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  1. Doesn't matter what people think of Buster, he's taken over clubs to keep the top league going, it is what it is and we'll just have to wait and see how it all pans out over the season. Anyway, it was a good enjoyable meeting with some passing ( unusual at Foxhall of late), certainly a very decent crowd and it's always satisfying to comfortably beat the old enemy, long may it continue !
  2. Super Blue

    Ipswich V Leicester Challenge 28.03.19

    Think it's Poland related Baldy, that's the impression we got at the meet the riders night.
  3. Super Blue

    Ipswich V Leicester Challenge 28.03.19

    Should be interesting to see who's rides Rory replaces, I know it's only a challenge so should be fun and I would imagine it could be quite a close meeting.
  4. Super Blue

    Ipswich 2019

    Although I'm sure that most of the die hards will continue to attend Foxhall whatever the team is I'm not convinced that being Premiership will necessarily bring in the desired crowds. If we don't have a team that at least looks to be competitive I'm sure there will be quite a few fans that won't believe the price increase is justified. So the next announcements of riders will be crucial, if Chris has more signed up I think now is right time to tell us. If he hasn't got any more it's now becoming worrying. If some of the names being bandied about were to come on board I would certainly be picking and choosing the meetings I attend.
  5. Super Blue

    Ipswich 2019

    Well I've been thinking long and hard about the move up and I'm still not convinced it's the right thing to do for the Witches and I'm certainly not alone in that opinion. The whole concept of 1 owner controlling 3 top flight teams doesn't sit right with me at all at the end of the day . I'm sure Mr Chapman has his own agenda and that is predominantly to keep the Premiership in existence, not to necessarily do what's right for Ipswich Speedway ? Just seems strange that the only 2 teams left to be completed happen to be 2 of his 3 ??? Hopefully he doesn't ruin us and thank heavens Chris has the buy back clause if things don't go according to plan ! (and it's not too late of course) I also know previously die hard season ticket holders who would normally have paid their money by now that are holding back till the team is announced purely because they don't want to waste money if we end up doing the same as we did towards the end of our last top flight campaign ! If we've signed 4 riders announce them for petes sake, then we at least have some room for speculation on the remaining slots with how many points left to play with. Come on, give us something to go with as I for one am not in the least bit enthusiastic at this point, I think a few more out there are seriously interested in seeing what's going to happen to justify the increase in admission costs.
  6. Thanks for the blindingly obvious public information announcement. As I've said before on other threads it is what it is and the team that finishes top should be champions debate has been done to death on many occasions. I was just trying to build up to what is hopefully a great meeting with my own opinion made apparent.
  7. As nobody else has started this I'll do it. Can the Tigers overturn a 19pt deficit? It's certainly doable as at one point during the KO final home leg they were 20pts ahead only to let it slip at the tail end of the meeting but they will certainly need to make a good start and keep it going. I'm not sure how Nathan Stonemans points tally will stack up to what a fit Danny Ayres would have scored but he has had a couple of very good points returns at West Row this season. Eastbourne have put together a very capable side and although I believe Mildenhalls full 7 would definitely have been less behind and would have triumphed overall I now believe it could be a very tight finish on Thursday. I'll be there to hopefully see a good meeting with the true league champions coming out on top ! (this statement is of course dependant on who you support)
  8. Injuries have really taken their toll at the wrong time for Mildenhall and the current form team are very likely to benefit from it. Would be a shame if The Tigers only ended the season with the National trophy under their belt but rules are rules whether people think its right or wrong. Personally I think that we all know who the National league team of the year really is !!!
  9. Super Blue

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    The talk of injustice is a very valid point as Mildenhall have been a class above everyone else for pretty much all of the season! However the rules are fully known how it works and to bring up the team who finished top are the real champions is a futile exercise as that's been discussed to death in all the leagues!
  10. Super Blue

    Mildenhall vs Eastbourne KO Cup Final

    I wish they'd keep the rules the same for all the leagues. My bad!
  11. Super Blue

    Mildenhall vs Eastbourne KO Cup Final

    Think that as long as Eastbourne make the playoff final it will be a guest rather than RR for Danny Ayres for Mildenhall. Always dangerous going with RR in my opinion in such an important meeting. Hopefully the other guys recover to compete effectively.
  12. Hope its a good meeting for everyone attending and hoping for a Witches win , currently basking in roughly 30° temperatures in Lanzarote at the moment or would have been there .
  13. Super Blue

    Kent vs Mildenhall

    Well Mildenhall have put together a very formidable side this year but it would take a monumental effort to go through the league season unbeaten. I fully expect either Kent, Eastbourne or Birmingham at full strength to potentially end the current winning streak at some point.
  14. Super Blue

    Mildenhall v Eastbourne Sept 2

    At least Mildenhall have changed the start time to 4-00pm on their website now but BSPA still showing 3-00pm. Hopefully the word gets out to those not on here or there could be a few waiting around for quite a while for the meeting to start.
  15. Maybe, better edit it then.

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