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  1. Seriously, what I saw on the TV screen last night, despite a very interesting track there, simply another boring meeting, not much excitement although Lambert was the deserved winner. SEC yesterday, also the quality of the live pix, sub standard. On the other hand the scene with the tape troubles was rather hilarious ...
  2. Be happy with silver, Tai was the best rider tonight, Lambert a promise for Englands future. Laguta and Sayfutdinov with all his hard work from the outside gates have been the best team, IMO absolutely deserved win! PS: I really find the new pairs format a winner, maybe a few adjustments ... PS: my new hero is Mr. „Kamikaze Lindgren“, do you remember his antics v. Woffinden in Prague?
  3. Thanks The Dean Machine, but what were his comments then? PS, read with interest your GTR comments ...
  4. So what exactly was Cook‘s tweet that did upset Woffinden? Appreciate any feedback, thanks ...
  5. Ref Gardell said to TW „you were at the wrong time at the wrong place“. Well IMO Fredrik LIndgren wants to win at any price, really. When you look back at some of his actions ie 2017 at Belle Vue, his crash with Kennneth Bjerre, Melbourne 2016, etc. I have difficulty to understand why his doing such things often In the 1st or 2nd bend.... High risk rider. Anyway I‘m glad for Woffy that is able to think what could happen when somebody else wants to win at any price ...
  6. Woul like to hear PhilipRising‘s view on the Lindgren/Woffinden incident?

  7. Navigator1900

    Czech GP prague Saturday 26th May 2018

    Interesting comparison to Sayfutdinov‘s very bad accident in2013, when Miedzinski shut the door. Time will tell if Lindgren can go on like this the whole season. IMO Woffinden was and is the wiser guy.
  8. Navigator1900

    Czech GP prague Saturday 26th May 2018

    IMO like hard riding but it still has to be fair, IMO Lindgren wants to win at all costs. Woffinden does use his brain and can shut off when necessary! I think FL shut the door quite brutal toTW. Mind you, if Dudek had shut the door like this in the last corner? we don‘t want to see even more bad injuries ... look at FL‘s records, i.e.Melbourne 2016, BL final Belle Vue, his actions v. Kenneth Bjerre. Etc on the other hand, can‘t remember similar actions from TW. In soccer they are using yellow and red cards ☝️ PS: is anywhere an interview with Taif to find on the subject Prague final heat?
  9. Navigator1900

    Sgp Wildcards 2018

    I really do wonder how long it will take to get the news about wildcards for 2018? But if they really give 1 to Chris Holder ???
  10. Navigator1900

    Sgp Wildcards 2018

    Vaculik absolutely yes, I fully agree, Milik I agree, but don't forget from Denmark Nicki & Iversen have definitely more to offer than Madsen ....
  11. Nothing personal against Teterow, but I really think Landshut down in Bavaria could be more attractive than Teterow. Distance Airport Munich to Landshut only about 38 km, even less to the stadium. Lovely old town in Landhut, Munich not far away, stadium hat already SEC-Events .... Your opinions .... ?
  12. Navigator1900

    Teterow Germany Gp Saturday 9th September

    Even better than Güstrow imo would be Landshut down in Bavaria !
  13. Navigator1900

    Teterow Germany Gp Saturday 9th September

    At least we have a German GP. Imo would prefer a place like Landshut in Bavaria, they had already SEC there ....
  14. Navigator1900

    Smolinski And Pussies

    During his full SGP season I did not like Smolinski's boxing-gesture at all. Nowadays he gave it up. Back in June at the Challenge-semifinal in Olching I had the chance to talk to him in the pits and was very positively surprised what a friendly a nice person he can be .... I had to change my image about him form rather negative into positive. Let's not forget, the SGP circus can use one or two characters like Nicki P.
  15. Very interesting news from Kowalski Racing. To me SGP-scene becomes more and more a high-tech-war of engine tuners !

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