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  1. Now Poole leg definitely on 4 Nov
  2. I went to Coventry v Ipswich on 1 Nov 1998 which is presumably the other one. In the 70’s and 80’s they were quite plentiful. Anyway back on topic and it looks like we’ll have two more next week.
  3. See Arnie’s response re. being a year out
  4. King’s Lynn - Craven Shield Final
  5. That seems quite likely from what I have just heard at the track but let’s see!
  6. WembleyLion

    National League 2021 - has it been abandoned?

    They have there end of season awards on 30th so it probably won’t be then!
  7. I’m not entirely sure of the logic but that’s what the rules state - no replacement allowed!
  8. BSI have missed out on a big marketing opportunity for white ink!
  9. Agreed. I think it might help though if the basic rules were clearly published in the programme (I acknowledge there is a flow chart on page 10 that assists) or on the SON website as it might help to stop the guessing and confusion. Talking of the programme the score chart is very poor with no place for recording times or total scores for individual riders.
  10. WembleyLion

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Were you there Arnie?
  11. WembleyLion

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    Nonsense I have a text from someone in the pits well before 6:30pm confirming the Ambulance breakdown and also on this thread it was also mentioned well before the time you state. If the call didn’t come through until 18:45 as you say what was the reason the riders didn’t start to warm up their bikes then? Did you not think that odd ? Perhaps if you had asked why they were not preparing to race they would have told you!
  12. WembleyLion

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    I think your timeline is a little bit out as I knew well before 6:30pm that the Ambulance had broken down and I’m only a mere mortal of a fan.
  13. WembleyLion

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    We are in the hands of RAC and whether they can patch it up/ get it going! Not sure if I was a rider though I would be too happy at the thought of a patched up Ambulance being there for me! UK Speedway 2021!
  14. WembleyLion

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    I think one can assume the fact that the riders have yet to start warming the bikes up is not a good sign!

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