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  1. Young Leon did very well IMO, I think that with him and Drew Kemp we certainly had the 2 most outstanding/up and coming kids in the country on show yesterday!
  2. To be fair Brum did really well to keep it so close, the guests did them proud and I'm not sure it would have been that much different had they had a full team, who knows ? The track definitely seemed different to normal yesterday and I'm sure the likes of Dan Halsey would have expected to get more points than he did. Also a couple of questionable refereeing decisions on the day. Shame the two teams had to meet at this stage of the competition, would have made a good final ! Hopefully it will be 2 full strength teams when the league matches come up and possibly the Trophy final.
  3. Super Blue

    Ipswich 2018

    Room for 2 of us ? You never know we might be useful for ancient history.
  4. Super Blue


    Although I can't say difinitively I wouldn't imagine Mildenhall would have a massive budget to work with but they have put a very competitive side together with three 3pt riders. Granted its now costing alot with the huge points totals they are racking up most weeks but with 6 of their originally signed riders being U21 I don't think they are being paid a fortune.
  5. Super Blue

    Ipswich 2018

    How many likely to be going roughly? I wouldn't want to be in a team of 1 or 2.
  6. I would say it's Bewleys for the taking if he really wants it but he hasn't been at his best when he's been to Foxhall before.
  7. Super Blue

    Mildenhall 2018

    Any news on the situation regarding Danny Ayres yet?
  8. Foxhall Rd all open now
  9. Well I know we've had a lack of track time. I know Foxhall is slightly different this year. I know the track had to be slick last time around. I know we have riders coming back from injuries. However one or two of the Witches certainly need to be getting their backsides into gear sooner rather than later because if there's not great improvement quickly things could get difficult when we start the league season.
  10. An 8pm start on a weekday puts me out of the picture as far as going is concerned as well.
  11. Hope it's a good meeting for everyone, was hoping to go tonight bit still working out of reach to get there.
  12. Since last season or longer coz it's been months without speedway anyway?
  13. New system is all around and also zonal so individual area volumes can be adjusted. I popped in stadium and had a chat with the guy who just happened to be installing them that day.
  14. So what do we reckon on our chances of finally getting our season under way on Thursday? After the total washout that was supposed to be a feast of speedway over the Easter weekend hopefully we'll actually get a meeting to watch! The majority of the Witches have at least had some time on their bikes but not around the slightly reshaped Foxhall track. The only one who doesn't know his way round our home shale is Michael Hartel but hopefully it won't take him long to get dialed in. Anyway, looking at the potential teams it should theoretically be a comfortable home win whilst getting in some much needed laps and the guys starting to earn some money. Opinions? And weather permitting all systems go.
  15. Super Blue

    Ipswich V Lakeside Good Friday 2.15pm

    Its a 2-15pm parade start in Ipswich so that would be 3-15pm for you in Bordeaux Jonny . Although there's got to be serious doubt weather wise that it will even happen and as others have remarked it certainly won't produce the money spinning bumper crowd that a warm sunny day would likely have done.

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