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  1. r8gdp

    Sheffield 2019

    Thursday night s have always been speedway night s at Sheffield . Sundays no good for me will be giving it a miss have been thinking of going to belle vue to see if the racing s as good as people say this could swing it for me to travel across the Pennines
  2. r8gdp

    Best Race Suit Ever?

    Remember Nigel boocock in his blue leather s. Little boy blue. Eric having red also mike broadbanks in red. Annie Haley in his yellow leather s God those we re the days lol
  3. Don t want to fall out over this but the play offs are not for me I live in Sheffield so last year watched us top the league and for me that was us the champions. The play offs I could nt get into sorry I would like to see the team that finishes top crowned the champions and maybe the top 4 contest the knockout cup
  4. The blokes not on this planet every Speedway fan knows Poole got lucky that s why I don't like the play off s deciding who becomes champions??? The team that finishes top are the champions The winner s of the play off are play off champions and before the Poole supporters start that should have applied to the year Poole lost to Coventry Poole over the season were the best side that year
  5. r8gdp

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Rubbish Steve Poole were not the best team in the league they were the luckiest .the team that finishes top is the best I personally don t like the play offs deciding who should be champions never had and never will
  6. Will the ref from mondays get a ban for the wrong call in excluding parm toff lol
  7. r8gdp

    Wild Cards 2019

    Think the series will be poorer without Nicki p love him or hate the guy puts bums on seats ok he s had a disappointing season but I probably would have given one more year
  8. lol bloody predictable text Your right though
  9. Here s hoping we need the top boys back we need regular meetings week in week out we need those people who run the sport to get their breeding act together
  10. Too true think everybody needs to calm down a bit it s not a matter of life or death it s a worthless bloody speedway meeting who win s who cares the most important thing is that speedway survives and all teams are back next year we have the world champion who s British let's hope he gets exposure and pushes the sport forward in the media
  11. Just a thought would anyone complain if Neil's declare s himself fit to ride tomorrow
  12. Bewley irreplaceable for you around belle vue cost you big time Hope he can come back ok after his first bad crash this could make or brake him because he s one hell of a talent and can go all the way to the top
  13. No just think he d have shown up and rode to his gp standard it s final and riders like him know when to rise up and be counted
  14. I think Neil's would have scored more than 6 easily
  15. Come on Steve Niels and Ellis similar your having a laugh ones a gp rider for Christ sake no disrespect to Ellis but their not in the same league Ellis hopefully one day will hope he gets to Neil's standard but at the moment no way

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