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  1. I heard he was staying around the UK this winter as he's trying Ice Speedway for the first time? So where is he going then? Neil - can you confirm? Be good to get rid of the rumours!
  2. Good lead and should be plenty. Ully is a major concern, if he starts scoring 9-10 as he did earlier on in the season we are looking very handy!
  3. Panthers89

    Play offs

    Glasgow will get going when it matters IMO
  4. Panthers89

    Play offs

    Lakeside vs Peterborough Glasgow vs Workington Glasgow vs Peterborough Glasgow to win league title
  5. Let’s be honest, looking at the teams in the play offs, were the underdogs as we’re definitely the weaker
  6. And we will be seeing a lot of rye house between now and the end of the season imo
  7. I was being polite before his fan club come defending him
  8. Ully needs to pack it in for the season.
  9. We have to choose Lakeside in the play offs IMO. Even though this means probably facing half of our meetings against them this season!
  10. Like Ullys score tonight, well..... 1,0,0.....
  11. Is it too late to get Thomas guesting instead of Wilko.....
  12. One of the main reasons I’m not bothering. Pay full whack to watch a team I’m not interested in (no offence Newcastle) and then possibly only see a handful of heats with the panthers in it
  13. Shambles so far. By far in the worst position going into the play offs.
  14. Brilliant, Ully has his flymo bikes back it seems, we're screwed if he carries on scoring like that (Yes he's still getting race fit, well aware of that, before anyone says!)

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