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  1. And stop all twit for tat comments.come on we are all speedway supporters
  2. Suggest people go to the Sheffield tigers site and read Damien Bates explanation of the events of last night
  3. Doyle £100 more please good luck everyone
  4. r8gdp

    Panthers v Tigers 13/06/22

    Here s a thought. If we don t want draws at speedway meeting s we could have a super heat after every 3/3 drawn heat . that would add to the excitement surely.
  5. If he doesn’t qualify on the night I think he could get a wild card pick
  6. I personally think we ve taken a step backwards with the present system the gp was introduced to see who was the best rider over a series of meetings ( for me that means every race ) how about the rider with the most points at the end of the meeting wins the gp including semi final and final points
  7. Well that was bloody poor you can forgive the temporary tracks for cutting up but a regular track ? very very poor come on give these lads a proper prepared race track
  8. Lambert £50 more huckenbeck£50 less please bloody difficult one this week Good luck everyone
  9. Michelson £50 less please Good luck everyone
  10. The refs in Poland today definitely having a bad day
  11. r8gdp

    Poole 2022

    ....why ?
  12. Bloody hell its not that bad lol
  13. Anyone think they ve slightly overwatered the track
  14. Madsen £50 more please good luck everyone

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