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  1. crescent girl

    Somerset 2020

    Indeed, but there would be no problem about holding the British GP on any one of several British tracks if it were subsidised by TV. Certainly no need to go to the expense of renting Cardiff (or any other luxury stadium) when all that's needed is a circuit. All that would really be required would be a "pwoper" race-track and reasonable logistics to get riders and officials in and out.
  2. crescent girl

    Eastbourne 2020

    I would highlight the exceedingly-severe (season-ending) injuries incurred by (for example) Chris Holder at Coventry, Jason Doyle at the Torun GP in 2016 and Tom Brennan at Eastbourne. In each case a bike lifted the fence and the following rider slid through unimpeded to hit an immovable object. Had there been regular foam-fences at these tracks, these accidents might not have had such severe consequences.
  3. crescent girl

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Does no-one remember Alan Hunt? Certainly one of Birmingham's all-time top five riders........ 'Way more deserving if a street-name than 90% of those suggested....
  4. crescent girl

    Eastbourne 2020

    I would say yes, the Berwick foam-fence has needed virtually no maintainance since installation some years ago. I believe the same is true at Glasgow (and King's Lynn, where the first such fence was installed, and like Arlington, is also a stock-car venue). There is no tedious inflation/deflation time required before or after matches and no delays where a punctured air-fence segment is removed and replaced. At Berwick, the fence just sits there all week, gets a quick power-wash after a meeting, and is ready to go next race, next meeting, next season even, without any setting-up work. Much-more importantly, I have seen several huge impacts into the foam-fence over recent seasons -- Shielfield is a high-speed circuit -- yet I can recall no serious injuries which came from a rider hitting the fence. Equally, when there have been such impacts, there has been no damage to the fence, either! No hold-ups to racing. In short, a foam-fence -- in my estimation and opinion -- is a worthwhile investment.
  5. crescent girl

    Newcastle 2020

    The extra turnstile! Been a mainstay at SOME tracks since time began. That's a very good point, as people won't carry cash for programmes, burgers, drinks, as well as admission.
  6. crescent girl

    Godfrey's 16

    As has been noted many times, Berwick speedway have for years issued free lifetime passes to any rider who has ever raced as a Bandit (excluding guests!) be it for 400+ matches (Rob Grant) or just one like Manuel Hauzinger (30 yards).
  7. crescent girl

    Somerset 2020

    Oooooh, I think we're all quite relieved -- on so many levels -- that you aren't the Somerset boss............
  8. crescent girl

    Somerset 2020

    Why? Berwick have Jye Etheridge signing for Wittstock and Leon Flint for Rybnik. Both will continue to race CL for the Bandits.
  9. crescent girl

    Positive Championship update

    It'll all end in Tiers
  10. crescent girl

    Newcastle 2020

    I believe the BSPA bond, if surrendered, would be used to pay off the speedway-specific debts (riders, BSPA/SCB fees, maybe insurance premiums) ahead of any claims from outside the sport. But be assured, the BSPA will do all in their power to keep speedway at Brough, and to help Rob Grant get his show on the road.
  11. To interrupt the discussion about which poster's the biggest fanny -- and I'm sure someone will knee-jerk that it's me -- I hope Leon Flint's achievement in finishing runner-up (even heading the worthy winner for a couple of laps) doesn't get brushed aside as "home track knowledge", given he has only enjoyed two short team sessions on the new circuit -- and is also younger than his four closest rivals, each of whom arrived at Shielfield after considerable overseas experience this dreadful non-season?
  12. The published 'programme' (meaning the free racecard published by Berwick on their website) indicated two semi-finals. This was also the case at the previous two U21 Finals, and probably earlier ones at other tracks.
  13. So, on the track, who's gonna be on the podium on Wednesday? Dan Bewley should be a top-three certainty, as should Drew Kemp. Then there's Anders Rowe and Tom Brennan. Plus Leon Flint, on his home circuit. Oh, and Kyle Bickley, Jordan Palin, Jason Edwards and even the Thompsons.......... In short, it should be a good night in at the speedway. Remember to offer a donation for your free stream....
  14. .....and indeed they did!

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