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  1. Panthers89

    Ipswich 2018

    Congratulations Ipswich for making some awful changes there. Honestly, how meh! You could have used Kemp as your number 8 and give him some rides when old enough.
  2. Panthers89

    Panthers v Scunthorpe 13th July 2018

    Riders can have bad meetings at any point, it was a good choice but he had a mare, these things happen. We got 3 points and Sheffield got nothing, what’s the issue?
  3. Not just that though is it, they are there for first aid duties id say.
  4. Volunteer to steward then to help out. Makes sense to me, also easier for volunteers to clean up after
  5. Panthers89

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    We have 0.50 odd to spare I believe to fit it under the current averages
  6. Panthers89

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    Good idea by Flappy on the Scunthorpe meeting page, Richie Worrall for Ully for 28 days? Would certainly take the pressure off our riders who are exceeding expectations as it is!
  7. Well, probably one of Panthers harder meetings this season. Sheffield always go well round the EOES. Ully missing, will we go R/R or Guest? Is Lasse still missing? Teams: 1. Nicholls, 2, Lambert, 3, BWD, 4, MPT, 5, Allen (G), 6, Grondal, 7, Bacon 1. Howarth, 2, Kurtz, 3, Proctor (G), 4, Nicol, 5, Wright, 6, Wood, 7, Stewart (G). We need Emil to score some points, which isn't easy coming back from a nasty injury. Shanes/Wood will score well. Need to cut out the last places, 48-42 home win again. EDIT: Good choice of guests all round there, think no shanes weakens them though
  8. Panthers89

    Ipswich 2019

    And I thought after all the teams were announced flappy would have created the first 2019 thread!
  9. Panthers89

    Glasgow 2018

    If Richie signed for another club and the BSPA block the cook move, will Richie have to revert back to the club that’s sacked him?
  10. Panthers89


    Well he could only fit at Newcastle or Redcar, so Berwick if interested and can afford him must have a good chance?
  11. Panthers89

    Glasgow 2018

    Good signings if happen
  12. So close but so far.
  13. Dear Berwicks manager, Explain how Howe/NBJ have had 8 rides between them when you had a flying reserve? Thanks
  14. Panthers89

    Betting in 2018

    I've gone EW on Holder/Laguta and Tai for the win. Fancy Holder to do something tonight, no idea why though.
  15. 100 more Holder 100 more AJ

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