain crowd, but that crowd is gone and we are not recycling it. That instantly tells me that all the things you think are right, are actually wrong because it's not increasing footfall. All the things you are raising, like the team element, the argument it's not a motorsport, those things are still here and we STILL DECLINING. Your twitter poll proves nothing. You have a captured audience dean, who like you, are stuck in a time warp 30 years ago. If you don't change what you do you will continue to get the same results.
  9. acef


    It's a nice sentiment but this is 2018. In days gone by the sport was cheaper and essentially amateur. Its trying to be professional over here and imo that's where it needs to be. Costs will rise, that's life. It happens everywhere and is a consequence of the sport being much more refined than it ever was. The youngsters want the bling. They want they shiny sockets. The gold front chain. The carbon fibre exhaust. The old guard don't like it and want to cut costs but that's evolution. People change. Things change. Life changes. Adapt
  10. acef


    There is always a social element I'll concede that, the atmosphere plays a big role alongside it as well and ultimately bums on seats is revenue whether they like the sport or not. I'd counter, though, that I wouldn't want that type of fan in my business per se. I'd want the motorsports fan first of all and then build around it. She can come, but on the back of solid hearsay from those who do actually enjoy the sport. At the moment we are struggling to hold onto any type of racing fan, be it road dirt or track. When you start focusing on the parts around your main offering its really easy to forget why we are here. Ultimately we are selling speedway here, that should always be at least 80% of your revenue, people who enjoy it. Building this social element and team thing etc, it's all great, but it's not what we start with, it's what follows when we have a smooth sailing product. Your trying to start with it as a means to make the the thing fly. You need the wings first Dean.
  11. acef


    True story this. Scouts honour. I can't remember which meeting it was, but I took one of my staff to the NSS a few weeks ago for the first time (to any speedway meeting). I remember the first half of the meeting being pretty much gate and go and I was sitting there thinking I don't believe this. It had been roasting all day and they had overwatered the track. As it dried and went slick, I think it was heat 7, it was like someone flicked a switch. All of a sudden the racing was top banana like it always is at the NSS. He said to me on the way home that he loved it. He was on the edge of his seat. Last week he came back! That's right, back! True story! Morale is, the racing (eventually) got him. That's the hook. So now of course, I'm giving him the sell last week about teams, how the general principle of it goes etc. Again he really enjoys it, he can see himself getting into it so he's coming with me to the next meeting. The sport sold itself to him. 4 men on 4 bikes doing 4 laps having a race. Pass after pass and of course your right on top of it at the NSS. No fancy stuff, the sport did it all by itslef.
  12. acef


    Then we need to change that, surely? That is why I'm beating the same drum about the quality of track. Forget changing the bikes, it's not economical and needs to come from the FIM for it to work properly. There is a harsh reality around the circuits we have here, they don't suit the modern machine so they need to be adapted to fit. We have suffered for years because we are inherently built within dog tracks. It worked for a long time. It doesn't anymore. Look at the results of a purpose built speedway stadium in the NSS, ironically just as they are in Poland and Sweden, its results speak volumes. A track that perfectly suits the sport of speedway.
  13. acef


    Crowds are in double digit decline YOY. Its massive. The majority of fans may go for the team element but what is the majority now? 1k on average per top flight team? Its dropping like a stone so if I was developing this sport I would instantly change the dynamic. Speedway isn't adapting. You can't sell a product if the product isn't right. I've ran my own pubs/restaurants throughout my career. Without blowing my own trumpet, I'm very successful with it. My guest is KING. Absolutely nobody leaves my businesses unhappy. What the customer wants, the customer gets. Period. As a consequence my trip advisor ratings are through the roof. That is the basis of any business. Stability in the foundations. Make sure the product you sell is bang on the money and then you start to promote and sell/expand. This is where speedway fails every single time. You can't sell a team aspect if the racing (the core product/foundation) isn't right. I'm not saying the team element isn't important, it is, but it will stand for nothing if the main event doesn't capture your customer. I'll say for the umpteenth time, ask ANY neutral with a minimal knowledge of this sport how they feel about it, and they will all give the same answer. They are going to tell you they were bored. They are not interested in the team element. They only come once, because the main event didn't sell. If one of my restaurants started showing any sign of decline or poor guest feedback I would immediately pull the plug on any marketing or sales driving until I identified the issue and fixed it. That is called being counter productive and will do more harm than good trying to grow something that isn't working. If one of my businesses was in the same level of decline as speedway, I wouldn't be listening to the remaining guests I had telling me everything was fine, because it quite clearly isn't. Just because those minimal fans that attend speedway say they go for the team element doesn't mean that the team element is right, because your declining like crazy! It's an utterly stupid logic and displays a basic lack of common sense. A lot of supporters still in this sport are the same ones as 20/30 years ago. Speedway doesn't know how to capture a new audience and like it's core, declining fan base, is stuck in 1985. Society has moved forward. For speedway it really isn't difficult. The speedway is the hook, the team element is the sell. In that order.
  14. acef


    The post you quoted was just total tripe. I dont believe people can be THAT stupid.
  15. acef


    Because, as I'm sure you agree, teams are absolutely irrelevant. It's a line trotted out by people minus a brain cell. The declining crowds tell us quite clearly that the racing is the core issue. You can't sell a team aspect if the product is boring. You address the racing first, get the customer on the hook and THEN push the team element. This is schoolboy stuff imo. It's really really simple. I'm perplexed that the majority just don't get it.

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