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  1. Psychology could have been in play looking at zmarzlik he must be wondering what he s got to do to ruffle woffy s feathers the final was a big big race woffy got the drop and was in the right place at the right time and went onto win the final but more importantly keeps a biggish gap between him and zmarzlik
  2. Rubbish the lad was born in sunny Scunny he s chosen to represent Britain good luck to him
  3. You lucky bugger have not been to the national stadium yet went to Hyde road in the glorious days of the British league riders championship of the 70 s Collins and Olsen good racers
  4. I remember watching lee complin at the Gary stead meeting at Sheffield in the final fast Freddie lindgren made the start and was leading he thought comfortably after a couple of laps a bloke in front of us said that's it nobody will catch him I remember nudging my brother and saying this is nt over and watched as lee went round Freddie almost making him jump a great race that s what make our sport the best thing going
  5. What I am saying Steve is that no teams should be making any changes from the word go unless riders are injured and face a long time on the side lines there s too much swopping of riders at the moment it s put me off going to my local side at Sheffield we made changes and I personally couldn't see the point lads like jack smith and others need to be givern time to improve there is too much win at all cost in speedway at the moment. THE MOST Important thing is speedway survives at your track and across the country
  6. How about teams don t make changes from their 1st declared 1-7 unless there injured
  7. r8gdp

    Belle Vue 2018

    This is British speedway so who cares about rules lol
  8. Because it was wrong other riders in that race were not ready so why just exclude woffenden seems very very fishy to me . The referee is a total embarrassment and made this years gp a farce if zmarzlik carry s on and wins this episode will overshadow him becoming the champion. Lots of riders on the night were spending a lot of time gardening at the start wonder how many of them went over the two minutes no for me the referee was bent and should not be allowed anywhere near a speedway meeting again
  9. Too true blue that pillock should not be let near another speedway stadium in his lifetime the blokes an absolute dick
  10. Still think it's corrupt you exclude one you exclude them all but they're polish aren't they it s as bent as a nine bob note as my grandfather used to say
  11. What happened in heat 18 I ve turn it off too bloody annoyed to carry on watching
  12. Because the two poles nearest woffy in the so called title chase are in the same race the most corrupt thing I ve ever seen made a mockery of the gp this year
  13. If I was woffy bikes be on the van in I'd be in shower and off home telling the ref to stuff it the whole thing stinks of a fix the fim shouldn't let any polish refs near a gp again
  14. What a farce polish referee a fix that me done with what a prat most important race of the night the ref s a knob head
  15. Your the man 2 on the bounce I know your in Australia and a head of us but that's ridiculous lol let us know who your going for in the next round because I am backing the same as you

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