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  1. mac101

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Better it happening in these type of meetings before the season starts rather than in his first home meeting
  2. mac101

    Scunthorpe 2019

    The only main differences between the riders own suits and club ones will be the team colours, each rider tells the manufacture where he wants his own sponsor logos on the suit so basically no real difference , the only time I can remember a club insisting on putting a non sponsor logo was last year when Glasgow put the Greg Mackie training academy logo on all the suits which all the riders were happy about , and it also saves the rider £6/700 before the season starts Glasgow have had individual fans sponsor each suits and they got to keep them when the season is over not that there's much left of it after a season and this year it's Grant Henderson Tankers who has sponsored all the team suits
  3. mac101

    Scunthorpe 2019

    This years team suits did not cost the northern club any money they are sponsored same as last year
  4. mac101

    Newcastle 2019

    Think Max Clegg will be your key rider this year and end up in the main body pretty quick and Simon lambert will drop to reserve so you will always have a strong reserve and Danny will score his average most meeting home and away and think the 2 reserves will swap between the 6/7 pending who they are against
  5. mac101

    Leicester 2019

    Kelsey Duguard according to his twitter
  6. mac101

    Leicester 2019

    Think they cancelled the practice
  7. mac101

    Edinburgh 2019

    CB on the promotion now lol
  8. mac101

    Newcastle 2019

  9. mac101

    Newcastle 2019

    Pretty sure josh would have mason in his pit if he comes over with him to help him with setups etc and seeing his rides at shieffield he just got better every race yes looked a bit loose on the bike but always looked in control and think max Clegg will not be at reserve for long good asset to have these days
  10. mac101

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Berge still with belle vue at the moment
  11. mac101

    Newcastle 2019

    Would make a good asset if you get him think he will do ok over here seen him ride in the top gun at Sheffield looked the part rides a bit like josh Pickering around the boards
  12. mac101

    Newcastle 2019

    If you or I were the team manager or promoter and though you could make your team stronger pretty sure you would do the same before some other team does just a shame its before the season starts but with worky not running there was always going to be some changes when these riders became available think it might be 2 Aussies coming in
  13. mac101

    Newcastle 2019

    Have they got anything left to play with campton?
  14. mac101

    Newcastle 2019

    Victor dropped Got a text message today saying that I have been sacked by Newcastle before the season even starts. Two days before I was gonna send all my bikes and equipment over. Have invested a lot of money to be able to start the season over there. I have planned all my meetings around the teams I was gonna ride in and then 3 weeks before the season is about to start I got a text saying that I don’t have to come over. Very disappointed in how Newcastle have treated me and it’s nothing near what a professional club should be doing.
  15. mac101

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Pretty sure when you set a smoke alarm off in a state of the art hotel it can be pin pointed to the excact room where it happens and when the other rider in the room doesn't smoke pretty sure they can work it out without Sherlock Holmes

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