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  1. Which is what was said last year... Fans don't seem to have any leverage to make a difference. How do we get the sports management to want to 'forward' the product rather than themselves? Just keep chipping away I imagine.
  2. This is the best team in history to win the league , no other team in history had to work under this year's rules.
  3. quite rare for a start that there is that large a difference in points between 1st and 2nd in the points, Failures could occur with the "champ" in heat 1 just as easily, and still the "best" rider is "robbed" . Just say you like the traditional formula better, I do see the point in that!
  4. II'm not missing the point (see how I do that underline thing to emphasise ), a true Champ comes through at the end. Even with 5 heats, If a rider wins 4 comprehensively, If he/she doesn't win the last, they've got to rely on others dropping points. Reeling off 5 wins ...... same as reeling off 6 or 7 to a form rider, and you get to see another race! , Can see your point, I just don't think its relevant justere.
  5. Not missing the point, just don't agree. If Ivan dropped 2 points (through something unfortunate) and another rider finishes on 14. even having been beaten by Ivan previously, that rider would win and not Ivan. Makes all this disproportionately stuff irrelevant. Both formats have the form rider come out on top on many occasions, both have times when they don't.
  6. wouldn't the 'best rider' make it 6 in a row, not 5, if he/she was good enough? He/she could have one dud/unlucky/poor ref call EF ride in the 20 heats anyway. Maybe the 'best rider' in this case was strategic and didn't burn themselves out in the first five... Ivan probably would have done what was required and win in any format!
  7. robinsgirl

    No Aussies In British Speedway 2018

    Get rid of those Aussies! They had the audacity to be selected as they only nationality in heat 15 of our Premiership .
  8. robinsgirl

    No Aussies In British Speedway 2018

    Those international riders that have lelt seem to have been rolling along with no problems. While British speedway have more and more controversy and poor decisions and this equates to problems and reduced value for us the punters. But instead we'll keep blaming outside influences such as International visiting riders and blindly keep a similar administration and.... funny thing, we’ll keep on the downward path. If the places for these riders were managed and contained in a way that young Brits are included and benefitted, all can coexist. But it isn’t managed. So lets blame the aussies, push them and the Internationals away, then finish up our sport here so we can watch decent speedway on television from Poland. Just wish their tracks were smaller! J
  9. robinsgirl

    Happy Christmas

    Happy Christmas, bring on 2016
  10. robinsgirl

    Poole Vs The Aces For The Title

    I wouldn't know about that. You are the authority. I had a great Grand Final, loved it.
  11. robinsgirl

    Poole Vs The Aces For The Title

    Sky is the official broadcaster of Elite league and would make sense that they would inform us viewers of any change to circumstance. If Pearson was wrong, as I mentioned earlier, there was time to correct it before the second leg, but in fact, it was re iterated that there would be no change from the incident. Very clear to me. SCB rarely release statements regarding incorrect refereeing decisions, at least as far as I've seen. i'd imagine it would take up a lot of time if they did!
  12. robinsgirl

    Poole Vs The Aces For The Title

    I guess as a 'non technical' person as far as the rule book is concerned, I'm quite happy to believe Pearson is briefed before the event and would correct any position that was incorrect. He, and the relevant authorities, had plenty of time to put forward any change and did not, so I'm content to move on and I'll be entertained by those on here that are 'serious and knowledgeable!' and will debate the issue until, finally. thay discover it's over. loved the Grand Final.
  13. robinsgirl

    Poole Vs The Aces For The Title

    by the Sky guys if you rewatch the both legs they clearly state that no adjustment to the scores will be made over the goggle issue. sorry don't have a link to the footage.They didn't sway from that announcement at all that i could see so it wasn't any if's or but's from the decision makers.

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