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  1. Conkers

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    If you can be patient with the translation the Russian Forum is quite good http://www.russpeedway.info/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=20 Speedweek in Germany is another good source of info http://www.speedweek.com/bahnsport/ as is the Russian Site Speedway Press http://www.speedway-press.ru With any luck http://www.icespeedway.co.uk may be back up and running in the forthcoming season, as the Editor had extensive work commitments last year so his site took a bit of a back seat. Of course you must check https://www.baansportfansite.nl which has an up to date results service and usually links to Periscope coverage of meetings they attend There are a few of us on here who post the links to the live meetings from Russia, although it does require an early start at the weekend if you want to watch them. As for the Western dates, they are usually accurate as the Inzell and Heerenveen meetings have to fall in line with the speed skating, so if you do book for Inzell its pretty much guaranteed to be on. The only thing I would do is get your tickets and accomodation for Inzell booked now. Many places are booked the year before but a look on Booking.com or Late rooms may get you somewhere unless you hire a car and drive in. I understand that parking will be at a premium at Max-Aicher-Arena this year as a press release mentioned a shuttle bus from the centre of Inzell to the track, but considering the size of Inzell, I'm at a loss where everyone will be able to park. Considering the numbers of Brits going to Inzell every year, maybe we should all meet up for a pre-meeting drink. Anyone?
  2. Conkers

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    I spoke to Tony Steele a few weeks ago, and he told me that the team final was to be moved, as the host nation didn't feel they could enter a competitive team. As this was confidential information, I had to hold back on saying anything. I think the Western dates are certain, Steve. Personally, I think you cant go wrong on the first/second turn, or the back straight as they come out of the turn. The home straight does have terracing but I think you are further away from the track. As Iris123 pointed out Turn 3/4 is a waste of time, unless you have powerful binoculars and even then I'd avoid it.
  3. Conkers

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    Tickets for Inzell go on sale on 4.10.18 from http://www.eisspeedway-inzell.de/ Prices range from €28 to €55and there is a VIP option available too. The site is all in German but it's fairly easy to navigate. The tab for tickets isn't there yet, though
  4. Conkers

