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  1. acef

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    Why are people assuming that things will remain the same? For these 3 to even consider this, then there must be something in the pipeline? Kent, that makes a lot of sense. I would think they can get the curfew lifted, and if so they will be an excellent addition to the top league. Just need to invest the TV money into the track. Sheffield is a no brainer. Berwick just seems stupid, but like I say, there must be something there to make them apply.
  2. It's a public forum. He can share his opinion however he wants to. Who are the hell are you to tell him to shut up?
  3. Let me. Wolves track is well prepared. We have engaged this many times Steve. But for the modern bike, it's a s##t track. It's not the fault of the circuit, or wolves. Very much like the Ipswich track tonight. The shape is all wrong. Tbh I am tried of fighting this fight. The bikes have evolved way beyond many tracks in the UK.
  4. From reading the last few posts you have made, with the very greatest of respect to you, frankly you are not intelligent enough to debate this. I'm not going to engage the content. I would be wasting my time. No offence intended.
  5. It’s not me that is running British speedway down, it’s the track (s) Stop making excuses
  6. Well done Ipswich. Poor meeting. Wolves will piss it. That about sums it up.
  7. It’s garbage no matter the weather. Don’t have enough words to describe how rubbishe this track is. Amateur hour
  8. acef

    Big decisions in November.

    So they have less fixtures?
  9. Is this what we have at the top level here? Its horrible
  10. acef

    Big decisions in November.

    Why not? It's enough in Poland and Sweden. Personally I'm happy with 14 home fixtures.
  11. acef

    Poole v Ipswich today

    At the end of the day, there will be a large cost implication. Given there seems to be some uncertainty around Poole speedway, I can understand why it could potentially be viewed as a pointless investment. In the end, though, the track needs to be safe and it clearly isn't. If getting it to a safe stage means relaying the entire track, then needs must and the money should be found. Be that from Poole speedway or from within the association.
  12. acef

    Poole v Ipswich today

    I can guarantee he will not come back with an answer for that. 100. And if he does, I'll take him apart.
  13. acef

    Poole v Ipswich today

    So what's the issue old starry?!? My man! The base is f####d,fella. When you pop out of your hole for a minute you should be able to see what the rest of human kind does. You are the greatest unintentional comedian I've heard. If you put your mind to it, you could make a really good career out of people laughing out loud at you.
  14. We could conceivably be worse if Bjerre goes to East Anglia Myself and many said Lidsey was a steal on that average and so it has proved. I haven't checked the detail, but he seems to have got better as a 2nd string. If Max wants to come back, it's a no brainer. Bewley has been poor, the last bit of the season apart. To be expected but was always a risk. That said, a reasonable average which will see him as 2nd string most likely. Again, easy choice. What that does mean is Steve will probably go and that is the right choice. Its going to be one of him or Dan. Middle order wasnt good and I think it represents too much risk bringing both back. I would keep Jye. So essentially its Max, Kenneth, Dan, Jye and Lidsey. The rest can go. It's a decent core to build around. I'd be looking to get Holder, and then go with Kyle at reserve. Fricke Bewley Holder Lidsey/Sedgman Bjerre Etheridge Bickley Like the look of that team.

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