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    makes me laugh really if he doesn't do the meeting he gets slagged off of he does the meeting he gets slagged off by you lot who wont even put your leg over a bike. Jason over the last few years has turned himself about to improve as he has done, and he is quite a nice genuine person. perhaps if others had his drive and commitment speedway would be in a better place, Just has Ben Barker love him or loath him does the ben fund every year and is also great with fans especially kids so please leave these guys alone any who put their leg over a bike and entertain us support them and perhaps things can improve .
  2. Jimmy Beaton.

    Rip Jimmy great rider
  3. Swindon 2018

    Matt Ford Fan 112 Members 112 979 posts Report post Posted 3 hours ago (edited) 4 hours ago, Jonny the spud said: You’re not stating a fact you’re stating an opinion. Get your teacher to explain the difference. Now toodle off off and do your homework there’s a good boy. Its a fact. The majority of Swindon fans didn't want Bellego back. Look at his scores towards the end of the 2017 season. No value in 7.37. Your profile is embarrassing fella. Interests: Abusing the French on a daily basis. No need to communicate with people like that. Now best to leave it there before you insult the entire population of people born with a disability and their families AGAIN!. Cya bye. OY school boy leave us disabled people out of it and feck orff to your own poole thread because no one wants to hear your insane dribble
  4. Poole 2018

    Personally I think if they have an ave that's it if they have not ridden here they get an assessed ave, winning speedway teams have always been done by getting in riders either on a false ave or getting someone who will improve loads ie getting a youngster on a 3 pt ave when you know he is going to do much better than that as he is a golden talent, Teams should be allowed to assemble their teams how they want 2 or even 3 big hitters or go with strong this would reserves and also tacitical subs should be when 6 behind each rider can have one ts ride this would also give team managers more input into matches so they could actually influence their sides at the moment a team manger doesn't do much . make matches more interesting
  5. Swindon 2018

    Rossiter Farted?
  6. Agm

    mmm used to wake up at the crack of Dawn she was lovely
  7. They Say Never Go Back.

    ahh the good old days ts when 6pts behind and claim gates too, way better than this silly one double pts ride, the old rule gave team managers some work to do, and yes how many top riders went into ht8 and got done by a second string or a young reserve was great entertainment
  8. Craig Cook, Since Swc

    were they Godden engines by chance
  9. I think in Cooks case a slap on the wrist and a word in the ear of the official and in Holders case I think its a witch hunt by a promoter because the rider isn't scoring as he thought he would and the rider saying he thought the track was in bad shape (not for the first time I gather) ask Rory Schlien, Lets remember other riders on the night missed races because of conditions,but those riders are his assets, lets also remember that Holder has suffered major injuries on track and also one of his best mates was very seriously injured. Granted its not fair on the fans on the night but surley no one wants to see some one injured, I remember a oxford v cradley match called off at heat 4 because the track was bad to prevent injury. Also another meeting at oxford on a bank holiday between oxford and Swindon rainy weather had soaked the track they tried to ride it but was called off after a few heats and John Davis love him or not came on to the mike and spoke alit if sense saying they could continue but they could ride but NOT race as was give a massive round of applause. So please listen to the riders the are the ones risking their necks but they also want to earn their money as they get paid on pts scored. To put two riders in danger of losing their work permits etc is not morally right. Surley there must be some common sense on all sides to work these problems out, it makes the sport look ridiculous and prohibits major sponsors getting involved which are desperately needed.
  10. Tai Massive Project

    All these people on here spouting their self righteous views no one really knows what went on between the BSPA and Woofy and to be honest that should stay between them, I hope they do sort out their differences for the benefit of youngster's coming throu. As for him not riding over here surely he has the right to earn his money where he believe@s he gets the best deal and with the polish rules he can only do two leagues. whether he ride's for team gb is his choice its not compulsory to ride its an invitation to ride. I am disappointed he has chosen not to ride but that's his decision and I respect it. I wish all you lot getting all brave behind the keyboard would pack it in and just get behind the rest of team gb, some of you seem to have a real dislike of Tai, I don't like the tattoos and piercings but that's his choice I just like to see him on a bike. Some of you could do with actually getting on a bike and seeing what its really like.
  11. Thoughts With Danny Phillips

    all the best wishes Danny hope you heal well and can return
  12. Oxford Speedway 2001

    ahhh the season sky never shows for some strange reason