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  1. crescent girl


    Seems like Steve Hayward's work on infield last week will become a permanent gig. Well done, Steve-o!
  2. crescent girl


    And covered in Berwick v Workington programme too. Tremendous support.
  3. crescent girl

    Berwick v Scunthorpe

    Following your expert advice?
  4. crescent girl

    Edinburgh 2018

    Ever heard of publicity stunts?
  5. crescent girl

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Word on the Scottish street is that Richie will be a Monarch.
  6. crescent girl


    Scott Courtney posted the following on Facebook last night: "So it's pretty much the norm after a Saturday night match that I put out a little blog and a gracious summary of events, but I feel the urge to put thumb to iPhone tonight before tomorrow's League match against Scunthorpe Scorpions. There's no escaping the current state of British speedway as a whole and only being 3 seasons deep on intense involvement in the running of our club, it really is the most testing time the sport has ever experienced. It's the easiest thing to observe and criticise without any solution to any issues. It's easy to think your whole week depends on a speedway result but these last few weeks have been thought-provoking to say the least for me personally. My old team Rye House unfortunately won't be in a position to fulfil their fixtures and there are others fighting for survival. British speedway definately drops clangers where they don't need dropped at times but let's all just gather sone perspective. When you think of your favorite moments at experiences at speedway I'm sure it's all about the feelgood factor, the atmosphere and the racing? In little old Berwick-upon-Tweed we're actually doing all right, we always strive to be better obviously but in a very troublesome period within our sport, the town with the lowest population is hanging in there in the professional leagues. We all need each other in Speedway, that is one thing I’ve figured out and there has never been a more crucial time to dig deep and support what has brought so many of us memories that will last forever. The same risks are taken by the guy who is guesting or the rider who your annoyed with that didn’t do the job you thought he could. Promotions are blowing their brains out to make sure legacies continue and solutions are being sourced to problems that nobody had seen coming. Speedway is dangerous, Speedway is entertaining, Speedway is frustrating but Speedway is ours... Speedway is Live in Berwick-upon-Tweed tomorrow night at 7pm". These are excellent words, which should read and digested by everyone. Those who gripe and moan, who demand instant action, rider-changes and track perfection are living in a different universe. Let us -- all of us -- who care about having speedway, at Berwick, and every other track, help people like Scott who are prepared to do something about it. Stop sniping, stop back-stabbing. Start supporting.
  7. crescent girl


  8. crescent girl

    Berwick v Scunthorpe

    Why shouldn't he be? Theo regularly rides on the continent on a Sunday (he was on the grass there last weekend) after a home meeting.
  9. crescent girl

    Somerset 2018

    If the question is "who will score more points than Vissing?" l rather think it is!
  10. crescent girl

    Somerset 2018

    Things are moving now.
  11. crescent girl

    End of season playoffs to change

    That was in 2016, surely?
  12. crescent girl

    Somerset 2018

    It won't just be Rye riders averages which change -- they'll revert back to beginning of season -- but the average of every rider (apart from guests) who raced against Rye in the annulled matches, as these point will also disappear, meaning an admittedly-minor change in their current averages as well.
  13. Main event is Sunday. Best adult price is advance online purchase £31. Hospitality is £185+VAT.
  14. Both teams will be at full strength at Shielfield Park, barring any Friday-night injuries. Meeting also features Greg Mackie Memorial event between Academy and Ashfield.
  15. Nearly... Dany will be #7. NBJ racing for Grinsted, so r/r at #2.

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