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  1. Rickyb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Yes Wright scored 17 Robert was on a max but in the final race mucked up the start and first bend and just wheelied round at the back
  2. Rickyb

    Kings Lynn 2019

    His debut meeting was 5th June 2013 against Buxton he scored 5 wins and a last his next meeting, against Stoke on 19th June 20+1 paid max plus track record 59.50
  3. Rickyb

    Does Buster call the shots?

    What a load of rubbish moaning about things that haven't even happened and not likely to happen. If it does happen THEN have a good old moan
  4. I see, thank you very much I didn't see heat 15
  5. What I didn't understand as I watched with foreign commentary is why was Simon Lambert in heat 15?
  6. I think that tonight the fans will be very interested in in the other match going on plus not everyone has BT sports so can't watch it later, so I think it's brilliant that we can watch it in the breaks between our races
  7. Rickyb


    OH OK sorry, my mistake
  8. Rickyb


    I watched it on freesports last night not HD picture was plenty good enough
  9. Thank you all, makes a bit more sense now
  10. As I didn't see the match last night I am interested to know what caused the handbag session
  11. I see your point but I still find it hard to think he would ride around and around for no good reason, and yes I imagine it would be a bit cooler up in the royal box.
  12. Despite what everyone on here thinks I really don't believe that Buster rides around on his tractor just for the fun of it, there was obviously a reason for it last night maybe the riders asked for more grading, and I'm sure he doesn't do it to wind up the fans. also it certainly was not a cold night!
  13. I do see your point and I too have watched the Stars since the Terry Betts days and would rather see good racing, but yes it would be nice to win a trophy so maybe I can put up with a couple of meetings like that
  14. Totally DISAGREE good racing is much more important than any trophies,
  15. Rickyb

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    If its true that Poole were not trying last night then that is VERY UNFAIR to the paying public and all the riders and management should be heavily fined or even kicked out of the play-offs. Having said that I don't think it's true and they were well and truly beaten by a better team

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