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  1. Now that one was funny........ ☺
  2. Your ignorance of ice hockey in the UK is pretty complete, the big league matches all pull in crowds of between two and five thousand fans every week. If that's crap, where does it leave speedway?
  3. crescent girl

    berwick bandits 2021

    A short session is planned at Duns this Saturday afternoon (19th) from noon until 3pm. Speedway, flat-track and mini-bikes all welcome, £20 for the session. Book in by messenger....
  4. All the Commonwealth boys rode on British licences up until the 'seventies. It was only then that these countries joined the FIM directly, instead of going through the ACU. Ole Olsen won the Australian Championship in 1976, Ken MacKinlay in 1964.
  5. So, before we get to a third page on Covid, what are our thoughts on the weekend's GPs?
  6. Technically, the event should be open to any riders holding ACU licences.
  7. Any British riders going to be involved?
  8. The real danger might be the introduction of a nationwide curfew, as in some other countries......
  9. crescent girl

    Glasgow 2020

    Do t bet on it. Over half the more-recent cases have been in the 18-25 age group. Who think they're bullet-proof. But then go home and infect their grannies. Who die.
  10. As announced on BSPA (OK, BSPL) website at the same time, Berwick will stage the U-21 Final for the third year in succession. https://www.berwickspeedway.com/news/were-going-racing/ As in the case of the British Final, the event goes to a large, spectating all-the-way around, facility in a part of the country away from any current major Covid hotspots. The Berwick club has already staged two closed-door practice sessions -- the second of which hosted an invited audience of sponsors, etc -- and these dry runs have assisted in getting all necessary local council approval for the public staging of this major event.
  11. crescent girl


    I'm amazed the "Golden Heats" match hasn't so far featured in this series.
  12. crescent girl

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Are you sure it is going to be on TV?
  13. crescent girl

    Kent Kings 2020?

    As has been stated elsewhere, Ipswich has a much bigger outdoor seating area and it should also be noted that Greater Manchester is currently a Covid hot-spot, where local authorities might not be happy to have a 'test event' on their door-step.
  14. crescent girl

    berwick bandits 2021

    Good to learn of the young Bandits, and Academy riders such as "oor wee Luke" getting pointers from the greatest Australian rider of all time. The GHT Academy at Duns is running on Sunday August 23rd, open to riders of all classes and experience. £35 per rider, must have your own equipment -- social distancing will be observed (of course).

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