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  1. mac101

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Lewis Kerr Paul Starke niki Luna Bradley Wilson dean ben barker sarj or Nathan greaves jack Thomas 37.64
  2. mac101

    berwick bandits 2019

    Pretty sure you will still get them coming down when they have free weekends they all love a Berwick night out another rider Ryan Blacklock whose thinking of chucking his leg over a bike again
  3. mac101

    berwick bandits 2019

    Would they not try run a nl team team to keep the track running ,the likes of Eastbourne and Birmingham seem to have put decent competitive teams together and have kept a decent crowd level and not lost any money from what I hear they would have a decent team with some local riders in Leon and kerion plus the likes of mitch Davy Luke Ruddick Ryan MacDonald Kev Whelan blair Smith that would give locals something to cheer about and with less matches could have a weekend of now and again and with having the training track on their doorstep could bring riders up from there, also there wage bill would be easy quarter less than they pay out now and with local riders the local press might cover it more
  4. mac101

    lakeside 2019

    Most mx clubs in the U.K left the ACU and joined the MCF as they have brought mx and other 2 wheeled sports into the 20th century and riders can have both ACU and MCF licences the Courtney's tried to run a speedway GP style event around the country through them but the riders were threatened with bans from the Bspa if any of them run with a MCF licence ,the Courtney's run a very sucessfull mini bike series through the MCF they run the F2 speedway also http://www.mcfederation.com/events
  5. mac101

    Workington 2019

    Mason Campton sorted for visa next year came 2nd in state championship hugh skidmore winning with zane keleher coming 3rd Josh Grajczonek 4th
  6. mac101

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Most heatleaders in the NL would not have been able to fill the reserve spot at scunny they only had 2 points left and I don’t think any rider doesn’t try when racing most teams have build from the reserve this year with 4-5-6 point riders at reserve so he was one of the weakest reserves to start with Danny was just there because of the points they had left and only one that took the job and did scunny not say before he was picked that they would pick a rider that looked good from their amature winter series Danny was always going to be against it especially coming back from his injury and why is it always the weak reserve that gets all the blame when a teams not doing well and he maybe never quit because there was nobody to replace him on a 2 point ave He did beat jack Thomas 2pointer Kyle Bickley another 2 pointer from 15 mtr at home
  7. mac101

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Please do as they all look great till they step up ,a few riders likes Kemp bewley mountain bickley are the exceptions
  8. Just hope all goes well without any boxing this week and everybody goes home in one piece
  9. From Mildenhall Speedway - Tomorrows Team at Eastbourne is as follows - 1. Drew Kemp 2. Kelsey Dugard (g) 3. Josh Bailey 4. Ryan Kinsley 5. R/R (Danny Ayres) 6. Sam Bebee 7. Matt Marson #TigerPride #YoungGuns #YourTeam
  10. mac101

    Glasgow 2018

    Guess their will be Another Bridge walk and the fans to keep them afloat for another year Edinburgh promotion must rub their hands every end of season knowing they don’t need to dip into their own pockets lol
  11. Maybe if had given him ht 15 at Glasgow we might have one the playoff
  12. Ty and mason confirmed in Victorian Aussie titles on 27th October just in case
  13. mac101

    Kent Laurels

    Track will be changed before the start of next season
  14. mac101

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    As MH has said if someone’s wants to buy it it’s there for sale and if someone decides to buy it where and what league will they run in ? so until they have somewhere to run no one will want it and pretty sure if they reach the NL final which would be a great feat for a team knocked together from the riders that were left without a team this year the glory hunters will appear out the woodwork :-))
  15. From Glasgow Facebook page FIXTURE UPDATE: Given the weather warning that is in place for tomorrow, it’s highly likely that our play-off fixture will be postponed. If this is the case, the home fixture will take place at 13:30 on Sunday. Should our away fixture against Workington on Saturday also be cancelled, which again looks likely due to the weather, our Sunday fixture will form part of a doubleheader that day, with the return fixture taking place at 19:30 at Derwent Park.

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