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  1. crescent girl

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Bomber's debut as a Berwick representative will be at Redcar tonight, alongside Leon, Jye and Spud (in his final meeting)......
  2. crescent girl

    2022 Teams & Points average

    What makes you think that? I've found the NDL to be an exciting, refreshing and innovative competition this season, having watched meetings at Armadale and Berwick, both standalone and as part of double-headers. The young riders involved have made giant strides since the season began on May 1st and I'm already looking forward to 2022, when there will be at least one brand-new standalone circuit applying to join the NDL. On its knees? Don't you believe it!
  3. crescent girl

    2022 Teams & Points average

    Always happy to have a good discussion on here.... My point is that play-offs attract people to speedway, create considerable revenue and keep the sport viable. Regarding the "top team wins the title" argument, the rules are laid down before the season, so everyone knows what's what. Taking it a stage further, what about this past weekend? Are Poland the "real" World Champions, with Denmark on the silver medal? Or were those last two races not worth the admission, or TV money alone?
  4. crescent girl

    2022 Teams & Points average

    Did nobody clock the crowds at Belle Vue and Peterboro last week? These massive roll-ups will have doubled, even trebled, the respective promotions' revenue over a regular meeting. Similarly, what about the huge interest in the soccer play-offs each year as clubs battle for promotion in their various leagues? Or the full-house attendances at ice-hockey play-offs at Nottingham every season? The revenue from being involved in play-offs is a massive boost to any club's financial year, and in some cases could make a difference between failing or surviving. Regardless of the "fairness" of it, they are here to stay, and the season-long league table is a qualification process, no more, no less. It is up to the promotions at every track to make their regular matches bright and entertaining enough to keep them close to their budget, while aiming for a shot at glory in the play-offs to put icing on the cake. Yes, speedway is a sport. It is also a business. Run a straightforward league with only one winner and see if you can stay in business. Money talks.
  5. crescent girl

    Glasgow V Edinburgh KO Cup 10 October

    On Sunday at the Son, all four riders in the Final were still gardening as the clock ran down. Would the referee have survived with his life, had he disqualified Lambert (again) or Zmarslk and decided the gold medal?
  6. crescent girl

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    There is also the little matter of Keynan Rew not currently qualifying for an kind of work permit/visa to race in these sceptered isles.......
  7. She isn't, but you still don't want to mess with her! Or with Leon's mum, come to think of it.....
  8. You have to think Sedgy might have been better......
  9. Going to be a big day in Glasgow! As well as the Test, Celtic are now playing Ferencvaros (Europa League) on Tuesday afternoon at 3.30!
  10. Ben Barker on standby in case of finger trouble
  11. crescent girl

    Leicester vs Scunny 9/10/21

    Kings and Cubs meeting will be without the Thompsons and Ryan Kinsley, who are on CL play-off duty. Play-offs take precedence.
  12. crescent girl

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Nae luck, Roo-boy!
  13. crescent girl

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Yes. But with Wolves!

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