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  1. Overnight rain, but it's been sunny & dry all day.
  2. stevethelion

    Poole v Leicester. Prem B. Thursday 9/8/18

    Because of the fixed race nights it's hardly happened this season. Doubt it will make it much more competitive, Poole make just make 60pts now instead of 62!
  3. stevethelion

    Poole v Leicester. Prem B. Thursday 9/8/18

    Because you can have a guest for someone who is 4th or 5th in the averages if they are D/U ( Wright is at Sheffield ), but not if they are injured , then it must be R/R.
  4. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Don't think you can bring back riders you have released in the same season, unless they are returning from injury & covered by 28 day signing, so pretty sure Sarjeant can't be re-introduced.
  5. You're right, you can bet if reserves had to be used he wouldn't have withdrawn from the meeting, it was obvious from his comments he didn't fancy it & Swindon used the rule to gain an advantage ( can't blame them, Rossiter isn't slow were things like that are concerned). IRR was then unbeaten from the remaining 2 rides. Morris couldn' t have been too badly hurt, seemed to ride OK last night.
  6. Lions riding order from their website is: 1. Andersen 2. Wright 3.Auty 4.Wells 5. Nicholls 6.Mountain 7.Robson
  7. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Agree with you about Newman, he shouldn't have been released, I think they tried to hide behind the fact he was injured, but that was only a short-term injury & he was back riding the week after. Like you say if he hadn't been released he would now be at reserve with Sarjeant, the 2 riders who were meant to start the season at reserve, but hardly got the opportunity too because of Bates injury. ( Newman / Sarjeant) seems stronger than ( Robson / Mountain).
  8. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Thanks for that info, doesn't seem a fair way to do it. With the disproportion in home meetings to away ( 9h/ 4a) it could make for an unrealistic average , which is surely not the idea.
  9. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    A few weeks ago that would certainly have been the case, Krystian's average was well over 7, but his average had dropped to 6.36, so 0.14 under his assessed average, he would have had to have scored big at Swindon to push it over his 6.50 assessed. I don't know what happens when a rider completes his 4h & 4a, if as in Krystian's case it would have been 9h & 4a, do all 9 home fixtures count or is it the 4 latest or 2 best scores/2 worst? Doesn't seem fair to include 9 home meetings. Infact if you take his last 4 at home & his 3 completed away matches, his average would only be 5.57, so a low score against Swindon in his 4th away match could have seen him at reserve ( that's if they use the most recent 4 home scores, not all 9).
  10. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Josh isn't at reserve, Robson is reserve with Mountain. Auty takes his converted Championship average. Averages have been updated already on SGB website : Andersen 7.42 , Nicholls 7.35, Wells 7.09, Wright 6.19, Auty 6.03, Robson 5.52, Mountain 2.79. Total 42.39
  11. stevethelion

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Note to Lions management, next season make Thomas Jorgensen the first rider you attempt to sign, seems to fly round BP every time he visits, always seems to hit double figures. The Kings Lynn boys were a class above anything the Lions could offer( Andersen apart), Pieszczek's form has dipped dramatically, Bjerre is poor & Kurtz looks like he's riding a lawnmower.
  12. stevethelion

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Or which Bjerre, he's been pretty average so far, needs to up his game.R/R for Kerr makes KL much stronger & with Proctor at reserve makes them favourites.
  13. stevethelion

    Leicester v Poole. Prem. 9/7/18. BT sports.

    They had the chance to get a stronger reserve in when the 2 changes were made. IMO, Newman should have been retained & Kurtz released, I know he was injured at the time but he was back with Lakeside a week later, this would have given them a much stronger reserve & a better balanced line-up.
  14. stevethelion

    SpeedwayGB Website?

    The new averages effective from 1/7 are available if you click on the team declarations link, don't know why they haven't been updated on the Green Sheets link.
  15. stevethelion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    The new averages were released on the 29th June but for some reason they were published on the team declaration page of the SGB website, instead of the Green sheet page they usually appear on.

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