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  1. stevethelion

    Wolves 2019

    They have different promoters anyway, Lions - Dave Darcy & Neil Machin , Sheffield -Damien Bates, Julie Reading & Peter Mole.
  2. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Hans average from 1/9 was 8.00. According to the figures on Lions website, which have been updated since last nights meetings, his rolling average now stands at 7.56, which makes him much more employable for next season. Good work by Connor Mountain too, after his 9 points on Monday his rolling average was 2.97 , after 8 pointless rides last night, he managed to shave 0.50 off & now stands at 2.47, which has the promoters have said they intend to use him next season, after signing as an asset, means they will have 0.50 to use elsewhere in the team.
  3. Auty fit to ride, so Lions operating R/R for Nicholls
  4. Bellego is the only rider from the premiership who isn't riding tonight, that would be anywhere near Nicholls standard. From the Championship I suppose Barker, Garrity or Lasse Bjerre are the best 3 from those not riding tonight. Though after Bjerre's departure from Sheffield I doubt he will be asked. Doesn't really matter I doubt Lions will get within 25 points of KL in either match.
  5. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I'd guess at Connor Mountain
  6. BBC forecast shows cloudy, but dry for this evening. It's very overcast now & we have had a little drizzle this morning but not enough to wet the pavements.Suppose to brighten as the day goes on. Quite breezy, so I would imagine the track will dry out nicely & provide a decent surface.
  7. Hope he makes it in time, because he was great last time he guested, certainly strengthens Lions, far better than Auty at Leicester.
  8. Lions v KL was originally due to start at 6pm, but at the last meeting it was announced it had been moved to 7.30 due it being televised, so perhaps BT have changed their minds. Wolves v Belle Vue promises to be a closer meeting.
  9. Overnight rain, but it's been sunny & dry all day.
  10. stevethelion

    Poole v Leicester. Prem B. Thursday 9/8/18

    Because of the fixed race nights it's hardly happened this season. Doubt it will make it much more competitive, Poole make just make 60pts now instead of 62!
  11. stevethelion

    Poole v Leicester. Prem B. Thursday 9/8/18

    Because you can have a guest for someone who is 4th or 5th in the averages if they are D/U ( Wright is at Sheffield ), but not if they are injured , then it must be R/R.
  12. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Don't think you can bring back riders you have released in the same season, unless they are returning from injury & covered by 28 day signing, so pretty sure Sarjeant can't be re-introduced.
  13. You're right, you can bet if reserves had to be used he wouldn't have withdrawn from the meeting, it was obvious from his comments he didn't fancy it & Swindon used the rule to gain an advantage ( can't blame them, Rossiter isn't slow were things like that are concerned). IRR was then unbeaten from the remaining 2 rides. Morris couldn' t have been too badly hurt, seemed to ride OK last night.
  14. Lions riding order from their website is: 1. Andersen 2. Wright 3.Auty 4.Wells 5. Nicholls 6.Mountain 7.Robson
  15. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Agree with you about Newman, he shouldn't have been released, I think they tried to hide behind the fact he was injured, but that was only a short-term injury & he was back riding the week after. Like you say if he hadn't been released he would now be at reserve with Sarjeant, the 2 riders who were meant to start the season at reserve, but hardly got the opportunity too because of Bates injury. ( Newman / Sarjeant) seems stronger than ( Robson / Mountain).

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