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  1. At the end of the day if max is going to put it out then he’s got to be able to take it and tbf he didn’t go after Leon. Leon had got in front, there was a nice berm of dirt coming out of 3 and max was using it all night, picked up a shed load of speed and just doesn’t read the move for me.
  2. The thing is, unless I’ve missed it, it doesn’t say anywhere that you have to leave racing room. That is just a respectful, gentleman’s agreement. If max goes down then Leon goes as primary cause just like max did last week because that is the rule but if you stay on and fail to read the move then I guess you takes your chances. Its a real 50/50 but personally I don’t think Madsen does a lot wrong. Ungentlemanly maybe, but not outside of the rules. Pedersen has been castigated on a number of occasions for things that were just tough racing moves.
  3. He did and bomber should have read it, just like max should have. It’s an exclusion like Max’s was, if he went down, which by the book I guess is the correct decision. But I don’t agree with it.
  4. It’s a tough one and at the risk of repeating what I said last week, Madsen just about had the lead. Max, like Bomber, decided to keep it wound on rather than read the move. He doesn’t leave racing room but this is top level speedway.
  5. Racing incident. No different to the Fricke/Harris one at bv last week
  6. Run that fixture on a Saturday night with those teams and there would be over 2k. The race night is everything at BV.
  7. Not true from my point. I live in Northwich. I just use my common sense. I know from previous experiences that this track will take rain, and lots of it. It was always going to be on as long as the forecast didn’t change
  8. It’s not cheap is it? A rider in the top league over here once said to me he needs to be earning £600 a meeting to meet costs and to live his normal life
  9. If you are professional in the top league then you need to be earning enough for it to be your sole income. Your wage covers pretty much everything. But like any trade, especially those who are self employed, it’s where supply meets demand. There is no demand at the top level but this is the devil and the deep blue sea as far as clubs/riders and fans are concerned. However we address it, someone is going to kip for something and at the moment it’s the clubs and the fans
  10. I think more than half would walk away. Cut rider wages and the sport becomes amateur here. I don’t think we can just cut wages without first cutting the cost of machinery.
  11. Most are not solvent and are surviving on borrowed money.
  12. It needs to be £20 to pay the bills, in fact at these numbers even £20 doesn’t cover the costs! Unfortunately the demand is as such that £20 is too expensive, for BV at least, and the numbers back this up. We have a better product than any other track. If BV are struggling to break even, with the quality on offer, then that tells me we are too expensive.
  13. I can’t recall that ever happening at the NSS. I think once we had a rain off during the meeting. BV is a different entity and shouldn’t be put into the same bracket as others. It stands the rain, everyone knows that, and this promotion have an excellent record when it comes to making the right choices vs weather
  14. You could say the same about, quite literally, every single promotion in the United Kingdom. I think speedway has promoted itself better this season, certainly through social media. Like I've been banging in the last few posts, you can lead a horse to water....I'm sure you know the rest. Personally I think both Mark and Adrian are doing okay.

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