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  1. Corrupt assholes the lot of them. Pathetic guests, getting the clubs friends in who will be cheap and awful to guest. 65-25
  2. Sure the Panthers will have team orders in play to ensure Lynn get all 3 points and benefit buster.
  3. Correct call there, Doyle lifted and ran into Emil, all four back would be a cop out call
  4. Wow.... ran out of Fuel, could easily be the difference to losing the title.
  5. Least Bomber and Danny (including Family/Friends and other tag alongs) won't have to pay for tickets on the evening, good reason to yes to the call up.....
  6. Panthers89

    Introducing yourself....

    Kieran 30 Mildenhall 'Consulting' Peterborough Panthers Lived close to Long Eaton. Away and Home to Reading in 2006 Lewis Kerr at the Fours Crump/Sullivan around the EOES No one in particular Golf/Socialising/F1/Football
  7. Panthers89

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Might aswell bring back the Poles, least would get an ounce of excitement at home and crap away from home, rather than crap all round
  8. Panthers89

    Wolves v Peterborough 12/08/19

    Well wasn't far away with the 55-35 prediction, best could hope for.
  9. Panthers89

    Wolves v Peterborough 12/08/19

    Can Grizzly Adams find our quality please?
  10. Panthers89

    Wolves v Peterborough 12/08/19

    Not being funny, if this was any other team apart from Panthers, this would have been a decent meeting.
  11. Panthers89

    Wolves v Peterborough 12/08/19

    Disgraceful from Porsing, Piss poor from Hans, awful from Rohan, shocking from Ty (barring one heat). Shower of rubbisheee once again, sure Johnson (being Busters puppet) will smooth it over and polish the turd
  12. Panthers89

    Wolves v Peterborough 12/08/19

    Tungate ditched it, correct decision there. Masters made him pap himself.
  13. Panthers89

    Wolves v Peterborough 12/08/19

    Only way Hans can beat a rider, take his team mate out..... good on Charles there for gesturing to Hans there, moron

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