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  1. That's because he is so full of himself and his own importance! Always has been. Ridiculous that someone who has won as few actual races as he has this year, finishes second in the championship! Just another example of how ridiculous the new scoring system is. Well done Bartosz, truly deserved winner of the GP series, head and shoulders above anyone else at the moment.
  2. Have YOU ever thought of actually reading my original post too where I said “How can someone who doesn't win a race ALL NIGHT end up with 18 points?!!!” it was someone else who said that theoretically someone could be World Champion without winning a race and I just agreed that yes, that could happy in theory. We all know it won’t in practice. My beef is that the new system is totally unfair, and that riders shouldn’t end the night with less or significantly more then they have earnt through the racing. So before you try being all big and clever again why don’t YOU actually a) read my posts and b) try to tell me how a system which means riders can go away with vastly different totals of points to what they have earned in 6 or 7 rides on the night is not a lot worse than the previous one used or fairer? EVERY point a rider scores should matter and no one should end up with less than they have earned during their rides. And as for you analogy!!.What on earth is that all about? “In the final itself there are 120 points and a rider can finish with 10 points”....NO WINNER of any GP has ever done it scoring only 10 points on the night!!...You’re in utter cloud cuckoo land!! Even if they scraped through to the semis with 7 points from their 5 heats, to actually WIN the GP they would then need to get another 5 points minimum so the lowest they could ever actually won a GP with was 12 points on the night!! And that’s what they would take to the next round.......and it was FAIR.
  3. Oh look, a hero alert!!!....Did I say that it was a perfect system in the past?.....but it was certainly a lot fairer and more professional than one where someone can win 6 races (18 points) on the night and end up going home with 14 whilst someone can score 12 points and go home with 18 or even 20!!! Don’t see how even a super fan like you can possibly argue that that is fair or a better system than has been used for many years prior to this one!!!! Come on then PROVE that!!!
  4. That’s exactly what I’m getting at....it’s a complete embarrassment of a system and totally tinpot and amateurish, not to mention, unfair!!!
  5. What another complete and utter load of rubbish Czech GP (as per virtually EVERY year) and also another example of the utterly disgraceful and farcical scoring system!, How can someone who doesn't win a race ALL NIGHT end up with 18 points?!!! Making an utter mockery of a once great and professional sport!!
  6. Oh dear!!....I think your "albeit" bit at the end sort of makes a mockery of your first sentence!!!!....Who cares or even remembers who won the Czech GP in 2018 for example?!!....but EVERYONE in here at least, will remember who won the World title that year as THAT'S all that matters! The way you talk is as if each individual GP winner is as important as the overall GP World Champion at the end of each year!!
  7. Uhmm...yes...but you said it yourself ....an INDIVIDUAL meeting!!.... If the GP World champion was decided on one night like it used to be, then this system would probably be the best way, but it’s not. The previous system, if not totally perfect, was not broken, so why break it into a million pieces and just randomly put it back together again which is what it seems the lunatics who are running the asylum have done!
  8. Using no names as an example, just a scenario.Someone gets to the semi’s with 7 points another one gets there with 15. 15 man wins his semi, 7 man gets second. In the final. 7 man (now 9 on the night) wins and gets 20 points whilst 15 man (now 18) misses the gate, finishes last and goes home with 14 points!! Now on what universal planet are the MORONS who think this is a good idea or fair, living on?!.... Speedway is often seen as a joke these days (especially when it comes to British speedway) but the GP’s did use to come across as professional and fair (on the whole) but this farcical change just makes a mockery of the sports elite event.
  9. Best post in the whole thread!! Castagna and his gang would then have an overall winner of the GP who gets the most points and all the other riders would get a fair return from their 5/6 races of the meeting and ensure that if you've just been unlucky with an E/F for example in the semi after winning all 5 of your heats, then you would still be fairly rewarded for your nights efforts. Far too simple an idea for those simpletons in charge of the sport!
  10. Probably the worst play off final and advert for the sport, ever! Full marks to Ipswich for the season they have had but my goodness, have they been an embarrassment in the final or what?!!
  11. Well, if some people are too thick not to realise that for themselves, then perhaps they should! Just a bit of honesty and realism from broadcasters would be nice, for once!
  12. BT desperately trying to con people into thinking its not all over!!!.....LOL.
  13. A little unfair to be too critical of Ipswich as they HAVE done very well to get where they have this season. The final was always going to be Swindon’s (weather pemitting) and a bit of a non event (which is what is happening), but I still think Ipswich deserve some kudos, not criticism, for this season (possibly Iversen excepted!!!!)
  14. I think it’s a foregone conclusion about who will win overall (Swindon) but I expect it will at least be a competitive and close first leg at Foxhall....whatever it is, it will surely be better than the utter uncompetitive rubbish we have witnessed these past two nights!
  15. The only way this tie could possibly still be in the balance is IF the track tomorrow is in the same virtually unrideable state as tonight. Utter farce of a meeting tonight but what can they do when the TV are there and the play offs are in big trouble if the meeting was called off?!.....One day the powers that be, may realise that the play offs need to be earlier in the year to have more chance of not being utter embarrassing farces!

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