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  1. crescent girl

    Ipswich v Glasgow Thursday 13th

    Probably not til Saturday.... ☔
  2. That'll be Josh G of Polish licence fame?
  3. I thought Jordan Stewart rode very well, very solidly at Ashfield in the U21 event.
  4. He was the younger of the Lawsons who were riding last night...... Of course there's more to come!
  5. crescent girl

    Glasgow v Ipswich

    Wasn't every team manager, successful or not, a fan before they took on the job? Regarding tac-subbing, there was one well-known promoter who instructed his manager never to give the No 1 a tac-sub ride because he was on such a high rate per point.....!
  6. crescent girl

    What’s in a name ??

    Damn right -- and the "Workington Tigers" were just as crippling financially to the Beatons in 1987, as were the "Barrow Bandits" to the Taylor/Fairbairn axis in 1981. Neither reached the end of their respective season. It just doesn't work. However, if the former Lakeside promotion are going to hire the Rye House facilities to run speedway this and (more importantly) next year it can only be a good thing, provided they don't try to create a "Rye House Hammers" feel for their new show. They'll soon find the the thirty miles from old to new homes are a long, long road.
  7. crescent girl

    Race for the Top 4

    God bless fixed race-nights.
  8. Harsh. No more than Cinderfella has to be M. Max.
  9. crescent girl

    Race for the Top 4

    Somerset have virtually offered Lynn every Monday and Wednesday available (even getting Leicester to go to OTA last night, to free up yet another date) but the people at KL - and it isn't necessarily Buster who's being their idiot - have been totally ridiculous to deal with. The Rebels have finally demanded that the Management Committee step in, and set the date. Somerset totally innocent here, the KL camp totally stupid.
  10. crescent girl


    Currently Sept 16, having been extended a week from 9th. But watch this space, if results don't fall into place for those and such as those.....
  11. Scott Nicholls also stayed back to watch the junior mini-match, and present the NJL trophy to the title-winning KLS Academy kids. I was told tonight that Bandits' final away match at Edinburgh won't be until Sept 14. So we have a while to wait for what happens next.
  12. crescent girl

    Scorpions v Berwick 17.08.18 7.30pm

    A rider must make three starts. Having missed out Heat 3, Jye Etherjdge had to go in his other programmed rides. Likewise, Dany Gapp had to have his third ride. It is the fact that, when both reserves are going so well (and you don't fall six behind) it isn't at all easy to engineer that they take sevens starts each!
  13. crescent girl

    Swindon v Belle Vue 16 August

    They are both riding at Ipswich. Love those fixed race nights!

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