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  1. Riders have their favourite engines for certain tracks and seem to know when they start to lose power around 30-35 hts sometimes less and sends them to get serviced and when they come back some never seem to be the same new parts can cause this Richie dropped a valve in his fav engine which basically means you chuck the top end of the engine in the bin around £1700 later he gets it back with all new top end and it is not like what it was before it went bang sends it back after telling his tuner where it lacks power he tweaks it and hopfully it’s better next week
  2. That’s also the same problem with Richie,s engine he just got his engine back after it loosing power at Berwick last week and seems to be a bit flat tried a few changes but nothing seemed to work
  3. Workington 2018 .

    Why not do what Edinburgh did and doing again this year and do a Nl Northern Cumbrian open invite decent Nl riders for this end of the country charge a tenner to get in as these riders don't demand top money like top riders want they just want to race their bikes and you will get some decent races
  4. Bradley Wilson dean filling in for mason next few matches
  5. Seen it being driven around yesterday by someone with people in it so think it is but would maybe call Leicester to confirm
  6. Mason campton suspected broken or dislocated wrist after falling while having a practice at Leicester this morning
  7. Don’t think ty proctors got his visa yet either
  8. Stoke

    Pretty sure Shaun Tedham will fit without looking at ave
  9. Glasgow 2018

    You now wonder why Birmingham did not want him in their nl team this year did they know something the others didn’t ?
  10. Birmingham 2018

    Pretty sure he got a big signing on deal from Glasgow wonder if they will get it back
  11. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Maybe knight would fill both his team spots But would he fancy the long journey every Friday night for 3 rides ?
  12. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Who is out that can fill the number 1 slot