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  1. Was thinking the same would have posted before you but I couldn’t spell his name lol
  2. Agree I am not a lover of them but the riders have accepted them and they set their stall out to deal with them
  3. Can t see anybody stopping the poles they are on another planet
  4. These guys are a different level when racing in meetings like these they can up their game when needed .
  5. Belle vue could have done with this s Worrall the other night lol
  6. Trying to post when I ve d had one too many hic lol
  7. Rory Schlein riding ok tonight wasn’t he looking doubtful the other night lol
  8. Looks over to me Poole holding the loins at bay
  9. Think bewley will be riding tomorrow. Woffy looked very second hand tonight coughing up blood not good
  10. Replying to fromafar s quote on smarzlik beating laguta It s a shame laguta s no in Manchester riding
  11. Laguta is the better starter and this year was ultra fast when in front .the thing for me that got him the world title was this year, he upped his game showed more aggression and actually passed riders the sad thing is the Russian s should be at Manchester in the final ?
  12. The referee doesn’t like lambert lol from what I saw on the tv they both got to the tapes together? Could do with an explanation as to why woffy was nt excluded as well ?
  13. Let’s hope all the tracks are back stronger next year
  14. Understand that col mate but unfortunately the top riders choose to race there so in my eyes racing against the top lads makes you sharper

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