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  1. The £7 discount is only if you come with a Miners helmet.
  2. Very Good As a neutral regardless how this situation arose they should let Lakeside through to the final and all it will need is for Rob Godfrey to phone his long time friend Ged Rathbone and ask him for a favour and step aside, presuming g they are friends.
  3. Prehaps you would like to pay for it or put together a consortium, oh its easy to just ask others to foot the bill. Whilst I am no apologist for the current owners the place was allegedly condemned by H & S after the state Silver left it in.
  4. I agree with most of what you say although this years drop in attendances was also down to Fixed Race Nights and a different attitude from certain senior riders. I only comment on Lakesides private grief as I have lost my club twice now (after 30 years of supporting the Rockets I held the club to account by not going in 1993, but after a few years of it being closed I realised my folly) you then come to realise how ever poorly the patient is, it is far better to keep it alive, even if it is in far from ideal health.
  5. Oh I here sighs from fans of defunct teams all over the country, sadly your wish may come true if you are a reflection of the Ammers fans.
  6. Crowds were about 1500 to 2000 last year with about 550 for the end of the Silver era, the best I have seen there since the early 80s. I see your plan, f@ck off the people you need to attend to save your club as there wernt enough Ammers last night to save your club.
  7. One other point about last night. I was really really cold and there were some pretty bad accidents which will naturally slow the meeting down, but in one heat the Workington management replaced Bickley with Campton (correct decision) but because Campton now had "2 on the trot" he was allowed about 15 minutes to get ready WHY? if he needs a break then don't choose to put him in the race. So what happens, it is the mugs (supporters) who have to hang around getting colder. Tail wagging the dog, what in speedway I hear you ask. As a neutral it looked like Workington wanted it more than Lakeside who for large parts of the meeting seems second best. Oh and thanks to Lakeside fans for slagging off our stadium, out track, our lighting, our food, whilst it may not be great The Arena Essex Raceway was never confused with London Palladium. Get real guys I don't think you get it , sadly you are on the cusp of extinction as a club, so suck it up and rally around before its too late.
  8. don't worry now you have challenged the delicate flower he will have a list of excuses as long as the straights at Berwick, If you think he is "passed" it (no crime as all riders do eventually, except Hancock) Glasgow fans just remember him hunting down and overtaking Jason Doyle in heat 15 to win the play off match, the man still clearly has it, well for some clubs.
  9. Your right the race nights were a disaster for Rye House but the atmosphere was not the same right from the start this year and its wasnt just Harris not putting in a fair shift.
  10. Horse and Cart, Cart and Horse - If Harris had put in proper commitment at Rye House then maybe just maybe the club would have kept the number of fans from the previous year and then the club would not have closed and then he would have earned more. But without tracks there is NO earnings for riders so promote your sport lads or get a part-time job to support your hobby. NO RIDER HAS A DIVINE RIGHT TO RIDE FULL TIME UNLESS THE SPORT MAKES ENOUGH MONEY TO SUPPORT THEM TO DO SO (i.e Grasstrack)
  11. Oh Yes I concur with The Glasgaw fans. Harris was more Bummer than Bomber for Rye House if he missed the gate he was just "swaning "around in third place (8 matches top score of about 7), so watching his performances for Poole was @.+~. Lost all respect for the man. p.s. I couldn't understand how every year in the Fantasy Speedway League he always started with an average in the 7s, could it be that he would cherry pick his matches at the end of the previous season to reduce his average and then become more employable next year (very good for Harris not so good for the paying customers who attended those meetings).
  12. Just noticed Lakeside are riding "at home" on Friday, this meeting is being staged at Rye House because Lakeside run out of home dates because they were not allowed to ride on ………………………. FRIDAYS
  13. Rayleigh

    Rye House 2018

    Hi Startline Sid, Finally its official see you on the 14th. Whilst Im delighted to get to go to Rye House Stadium again spare a thought what the poor Lakeside fans feel about the demise of their track, clearly I know this feeling all to well.
  14. Rayleigh

    Rye House 2018

    I see the 29th September is a Saturday and I thought Lakeside said they would not ride host a meeting at the Arena Essex Raceway on a Saturday "confused"
  15. Rayleigh

    Rye House 2018

    Hi Startline Sid, Please read the Barraiders comments on the Championship page.

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