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  1. Super Blue

    Ipswich 2020

    Rumours of 6 man teams next year a possibility with new points limit so a replacement might not even be necessary. Its only something I heard with no element of proof behind it.
  2. Super Blue

    2021 speedway season !

    My apologies, I was under the impression that it took place on the specified date. It still however doesn't alter the fact that Stockcar events have been run on a fortnightly basis with crowds during the summer.
  3. Super Blue

    2021 speedway season !

    As far as 2021 is concerned I really think something needs to be done with the categorising of Speedway as an elite sport in this country! In other words make it grass roots and pronto! Let's be honest, how many clubs even in the Elite league these days average much more than 1200 to 1500 fans. I would say here at Ipswich about 1500 is the norm apart from playoffs etc when it does go up. The British final was due to take place at Ipswich with a crowd as a test event but ultimately ended up in Manchester behind closed doors due to this wonderful virus. The following weekend 2500 were allowed in the same Ipswich stadium for a Stockcar event at £50 a ticket generating £125,000 of income for a grass roots sports organisation (Spedeworth) 2500 being allowed in the same stadium for one sport and not 1000 for another is just wrong on so many levels. Either ban crowds at both or allow at both! How is this even possible is my question but who the hell do you put it to to try and get something done for parity.
  4. It says on the Berwick website a link will be posted on the day of the event for the pay what you like deal. I'm assuming this is in case of bad weather and making sure that it goes ahead. Better than having to make loads of refunds imo.
  5. So think about it, Spedeworth are getting £125,000 income out of an alleged grass roots non elite sport from a 2500 crowd, somebody somewhere seriously needs to get a fricking grip on this country's sport regulations. 'Professional elite sport' of any kind can't make a penny out of paying punters yet the stockcars can! Its absolutely 'Beep, Beep, Beeping' rediculous!!!
  6. Having followed this thread pretty closely and seen all the differing opinions on streaming sports I have a few observations 1. Given the current predicament obviously the stream is now the only option for the British final , some will love it and some will hate it. All depends on people's perspective of what watching Speedway means to them, the experience, cost, basically everything involved with actually being there. I don't see there being enough supporters to subscribe to streaming on a regular basis to get the income to survive. 2. Is streaming the way forward for any sport? Simple answer is no, football may be able to survive with all the TV money but probably only the bigger clubs, also sponsorship/TV may cover international sports like American football and a few others. 3. Speedway imo has no chance of survival without the paying public in the stadium. There's no real financial sponsorship, the only prize for winning the league is a trophy after all. Poland of course maybe the exception to this, whole different situation there. Whilst I fully appreciate everyone's opinions, for or against streaming as opposed to actually being there, only one answer is realistic for Speedway's survival. Seeing it live is the only way!
  7. Well I won't be reinvesting my money when I get it in getting the stream. I have the technology but I've said before on this thread that most of my enjoyment of speedway is being there, it's not just the racing, it's a night out, it's the whole experience. Paying £20 to watch it live and I'm there. £13 to stream it, no chance. I'm really not that fond of watching speedway on TV, I've still got 4 of the GP's recorded but not watched and can't stand all of the crap they chat about. I know that's what fast forward is for but it only lasts half an hour then. So disappointed right now!
  8. I've just looked up Spedeworth website and it says that ticket sales are suspended for this event. Whether that means they've sold out or they are now panicking is anyone's guess. One of my neighbours who usually goes to every stockcar meeting they can told me that Spedeworth are charging £50 a ticket for this one including kids! 2500 at that price is alot of money to lose out on. Imo if it is allowed to go ahead its absolutely fricking rediculous that 1000 can't go to Speedway in the same stadium a week before. I have no beef with stockcar racing and have even been a few times myself in the past. For the record yes I'm pretty damned p****d off its being run behind closed doors without me there !!!
  9. Well I know that Ipswich Town FC were supposed to be having 1000 at their home game on Saturday as a trial and that's already now behind closed doors. I'm wondering if the BSPA are in the process of trying to get some kind of clarification on dates and what's allowed before giving us the bad news. Maybe it will go ahead, I suppose if enough people have taken up the stream option. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.
  10. I can't imagine that the meeting itself will be totally cancelled especially as the live stream is all set up. I think its probably just a case of whether the 1000 will be able to go. More headaches for the BSPA and Chris Louis who's done a hell of a lot to get it all set up. They are certainly going to have to announce what's going on soon as I'm sure people from afar have made travel and accommodation plans.
  11. Super Blue

    Tape infringement

    It was just an idea and I did suggest maybe something like what moto x use. Was trying to come up with a possible plan to stop the jumping starters with the way the rules are at the moment. With the way it is though imo they should let everything go unless you touch the tapes, if you do you're out!
  12. Super Blue

    Tape infringement

    Admittedly I've not been rediculously close to a moto x starting gate but it just looked like it disappeared into the ground from where I stood, if not then my mistake.
  13. Super Blue

    Tape infringement

    I must admit I'm in the if you haven't touched the tapes then let it go camp. If you don't have the technology to check for jump starts and 99% of tracks don't then one Refs perspective of who's gone too early will differ from the next. Some riders seem to be able to predict when the tapes will go up better than others and sometimes they will demolish them when exclusion is the punishment they will get and deservedly so. If the sport had something like the motor x barrier system I've seen elsewhere they certainly wouldn't be trying to get a flyer and risk getting seriously injured. I think the powers that be just need to make their minds up on a system or a ruling to sort it out once and for all!
  14. To a small degree I could understand face coverings if it was an enclosed Grandstand but it's open air. However with eating, drinking, smoking and vaping I can envisage some people won't be wearing their's very much.
  15. I would imagine that Bewley must have originally said yes or he wouldn't have been in the line-up , only then when named in Poland did he have to withdraw. He would not want to jeopardise any future chance of riding in the Polish league.

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