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  1. WembleyLion

    Who has represented most number of clubs

    Scott Nicholls on 23 including foreign clubs.
  2. WembleyLion

    Who has represented most number of clubs

    Ben also rode in Sweden
  3. WembleyLion

    New Zealand tracks update

    I was fortunate enough to see Speedway racing in both Canada and South Africa in 2017 just before the demise in both. I also saw meetings in New Zealand at Rosebank and Oreti Park in March (just before the travel restrictions) and although solo Speedway there bears little resemblance to what it once was there is hopefully enough interest and younger riders coming through to sustain some form of solo activity for a few more years at least.
  4. WembleyLion

    SGP in Argentina - 2022

    I did a 14 hour direct flight to Buenos Aires then hired a car and drove about 200 miles to Carlos Casares. A bit tiring but I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  5. WembleyLion

    SGP in Argentina - 2022

    I would certainly be interested. I visited last November to watch Speedway at Carlos Casares (just under 200 miles from Buenos Aires) and really enjoyed my time there.
  6. Interesting announcement in Speedway Total today! Speedway Grand Prix on centennial in 2022 From Patagonia Speedway confirm that the Speedway Grand Prix 2022 will run in the city of neuquén - centenary in October 2022 in the framework of the celebrations for the 100 years of the city. " we put again in knowledge of journalists, authorities, leaders, relatives and fans who will have specifically a speedway gp in Argentina for 2022 in neuquén-Centenary for October 2022 in the framework of the centenary of our city " Source: Patagonia Speedway Facebook #Speedway #GSP #SPEEDWAYGP @ Centennial, neuquén, Argentina https://m.facebook.com/SpeedwayTotal/
  7. WembleyLion

    South Africa query

    They were trying to get some Speedway races at Randfontein this year. When I went to Walkerville in 2017 and spoke to one of the SA riders, Neil Petitt, who informed me that from time to time he put in demonstration laps at a few other circuits. I’m not sure but Randfontein might have been one of them though.
  8. WembleyLion

    MACEC cup

    Hi Tim In Norway I have done Mjosa, Oslo, Skien and Kristiansand so I just need Elgane for the full set. In Finland I'm sorry to say I have only done a GP at Tampere so I need to work on that a bit!
  9. WembleyLion

    MACEC cup

    I did fly to Bucharest but then hired a car. The journey was about 145 miles each way about half of which was motorway. Overall it took just over 3 hours going mainly due to Friday ‘rush hour’ traffic. Coming back on a Sunday was a bit quicker!
  10. Tresarrieu Bros - France
  11. WembleyLion

    MACEC cup

    Hi Tim I went to Braila in July for rounds one and two of the Romanian Championships. Seven riders riding each other twice with 3 riders per race. Adrian Gheorge won on both days but the second day was curtailed from 14 heats to 7. I was made very welcome in Braila and thoroughly enjoyed the trip.
  12. Jeremy & Nick Doncaster GB
  13. Doug & Willie Templeton Scotland

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