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  1. Maybe I just quoted what is on the Website and hope is right
  2. Do not understand all the negative comments , Panthers are running in 2019, we are back in the top league , we still have Ged and Neil it seems, who saved us with aid of fans when it seemed we would no longer have speedway in Peterborough at all, we have a very good team indeed , back on TV, no better way to advertise the Panthers, as may temp new people to try speedway or bring back fans who have drifted away over the last few years , cannot wait for the season to start ,especially with the local derby`s with Ippo and Kings Lynn.. jimg
  3. Did not say he was ideal to ride for us, was just stating my opinion of an Exiting rider, Buckowski one of my favs was an exiting ride, just saying Tungate or Scotty to me are not, jimg
  4. Karl said exciting rider, Garitty? to me, is type of rider fits that description more than, Tungate or Nichols jimg
  5. Wondered why in all guesses , no one has mentioned Eddie Kennett , last ave I saw was about 5.27, would be a snip at around that figure IMO , but hey what do I know, Jimg
  6. Is that all riders who rode for RYE ?, and all who rode at Rye ,have any been any of those been adjusted or is it just Chris Harris , does not seem right to me, if that is correct, ,
  7. Yes I am, Top or champs ,not bothered , we are still running , plus Ged and Neil are staying, that is a bonus for me JimG
  8. How is MPT after his withdrawal last night?
  9. Agree, but, better a guest, if it had been last night, been down to 5, too risky against a good Sheffield side
  10. Ully 7.42 MPT 7.36 latest on BSPA
  11. Hi Scorpion Was the Scunny v Pan, and the fours get videod ? been trying to buy these DVD`s and so far had no replies, have tried Alex Raby but not had any reply at all jimg
  12. Anyone know latest on Ulrich, has he returned to Denmark yet? jimg
  13. Here , Stunning performance tonight, Won us the Match, well done young man ,and the rest of the lads, on paper could not win, was sending heat result to Fred in Cyprus, he must have thought I was joking. jimg
  14. Any of those will score more than Tom during period of Emils absence , and we need those extra points , would have taken more than a point at Glasgow, and would give us a choice if and when Emil returns, of Perks and whoever, though think Perks is better. jimg

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