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  1. MassMarauder


    Phil - have you decided which edition will be your 2021 Season preview issue? That will be my new subscription start date. Cheers.
  2. Have to say I have enjoyed the Humans of Speedway Podcast series. Ian (who has the voice for radio) has a great simple format but has had great guests, incl of course many who have featured on other podcasts. Check them out here https://podcast.sport-social.co.uk/podcast/humansofspeedway/
  3. MassMarauder

    The Complete A-z Of Post-war British League Riders

    Great news Matt - email sent.
  4. MassMarauder

    The Complete A-z Of Post-war British League Riders

    There used to be a web site with the 'Complete A-Z of Post War British League Speedway Riders' and I think they (Matt) also were selling CDs of their volumes. However, the old web site seems to have been hijacked and google searches bring up nothing. Anyone know if they are still undertaking the project and where their on-line home might be now
  5. MassMarauder

    Kelly Moran - 'A Hell of a Life'

    A few people on here hung out with Kelly in his final years. I got to know him in New York, where he rode his last meetings. He was very engaging but you could see that he'd lived a life. Here he is with Boogaloo in 2003 - Kelly was only 43 when this was taken....
  6. MassMarauder

    First meeting-how many riders still alive.

    My 1st ever meeting: Sept 1st 1973 Kings Lynn vs Coventry Bees Stars: T Betts A Price B Humphreys E Reeves M Simmons R Bales D Gagen Bees Nigel Boocock Pete Bailey Garry Middleton Alan Jay Frank Smith Jeff Shirley I assume that a few are not with us any more. Simmo I know.
  7. MassMarauder

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    No he came over for this. He is still living in the UK
  8. MassMarauder

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Yep - the very same. Nice tidy riding. Won some heats, lost some heats. But riding for for fun rather than going all out.
  9. MassMarauder


    I picked up a copy at Manchester Airport during a flying visit to the UK recently. Have to say - despite there being no UK season - it was a good read and I like the layout. The one thing I didn't see - was averages etc for the Polish and Swedish Leagues - which given there are no UK stats I figured they might be included. Otherwise - I am glad you are still managing to Publish Mr. Rising.
  10. MassMarauder

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    I went to the Speedway in NY the other weekend to watch the Outlaw US National Speedway Championships. Saw Broc Nicol, Billy Janniro and Ronnie Corry. Some good races between Nicol and Janniro. Good size crowds. No social distancing - and I think I was the only person wearing a mask in teh entire place.. Sat at the top of the stands at least 20 feet from people.... who were partying like it was 1999. Listen to a podcast on the weekender here https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/eastcoastdirt/episodes/2020-10-15T15_19_45-07_00
  11. MassMarauder

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    How's everyone doing ? Any revelations? Anyone completed any updates, improvements etc ?
  12. MassMarauder

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    How we all doing? I thought I fixed the clone issue... seems I haven't :-)
  13. MassMarauder

    One Club Servants

    Ian turner, Kings Lynn 1969 to 1980. And although he rode for Boston in his last season in 1980 - they were kind of Kings Lynn's second team. Wasn't Rochdale a Belle Vue feeder team ?
  14. MassMarauder

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    So tonight I had Anders Rowe on my team, beating Anders Rowe of Swindon in Heat 14. And the breaking news is that Wolverhampton placed Broc Nicol on the transfer list, which is cute, as he is riding # 2 in my team. Serious question - I tried saving my current game as a new game with a different name and it crashed. Tried doing it this a few times and it crashes\d each time. Should I follow the second option of installing the updates ?
  15. MassMarauder

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    There are quite a few riders who are not listed on this years named 7 for Championship teams - but rode in the championship last season when doubling up from the National Development League. They have Championship averages.

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