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  1. BomberHammer

    British Masters 2021

    Thats good, Thanks
  2. BomberHammer

    British Masters 2021

    Who won the sidecars, Thanks
  3. BomberHammer


    Are the highlights on Quest repeated at any time ? Thanks
  4. BomberHammer

    2021 GP Series Dates

    Any news if there is to be a grand prix on the 19th june?. Thanks
  5. BomberHammer

    2021 GP Series Dates

    Who updates the bspa/speedwaygb web site ?, Still nothing on there about the british gp being cancelled, Thanks
  6. BomberHammer


    My brother as not received he,s copy yet again, first week with new lot received ok, 2nd week nothing, 3rd week ok, this week again nothing, rm3 9pt, Says over the last year, with royal mail or the new lot, as missed about 8 issues, Says not going to bother to renew, might get a copy at supermarket, Thanks
  7. BomberHammer


    Why does speedway star, keep on insisting that the Olympic stadium is on the old hackney stadium site, its NOT, In this weeks speedway star, the piece about Vic Harding, it says, " The old waterden road became the Olympic stadium", The olympic stadium is NOT in waterden road, part of the old hackney stadium site is now the BT media centre/studios, Get your facts right, have a look on goggle map, Thanks
  8. According to the speedway gp website, The first grand prix next year is Germany 30th May Thanks
  9. Hi, Is anyone else having a problem today, getting the latest speedway star downloading on the exact editions app ?, Thanks
  10. BomberHammer

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Any one else having problems downloading todays speedway star ? Thanks
  11. BomberHammer

    Speedway Star in the winter

    My one seems to be downloading now ok, Good luck Jason, hope you get yours sorted Thanks
  12. BomberHammer

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Any one else having problems downloading today's speedway star ? Thanks
  13. Will BT Renew The Contract To Show The Grand Prixs This Season 2019, Or Will Anyone Else Be Showing Them ?, Happy New Year, Thanks
  14. Any news on the sidecars result? Thanks
  15. BomberHammer

    Bt Sport Coverage

    With the current BT deal to show league racing being a lot less money wise, Will BT renew the deal to show the Grand Prixs after the deal ends at the end of this season ?, Thanks

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