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  1. crescent girl

    Glasgow 2022

    The injury sustained by Jordan Palin means the GB Test team will be looking for a replacement for next weekend, which might just strengthen them....
  2. crescent girl

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Be specific. More than a few British tracks sell themselves very well, and are doing nicely, thanks.
  3. crescent girl

    Poole Pirates Vs Berwick Bandits 29/6/22

    He is! One of the double-headers....
  4. crescent girl

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    Ditto on Berwick Bullets visit on August 9th -- part of a summer tour to support both Berwick teams at Plymouth and Birmingham, then on to the Pairs, Cardiff and SGP2.
  5. Second meeting of the year between two of the top NDL sides, with a place in the final against Mildenhall the prize. Second half will be another six-heat NJL mini-match, this time being Berwick Academy v Tees-side Tigers. Twenty-one races for a tenner! GHT Bullets: 1 Kyle Bickley (capt), 2 Mason Watson, 3 Ace Pijper, 4 Greg Blair, 5 Luke Crang, 6 Kieran Douglas, 7 Ben Rathbone Lion Cubs: 1 Dan Thompson, 2 Mickie Simpson, 3 Connor Coles, 4 Tom Spencer, 5 Joe Thompson (capt), 6 Vinnie Foord, 7 Max Perry. All Adults/Concessions/OAP £10, Accompanied juniors (12-15) £3, Accompanied children (under 12) £1. Car parking free. To encourage purchase of tickets online, the promotion are offering FREE ENTRY to all under-16s accompanying an adult who has bought their ticket online. Online tickets are the club's recommended way to enjoy speedway at Shielfield Park. It's quick and easy, you get your money straight back in the event of a cancellation and the administration is much less of a burden on an already hard-working and committed volunteer staff. Book at www.berwickspeedway.com/tickets Cash turnstiles will be open as usual, but any children entering at that point will require to be paid for. NJL teams: Academy: 1 Callum Foy, 2 Owen Booth, 3 Stene Pijper, 4 Liam Morris Tigers: 1 Edward Davison, 2 Laylen Richardson, 3 Dan McTear, 4 Logan Ferry
  6. crescent girl

    Poole Pirates Vs Berwick Bandits 29/6/22

    According to Berwick's media briefing today, the teams will line-up: Poole: Danny King, Zach Cook, Steve Worrall, Ben Cook, Richard Lawson, Drew Kemp, Nathan Ablitt. Bandits: Chris Harris, Theo Pijper, Jye Etheridge, Ricky Wells. Leon Flint, Jonas Knudsen, Nathan Stoneman. First time Bandits have been able to put their contracted 1-7 on track since late April!
  7. crescent girl

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    That's the case.
  8. To clarify the team news as of this morning...... Berwick will have Paul Starke at No 1, in place of Craig Cook, who had been listed in place of Chris Harris. Scunthorpe will have Broc Nicol at No 4 in place of Jake Allen Scunthorpe will be using r/r for Tero Aarnio -- all team-mates may take a ride. Once again, the promotion are offering free admission to all accompanied children (up to 15) who arrive with customers who book their tickets online. Adults £17, Concession/OAP/Students £13, accompanied Juniors (12-15) £5 -- free if booked online -- Under 12 £1 -- free if booked online. Online bookings from: https://www.berwickspeedway.com/tickets
  9. Yeah, the plot thins..... A bit.
  10. crescent girl

    workington ..

    Where do you get 8-10 metres from? Two metres, more like....
  11. If the BSPL (chairman R.Godfrey) say no facility against Scunthorpe on Saturday, so be it. Have to use someone not in any club's 1-7. Paul Starke?
  12. You were there, were you?
  13. crescent girl


    In fact, there is a formula. While Newcastle's team points are expunged (great word!) from the records, the riders' averages are maintained. This is true for the ex-Diamonds going elsewhere and riders who have raced in Newcastle matches. I believe there might be post-season adjustments, but for the rest of the year, no-one's averages will be affected by the removal of Newcastle team results.

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