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  1. WembleyLion

    National Supporters Club Group

    This seems to be the case although a large number of Speedway fans I know are not attached to any particular club (often because a club they once followed has long since folded) but they regularly attend a number of different tracks.
  2. WembleyLion

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    I don't think there will be anything at Champex-Lac as they couldn't get enough people to take an interest in trying to run it! Not sure about Flims though!
  3. WembleyLion

    Anyone remember Dalle Andersen?

    Remember him well. One of the fastest riders around the Crowley track!
  4. Yes Jezza all the way!
  5. Hopefully the Paramedic will turn up by 7:50pm Bob!
  6. Well done Eastbourne who rode very well and never looked in danger of letting Mildenhall back into contention. Good to see them eventually celebrate after heat 12 even though they had sealed the Championship one race earlier!!
  7. Judging by the size of the crowd JCF has yet to arrive with the train load of Panthers fans!
  8. WembleyLion

    Fixture shambles - An annual event

    You are right about both - Sunday 1 November 1998 was Coventry v Ipswich in the Craven Shield Final second leg. Oxford and Cradley also failed to complete the KO Cup Final second leg in the 80's (1986 I think). I can only recall one official November fixture after the Coventry one from 1998 and that was at King's Lynn on 1 November 2000, however in the 70's and 80's November meetings took place most seasons. The latest meeting a saw was the Nigel Wasley Memorial on 10 November 1979 at Cradley. The latest league fixture I watched was Canterbury v Crayford on 7 November 1981.
  9. He (BWD) actually informed Peterborough before signing for them that he had surgery scheduled for 27 September and they were happy for him to sign on that basis.
  10. WembleyLion

    CrazySue and Speedway Updates

    Yes indeed - thank you to all of you for a great job. Really appreciate what you do.
  11. Always thought Ackroyd was a poor referee since he helped Holder to become World Champion!
  12. WembleyLion

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    Calling off meetings like this is a major contributory factor as to why fans have been deserting the sinking Speedway ship! Even if the track was 'unfit' several hours ago it just isn't good enough on a near perfect day for Speedway!
  13. WembleyLion

    Swindon v Belle Vue. Thursday 27/09/18.

    The average dropping was pretty blatant last night and I felt really sorry for the Swindon fans parting with their hard earned money and having to watch it! I think one of the problems with league Speedway these days is that (unlike the fans who follow their team) many riders have little or no real affinity to the club(s) they ride for.
  14. WembleyLion

    Having a laugh

    I know what you mean but you are also lucky to get Speedway in the Summer months at some tracks these days!
  15. WembleyLion

    Eastbourne v Mildenhall 22/9/18

    I guess they were all at the seaside on such a glorious day - anywhere to avoid a meaningless football match! Unfortunately in land locked Buckinghamshire where I live the seaside isn’t an easy alternative so the local shops (including Tesco Express!) were as busy as any other Saturday that day! By the way the meaningless football match did not even clash time wise! I went to Berwick the week before when England played Sweden and yes during the afternoon the town was quiet but come 7pm there was a really good turnout for the Speedway. Also I don’t think the vast majority of the UK actually watched any of the other England World Cup games so your claim about the third place play off game seems a little exaggerated.

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