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  1. Rayleigh

    Mildenhall v Kent 18th Aug

    I thought the BSPA had a pool of riders for such a situation. Sorry to hear Ablitt has packed up he was very promising
  2. Rayleigh

    Mildenhall v Kent 18th Aug

    yet again a Len Silver team using r/r and no No8, an accident (sorry on pun intended) waiting to happen. Is it true the rumours that Ablitt and Burford are being sparsly used to protect averages for next year, if so, I thought this was a league to allow young riders experience.
  3. Rayleigh

    NL Fours 7th July (now 13th)

    Then well done Stoke for on putting on the fours,Was my number realistic in your opinion?
  4. Rayleigh

    NL Fours 7th July (now 13th)

    Waco it was a typical Morley performance at this level, just don't understand why he cant move on as at this level he dominates riders whom do better than him at Championship level. But all in all a first class performance last night. Any idea what the crowd was last night? it seemed not far short of 1,000, is that normal for Stoke?
  5. Rayleigh

    NL Fours 7th July (now 13th)

    Congratulations to Stoke from a Rye House fan. I thought you were the best team especially as IOW got 2 gimme points from Fellows but I must say I thought that Wood actually nicked it on the line in the last race. Still I hoped you would win before the meeting and I still believe you deserved to. Bad luck to Kent, hope Ledwith and Rowe are only counting bruises. Finally impressed with Lawlor and well done to Thompson D on winning his last race at such a young age.
  6. Glad to hear, this lets hope you get the chance. The Jim Mead project sounds promising
  7. The lease of the whole stadium is held by the Kart people, if BMR are running Flat Track they must be hiring the stadium from the Kart people.
  8. The Lease is now owned by the Kart People according to Companies House.
  9. Chris has made a great start at Ipswich this season rarely dropping a point, on a track "its a while since he's been there" and whilst I have no grudge to bare with Ipswich it is probably about the worst shaped track in the country for the rider like Chris, yet he immediately got "the set up and lines sorted" As Rye House and Glasgow have been banging on about Mr Harris, he is not quite the rider his image have cleverly cultivated. Theres a reason why a 9/9.50 rider lands up with a 7/7.50 average every year. Good luck this season Somerset fans.
  10. Rayleigh

    Rye House 2018

    Definitely not, apparently it is genuine .
  11. Rayleigh

    Rye House 2018

    Im sure it doesn't mean owing Rye House Rockets Ltd means buying the stadium from BMR, maybe his interest IS running speedway at the stadium
  12. Rayleigh

    Rye House 2018

    I understand nothing to do with Carter and Bailey or nothing to do with BMR
  13. Rayleigh

    Rye House 2018

    But surely the Bond (I believe to be 50K - 60K) is to only cover Speedway related debts.
  14. Rayleigh

    Rye House 2018

    How much was the total debt?
  15. Rayleigh

    Rye House 2018

    If that is true Chris then that is ridiculous. The Bond is there to cover ANY debts incurred by a promotion, who is to say the debt to a rider is too large or the debt to a landlord is too excessive, the bond should be there to make sure in the event of a promotor not fulfilling his obligations the BSPA will make good these debts (presumably the BSPA did not get paid in full themselves). Maybe the debts were so large that the BSPA exhausted the bond without paying everybody in full, if this is the case then BSPA should list in detail how the bond was distributed.

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