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  1. if they wait till after if Edinburgh v Glasgow goes ahead poole can pick from the losing team
  2. mac101

    Poole Pirates 2021

    meetings this friday ko cup 2nd leg Saturday 1st leg of playoff so can see something the following week 20th i think for ko cup if glasgow go through and 2nd leg on the 24th
  3. usually top team gets 2nd leg too many meetings completions to keep up
  4. i think their trying to get the second leg rather than the first leg so they can have the advantage of knowing first match score
  5. perfect weather for a double header on friday
  6. once you sign into a fim meeting you can’t leave to race anywhere else unless he does not sign into the meeting till saturday and gives up practice
  7. maybe a guest if not there is he in the team thou ?
  8. mac101

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    not as hilarious as doing a away meeting at your home track and getting 4 points for a win
  9. thinks i heard tonight it’s the ko cup so can get it done
  10. mac101

    Poole Pirates 2021

    think the riders insurance and race licences also
  11. i know a lot of the Europeans riders had to pay for there own visas or something towards it to ride here after a certain date this year maybe tero didn’t want to pay for his
  12. mac101

    Redcar 2022

    think when you hold your own in the top league you’re above a 2* rider
  13. mac101

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    yes only in speedway you can have an away leg at a home track with big advantage for mildenhall for such a important meeting and from what i am told a few clubs didn't’ think it was right either after they found out even when they still have the original date still on at kent and maybe a bumper crowd for kent also if kent win they have a chance of the title maybe then mildenhall can offer them there track to help them finish their season BSPL made right decision for the good of the sport
  14. mac101

    KENT ROYALS 2020

    meeting to go ahead as agreed at kent now

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