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  1. The man is an absolute tool. Did he expect we'd just turn up and say thats okay? The sooner he f=-=s off out if thus sport the better it will be for everyone
  2. Simon lambert guests for Jye.
  3. Bewley BTW was excellent. Much more aggression from the tapes. Pulled a blinder keeping that kid at reserve.
  4. That has gone unnoticed but not by me. Dirty move that. Totally unlike josh.
  5. Very poor from Poole. We were carrying tungate. Opportunity missed. But I'll hold my hands up regardless, I was wrong. Not the best meeting by NSS standards but a good meeting for most other tracks. Track was riding slick and the 2nd half of the meeting was more like the usual fair. Good win.
  6. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    An absolute legend. Period. RIP Ivan, forever missed, but never forgotten.
  7. Yes that was weird that. I was in a boozer 4 miles away and it was bone dry.
  8. Not a great deal of difference I don't think, between him and Jye. I'm surprised it's not Jack Smith. We are usually loyal like that. Danny is a much better rider.
  9. Danny Gapmier for Jye Etheridge
  10. Against regular opponents I agree he'd be an excellent choice. Going up against these Poole riders will be entirely different. Like I said I'm not winding up. I'll pop on here tomorrow when I'm back from the meeting, I'll have my last dollar that you'll beat us by double figures.
  11. I very rarely post on here, I can assure you I'm not winding anybody up. I have far better things to do with my time. That is of course assuming you included me in the wind up bracket. Poole are an excellent team who will breeze through the league this year. I'd be taking that as a compliment, certainly from my point view, rather than someone on a wind up. You'll comfortably beat one of the stronger teams in the division tomorrow such is the gulf in class. This Poole team would fair pretty well in the extraliga
  12. Fricke aside, absolutely. Something the usual Poole trolls are deliberately failing to acknowledge just incase the unthinkable happens. Belle Vue will be in the play offs and that's all that matters. I've already chalked this one off.
  13. You have a team of predominantly continental riders who are very familiar with tracks just like the NSS. You will coast it and well you know.
  14. This will be a comfortable away win. Poole are by far the strongest team and will absolutely love the NSS. Not a home meeting I'm expecting anything from. There will be far easier meetings for us and at the end of the day it's all about the play offs.
  15. Belle Vue 2018

    I see Jacobs has called it a day.