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  1. mac101

    Edinburgh 2022

    tracks are measured around the inside line so can be 260 on the inside but can be a lot more around the outside
  2. MX Rider pay to ride their bikes where practice days can be around £35 but you get to ride your bike for hours rather than minutes and not a lot of travel if your doing local club meetings ,unless you doing British championships which is usually 2 days over a weekend where racing is more expensive to enter and everybody works monday to friday to help fund it and race at weekends nothing on weekdays but practice if you want but it’s much the same in the pits on race days with riders turning up with 2 new tuned bikes every year and £50k motor homes less maintaince on mx bikes
  3. don’t think the home team pays the away team riders points think it’s only something towards there travel
  4. Ben Basso could also be missing will see how he feels in the morning and update rib injury also
  5. Think Harris is away on long track duties
  6. Crashed hard in ht 1 rerun struggling to hold on in ht 5 he also crashed last night at Oxford while he has been carrying a rib injury for a few weeks don’t think the tracks got anything to do with it more the body can’t take it
  7. Elliot Kelly and lee complin sign will lawson and George Rothery out
  8. mac101

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    one of the main differences is that Dan had steve lawson coaching him from day one Dan was a champion mx rider so new how to ride a bike fast with the top mx riders and most riders that move from mx are pretty decent anyway but when you have someone of steve’s calibre coaching you right away your going to be good but riders like dan are one in a million if you follow him on social media he rides every 2 wheeled machine out there mx trails flat track even rides a unicycle heard he is now taking golf up lol
  9. cookies ribs are still giving him slight discomfort from his fall a few weeks back
  10. mac101

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    that could be 2 then that turned up at armadale and left the country the next day lol
  11. mac101

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    No that was the American can’t remember nis name but went back to the states and joined a rock band ::Eric Carillo::
  12. True but pretty sure they have to do so many working hours work on sight before their papers are fully signed off
  13. More chance of Oxford giving him 2 bikes and a guarantee than Newcastle
  14. He has bought a pretty new FGM engine and seems to be working well he used it last week at home but he never used it at scunny as it was far too strong for the slick track there but used it yesterday and tonight so hopefully he can go on a run of good scores now
  15. mac101

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Maybe he has signed for Glasgow and then going on loan to Berwick pretty sure belle vue did it with the lad from Birmingham .He was in the pits with Ben Basso yesterday

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