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  1. WembleyLion

    SON 2020

    Hopefully after heat 14 they will see sense and move the remaining heats to Torun
  2. WembleyLion

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Yes indeed re. quarantine on return to the UK which in itself seems somewhat odd when much of Poland is much safer than than many parts of the UK. It seems ironic that we quarantine those travelling in from Poland but we do not apply similar measures within the UK where the virus is at significantly greater levels in many places. If anything the Poles should be applying a quarantine to those travelling in from the UK.
  3. WembleyLion

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    I was in Torun last weekend and certainly the attitude towards Covid seemed much different to what we have been experiencing here. Apart from restricted numbers in the stadium and having your temperature taken when entering it almost seemed normal.
  4. WembleyLion

    Unusual individual meetings

    I think it would require a minimum of 4 (4 way!) dead heats so technically not all!
  5. WembleyLion

    Unusual individual meetings

    From a mathematical point of view the answer is 7.5 I guess. 120 available points divided by 16 riders. This would involve at number of dead heats!
  6. WembleyLion

    Unusual individual meetings

    I came very close to seeing five riders tie on 13 points in the Golden Hammer on 23 October 2017. It was going nicely to plan right up until heat 19 when Max Clegg had to win which he did and Ashley Morris had to finish second which I recall was going to happen until he fell and remounted for third. In heat 20 Broc Nicol would have also have needed a second behind the winner Ben Morley but Broc fell and was excluded although it didn’t matter by then as the possibility of five riders on 13 had ceased in heat 19!
  7. WembleyLion

    Closest matches ever

    Thanks andout and Chunky. I’m off this week so will continue to go through my own records of meetings I have attended. I actually reckon I have seen more dead heats than matches where both teams scores where within two points of each other for the entirety of the match.
  8. WembleyLion

    Closest matches ever

    Thanks for this but I was asking a different question and was looking for matches where there was no more than two points between the teams throughout the meeting which will not be that many I suspect. Your list shows all matches where the final result was no more than two points between the teams which will be plentiful as your list shows. If you could filter it to show those where the scores were never more than two points difference throughout the entire meeting that would be of great interest to me.
  9. WembleyLion

    Closest matches ever

    Found a few more I have been to with never more than two points between the teams:- 16/05/75 Peterborough 38 v 40 Birmingham 27/04/76 Crayford 40 v 38 Newcastle 06/07/78 Ipswich 39 v 38 Reading 07/05/79 Ipswich 39 v 39 Birmingham 28/04/80 Reading 39 v 39 King’s Lynn
  10. WembleyLion

    Closest matches ever

    I have been looking through some programmes this year when I might otherwise have been out watching Speedway and I have been searching out the meetings where there were never more than two points either way throughout the meeting so obviously one can eliminate anything where the final score was more than two points difference. From memory in 50 years and over 3,000 meetings I have only seen this happen less than 10 times but I need to fully check. Anyway here is the first one:- 26/09/70 - Wembley 40 v 38 Newcastle
  11. Hi Marcus I’m hearing good things about this young Pole and look forward to seeing him on track. As I have said before Michael was a brilliant rider at the age of 16 mixing it comfortably with the big names of the day!
  12. WembleyLion

    Plymouth speedway

    Very well done to all at Plymouth Speedway for putting on another great show. I am really enjoying my 450 mile round trips down to Devon and back and judging by the number of other familiar faces, many of whom were also at Scunthorpe on Sunday, there are quite a few long distance travellers making the most of these socially distanced meetings. Let’s hope they can run next week also.
  13. WembleyLion

    Plymouth speedway

    1 53.13 2 52.44 3 53.00 4 52.12 5 52.50 6 52.87 7 54.43 8 No time 9 52.84 10 53.81 11 53.75 12 52.86 13 52.50 14 53.75 15 52.93
  14. Like you Tony I’m not troubled by the line up. I’m just really pleased to have a ticket and an opportunity to watch my favourite sport. I would just like to add a big well done to all concerned for getting this far as not so long ago I feared I would see no post lockdown Speedway in the UK this year.

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