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  1. Super Blue

    Ipswich 2018

    Let's hope Drew gets his first choice bike sorted before Thursday, he was on fire for Mildenhall yesterday before it died on him mid race. He managed to get within 0.02 sec of the track record in heat 1 ! Nobody is expecting too much from him at Foxhall but it will be nice to have a rider who can potentially score points by beating the oppositions reserves (no disrespect intended Mr Wallinger) rather than only getting something when someone falls off.
  2. Given the current weather forecast on BBC and more I would be grateful if anyone local would be able to keep us up to date on weather conditions and the likelihood of this going ahead today please?
  3. Super Blue

    Witches v Bandits 9th August

    Well they'll just have to make do without any Witches riders!
  4. Super Blue

    Witches v Bandits 9th August

    Well, it's raining already in Ipswich and if the forecast is even remotely accurate I'd be surprised if its not called off by lunchtime !
  5. Super Blue

    Witches v Bandits 9th August

    Try as I might i can't find an optimistic weather forecast anywhere for tomorrow , it's certainly not looking good to for seeing some speedway 2 weeks in a row . Mind you , that's pat for the course this season anyway !
  6. Super Blue

    Ipswich 2018

    So they are, can't see Cook riding for Glasgow that night then. Mind you it does mean they can get any guest in the league with his average as it is.
  7. Super Blue

    Ipswich 2018

    So who will be riding at reserve for the Witches against Glasgow next week? Big Dave Wallinger completes his 6 contracted meetings against Berwick this Thursday and Drew Kemp allegedly doesn't come on board till after the Glasgow meeting even though he would be eligible to ride. I'm guessing probably because Mildenhall ride on the 16th as well as ourselves and I would imagine an agreement was reached on his signing that he wouldn't miss their meetings. Will be interesting to see how this one unfolds.
  8. Can't argue with that one!
  9. Ostergaard only falls marginally short of Mr Pedersen in my book when it comes to win any cost , last year he seemed to make a b line for Covatti as well in one of the meetings between the teams! I'm obviously not the only one with this opinion or others wouldn't have mentioned it. But hey, it's all about opinions and ours differ.
  10. They are all racing incidents when it's your rider doing doing the damage NEP!
  11. Don't you mean what have they done to him? Last year Greaves took him out and Haertel this year! Ostergaard has fenced Covatti on more than one occasion!
  12. I wasn't in a position to attend this meeting but was very pleasantly surprised by the result. Was expecting to get a thumping which didn't turn out to be the case. And as others have said with scoring reserves we might have gone one better. Also was expecting a backlash about comments from myself and others ref Mr Ostergaards riding tactics. Its amazing how much better Nico Covatti can be when he's not having to watch his back and can be confident of completing a full quota of laps without being shoved into the first available fence! What does Ostergaard have against Nico anyway?
  13. Without Ostergaard riding at least Nico should be less likely to get injured! Still a big home win on the cards though as Peterborough and Lakeside are a clear head and shoulders above the rest in the Championship this season.
  14. Super Blue

    Ipswich 2018

    Not soon enough! Wallinger was allegedly brought in for 6 meetings but then they said Drew would come in after the Glasgow match but by my reckoning he should be eligible to ride against them on 16th August.
  15. Super Blue

    Ipswich 2018

    The deafening silence must give you a clue, either nobody knows or nobody wants to say anything. Which is always worrying!

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