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  1. Glennylion

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Poor meeting with Lions being embarrassed. Doubt Kurtz will feature again and bjerre is woeful as a number 1. Came in on nearly 8.5 yet is riding to 6.4. Problem I see it is that we are so weak at reserve and weak at 1 that we can't necessarily improve 1 without weakening or at least improving the other. KP's form and erratic rides are a concern and whilst JS looks competitive (unlike Kurtz) he continues to hurt his and the teams chances with alarming regularity. The meeting was all very predictable and with very little to cheer on an evening with kids going free. Absolutely fed up with going home covered in dust. Throughout the season the track has been too dry but on occasions the track has been watered during meetings. Last night was appalling. In Heat 15 you we still waving the dust away from the previous lap when they were round again. The lack of dirt, water and general track preparation this season has been shocking. I bust a gut and get there for 7.25 and have tried week in week out to support the efforts in at least trying to build a strong team but until they can find the water tap again, my son and I will be giving it a swerve.
  2. Ricky Wells got lions out of a hole. Bjerre is a concern. Can someone enlighten me as to what Nathan Greaves thought he was doing or what the idea was when he came off his bike in heat 2 and took his bike to the apex of turns 1 and 2 and sat on his bike on the track.
  3. Glennylion

    Leicester - Swindon 13.06.18

    Agree. Too dusty and dry at the outset. Been a constant issue so far this season. The watering was inadequate on both occasions. Best I've seen James Sarjeant, tremendous effort from him. What the hell was Hans doing in 15? Unbelievable bit of riding.
  4. Glennylion

    Premiership 23/04/18 - Leicester v Swindon

    Agree with this. Track far too dry again. Scoreline made it interesting. Swindon very good and batchelor and museilak in a different class.
  5. Glennylion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Kenneth Bjerre and Todd Kurtz in for vaculik and MPT.
  6. Glennylion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I agree a replacement will be needed and I do have faith for once in what the promotion are doing. From what I see I don't see any mileage in chopping either HA, KP, DK and KN. None of those will reduce their average this year and are the backbone of a very good side. JS will be around his average but I don't see real value in getting a lower rider in which leaves Josh Bates. Chopping a family member I can't see happening and would weaken us a reserve if we need to find big points to play with. Interesting times
  7. Tremendous result but wasn't a good meeting. Somerset were poor, track was very dry, meeting long and drawn out which wasn't helped by lengthy waiting for tapes to be released which was instrumental in 4 warnings and 5 or so restarts. All 6 lions were good but Lambert, Newman, Pieszczek and in particular Anderson were superb.
  8. Glennylion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Not sure I like the sound of the jigsaw. I like the shape of our current 6 and would be disappointed to have to chop one to fit another in.
  9. Glennylion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Palm Toft confirmed as temporary replacement.
  10. Glennylion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    If there is a 28 day facility then it is madness not to use it. Rushing back after 17 days and being behind fitness wise or using facility and JB coming back fitter after 28 days . What is best for team is to utilise facility. What is best for JB is to use facility. USE THE FACILITY. Only issue is keeping finances in JB 's pocket.....
  11. MV - disappointed but will be fine. First race left bend 2 couple of bike lengths in front. Turned away and then Doyle was in front. DK - very good but should never appear in ht15 despite how good he appears earlier. Can see him adding to his average and slamming a few 5-1's in with KP KP - started off ok and got better and better. Took some adjusting to the man hole cover on turns 3-4 but then was excellent. HA - was excellent. KN - not far off the pace JS - similar to Newman. Not sure he's worth his average but was there or there abouts. Hopefully bit of improvement will see him support Newman. RR - seems not strong enough with JS and KN. KP improvement could be damage limitation. All in all a reasonable showing with scope to improve
  12. Glennylion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Looks like it's Lasse given his recent tweet. Pleased with that.
  13. Glennylion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Got to like the work that has been done at Beaumont Park this winter. It is nice to be thought of as being competitive.
  14. Glennylion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Lions confirmed on twitter that MV is 8 and KP is 6.50. Leaves 7.15 if JS is 3.81
  15. Glennylion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Take it back... I calculate at 3.81 for JS it leaves 7.65 left. DK 6.66 KN 4.86 JB 5.52 MV 8 KP 6 JS 3.81 Gives 34.85

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