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  1. mac101

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Having watched them this season the boys will do well if the track suits them All the Nl tracks they rode on are really slick but stepping up a league means the tracks will have a lot more dirt on them and they will need to be a lot stronger to hold on to their bikes
  2. mac101

    Edinburgh 2020

    Rumour it’s Heffinbrock
  3. mac101

    Edinburgh 2020

    The Germans are coming
  4. mac101

    Edinburgh 2020

    He will be back next year
  5. mac101

    Glasgow 2020

    Add jack Thomas 2.49 sorted
  6. mac101

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Would think Danyon Hume must be in with a shout for reserve spot
  7. mac101

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Stewart will have explored every team possible to his knowledge of the points limit and if Scott has to go go along with others from this year you can be sure the riders that come in will be of higher caliber
  8. Connor bailey did ok for his first year in the championship even thou he has had never ridden in the uk and only a year older Jordan will do ok and and will hold his own I think his age doesn't really come into it
  9. mac101

    Newcastle 2020

    If there’s only a handful of teams they could run 2 teams and only do league matches so would only need 5 Sunday’s Which could be fitted in on blank weekends unless they made the finals lol might need a few more lol
  10. mac101

    Newcastle 2020

    Would depend what sort of team they put out there’s loads of northern based riders plus a few locals put a winning team together and fans will come
  11. mac101

    Glasgow 2020

    Would maybe take out summers use Broc nickel and use extra points at bottom end
  12. The tapes did not go up right on the inside and when cami asked the COC. To check them after he had been excluded he was right and told the ref but the ref still refused to change his decision
  13. mac101

    Play-off final

    Think It will be RR for Ruddick
  14. mac101

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Redcar Friday Glasgow Saturday
  15. mac101

    Eastbourne 2019

    The Spillar kid will be in with a shout

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