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  1. Boro Bare

    Redcar 2022

    Wonder if Kasper’s absence is significant. Switching him for Starke would be a good move in my opinion.
  2. Boro Bare


    The fact that Smith has been signed suggests that’s the only change in the pipeline. Even if a top rider becomes available it doesn’t make sense to drop BWD. The team is that far below the points limit that only the weakest rider will need to be replaced ……. which is Smith. So unless George has asked to be dropped why sign Smith just to drop him straight away?
  3. Boro Bare

    Leicester Lions 2022 Line up

    I was thinking something similar myself regarding the Rowe situation. Is Anders definitely serving a 28 day ban now though or are we just assuming that’s the case because Leicester have been granted a facility? Must admit I didn’t think/realise the whole “withholding services” rule was intended for circumstances like this where the rider has left the club permanently and seemingly by mutual agreement. I thought it was to prevent riders picking and choosing which meetings to attend or effectively going on strike to get their own way about something. Even then clubs occasionally do allow riders to be absent riding in un-sanctioned meetings where a facility isn’t granted and they have to use NL guests with no bans handed out. Plus we have riders not returning from meetings abroad when they’re meant to and only getting 14 day bans. I’m not against a temporary facility being granted for Leicester, not their fault after all and they need time to find a solution. I’m just questioning whether a rider ban has to follow and whether it has to be for 28 days? It does seem a very one sided rule if that is the case. I.e, if a club can replace a rider without notice and without consequence why can’t the rider leave the club on exactly the same terms? Assuming Anders is banned and wants to continue riding elsewhere in the UK does anyone know if he can he sign (but not ride) for another club before the ban is up and before his average increases or does the ban include all forms of activity?
  4. I thought the track was excellent. Deep but consistent. With it being deep it took a little maintaining but a huge improvement. On the flip side though any home advantage is now lost but hopefully riders who perhaps wouldn’t have wanted to come to Newcastle in the past will now give it a go.
  5. Boro Bare

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    Must admit I have seen worse meetings at Brough this year and I was surprised to see the extent of track damage in the pictures. It explains the number of first/second bend falls although that end of the track has appeared patchy all year. I don’t know if there were concerns about the track before racing began or not. But when the first call was made from for the clerk of the course to contact the referee Roy Clarke said “I wonder how many times we’ll hear that tonight?” it suggested something might not be right. 2 decent races in my opinion. Ulle going round the outside of Starke on bend 4 (the first outside pass I’ve seen at Brough this year) and heat 10 with Howarth and Basso passing each other before Wethers nipped up the inside to pip them both. Wethers does seem to be the master at getting underneath anyone who moves a millimetre off the white line coming off bend 4. Hope he’s not too bruised after his off. I saw Cook talking to Wright after they got a bit close in heat 5. I was expecting fireworks - there weren’t any. Couldn’t tell if Craig was complaining or asking James if he was alright. All very civilised in the circumstances. Tonight’s updates do seem to have a slight hint of home bias. Hopefully everything gets sorted next week both on and off the track. I suspect speedway needs Newcastle rather more than Newcastle needs speedway.
  6. Boro Bare

    Redcar 2020

    Very pleased with that. Hugely entertaining rider.
  7. Boro Bare

    Newcastle 2020

    Excellent performance from James Wright this afternoon at Scunny. Far better than I was expecting I have to admit.
  8. I’m all for riders being required to honour their contract/commitments but sometimes that isn’t possible and common sense has to prevail. Let’s not forget there were actually 5 riders missing from that meeting not just the 3 from Redcar that have been highlighted in this thread. 1 of them being Lewis Rose who also had a contract/commitments. Newcastle get a facility for a rider who doesn’t want to ride at the moment whereas Redcar get no such consideration for 2 riders who weren’t able to ride. I’m not criticising Lewis for taking time out after his injuries, nor am I criticising Newcastle for making best use of the facility afforded to them. The rules are the rules and everything that’s happened here is by the book. Just pointing out that sometimes sh*t happens and there isn’t much you can do about it.
  9. That tweet was last month DIAMONDS. Last I heard Carr was still riding unless Schramm has recovered.
  10. Boro Bare

    Hall Not Returning To Redcar

    I suspect you're right Hulvik, you'd most likely have got sacked in the same circumstances. I also suspect though that if the colleague you kicked had recklessly knocked you off your motorbike in the car park injuring you and writing off your bike in the process he'd have got into trouble as well.
  11. Lots of speculation about Redcar keeping Konopka tonight in place of Hall. Anyone know if or how that's possible? If he was a permanent signing then obviously there's no problem but the general consensus on the Bears forum is that he was only signed as a temporary replacement. If that is the case can Redcar now switch Konopka for Hall given the team is over the points limit and Konopka has a higher average than Hall? Or does the fact that Konopka was replacing Hall mean that a permanent switch can now be made regardless of theirs or the teams average? Or was he permanent all along? Anyone know for sure? Thanks
  12. Boro Bare

    Redcar V Glasgow 24/4/14

    To be fair to Wolbert he was a lot better value than his 4 point haul suggests. His low score certainly wasn't through lack of effort. He was involved in some close races and was pushing the Lawson/Summers pairing when he crashed heavily in his last ride.
  13. I don't know what restrictions Scunthorpe have with regards to start times, or what impact an earlier start would have had to the crowd size and therefore profitability of the meeting, but it does seem a shame the meeting couldn't have started a little earlier to give Rose and Kerr time to travel. Even a 2pm start and a change in the Newcastle riding order (together with permission to leave the meeting early for the general good of speedway - if permission is required) could have seen both riders on the road in plenty of time for their next engagement and left this looking a far more attractive meeting.
  14. Well said. We don't want the Bears remarkable victory tonight and qualification to the next stage to be overshadowed by any more unpleasantness. Plenty of positive comments on here regarding how smooth the Brough track is as well at the moment (although granted most are written by Tsunami). Sensible choice for Dilger to leave his UK return from a broken leg until tonight rather than risking it at the STMP.
  15. Boro Bare

    Redcar Vs Sheffield (pl) 3rd May

    Really annoying thing is that when racing did eventually start it was quite a good meeting with as much passing as I've seen anywhere this year. There was way too much dust right from the start and turns 1 and 2 became too slick towards the end of the meeting but that was down to the lack of grading and watering which wasn't happening because of the delayed start. Could and should have been an excellent night. Good effort from the bears all the same and that was the best I've ever seen Wells ride. Great tussle with Ostergaard and Davey to take the win on the last lap in ht 10. Thought Albin deserved better than his 4 points as well. Let's see what next week brings.

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