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  1. That wrist will stiffen up a treat overnight. I want him to race but only if he's only 100% fit. He needs to think of the team before himself on this one. I know it means a lot to him but that doesn't matter here
  2. Batchelor is very good round the nss and doesn't particularly get along with kl. Simple choice. Gutted for Craig but honestly I dont think it will have that much impact.
  3. He did lift but that just adds to the theatre. All good races have different things that make them special. He was under so much pressure it forced the mistake. That race was better than last week. The TV production and the live factor made that race last week what it was, but last night was better. They were all in the race and literally you could throw a blanket over all 4 of them. Agree with the other poster about cook. I actually think he's got progressively better this season and as poor as he's been in the GP I think we are now actually seeing the benifit of it for Craig. He's becoming more aggressive and his last interview on SGP alludes to this. He's racing the track, not the riders now. Shame. I think this season is going to hurt him over the next couple of seasons.
  4. That was better than last week. At some point every rider had the lead during that race and every rider was essentially at the back as well. BV/Somerset do seem to enjoy each others company. Well done to them on the win. I have a sneaky feeling BV are going to do KL after last night.
  5. Surprised by the result. Perhaps the lack of experience in this environment proved pivotal for Somerset. All over bar the shouting.
  6. acef

    Belle Vue 2018

    They have but we've been weakened with injury in some of those meetings. Again they get to race us not at full strength. Bewley is a huge miss but it'll be extra motivation for the team.
  7. acef

    Belle Vue 2018

    They were and rightly so. I'll never advocate it. As stupid as the rules are, they are not there to be broken. Certain clubs are seasoned at finding loopholes because there are so many of them. This year perhaps BV have got a bit lucky, but we deserve a bit of that for persistently following the guidelines.
  8. acef

    Poole 2019

    You should give credit when credit is due. Your defense is weak. You know as well as the rest of us, including your fellow Poole fans, that you have an issue with the NSS. Why is beyond me. Its one of the best things to happen to British speedway in donkeys years. Unfortunately it won't matter a jot in the grand scheme.
  9. acef

    Poole 2019

    He can't handle the fact that something is better than his beloved Poole. It's a sad mindset.
  10. acef

    Belle Vue 2018

    Different promotion. Its not in bvs dna to cheat, which is why floodgate was called out so easily because its not something we do. Poole on the other hand are seasoned cheats so know the system.
  11. acef

    Belle Vue 2018

    You need to leave it Steve. Your making wild assumptions without any foundation. He has been involved in a series of crashes recently and isn't fit to race. It's as simple as that.
  12. acef

    Belle Vue 2018

    The rule says you can use guests for someone withholding their services. There is no cheating at all here. Bottom line is it won't make barely any difference. BV won't get passed KL.
  13. acef

    Belle Vue 2018

    We won't be signing anybody. We will be using guests.
  14. acef

    Belle Vue 2018

    Steve he is injured. Look at his scores over the last month. He isn't the same rider. Please don't put BV in the same category as Poole. We don't cheat.
  15. acef

    Belle Vue 2018

    The last few weeks he’s been struggling for form and confidence. He was doing okay at the start of the season and to be honest, he was scoring more points away than Jye was since he signed for us. Given his form though this is possibly going to make B.V stronger.

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