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  1. Janowski 100 more Madsen 100 less
  2. Wright is irreplaceable, suspect RR for Wright and a guest for Hans and Bates. I suspect Hans will ride tonight’s and struggle and put his comeback on hold
  3. Panthers89

    Ipswich vs Peterborough June 6th 7.30pm

    Should be banned if that’s the case if he rode tonight
  4. Wow.... what a win that was! Hans was superb and everyone chipped in barring the guest. BWD to reserve will make us only stronger.
  5. Surely BWD or Wright over Nicholls in 15?
  6. Can I add the spread stretcher to my Dudek bid please? So Dudek 100 more SS Niels 100 more Thanks R&R!
  7. and the management team didn't know about this?
  8. Cant see that he's ridden in Sweden, shocking from either Rohan or our management for not saying anything!
  9. Dudek 100 more Niels 100 more thank you!
  10. Panthers89

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Unless Bates is being signed to reduce the averages to bring in someone else stronger, seems pretty pointless
  11. Panthers89

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Well done David Bellego….. superb Oh wait..... How many times did they say Bellego name, the number 6 is a give away!
  12. Panthers89

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    According to 'Nige' his sources say that Bates could be in the top flight in the next few days...…. Panthers due to be signing someone (yes apparently...…. ) 2 + 2 together? Did mention his name last week
  13. Panthers89

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Be a load of bull sheeeeeeet
  14. Panthers89

    Warsaw 2019

    What a move by Dudek!
  15. Panthers89

    Warsaw 2019

    Bit pointless IMO. We don't know the set ups, Bike A could be quick from the start when B isn't etc.

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