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  1. No anger. No issues. If it seems that way to you, perhaps you should reevaluate how you make judgments of people because you couldn't be further from the truth.
  2. I did my ligaments in the ankle about 18 months ago playing football. Broke the bone as well. 8 months out. So totally get you point of view. For 3 to 4 months after I've never been so nervous on a football pitch. It affected everything I did. Until someone rolled my ankle again and it stood up to it. Back to the player I was 18 months previous. The demons had gone. I knew my ankle could take it again. Thank you, like Phil, for posting fairly. Much appreciated
  3. The circumstances are very different, totally understand that. It's why I'm trying to get across the point that I dont wish injury. It needs to be a crash you walk away from. The best thing that happened to me after my first crash, and I hurt myself, was crashing again. And for the reason you have highlighted. It was in my head. I walked away from the 2nd crash but I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted. Thank you for engaging me sensibly I appreciate it in a sea of people who just want to fight.
  4. I'm absolutely certain nobody will. However, I literally couldn't care less. I dont post to appease the masses because I'm a grown up now. I've shared an opinion and have again been called names etc etc. Why people dont just engage in fair debate is beyond me.
  5. Many think its laughable but that's just a clear indictment of the state of these boards today. It's a shadow of its former self. At no point have I wished injury. At no point have I said Dan wants to crash or that I would like him too. Once again, some people just fail to grasp the concept of reading between the lines.
  6. And the personal abuse starts to roll. Welcome to the bsf! The last one that did that was reported and had the post removed. I'll do the same for you. Cheers
  7. For the 2nd time, I have not suggested that anywhere You are the starman of bv fans. I'll stop engaging here with you because you just have the mental capacity to understand it all.
  8. You have missed the post directly above this one haven't you? You must have, because I quite clearly said I had no problem with his simplicity. Based on this miss I'm guessing your just as simple.
  9. I'm not wishing an accident on any rider. Haven't done at any point. So please, stop putting words into my mouth and grow the extra brain cell you require to help you understand the context of what I'm saying.
  10. No. Your just really simple. It's too complex for you to understand because your world is black and white. I have no issue with that, but it's not going help you when debating in this type of conversation.
  11. Given I've highlighted that I've been there and done it, that would suggest that I've come off a speedway bike. So for me, that makes it a pretty disrespectful comment given you dont know the outcome of what happened. For all you know I could well have had a serious head injury. As it happens, I didn't, but that's immaterial. The usual cronies are giving the likes out and said people are just as bad. Yet again on this forum I have presented a fair point of view, not out of the ordinary, and have been vilified for it. This forum has gone down and down and down for a number of years and its mostly because of people like yourself who cant tolerate another angle. I've been involved in speedway for a number of years and can tell you directly that menatalty plays a huge part, especially after big crashes when your half made of metal. A lot of riders I've come across are terrified of another accident and some have stopped riding before it happened, but many have found the best recovery in actually falling off again without being hurt. What that does is put the demons to rest and can restore confidence in many riders. I'm not suggesting that Dan actively wants to fall. I'm saying it may well be the best thing for him right now. That view isn't out there. It's perfectly reasonable and I'm talking from my own experience and from a number of riders I have come to know over the years. I'll leave it there.
  12. That really is subjective and depends on the rider and the point of view.

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