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  1. Ommer Mon

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Really good news. It was a bit difficult to get committed to what we did last year but it was enjoyable to see some very good youngsters develop their careers. Good to have a team of our own again. Hope it works out successfully. Ommer em Cradley
  2. Ommer Mon

    Good luck Robbo

    Always gave 100% with a fearless attitude and a spectacular style. As a fan you can't ask for any more than that. Have a great retirement. Its been great watching you down the years.
  3. Ommer Mon

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    I'm looking forward to it. Two top class teams for this level and hopefully there will be enough travelling Bog Moggies to create a bit of an atmosphere. Whilst the situation itself is unsatisfactory with our team being 'borrowed' it has at least provided a way to retain the connection between the sport and over a thousand very committed fans. We would all have liked to have done a full season with a team of our own but that wasn't possible and at least this has kept the interest going and provided some valuable additional track time to some of the most talented youngsters in the country. Good luck to them all tonight and here's hoping for a competitive and safe night's racing. Heathens to win by 8. 'Ommer 'Em Cradley (Select)!
  4. Ommer Mon

    Ronnie Moore

    It's rare that you can call a speedway rider graceful but that smooth style of his, letting the bike do all the work, was a joy to see, especially at Plough Lane. I recall him winning a race at Cradley in a ridiculously slow time with his bike popping and banging for nearly all four laps but his skill was such that nobody could get past him. RIP Ronnie.
  5. Ommer Mon

    Cradley V Brummies Mon 2ndJuly NT

    Good news on Danyon and a speedy recovery to Chris.
  6. Ommer Mon

    Cradley V Brummies Mon 2ndJuly NT

    Terrible crash involving Chris and Danyon. Thank God for air fences! Shanes and Bacon were a class apart last night (and not a Bacon roll in sight!). Great to see the likes of Drew, Jason, Kyle and Leon developing week by week. They all have great futures. I think Monmore is just too tight for Leon at the moment but he'll adjust to that soon enough. There may still be something to ride for at Perry Barr but it will be a patched up team with guests for our guests. The support is clearly still there for a full season. Its a shame that Ladbrokes don't want to play ball on two race nights.
  7. Ommer Mon

    Cradley V Brummies Mon 2ndJuly NT

    Wonder if we will be treated to more 'Bacon rolls' this evening? Seriously, should be the best match of the season so far with plenty of entertainers on view if they miss the gate. I'm looking forward to seeking Leon Flint for the first time. He sounds like yet another great British prospect. Crikey in five years time we could have more GP riders than Poland (but Greg will probably still be beating them)! It's going to be a great sunny evening so lets hope to see some more queues at the entrance and a good local derby atmosphere. Heathens to win by 8.
  8. Ommer Mon

    Cradley v Buxton NT 4/6/18

    Oh well. To misquote Eric Morecambe 'I got all the right numbers just not in the right order'. 68 -22 it was. Credit to Buxton who battled away throughout and did their best to make a fight of it. That said the Heathens were excellent from top to bottom. It really is a delight to see the likes of Bickley, Kemp and Edwards. They are excellent prospects. Sterner tests to come and I think the remaining encounters with our old mates Birmingham and Coventry should be really good encounters.
  9. Heathens attempting to go back to the top of the NT table with a home win tonight. Were pretty much at full strength tonight so, with all due respect to the Hitmen, it looks like a cricket score could be in the offing. Hope for some good races though and a safe night's racing for all. I'm going for 62-28. Let battle commence!
  10. Nice to have some Speedway to watch at last. Jordan Jenkins, Drew Kemp, Jason Edwards and Kyle Bickley were magnificent last night and it does look as though British Speedway has an encouraging future through those lads and others like them. I hope Kyle is Ok after his Heat 15 crash. Thank heavens for air fences. Not the kind of impact you would have wanted at Halifax 30 years ago! Always nice to win but I'm aware of all the controversy around our team this year and the main thing was to provide these lads with additional track time. Credit to Stoke. They battled well with Rob Shuttleworth, Tony Atkin and Danny Ayres putting maximum effort in. A word too for Paul Burnett. I think that's the best I've seen him ride. Looked like a healthy crowd in the sunshine too. Roll on the next one!
  11. Ommer Mon

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Just seen the news and had that terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when you get bad news on someone close to you. Apart from getting a couple of autographs, I never knew him but he was one of my all time favourite riders and he provided me with so many special memories. Maximum against Cradley for Exeter in the twilight of his career, 17 points at Perry Barr shepherding Bobby Beaton round for a last heat 5-1 for a Hull win, providing bikes for all his team mates in the Cup Final at Cradley, giving the other three riders half a lap start at Monmore after a dispute with the Referee and winning etc etc the list is endless. I don't think we've stopped celebrating Pratty beating him twice in a night at Dudley Wood in 1970. That was the measure of the man a winner and a perfectionist who set the standards for the other greats to follow. RIP to the best rider in the history of our sport.
  12. Ommer Mon

    Cradley 2018?

    Yep you're right. just trying to put a bit of a brave face on it!
  13. Ommer Mon

    Cradley 2018?

    Final piece in the jigsaw (as predicted by many) Bradley Andrews. He'll be starting off in the team and admits he will be looking over his shoulder at the reserves. Most people are making us favourites at least for the group stage but the majority of the team is young and inexperienced so anything can happen. Have to say though it looks a very entertaining septet. Should have some good nights at Monmore Wood. Just not quite so many of them.
  14. Ommer Mon


    As Sings 4 Speedway said I think you need a few good quality riders so that the youngsters can have a standard to aim for. I'm thinking more of some other teams than Stoke here perhaps.
  15. Ommer Mon


    Well done to Stoke on an excellent signing. Cleggy could turn out to be he top NL performer this year. All they need to sort out now is a similar quality track electrician and it could be a good season. Hope they get a few more through the turnstiles on the back of this.

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