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    16 year old German Khazmurzin is also going to Torpedo, so he will be one to watch with both Franky and Dimon in the team. He suffered an injury at Heerenveen at the start of practice for the Roelof Thijs meeting, so I've only seen him ride on the net. But he's highly rated and certainly one to watch. Ledstrom is angling for a team in Russia, and was on the local Shadrink TV channel although he did say he hadn't signed with anyone, but wants to ride in Russia to improve. You can see Ove although its predominantly in Russian, Ove does speak in English.
  5. I’ve been sent a provisional calendar for the Ice Speedway Gladiators for the new season. It probably needs ratifying by the FIM but it’s broadly the same as was posted on last years thread on the last few pages. 12.1.19 - QR1 Venue TBC 19.1.19 - QR2 Venue TBC 2/3.2.19 - Final 1 Astana (TBC) 9/10.2.19 - Final 2 Shadrinsk 16/17.2.19 - Final 3 Togliatti 2/3.3.19 - Final 4 Berlin 16/17.3.19 - Final 5 Inzell 30/31.3.19 Team Final Heerenveen 23/24.2.19 FIM Europe European Championship (Venue TBC) Once it’s confirmed, expect the Russian calendar to be confirmed too.
  6. Motors TV will be showing the Astana Round of the ISG Series on Thursday 26.4.18 ay 22.00hrs in the UK. Its on Freesat Ch 253, Sky Ch 447, Virgin Ch. 545 For other countries check https://www.motorstv.com/get-motors-tv
  7. Provisional dates for 2019: Berlin - Feb 28 & March 2 -3 Inzell - March 16 - 17 Heerenveen - March 29 - 31 All subject to FIM confirmation.
  8. LUKOIL FIM ICE SPEEDWAY GLADIATORS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT 5, HEERENVEEN, NETHERLANDS, SATURDAY & SUNDAY, APRIL 7/8 SUNDAY, FINAL 10 Koltakov 21 (15+3+3), Ivanov 19 (14+3+2), Valeev 16 (13+2+1), Haarahiltunen 14 (12+2+0), Zorn 12 (11+1), Khomitsevich 10 (9+1), S. Svensson 9 (9+0), N. Svensson 7 (7+fd), Olsen 6, Pletschacher 6, Simon 5, Klatovsky 4, Weber 3, Ledstrom 2, Iwema 2, Schaap 1, Tuinstra 0, Reitsma 0 Semi Final 1: Koltakov, Haarahiltunen, Khomitsevich, S. Svensson Semi Final 2: Ivanov, Valeev, Zorn, N. Svensson (fd) Final: Koltakov, Ivanov, Valeev, Haarahiltunen OVERALL (*= Wildcard) Koltakov 202, Ivanov 167, Khomitsevich 154, Haarahiltunen 115, Valeev 98, Zorn 76, Simon 75, Karachintsev 68, N. Svensson 60, Olsen 58, Klatovsky 47, S. Svensson 44, Ledstrom 44, Weber 39, Iwema 23, Kononov* 22, Bauer 15, Pletschacher* 11, Niedermaier* 10, Ebner 10, Schaap* 4 And thats it! Koltakov had dominated this seaason, and no-one really came close. Ivanov looked a bit miffed with another silver, whilst Khomitsevich dropped points on his rival when he took out the bales in one heat. Biggest revelation was Martin Haarahiiltunen who is the most exciting western rider since Franky Zorn burst onto the scene. In one heat today he held Koltakov in second for a lap or so, before Dimon passed him. He isn't afraid of the Russians and his success is dragging in new Swedes to the Ice. Iwema had a nightmare home GP, but he needs to sort his bikes for next season, Schaap got to find out how good the ISG series is, and talking to him, he wants to be in it. On a personal note, it was good to catch up with many of the British and other old riders there, and to catch up with Steve again, who braved the dark streets of Heerenveen on a push bike. Hope the pics with Dimon came out well.
  9. LUKOIL FIM ICE SPEEDWAY GLADIATORS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT 5, HEERENVEEN, NETHERLANDS, SATURDAY & SUNDAY, APRIL 7/8 SATURDAY, FINAL 9 Dmitri Koltakov (Russia) 18 (12+3+3), Dinar Valeev (Russia) 16 (12+2+2), Danil Ivanov (Russia) 18 (14+3+1), Dmitri Khomitsevich (Russia) 16 (14+2+0), Stefan Svensson (Sweden) 11(10+1), Martin Haarahiltunen (Sweden) 10 (9+1), Niclas Svensson (Sweden) 10 (10+0), Jimmy Olsen (Sweden) 8 (8+0), Ove Ledstrom (Sweden) 6, Harald Simon (Austria) 5, Franz Zorn (Austria) 5, Jan Klatovsky (Czech Rep.) 4, Stefan Pletschacher (Germany) 4, Jasper Iwema (Netherlands) 3, Bart Schaap (Netherlands) 3, Simon Reitsma (Netherlands - Res) 1, Jimmy Tuinstra (Netherlands - Res) 0, Johann Weber (Germany) 0 Semi Final 1: Ivanov, Valeev, Haarahiltunen, N. Svensson Semi Final 2: Koltakov, Khomitsevich, S. Svensson, Olsen Final: Koltakov, Valeev, Ivanov, Khomitsevich Cracking nights racing yesterday, and Koltakov was World Champion in Heat 13. He then went out in Heat 20 and broke down, meaning he's dropped 8 points overall. Johann Weber crashed in his first heat and was bruised but he's back this afternoon. Pics from yesterday already on my site: http://iancharlesphotos.net/070418-isg-final-9
