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  1. crescent girl

    Edinburgh 2019

    Interesting line up for Wednesday at Leicester -- Ricky Wells at #2!
  2. crescent girl

    Leicester vs Berwick 14/07/19

    You'd think they might do better, with averages of 6.42 and 5.91 respectively! Club asset Coty Garcia is currently on 5.20 -- having (as Screm has gently pointed out above) increased his starting average. Bandits are above the 40 points, any changes would require to be like-for-like. After Saturday's win, these words were spoken in the Black & Gold: "Dany's maximum will hopefully shut the moaners up for a wee while, but all that'll mean is they'll start turning on Coty instead". Didn't take too long, eh?
  3. You were very welcome, and we hope you enjoyed the trip. As Screm has said, air-horns are not allowed under planning regulations, and if their absence consolidates that permission, then that's that. Aren't they a bit passe nowadays, anyway? Stewart Dickson's post-match analysis was very fair, and made no excuses. All in all, apart from the dreadful Heat 10 crash, a really good night out, I thought.
  4. An apology on the BSF? Are you sure you're on the correct forum? Most times, when a poster makes a wee error on here they say nowt and disappear for a week. Well done!
  5. crescent girl

    berwick bandits 2019

    Spud will be replaced by Kyle Howarth on Wednesday (and by Ricky Wells tonight at Peterboro).
  6. Jeez, do we have to grade passing as bona fide now? Topsoil gave other examples, and there was plenty going on to make it a good show. As for the complaint about Dany's max being 'gate and go' - - how did Doug Wyer, Wayne Brown, Adrian Rymel or Seb Alden score their many maximums?
  7. PL was massively staffed with Australians and New Zealanders, who wouldn't have needed visas in these days.
  8. And that's after more away matches than home ones!
  9. Friends and Family Night again at Shielfield --- and another chance to see 7-time British Champion Scott Nicholls strutting his stuff! Weather seems set fair (ooops, did I say that out loud?) the Leicester fans have a coachload a-coming and we're gonna have fun..... Tapes up 7pm
  10. The only teams in the league not to have changed their opening 1-7 are Somerset and Berwick
  11. Doolan would be #5, I'd think, leaving r/r at #4? Matt Marson will be #1. Glasgow will indeed use Jack Smith at #7 for Kyle Bickley
  12. crescent girl

    Somerset v Birmingham 10/07/19

    No Ellis. NL guest at No 1.
  13. crescent girl

    Somerset v Birmingham 10/07/19

    If you think the Brummies look woeful tonight, wait til you see the team they're going to be tracking at Glasgow on Friday!
  14. Er, isn't Alfie OLDER than either Clegg or Perks?

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