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  1. Cradley 2018?

    I'm delighted to see that Adam Roynon is going to be involved in the national trophy squad. He is one of the most popular Heathens of the modern era (or any other come to that). It's going to me a bit messy but I do applaud the Promoters for trying to assemble a squad that will actually look like 'our' team even though they will have to be borrowed and there may be 'guest' issues if we make progress.
  2. Cradley 2018?

    Its very sad that we will only be doing a few meetings next season and will have to resort to loaning riders. I'm not going to criticise the promoters. I'm sure they have tried their best. If you are looking for a target to blame, however, all roads lead to Dudley Council! They have had many opportunities to provide or allow us to use land to make sure the Club got back full time and we have had backers (certainly in the past) who have been willing and able to build a modest facility to meet our needs. Dudley has lost a football ground, cricket ground, speedway and greyhound tracks and two swimming pools and there is no sign of any of them coming back. Sporting Disgrace!
  3. Cradley 2018?

    I've heard a rumour that he is cnsidering it but that's all I know. As Brian says he has been a great servant to both of our Clubs and is a great ambassador with the fans.
  4. Cradley 2018?

    Not the best of starts. I see Danny Ayres has signed for our good friends the Bog Moggies! Another one of my favourites Ben Morley has teamed up wiith the Isle of Wight. Plenty more fish in the sea at the moment but others are starting to nail down the talent.
  5. Tactical Substitutes Question?

    Its all about making things happen for me and 6 points always seemed right in the past. If a Team Manager pulls a masterstroke and wins the match, well done to him! It makes Team Managers work harder (rather than being relative 'passengers') and creates some controversy for discussion after the match. The problem with Tactical Rides is that it only happens once and by then the meeting is usually as good as over. Let's inject a bit of excitement and controversy, even down to the old heat 8 trick (and I know I'm not a supporter of that particularly) but 'dirty tricks' can only raise the interest levels in the sport. Its all about entertainment.
  6. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I agree there is a risk here. If the developers back this move financially then they can dress it up for the Planning Inspector that they have successfully relocated the Club, which may influence him in releasing Brandon for housing. This kind of 'backing' is likely to be far cheaper / quicker than finding / buying some land and building a track.
  7. Cradley 2018?

    Press release this morning. They are still trying to put things together for next season. Fingers crossed. The Heathens’ future has been put into doubt due to stadium availability and fixture congestion arising from their track-share arrangement primarily at Wolverhampton’s Monmore Green Stadium. Co-promoter Gary Patchett said: “We enjoyed a very positive meeting on Wednesday afternoon and we are unanimously agreed we will do everything we can to keep the team on the track. “We have some proposals we would like to present to the other clubs when we eventually get a date for the National League AGM and then we can make some firm plans. Until then we are in a state of flux. “We need the supporters to remain patient and we thank them for that. Without going into detail, the various issues we have had to face, both individually and collectively, would have made it easier to bring the current era to a close but we are committed to keeping the Heathens going despite the challenging circumstances we have faced this year. Our hearts are definitely ruling our heads! “We need positivity throughout the club and, most importantly, we need to be certain the support will still be there for us moving forward. Whilst there are still hurdles for us to overcome and issues to address over which we have little or no control we are optimistic of a positive result.”
  8. Cradley 2018?

    It's all gone rather quiet apart from a message from Nigel Pearson to say that the Promoters will make every effort to get us back on track for next season. I took it a good news (for us) that there will be no more teams in the Premier League this season so there should be the same number of Mondays available. With Lakeside moving up and Coventry moving in there may be the same number at NL level too. Riding fixtures at Birmingham has been an issue for us, though I have to say the co-operation of the Brummies has been greatly appreciated and actually saved us for last season. Problem is it's not the easiest place to get to mid week, even though it's close and that has had a noticable affect on the crowd levels there. I don't know how accommodating the new Promoters at Perry Barr may be in any case. The uncertainty may mean that if we do run we will be back of the queue for signing riders. I'd like to be more optimistic and I'm sure the Promoters will do their best but the level of uncertainty is a bit uncomfortable. Perhaps the answer could be to run double headers on our nights at Monmore. We've done it on Bank Holidays with the Landlords so it could work. Why are Tuesdays unavailable at Monmore? Any thoughts (hopefully optimistic) out there?
  9. Tactical Substitutes Question?

    If there is only going to be one T/S ride in a match then this is very disappoining. Part of the attraction in the past was that you could try to outguess the Team Managers and work out who would be used or where the T/Ss were going to take place. It's what you call making the sport more interesting for the supporter! I thought it was great news when they made the announcement and having Heat 8 protected avoided the standard trick of Ole Olsen being introduced for the No7 of the time. Think again and bring it back so that it can be used whenever teams are more than 6 points down. You may actually get a few more people back through the turnstiles.
  10. Birmingham 2018

    I'd agree that Hall seems to be one to avoid based on our experience. Potential for scoring massive points at this level but for how long?
  11. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Maybe I should have said well prepared when we got the chance. I do recall Jan O and many others putting hours of hard work in up there as you have described.
  12. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Sadly you are right overall. Saturday and Bank Holiday fixture attendances were ok but mid week fixtures were extremenly difficult. Leaving work at 5 and getting to Stoke by 7.30 was a real challenge up the M6. There was also the cost of the riders to consider. Don't forget we had both Greg and Billy at the time. Don't get me wrong, they were both brilliant but they came with a price tag. Sadly, the lack of support from the locals, in spite of having the two best riders in the world riding each week and great racing on a well prepared track, was also a factor. Hopefully Sunday travel and NL costs may make things easier for the Bees. I cetainly hope so.
  13. Dave Rattenberry Rip

    Very sad to learn of Dave's passing. He was responsible for my most embarassing moment in Speedway. I took my lad and his mate to a Wolves v Oxford match when Greg Hancock was riding. Now I've known Greg pretty well since he first came to Cradley in '89 and I knew I could get them an autograph. So off I went to the 'Rat' for a couple of action photos. This was in the Silver Machine era, I think, when the team all wore black race suits. So he sold me a couple of photos and I looked long and hard at them and said that doesn't look much like Greg but he assured me it was. Off to the pits we went and Greg was his usual accommodating self and I thrust the pics into his hand and said "Can you sign these please?". With the customary Grin, he replied "Sure ......but that's Nicki". We had a chuckle when I took them back to the Rat's stand. I still don't know if it was a mistake or a deliberate set up! He will be missed by many genuine fans.
  14. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I think it is positive in terms of getting a team of some description back on track but the Bees fans never took to the National League in great numbers at Brandon so I hope they will do so at the new venue. It's a gamble for the promotion and credit to them for taking it. Sadly, some of the comments do seem to rule out a return to Brandon now but I think that was inevitable anyway. The best that they can hope for is that when granting permission for housing there is a requirement to provide a new speedway / stock car facility in the area. That is one for the Council to consider. As we have learnt at Cradley, if you don't save what you have got the chance to open somewhere else is extremely slim. Best of luck to the Bees. I really hope it works out for them but a 50 mile round trip to meetings is a drawback. Still we did a season at Stoke with a 100 mile round trip so it is possible. Fingers crossed.
  15. Mildenhall V Cradley?

    Well I've been going to Speedway for over 50 years now and I can't recall an official match where a team has ridden with only one of their own riders. Thanks to all the guests who turned out for us this afternoon. I hope the experience helps some of the youngsters in their development.