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  1. Apparently he was fined the equivalent of almost £4000. It makes you wonder what the penalty would have been had the little lad actually done something naughty.
  2. Ian

    Will Crumpie Race Again

    I can't imagine that Jason, one of life's winners, will be at all concerned by the pathetic comments of one of life's losers.
  3. No trick intended. Clearly my knowledge of West Lothian from the air doesn't match your own. Thanks for the answer though.
  4. The picture which goes with that article - does anyone know which stadium it depicts?
  5. Iris is right though, Tsunami. In the fifty years I have been watching speedway the only changes I can recall to track surfaces are that they have become generally slicker and that they no longer seem to use sawdust on wet tracks. There may, of course, be a perfectly good reason for the latter - I don't know. I apologise if I have posted this before, but somewhere out there must lie a solution to the wet track problem. After all, it can't be beyond a species which managed to send men to the moon and back to come up with some more weatherproof surface than we have now. My best suggestion is that the BSPA, or FIM or whatever, offer a research project to a number of technical universities aimed at finding a better surface material. It wouldn't cost that much, and we'd have some of the country's finest brains working on it. Alternatively, we could all be defeatists and just sit back and hope for the best that next summer is a bit drier than this one has been, which I suspect is what will happen.
  6. Probably the reason is that air fares fluctuate wildly inside and outside of the school holidays. For example, I just looked at tickets between London and Dubrovnik around 31st October, which is over £400 with British Airways. Five days later (after the English half-term holiday) the same flight is £50. Now that's on a short 2.5 hour flight, so scale that up to the 24-hour haul to Australia and the cost differences can be dramatic. This seems to happen with riders every year. It's unprofessional, but you can see the reason for it.
  7. Ian

    Speedway In Crisis

    On the face of it that's a good idea. I wonder though whether speedway on television actually encourages more folk to come along. Perhaps too many processional, drawn-out meetings may have quite the opposite effect.
  8. Ian

    Premier League 2013

    To some extent it was the survival of the fittest, and I believe that Wimbledon won the National leaugue (which was the first tier) for a significant number of consecutive seasons. Was that a problem? Not really. Wimbledon fans seemed happy enough to watch large home wins every week, and the attraction of such a strong visiting team ensured a good payday for the other promoters. The real answer is to allow team-building to a fixed average, but to give discounted averages to riders based on how long they have stayed with the one team. I cannot see the attraction of supporting a team which changes riders every couple of weeks.
  9. Ian

    David Howes Article In Sstar

    I can't answer your question, Mixy, having experience of neither engineering nor sewing. Only the forum seamstress could answer that one for us. The construction details of Jordan's bras remain a mystery also. I can see that certain stress calculations would be involved in the design which might prove less necessary in the case of, say, the Middleton girl (how disappointing were these pics, by the way?). Presumably computer aided design is involved at some stage nowadays, with titanium being used at the construction stage.
  10. Ian

    David Howes Article In Sstar

    It's a funny old world, isn't it? Two engineering geniuses, both academic failures. One goes on to become a Speedway World Champion and highly successful engine tuner, while the other scrapes a living as a seamstress.
  11. From the top drawer, most likely.... sorry Nige.
  12. Ian

    David Howes Article In Sstar

    Steady on, Pitstop. The technical genius was telling us recently on another thread how he had to eke out a living sewing in the hosiery industry, having previously failed to do well enough at school to enter an apprenticeship. Clearly we're dealing with an intellect to be reckoned with.
  13. This really is the most unwarranted attack. Tsunami's not all that old.
  14. He'll be wearing a pink cushion next!
  15. Ian

    Berwick Bandits 2013

    So, to summarise. The plain fact is that you actually know nothing at all, and your entire post is constructed from hearsay, gossip and speculation. Is life in the Borders really so dull that you have to resort to this sort of nonsense to keep yourself amused?

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