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  1. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2022 Line up

    Realistically you wouldn't pick Dan with his average of 5.16, he would more than likely be in the main body of the team with that average & has proved this year , he isn't quite good enough yet to do that, especially away from home. It didn't help getting those big scores early season at reserve which inflated his average , thus leaving him vunerable for next season. Especially when they could use asset Connor Mountain for pretty much the same average, he'll score much more than Dan away from home. If, has been rumoured, it's 2 rising stars next season & it's on a rating basis rather than averages, then presumably both the twins would be back.
  2. Can't use guests from the other 5 play-off teams, the only rider who fits that is over 8.00 is Riss, who is unlikely to be still in the country, Harris is the next highest on 7.89. So on paper the guest can be up to 8.36 but in reality that's not going to happen. If it is to be Harris, & that's got to be in doubt if Peterborough have a say in the matter, then his average is nearly 0.5 down on Hans. Andersen being an ex-Pirate has done 100's of laps of Wimborne Road, how does him being out make Lions stronger.
  3. It's R/R for Jorgensen, Kasper Andersen for Aarnio & Connor Mountain at reserve for Pijper , according to Lions website.
  4. stevethelion

    Redcar Vs Leicester 10/09

    Jack Thomas now injured, so Greg Blair guests for Joe Thompson.
  5. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2021

    The entrance at the clubhouse is the only entrance for spectators. That entrance is actually the bar & car park, the stadium is a futher 5 minute walk up the hill, just walk through the car park & up the path. When you reach the stadium buy your tickets from 1 of the 2 hatches & then show it at the gate.
  6. stevethelion

    Scunny v Leicester 3.9.21

    I would have thought R/R would have been better, everyone could have taken a ride, would have thought Andersen, Douglas ,Howarth & 1 other would score more than Summers, who's been very average this season. I know going with 6 riders is a risk, but on this occasion seems a better choice. Lambert at reserve should be a trump card for Scunthorpe.
  7. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Wasn't Palovaara the rider they tried to sign mid-way through the 2019 season, but because he was owned by Glasgow & they were the main rivals for the title, they refused to give permission for the move, so maybe he's one they could be looking at again. Travel might be an issue though, like you say. The new signing really needs to be completed by 1st of July, because Proctor's average falls from 6.84 to 5.42 on that date, so they will lose 1.42 on a like for like swap after that date. Perks would fit nicely if he could be tempted back.
  8. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2021

    The Berwick meeting is a double header with the cubs against Berwick Bullets following the Lions, so I presume that's why it's £26. Do they only sell tickets for 1 meeting at a time, so perhaps the next meeting doesn't go on sale until the Berwick meeting is finished? But why put a buy ticket button if that's the case?
  9. stevethelion

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Jan Graversen?, last I heard he was driving for a haulage firm somewhere not too far from Scunthorpe.
  10. stevethelion

    Sky and Bt sports

    For anyone who views Sky Sports & BT through Virgin Media there's now a link on their website to pause Sky Sports. I rang yesterday, before the link appeared, & after waiting about 30 mins eventually got through, they knocked off the £31 a month they charge for the next 3 months. The channels are still available to watch.
  11. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Could we see an home & away challenge against Sheffield, similar to last season, when we rode against Ipswich. A win-win situation for the owners, potential big crowds at both venues to allow fans to see the return of Pedersen.
  12. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2020

    The statement on the Lions website said " the club have a contingency plan for the early weeks of the season " & goes on to say " the Lions will not start their official programme until that stage (22 April ) although there will be track action at BP in other competitions prior to that April 22nd date". By other competitions i'm thinking, if they are running a cubs side, they will take those early dates.Also i'd imagine a challenge match will take place as a warm-up, possibly against Sheffield, which should attract a big crowd with Nikki Pedersen riding for the opposition. Lions would need to strengthen for that anyway, so guests could be used for the Thompsons.
  13. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Hope you haven't guessed right this time!
  14. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Now Perks is signed, beginning to think the Howarth rumour was wrong. The only one who hasn't said Howarth was Mr Bump who said Proctor for Howarth & included Hume , Mountain & Lawlor. He said Morris, Douglas, Proctor, Perks, Mountain, Hume, Lawlor. Hope it's not right, seems a bit weak.

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