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  1. I know one thing about this meeting. The Witches certainly need to buck their ideas up after the shocking recent performances away at Lynn and at home to Swindon ! A total inability to get out of the gate and no speed on the odd occasion they were in front going into the first bend. The Panthers pushed us fairly close last time they were here and that shouldn't be the case this time. The riders need to shape up or ship out as the expression goes if its not a comfortable win ! Whilst some may say loyalty to your team by the management is admirable we need to be convincing in our performance. We may well be at risk of falling out of the playoffs if we don't get the winning mentality back. Oh, and can somebody tell Bob to prep the track to suit us and not the opposition please ! Enough said for now
  2. I've known you long enough, I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one.
  3. Each to there own views and opinions I say, that's what forums are about, banter and debate. There will always be somebody out there trying to convince you that black is white. Won't change my opinion though!
  4. Don't be a Div Baldy, Marshall waving a red flag well before he gets to him means stop, not ride past him. As far as I'm concerned he's bang out of order with his reaction.
  5. Well, most of the season the Witches have had more than one rider turn up, definitely not the case last night! Lynn were certainly on the ball and fully deserved the win. A few comments to make though. After the track walk some of the dirt was dragged off taking away any potential outside grip, inside line was the way to go and Witches didn't adapt, but that's what home track advantage is all about. Although there didn't appear to be any contact between Jorgensen and Heeps in heat 5 he certainly dive bombed Cam and gave him nowhere to go. Hence the fall and exit in an ambulance. Home fans cheering always disappointing. Small disagreement between some of us ensued, nuff said. Maybe we have been punching above our weight this season and bubble now burst a bit, most of the riders now need to take a good look at themselves, regroup and start again to prevent any potential slide. Side issue, a social media video of Mr Cooks incident at Eastbourne became available last night, how is he not banned after riding into and headbutting a member of trackstaff at the meeting? Unbelievable!
  6. Super Blue

    Ipswich vs Belle Vue 1/8/19

    Last night we would have had a much bigger victory if Belle Vue had not had Morris as a guest, undoubtedly scored a lot more than Bewley would have. Quite clearly Bomber had a shocker but that's not entirely unexpected as he obviously doesn't like our track, tends to be better away. KP disappointing but conditions not to his liking I guess. Everyone else pretty much did their job well enough. Nice to get the 3 points and still be well up there in the league though. Just a shame we let them get a consolation point.
  7. Super Blue

    Ipswich vs Belle Vue 1/8/19

    I hear its chucking it down at Kesgrave not far from Foxhall and just checked rain radar, doesn't sound good. Anyone around locally to keep everyone updated?
  8. Super Blue

    Ipswich vs Belle Vue 1/8/19

    To be fair Bewley was fit in the U19 event and there wasn't really much in the way of quality opposition to beat.
  9. Super Blue

    Educate me on Danny Ayres

    I was just trying to make the point he has the ability to go further in the sport with his riding and leave nothing in the tank attitude. Was only going by what his other half was saying when I met her a Mildenhall the other week.
  10. Super Blue

    Educate me on Danny Ayres

    As well as being a Witches fan I pretty much go to every Mildenhall home meeting and Danny is already a legend there . He gives everything, loves winning and hates losing , Mr 110% every race ! (As Scott Nicholls would say) I believe its only his 4th or maybe 5th year in speedway and with the right sponsorship and equipment he could well find himself in the Premier league sooner rather than later and earning himself some much better money.
  11. Super Blue

    Ipswich vs Belle Vue 1/8/19

    No, buttons got date wrong, it's on Thursday 1st August.
  12. Super Blue

    Ipswich vs Belle Vue 1/8/19

    We have made a bit of a habit of allowing the opposition the odd point or 3 (once) at home this season but I'm hoping for a similar victory to that achieved in the P1 fixture in April. I do however imagine certain Aces riders may well be a bit better than last time around and it could be a bit closer or very tight. We do definitely need the win though with the Pie Rats guaranteed 3 pts at home to the Pussy cats on Thursday, just to keep in touch with the top of the table. Let's hope the weather is kind and we get to see 15 heats and a victory of course !
  13. Super Blue

    Scorpions v Glasgow 28.07.19

    Maybe not but on his day he is certainly capable of finishing above some of the competition!
  14. Super Blue

    Scorpions v Glasgow 28.07.19

    Granted I haven't read this entire thread and I may have missed a comment somewhere on what I'm about to say but as far as Danny is concerned he's preparing for the biggest night of his life in tonight's British final! Just maybe his head wasn't quite in the right place last night or his best bike and engine were wrapped in cotton wool ready for said meeting? Just a thought as his balls out style and with his attitude towards racing I'm sure he would usually have accrued a lot more than he scored last night!
  15. Super Blue

    Ipswich v wolves (Thursday)

    If the ref had got his decisions right early in the meeting the overall gap would have been wider. He was a totally blind smeg head (polite description)

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