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  1. Polish press informed about a dispute between GM engine manufacturer and danish engine tuner Flemming Graversen. https://www.przegladsportowy.pl/zuzel/zuzel-porownujemy-czesci-silnikow-gm-i-graversena/n6q24yd Interesting to read via Chrome translation .... Fact is, most SGP riders do still need highly price tuning of their GM-machinery. Be it Graversen, Kowalski, Johns, Holloway, Karger, Kugelmann or others .... Fact is, somebody has to pay for it. On the other hand, not only in my opinion time is overdue for change to lower this extracosts. The FIM has to make new rules. For example why not forbid certain expensive engine parts as camshaft, valves, springs, piston etc. Tuners are still allowed to do maintenance on engines but sellling highly prices special parts would be forbidden in order to reduce costs. These parts have to be homolagated by the FIM. Of course this would be the case for all manufacturers as GM, GTR, Godden and Jawa. A reduction of maximum RPM should also be major topic. These rules should made compulsory not only in SGP but all Speedway leagues. Look how many clubs have gone bankrupt or having financial problems over the last years in countries as England, Sweden and Poland to name a few. Massive cost reduction for 2021 is necessary for the sake of our sport. PS: riders are always desperate for the fastest engine available, often somebody around them or a sponsor is prepared to pay for it.
  2. Any ideas what was the technical reason? What was wrong with his bike just after the start? Must be a minor problem as he could use the same bike for the run-off. Something to do with his fuel (methanol)? Fueltap ?
  3. Iainb, excellent feedback from U, will post it to Armando ...
  4. VERY true words, this new points system "sucks". We should call for changes as soon as possible. It is a joke that a "offensive" rider like Lindgren scores only 7 points before the semis and in then goes home with a total of 16 points .... in the near future riders will be tempted to take higher risks in the semifinals. That will create too dangerous riding = more accidents. Have a look at road racing, after serious accidents discussion start if it would be necessary to change the tracks. On the other hand, Longtrack these days, the ride on big wide tracks with only 5 riders per heat due to safety reasons ..... The whole SGP series is heading to a lottery world championship from my point of view.
  5. Landshut/Germany, I heard rumours that they are thinking about entering SGP .... ? IMO interesting venue, track seems to be gaters paradise but could be improved, Landshut lovely oldtown, Munich not far away ....
  6. Navigator1900

    2020 FIM Long Track

    Letˋs hope he will do well in Morizės !
  7. IMO guess: Fricke, Cook, Smolinski or Zagar?
  8. Hallstavik GP this year was pretty good, IMO
  9. Navigator1900

    Hallstavik 06/07

    Thank you, guys, anyway it was great win for Emil and to watch it from the main grandstand was fantastic for me and my friends travelling to Hallstavik from Switzerland!
  10. Navigator1900

    Hallstavik 06/07

    Can anybody explain why Emil got the last choice for gate position in the final heat, please?
  11. Navigator1900

    Hallstavik 06/07

    If you have been,at the GP you probably would agree that to watch it from the grandstands the racing was much better in the 2nd half, I did enjoy to go to Hallstavik!
  12. Navigator1900

    Hallstavik 06/07

    No chaos at all, friendly atmosphere, pretty little stadium, great view very close to the track, exciting meeting towards the ende with worthy winner Emil Sayfutdinov. I did enjoy and saw more than from some meeting i.e. Gorzow or Torun. Would recommend Hallstavik SGP!
  13. Thank you mate, what about Kenneth Bjerre, will he try the SGP qualifiers as well?
  14. Thank you for this news. About Hampel, as far as I understand he has not yet ridden ekstraliga. Is he not yet 100% fit, do you know which SGP qualifier he intends to race? IMO he has still a lot to offer if his fit again. best wishes

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