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  1. Jonas Sturebrand

    SGB championship fours 1st July redcar

    Is it possible that somewhone have the meeting format and complete starting list?
  2. Jonas Sturebrand


    What is the results then?
  3. Jonas Sturebrand


  4. Jonas Sturebrand


    Can any one help me with "heat by heat" results from this meetings? Redcar Cubs - Northside Stars (27 july) Workington Meteors - Ashfield Giants (29 july) Ashfield Giants - Northside Stars (30 july) Halifax Dukes - Workington Meteors (30 july) Carmarthen Dragons - Milton Keynes Knights (30 july)
  5. Jonas Sturebrand

    Birmingham V Stoke Wed 19th July

    Sadly not, they only have drivers sum of Points.
  6. Jonas Sturebrand

    Birmingham V Stoke Wed 19th July

    Any heat by heat from the meeting?
  7. Jonas Sturebrand

    Northside Stars - Newcastle Gems

    Thanks for the info, according to NJL unofficall site and speedwaygb.co the meeting was 8th July
  8. Anyone who have "heat by heat" results from Northside Stars - Newcastle Gems the 8th july?
  9. Jonas Sturebrand

    1st French Speedway Championship !

    Anybody who have heat by heat results from Marmande yeasterday?
  10. I'm searchin after english speedway photographers who can help us with "profil-picturs" of the drivers in English League system. If you want and can help me please Contact me on jonas.sturebrand@aktuellspeedway.se
  11. I have Heard rumours that it should be a new league in 2017 someone who have information about this? League name, clubs for example? And also any one who now when the calender for MDL or NL ar coming?
  12. Jonas Sturebrand

    France Championship

    Somewhone who have "heat by heat" results from the France Championship meeting this weekend?
  13. Anybody who has results from Belle Vue - Scunthorpe 13th may?
  14. Jonas Sturebrand

    Njl Fixtures?

    When does the fixture for NJL releases?

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