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  1. crescent girl

    the maugers

    So you didn't pull, then?
  2. Really bad post, friend. Aaron Summers scored 5 points from his first three races on Saturday. He pulled up in his fourth ride and was replaced by Keiran Douglas in his fifth programmed outing. Apology forthcoming?
  3. crescent girl

    Ben Fund

    Absolutely correct, and l'd go further - why not a season-long poll by text, etc, for all fans to vote for the rider from their club (and maybe one from another team) they would most want to see in the event? The text line being one of the cash-raising type the TV companies use, which itself donates money from each vote to the SRBF? Maybe then, if a rider refuses to turn out when his own fans have voted him in, we might think that he might also not want to claim from the Fund if he fell on hard times? ?
  4. Just thinking - it might be the only trophy either team will win this year! Making it ever so important for the next six months of bragging rights!
  5. Aaron Summers pulled up in Heat 15 at Berwick on Saturday, couldn't come out for Heat 17.
  6. If referee allows Klindt to get his rollers, he'll win races. Make him wait until tapes go up and he's useless. End of.
  7. crescent girl


    The Edinburgh match will be there. Don't know about Ippo.
  8. Well, as I said a few posts back, paid ten from four starts at the last Armadale meeting a fortnight back isn't too shabby. Two weeks prior to that, Klindt also scored paid ten, but from six starts. None of the rest of your team got anything like Doolan's score -- Campton 6, Bach 4, Jensen 4, Proctor 2, Bickley 0.
  9. The Edinburgh track staff did a superb job of rescuing the track before the Berwick match after heavy rain virtually all day and a 40-minute delay to let them relay the surface once the rain went off. They deserve every plaudit for their efforts, and in fact there were some pretty good races when the match got going. They didn't "let themselves get caught out" and all that happened was the Bandits were making superb starts early doors. Nowt to do with the track. As for various Worky people here suggesting Kevin Doolan is a poor choice of guest, he seemed OK in that one -- paid ten from four, I think.
  10. Not really, the rule was introduced to prevent a team manager putting two low-earning dumplings out in Heat 15 if the match was already lost or won. The difference between paying two world-class guys for a meaningless 5-1 and one point to a reserve is considerable. Probably at least a grand. The rule was brought in for the benefit of the paying public.
  11. Yes! Rye House did it at Berwick a few years back -- that's the one I think of, off the top of my head -- and I'm sure there are other instances. Having said that, KL would have to have a pretty spectacular collapse........................
  12. Well, there were 27 races at the Starza, and it was over before 9pm -- 23 shouldn't be a problem. As for temperature, it is Berwick-on-Tweed in late September, after all -- put an extra layer on!
  13. crescent girl

    Lakeside/Kyle Newman

    Don't injured riders have access to assistance from the SRBF? Just because they dont publicise the help doesn't mean they don't get it.
  14. Looks like a pretty busy night! Balanced field, interesting new faces, 23-race GP format and an after-party! Regular prices (£15, £11 and all U-16s free) too, which is refreshing, compared with the increases sometimes sneaked in elsewhere. It's been a great season for the KLS Bandits, let's finish it off in style!
  15. crescent girl

    Ipswich v Glasgow Thursday 13th

    Probably not til Saturday.... ☔

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