  10. Roelof Thijs Bokaal, Heerenveen, Friday 6.4.18 1 Lukas Hutla (Czech Rep) 2 Jonas Andersson (Sweden) 3 Charly Ebner (Austral) 4 Rene Stellingwerf (Netherlands) 5 Albin Lindblom (Sweden) 6 Matti Isoaho (Finland) 7 Jimmy Tuinstra (Netherlands) 8 Manfred Seifter (Austria) 9/10 Jasper Iwema (Netherlands), Andreas Lindblom (Sweden) 11/12 Bart Schaap (Netherlands), Simon Reitsma (Netherlands) 13/14 Luca Bauer (Italy) 15/16 Jo Saetre (Norway), Andreas Westlund (Sweden) 17/18 Marc Geyer (Germany), Pierre Hallen (Sweden 19/20 Franz Mayerbuchler (Germany, Sebastian Gegenbauer (Germany) 21/22 Tomi Kirilov (Finland), David Lizak (Czech Rep) 23/24 Marku Larronmaa (Finland), Jiri Wildt (Czech Rep.) Quite a spectacular meeting really, with some incredible racing. Particularly spectacular crash between Gagenbauer and Reitsma, when the German took out the Dutchman, unfortuantely it also meant Jo Saetre was left with nowhere to go and ended up being strechered off. Lukas Hutla was a worthy winner and I think we'll be seeing more of him in years to come. Poor old Charly Ebner was winning the final when Stellingwerf fell, and the final was rerun. Ebner was away from the gate but Hutla and Andersson held him out and ended up in third place. Impressed with the strides takern by Jimmy Tuinstra and Bart Schaap and I fully exprect to see these teenagers going on to the ISG series. There are some pics on my website inclusing the 21 frame crash http://iancharlesphotos.net/060418-rtb Now sat in the press room at Thialf sorting out for tonights meeting.
  11. Khanmurzin and Niedermaier aren’t riding. The Russian was injured in practice last night, whilst Niedermaier apparently has other commitments (can’t be arsed I’m told). Live updates from 17.30 on www.baansportfansite.nl if you want to follow them, possibly live footage on Periscope as well.
  12. LUKOIL FIM ICE SPEEDWAY GLADIATORS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT 5, Heerenveen, April 6/7 1 333 Danil Ivanov (Russia) 2 16(WC) Bart Schaap (Netherlands) 3 114 Dinar Valeev (Russia) 4 199 Martin Haarahiltunen (Sweden) 5 919 Dmitri Khomitsevich (Russia) 6 33 Johann Weber (Germany) 7 69 Jan Klatovsky (Czech Rep) 8 99 Stefan Pletschacher (Germany) 9 800 Jasper Iwema (Netherlands) 10 100 Franz Zorn (Austria) 11 11 Ove Ledstrom (Sweden) 12 50 Harald Simon (Austria) 13 58 Stefan Svensson (Sweden) 14 106 Dmitri Koltakov (Russia) 15 192 Niclas Svensson (Sweden) 16 81 Jimmy Olsen (Sweden) TR1 17 Simon Reitsma (Netherlands) TR2 18 Jimmy Tuinstra (Netherlands) Gunther Bauer replaced by Stefan Svensson. Dmitri Koltakov could be World Champion as early as Heat 13 on Saturday, if he wins his first three heats. It's going to be a battle for second place between Ivanov and Khomitsevich, whilst Haarahiltunen looks certain to finish fourth rounding off a remarkable debut season in the ISG Series.
  13. Startlist Roelof Thijs Bokaal 2018 - Heerenveen - 6 apr. 2018 1. Jo Saetre (Norway) 2. Jimmy Tuinstra (Netherlands) 3. Markku Larronmaa ((Finland)) 4. Franz Mayerbüchler (Germany) 5. Andreas Westlund (Sweden) 6. Jiří Wildt (Czech Rep.) 7. Bart Schaap (Netherlands) 8. Marc Geyer (Germany) 9. Andreas Lindblom (Sweden) 10. Tomi Kirilov (Finland) 11. Manfred Seifter (Austria) 12. Sebastian Gegenbauer (Germany) 13. Pierre Hallén (Sweden) 14. David Lizák (Czech Rep.) 15. Luca Bauer (Italy) 16. Simon Reitsma (Netherlands) 17. Charly Ebner (Austria) 18. Albin Lindblom (Sweden) 19. Lukáš Hutla (Czech Rep.) 20. German Khanmurzin (Russia) 21. Matti Isoaho (Finland) 22. Max Niedermaier (Germany) 23. Jonas Andersson (Sweden) 24. Jasper Iwema (Netherlands) Looks an interesting line up, and as in recent years there are a few new names on the list. Usually an interesting meeting, and a good curtain raiser for the weekend's ISG meetiings. I'm looking forward to seeing German Khanmurzin ride, as he's been on the radar for a around a year. At 16 he's a great prospect from when I've seen him in those YouTube videos from Russia. I'm sure Jesper will be doing live updates on baansportfansite.nl and if you are going, if you see me please say hello.
  14. Managed a chat with him on Sunday, this is only his third season. He only started when Niclas Svensson 'threw a bike at him' and told him to ride it. Last season was his first race outside Sweden at Heerenveen (his words) and he finished second. He's just trying his hardest at the moment to keep winning races. Such a nice chap, and I think he's one of the most exciting racers in a few years, as he's really not afraid of the Russians. In fact he did give Koltakov a bit of a run in Sunday's semi final, and was giving Valeev some stick in the final, when he fell.
  15. LUKOIL FIM ICE SPEEDWAY GLADIATORS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT 4, INZELL, GERMANY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY MARCH 17/18 SUNDAY FINAL 8 Koltakov 21 (15+3+3), Khomitsevich 19 (14+3+2), Valeev 13 (10+2+1), Haarahiltunen 13 (11+2+f), Ivanov 14 (13+1), Zorn 11 (10+1), Weber 10 (10+0), Simon 7 (7+0), Olsen 5, Ledstrom 5, Iwema 4, N. Svensson 4, S. Svensson 4, Klatovsky 3, Pletschacher 1, Niedermaier (res) 1, Franz Mayerbuchler (Germany - res) 0, Bauer 0 (withdrew) Semi Final 1: Koltakov, Haarahiltunen, Zorn, Weber Semi Final 2: Khomitsevich, Valeev, Ivanov, Simon Final: Koltakov, Khomitsevich Valeev, Haarahiltunen (f) OVERALL (* = WILDCARD) Koltakov 163, Ivanov 130, Khomitsevich 128, Haarahiltunen 91, Karachintsev 68, Valeev 66, Simon 64, Zorn 59, N. Svensson 45, Olsen 44, Klatovsky 39, Weber 36, Ledstrom 35, S. Svensson 24, Kononov* 22, Iwema 18, Shishegov * 17 Bauer 15, Niedermaier * 10, Ebner 10, Pletschacher * 1 Koltakov is now so far ahead, that if he scores 10 on the first day in Heerenveen he is World Champion. Ivanov needs all 42 points and Koltakov to withdraw to beat him. Anther splendid day's racing here, and good to catch up with Steve again. It's three weeks now to Heerenveen, and I bet Dimon is ticking the days off on his calendar!

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