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  1. r8gdp

    Poole Pirates 2020

    If you can fit him in zaine would be a good one to get looked very promising at Sheffield in the young guns meeting a couple of years ago . Did nt have too bad a season last year to say it was his 1st full year
  2. r8gdp

    Sheffield 2020

    The thing with auty at owlerton have seen him pass some bloody good riders his problem is and always will be gating the bloke for love of money can t make a start
  3. Bin the averages let teams sign who they want . Speedway s on it s knees in this country let's see how we go
  4. Bin the averages let teams sign who they want lets try it for a season or two . Don t think theirs a team in Britain that could afford for example woffy smarzlik Emil Doyle laguta all in one team . Speedway in Britain must be the only sport where if you win the league you are punished and have to break up a winning side
  5. Always rain in Scotland lol just amazing we always leave the play off finals till October lol get the league fixtures done early so the fans can watch play off finals without the threat of rain
  6. They need to chill out at the end of the day does it really matter look at the bigger picture it s speedway for goods sake we all love it win or lose in the grand speed of of things what the hell They need to get together and buy each other a beer lol
  7. Just love it when shovler and Gavin go at it lol
  8. Think it will be a major shock if wolves manage to turn this around but then again I thought Poole were safe going into the second leg so what do I know lol.not a lover of the play offs but if we ve got to have them get the league meeting s finished earlier so we have more chance of running play off s in better conditions. Hats off to all riders last night
  9. r8gdp

    2020 Wildcards

    Happy with Hancock too but I thought michealsen would get in ahead of Linback due to his performance in the euro championship
  10. r8gdp

    2020 Wildcards

    Linback very very lucky in my opinion too . Still think g laguta would have added more to the series
  11. r8gdp

    2020 Wildcards

    Would rather see g laguta over Linback think he will add a little bit more spice to the gp
  12. r8gdp

    2020 Wildcards

    Think the wild cards will be woffenden Hancock A laguta and michealsen i d personally like g laguta in but can t see it . Lambert had a good season last year but this year as levelled off so think he ll get one of the reserve picks along with drabik and possibly smektala
  13. Wow to be totally honest did nt expect that result. Thought ipswich had thrown it away on Thursday only for Poole to throw it back on Saturday lol. Always feel sorry for the team finishing top of the league and losing out in the playoffs even if it is Poole (tongue in cheek before anyone starts )

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