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  1. Glad max fricke made it . He s gone up a gear this year moved onward and upwards . No surprised by zager and iversen they know what's needed at this level
  2. Think it will be zarger iversen and vaculik .hoping for fricke Michelson and lambert
  3. Can see what you mean about Jan o but madsen has the aggression to go on and be world champion this year
  4. This meeting is a big one for madsen how will he cope with Cardiff will be interesting . The blokes the quickest rider this year but Cardiff can be very different???
  5. Madsens to lose the guys sat on the fastest bikes comes in tonight carrying injuries and increases his lead good luck to him hope he does a good job of being world champion
  6. £30 less lathi please . Before you start on me I am trying to make It to the last round
  7. Nothing wrong with Skegvagas lol
  8. Can see what you're saying mark but could it be that the riders that go on to be world champion s have that inner drive, selfishness if you like to want it more . This year is a special year as we are going to have a different world champion it's so open I think it will go to the one who ups his game and wants it's more . For me I think Emil s just starting to move forward this year and had got the edge , probably just given him the kiss off death now lol
  9. But surely being world champion gives you more clout to earn more money
  10. The world championship should be the most important event for the riders it's not as if the polish authorities have to run meeting s on Friday s before gps . Would be interesting to ask the riders if they would rather have a league championship medal or be crowned the world champion especially the polish riders
  11. r8gdp

    Ipswich vs Belle Vue 1/8/19

    Bloody Steve feeling confident for once lol
  12. Are the fireworks a celebration of something or just a show anyone know?
  13. First time in ages I've watched a meeting in Britain on TVs and enjoyed it so much . Enjoyed woffy s commentary with Pearson and Tatum. Some great close racing . Congratulations to Charles Wright worthy winner hope and well done to Danny Aryes mr entertainment. Came across him last year at Sheffield at the young guns meeting when he was collecting money during the interval a very nice pleasant bloke.
  14. Think king will go red cook blue Wright white Harris yellow

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