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  1. It’s a open invitational meeting and would need a visa to ride in championship but would not to qualify in the top 3 of there national championships to be considered for a visa
  2. mac101

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    Paul Starke replaces Richie
  3. mac101

    Edinburgh 2018

    Looking at Jack smith he was also a 2 but is a 3.7 in championship he never got his ave lowered same as Nathan grieves he is under 3 but stuck with his championship ave from last year 4.37
  4. mac101

    Edinburgh 2018

    Max cleggs premiership ave is null and void now because rye house have pulled out the league so is stuck with over 4 ave not many 3.03 riders out there
  5. mac101

    Edinburgh 2018

    Riding stoke most weeks would dent any riders confidence
  6. mac101

    Edinburgh 2018

    Clegg has a championship ave of 4.15 pretty sure they would have to use that but can only ask the BSPA. If you can get him on a 3 they can only say no what about gary flint heard he. Wants to make a comeback #letflintyride lol
  7. Will give the monarchs time to find New riders after dropping mark and max after the meeting RW plus 3 pointer
  8. mac101

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    David Wallinger replaces Danyon tonight
  9. mac101

    Glasgow 2018

    He is still in glasgows declared 1-7 so will be there till the changes are made
  10. mac101

    Plymouth 2018

    Ellis perks replaces Adam Roynon
  11. mac101

    Glasgow 2018

    If you really look at the team not one riders stands out we have been unfortunate in mechanical gremlins, riders not being fully fit every riders has had bad weeks and good weeks so dont think any riders should be singled out in this way and as Richie says in the star you can’t win every race no matter how good you are having helped Richie in the pits many times I can say he puts more thought into every ride between races than any rider I have helped he watches every race looks where the riders are getting best lines on the track and makes changes to suit sometimes when you try to hard it goes against you
  12. mac101

    modern track prep

    Pretty Sure they also used to use old engine oil along with detergent to help bind it together and it also helped to hold the moisture stewart Dickson used to really soak Glasgow the night before after the sun had gone down on hot days then all Sunday morning up to match but still kicked up dust halfway through the meeting a lot depends on the base type and clay shale content
  13. mac101

    Edinburgh 2018

    He is riding in the Caledonian open In a few weeks in a decent field so should do really well

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