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  1. Aussie U-21 Championships

    Qualifier will start early. Maybe 6pm. The whole meeting will run through, then be followed by the U16 event. They won't be alternating - it will be one event, then the other. 42 races!
  2. Edinburgh 2018

    And if Joe agrees to travel from Blackpool every week to race for a Scottish club....
  3. Edinburgh 2018

    Not watching the live stream organised by MA? Wednesday's viewers were up 50% on Saturday. Friday starts around 8.15am, from Mildura...
  4. Australian Championship Dates 2018

    And how was it? Worth the investment? Next episode is on Wednesday.
  5. Australian Championship Dates 2018

    Seen the recent British Championship line-ups?
  6. David Bellego Any Takers?

    But will he be allowed Championship rides, as he didn't race there last year? Isn't David in the same situation as Scott Nicholls?
  7. Berwickbandits2018

    This is one we haven't heard about. Any further information?
  8. Coventry 2017

    Shouldn't Coventry discussions be moved to the NL section now?
  9. Edinburgh 2018

    Absolutely vital this is recovered. If only to be -- for instance -- given to Ian Paterson.
  10. Berwickbandits2018

    Let's be realistic. Berwick Bandits have survived a full fifty seasons without winning their Championship-level division. Putting on cheerful entertainment on a Saturday night, and winning the home meetings satisfies 95% of their public, year on year. The other 5% seem to post on here! That rule hasn't been accepted at SCB level yet. They control the rule-book for the actual staging of races. BSPA conference can make requests and even recommendations -- but this won't be the first suggested change we might see quietly dropped. As GP will continue with yellow-card warnings, it becomes awkward and confusing to run races to differing sets of rules.
  11. Somerset 2018

    Eh? Is this the same Nick Morris who finished last season with a higher average than Thorssell, Cook, Bjerre, Andersen, Harris, Fricke, Kurtz, Batchelor or Holder that you're talking about? Only riders higher were Lindgren and Doyle. What part of a No 1 don't you understand? On a different note, what a marvellous accolade for the Somerset promotion to have the club handed the first-ever "Community Club" award by the SWRA trustees. Fully deserved, and ahead of the expectations of clubs such as Glasgow and the Isle of Wight.
  12. Australian Championship Dates 2018

    Can any of our friends Down Under reveal when the line-up for the Titles will be announced? Would be interesting to know who will (and who won't) be entering.
  13. Free Entry 2018

    Wasn't there a season-long BSPA pass offered as a raffle prize (or auction, maybe) at the BenFund Bonanza at King's Lynn in 2016?
  14. Peter Collins Article

    Oh dear, ten pages and counting -- I always said Speedway Star was a better read in the close season! Peter Collins was one of the most gifted riders of all time -- in a very, very exclusive 'club' like Ronnie Moore before him and Darcy Ward since. He was almost certainly the prime reason Belle Vue were able to continue in speedway after 1987, and I've always thought his involvement in saving the famous club at that time has been air-brushed a wee bit from their wonderful history. As such, he is entitled to his opinions, and it is better they be aired publicly -- be they right or wrong -- than left as unheard mutterings. Regarding the BV policy, it might have been better to follow the example of Berwick Bandits, where the club announced to the world in 2016 that, excluding guests, every living rider -- whether he was a 15-year legend such as Rob Grant or a wobbler who had only competed in one heat before crashing out -- who had raced as a Bandit since 1968 could, and should apply to the club for a lifetime pass to every meeting at Shielfield. Many have done, and attend matches, often with (paying) friends and family members. A great deal of goodwill has been generated. It isn't rocket science.
  15. While the main point of the current, preferable system is to bring a night's racing to a climax, which is always a desire in any form of entertainment, think on this........ The suggestion that Ivan Mauger might have lost one of his six World Titles (only two of which came from maxima) has to be set against the alternative thought that, if the old 20-heat World Final had been completed by the deciding 'semis and final' Ivan might well have also won in 1966, 1967, 1971, 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1978!