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  1. He doesnt need more racing because the issue is in his head. He isn't going to ride himself out of it. Woffinden was right. Its mental and frankly dan needs to grow a pair of balls. He has started to ride within himself and is timid on the track. I can see it and so can a multi world champion. I appreciate he is coming back from big injuries but unfortunately this is a tough motorsport and the best way to recover is to attack it. I was slandered on here earlier in the season for daring to suggest he needed a crash that would test his body, it would cope and he would be back where he needs to be mentally. Hes always been fragile dan. From that first head injury up at Newcastle. Motorsport is a mans game and until he shakes this crash out of his psyche he is going to become a very average rider and that is what we are seeing right now. Cant gate. No track craft because he isn't in the right place mentally. What he needs is a psychologist to help him overcome it, not more rides. May be an unpopular opinion but that is the way I see it.
  2. Paid 11 from Bewley and Worral and RR 4. Bewley is a shadow of the rider from last season and needs to, as woffinden said, grow some backbone. Granted he had a bad smash but that is clearly in his head still. Cant gate either. Steve is just terribly inconsistent and I'd hope he isn't offered a place next season.
  3. Yes. That would have impacted my decision to come. Once it's a lack of communication from a speedway club. The club knew had they said that many would have stayed away.
  4. What is more shocking is that nobody from the club had the balls to tell us. Instead took our money. Bang out of order
  5. Yes. I am aware of that. Not really sure your need to highlight it.
  6. If you have any aspiration to qualify then you simply have to take chances like this. We are without our number 1 who fully fit, would likely have gone through the card. You wont get a better chance. Many variables but on paper at least, you should be winning this now. And I expect you will do. BV just haven't had a settled team all season and injuries have effectively decimated this team. Both steve and dan haven't mentally recovered from last season and that has had a huge impact on our season.
  7. Would go bjerre/berge/worral and bewley Both dan and steve are going to need to step up massively tonight
  8. Big chance for wolves now. Our middle order is wobbly at best and we just dont have the cover for him. We are very reliant on our top 2. Really fancy wolves now. Which of course would mean our season is done. Decimated by injury.
  9. I'd imagine we would know by now. If he isn't riding and we have gone for danny as a guest that would surely be sorted by now. If it is RR then we will find out upon walking in the stadium no doubt I'll be honest, will be really surprised if he rides
  10. Need to get on the phone then if max cant do it. Hes based in Suffolk Danny so has a trek on his hands. Dont think RR will be any good with the state of our middle order.
  11. Golden opportunity for wolves if we are without Max. Who is available
  12. A bubble burst for Ipswich but like I said on monday, Swindon are a quality team and will clean up.
  13. So to summarise: Cook does not deliberately ride into start marshal. Indeed the start marshal walks into him. Cook does not head butt the start marshal, he shoulder charges him. Likely being more than a little pissed with the fella who just walked right in front of him. Rightly so. Cook does very little wrong. The start most certainly does. If anyone takes a ban here, it’s that sausage with the red flag.
  14. At the end of the day, the tracks play a huge part. In Poland they have czechova and Toruń, now Wroclaw. If you look they are all very similar in shape and size. Big entrances and wide exits. Speedway is just better on this track type.

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