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  1. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    That's his official average for June , they all change on 1st July, & are calculated on 23rd of each month. His rolling average according to the Somerset website is now 6.19 , which was updated on the 13th June & he hasn't ridden since. The same applies to Lions, if you go on the website you will see the updated rolling averages, as Lions aren't riding again until the 25th I presume these rolling averages are the ones that will be used from 1st July. Remembering that Pieszczek, Sargeant & Kurtz are on assessed averages until they have done 4h & 4a.So I think the averages for July will be Bjerre 7.54, Andersen 7.42, Pieszczek 6.50, King 6.46, Newman 5.23, Kurtz 4.02, Sarjeant 3.00, which totals 40.17. If you take Kurtz's 4.02 away it leaves 6.35 to play with. But this doesn't come into effect until 1st July, so any changes using these averages would have to be from then.
  2. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Had just looked at the Somerset website to see if they had any updated rolling averages & the latest average they have for him which was updated on the 13th June is 6.19, so if the figures on the Lions website are the official figures that are used for July averages ( calculated 23/6) , he will fit, if they release Kurtz.
  3. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Leicester v Wolves moved from Wed. 27th June to July 2nd, because Lions would have been missing Andersen & Bjerre due to Danish commitments. Wolves agreed to switch, although 2nd July could clash with England match depending if they qualify from their group & in what position.
  4. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Yes, not much leeway, if their averages have improved by 0.15 (Riss) & 0.08 ( Bjerre) they won't fit.
  5. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Yes, that's what I think the averages will be calculated 23rd June with effect 1st July. So taking the obvious decision to get rid of Kurtz to allow Newman to return to reserve it would be 4.02 + 2.33 = 6.35. If you look at last years Premiership average both Riss & Bjerre would fit, but don't they have to go on the most recent average now , which would be this seasons championship average x 1.3. 6.35 x 1.3 is 8.25. So any championship rider up to 8.25 would fit, Riss is 8.11, Bjerre 8.18, at the minute both would fit, but when Julys Championship averages are calculated they maybe too high, depends on their new average.
  6. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Last night's meeting was the last before the averages are calculated on the 23rd. So based on those averages( updated on Lions website), if they were to drop Kurtz to get Newman back to reserve, which would seem the obvious thing to do, they would have 6.35 to replace Kurtz. Pieszczek (6.50), Sarjeant(3.00) & Kurtz( 4.02) are all on assessed averages until they've rode 4h & 4a, which won't happen until 4th July. Pieszczek & Sarjeant are both averaging above those assessed averages( although that will presumably drop when they've done the 4 away meetings), so any changes would probably be best done before they get real averages.
  7. stevethelion

    Leicester - Swindon 13.06.18

    Last season the racing was pretty good after the reshaping of the bends & it was much better than previous years, but this season it's definitely gone backwards with little overtaking & back to follow the leader. Although the shape isn't ideal there's not a lot can be done about that now, it is what it is, If it produced decent racing last season why is it not this year? So you would presume it's down to track preparation. There doesn't seem enough dirt & the inside line looks almost bare before the meeting starts, what little dirt there is gets pushed out to the fence & doesn't get dragged back. Glynn used to have a blade on the tractor that dragged it back & he would go from outside to inside bringing the dirt back during grading, don't know whether that kit isn't available now, but it's not used. Finally it seems much too dry, & the attempts at watering last night were frankly laughable. I wish they would at least try putting more dirt down especially on the inside & keep it watered.
  8. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Think you're being a bit harsh on Sarjeant, his converted average at the start of the season should have seen him start on 2.56, but he was given an assessed average of 3.00. His average for this season is 3.56, so he's actually put a point on what should have been his starting average or 0.56 on the assessed average he was given, so he is in fact doing his job. Have to agree with you about Newman, to get the best from him he needs to be at reserve, but even though he's not at reserve he's still increased his starting average. You have to have sympathy with the promotion, because the original team they assembled, looked as good as any on paper & certainly better than anything we've seen representing the Lions since they retuned to the top-flight. But Bates unforeseen injury & that disastrous heat at Swindon put pay to all the pre-season optimism.
  9. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    It seems to have gone very quiet on the Josh Bates situation & the longer it goes the more you think the injury going to keep him out for most of the season. The ideal situation would obviously have been to slot him in for Kurtz, thus allowing Newman back to reserve, but after the new averages come into effect on 1st June that can't happen, because they will be over the 42.50 limit by 0.01, this could easily have been avoided by either Newman or Bjerre taking heat 15 against Wolves( the last meeting before the cut-off date), & instructing them not to finish in 1st or 2nd, this would have dropped their averages by 0.04, so allowing a straight swap Kurtz for Bates. Instead they opted to put the 2 guests in ( Wells & Worrall) & still conceded a 5-1.All the other 5 team members averages would have been known before that night because King & Andersen weren't riding & the other 3 are on assessed averages & won't change until 4h & 4a. This seems to suggest that Bates isn't going to be back soon or else surely they would have had there heads screwed on enough to know what was needed in that last heat ,especially as the meeting was already won.
  10. Just another theory on the choice of riders in heat 15, this was the last meeting before the averages are calculated for next month (23rd of each month), maybe Lions had the figures required to make any changes ( eg. Bates returning) & didn't want to run any risks in getting them altered, so played safe & let the guests have the ride.Probably miles out & it was just the fact that Worrall was top scorer & Wells had done a pretty good job too. Must say was fearing a defeat before-hand, so was pleasantly surprised at the result. Special mention to James Sarjeant, excellent for his 8 +1.
  11. I would have thought it would have been better to have Worrall guesting for King & R/R for Andersen then Bjerre, Worrall, Pieszczek & Newman could have had an extra ride. Wells was pretty poor last time he guested. Wolves have the in-form reserve in Morris & should win by about 4-6 points.
  12. King pulled out of his last ride in the British Semi-Final tonight, with qualification secure, if he's not fully fit tomorrow, wouldn't be surprised to see Wells guest for him & R/R for Andersen.
  13. I presume Danny King will be missing as well, unless he's made a quicker than expected recovery from his arm injury, so potentially none of Lions top 3 are available.
  14. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Ricky Wells guests on Monday
  15. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    They are, but only Poole v Swindon is 7.30 start the other 2 matches are at noon & 3.00 pm, so one of the riders in those matches could be used. KK maybe (6.93), King with 5% added is 7.12.

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