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  1. mac101

    Leicester 2019

    Leicester only have the four fit riders at the moment Luke Ruddick injured Ryan MacDonald is ill and off his work so can’t ride and might be struggling for next week and think because Luke is local and reserves don’t get any travel money it kind of makes sense
  2. We have been there twice 4 days holiday £220 each time in fuel £80 travel lodge and using up day like that means we might not get there for next one as not got many days left to take
  3. Danyon has not had much racing this year with the cubs only having a handful of matches so far but having seen him in all of these matches he looks a far better rider more in control I am sure once he gets more continuous meetings every week he will be in the points for both his championship and NL clubs
  4. mac101

    Leicester NL 2019

    Waiting on the result between Plymouth and stoke on Friday stoke are 11 point up I think from their leg hoping for stoke :-) can’t face another 10 hour journey again
  5. Might have to lend it to him again (after we have raced them ):-))
  6. That would probably be when Glasgow are in town try bring few hundred with them ;-)
  7. It’s like that every week but usually around ht 5/6 depends where riders ride first few hts
  8. Terry that does the track at Redcar gets the track there the same every week it’s never been that good he knows his stuff wish there were a few more like him around the country
  9. That’s seems to be our problem getting the same consistent track every week it’s never the same2 weeks in the row which doesn’t help home riders they’ve should be able to run the same set up every week with minor tweaks but it seems to be big changes every week
  10. mac101

    REDCAR 2019

    Think the points played a part in it needed to drop smith to fit the other 2 plus a 2 pointer JS was just over 3 and Tom bacon might not be back this season
  11. rumour is he has been dropped
  12. Should have put the video of him dancing on the table after with him singing I belong to Glasgow lolllol
  13. Some of The Edinburgh fans are so bitter,some were even giving him stick when he was riding for cradley at stoke yesterday we have taken it for years now it’s there turn and they spit the dummy
  14. Home club doesn’t pay anything towards away riders travel now
  15. If the test comes up positive for any banned substances your out and will probably now have to give a blood sample if you google drug test kits there very accurate these days can pinpoint what’s in your urine within 10 mins and tell you even what type of drug you have taken ALL OPIATES (including Heroin and Morphine) COCAINE (including Crack and Coke) METHAMPHETAMINES (including Ice, E's) SPEED (including Whizz and all Amphetamines) ALL BENZOS (including Valium and Rohypnol) METHADONE (including Red Rock and Dolly) ALL MARIJUANA (including Cannabis and Skunk)

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