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  1. If it is 'peanuts' why were Bluster & Co so desperate to get the contractual minimum 7 teams into the top league, no matter what it took? Anyway, I'd be surprised if BT Sport are as keen next time around.
  2. As long at the dosh from BT Sport comes rolling in, the coterie of spivs who control speedway in this country are happy.
  3. PE7Panther

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    and they would have known what was going on behind the scenes, for sure.
  4. PE7Panther

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    you make a good point there.
  5. You can doubt it all you like. But trying to claim that Panthers wouldn't be alive it weren't for 'Bluster' coming in is just guesswork. There's only one reason he got involved at the EoES - and it wasn't anything to do with helping Panthers to do well. Or even "saving" speedway. It was the BT Sport dosh, and he needed to make sure that the top league had the minimum 7 teams - one way or another. Anybody who can't see that must be either blind or very naieve. I blame Ged - not for the usual reasons that get spouted on here, but for allowing himself to be taken in by Bluster. I hear he regrets it now.
  6. re. buster isn’t making any money running Peterborough speedway. He is if you take the BT Sport dosh into account re. Could see them closing the grandstand Not a cat in hell's chance of that happening. But you're spot on with that first bit.
  7. Or , depending on your agenda, half full. And that'd make it 1,100 plus a couple of hundred or so on the bends and back straight. So not exactly a pi55poor crowd, and I'm guessing loads of other clubs would be happy with it.
  8. Thank feck for that!
  9. Cracking agenda, but it sounds like the A14 could figure quite a lot in your travel plans . Hope you're aware of the massive long-term roadworks; if not check it out beforehand. The A14 was bad enough before it all started; it's horrendous at the mo.
  10. PE7Panther

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Let's be honest, any rider could end up at any club and it wouldn't be all that much of a surprise.
  11. Oh but you are! And despite the fact that several other Panthers fans have tried to set you straight, you're still banging on. It's not Panthers' stadium - so they can't just go changing anything to the infrastructure, especially under the current EoES management. Anyway, you'd find it hard to find many Panthers fans complaining about the configuration of the track. The surface - yes (sometimes). The riders - often! Management - again often! But the stadium, track configuration and facilities? Nope. And the vast majority of visiting fans seem to enjoy their visits to our place too. By the way, if, as I suspect, your fingers are poised over your keyboard to dash off a reply with something about how all speedway clubs need to look forward and try to make improvements blah blah blah; maybe so, but that's a general speedway thing. This is a Peterborough Panthers (v Poole) thread.
  12. PE7Panther

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Yep, but it's not just fans who have a season ticket at Posh. What about the people who have bought 'ordinary' tickets for this game. It's v Sunderland, probably the biggest home game of the season, so it's bound to have attracted more non-STHs than usual - especially with it being on a bank holiday afternoon.
  13. PE7Panther

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    You'd like to think so - but this is speedway we're talking about I'm a STH at London Road and would always pick Posh ahead of Panthers even if I didn't have a season ticket. That said, I rarely miss a Panthers home meeting (and go to a few aways too). I've never had a Panthers season ticket but I had been thinking about buying one for this season - but that's gone out of the window now. And I'd be mightily pi55ed off if I'd already bought one. No wonder Panthers sell only a handful of season tickets every year.
  14. PE7Panther

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Yep, not good. I wonder what/who was behind it. It was - and still is - an avoidable clash. But I guess Buster & co don't give a flying one as a good few K/Lynn fans will be there to compensate for some Panthers fans opting for the Posh game. Another one to file away under "Speedway shoots itself in the foot".

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