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  1. crescent girl

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    No-one at Berwick should want Glasgow out the play-offs - just want Berwick in to join them. Then we might get a re-run of Saturday night!
  2. crescent girl

    bandits 2020

    Block him. Everyone else has.
  3. crescent girl

    Birmingham v Berwick 11/9/19

    The Glasgow match won't mean a hill of beans if they don't win this one!
  4. crescent girl

    Leicester 2019

    Are Somerset in the playoffs?
  5. You are correct in both instances. Coty was very much the unsung hero tonight. But what a way to end the season - the noise and atmosphere in Ht 15 (and after the stoppage) was terrific....
  6. You're usually spot on with this sort of thing, Neil -- but the Championship extension (to 19th) has been fairly widely reported?
  7. Running scared, you reckon?
  8. Current forecast on just about every weather site is rain tonight, lighter rain during morning, dry after 2pm. Sunny but cold (13C) in evening.
  9. crescent girl

    Somerset v Edinburgh 04/09/19

    Haven't seen this advertised anywhere, is it available to the public?
  10. crescent girl

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    How long did you park there for?
  11. Among all the fine-tuning of turnstile operations, what do we reckon will happen out on the track on Saturday?
  12. The Edinburgh fixture was the original one on this date, hence the additional match is always added as the second. Obviously the Bandits hope there will be a sizeable support from both visiting clubs -- each ready to cheer on the home side against each other!
  13. See the opening post to the thread. Fuller info from club@berwickspeedway.com

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