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  1. Not sure if he would. He didn't race enough meetings to alter his average and with Rye meetings being removed he would sign on his converted average as in theory he didn't race any meetings in the top flight. Most matches he raced in were as a temp signing for Stuart Robson or as a guest The others had averages and have signed on the last average they had (all except Kasprzak are lower than what they started the season on presumably to make it easier to sign the riders).
  2. sparks123


    Bet Jye sent him a well done text.
  3. Good to see a Berwick rider helping a team destroy a team who decided to drop a Berwick rider.
  4. sparks123


    £1293.31 on website. Well done to Berwick and Edinburgh fans.
  5. sparks123

    Edinburgh 2018

    Probably. Sign a rider on a 3, his average goes up 1.23 before he rides a meeting and then bring in a 4 point rider (only in speedway).
  6. The Berwick number 1 would be a second string at Edinburgh. Heat 1 he was right on Victor's tail for most of the race, heard no. 3 bike faulty in heat 3 (about when Josh passed him), no5 up with Josh most of the race until going into the pits on last bend, heat 13 were racing each other instead of worrying about catching the Edinburgh riders. Ricky is a lot better rider than getting beat by a big margin (he could ride the same line as he did when he was in front). Did you think there was a lot of difference in the track at Berwick at the start of the season when it was rained off and the track at Edinburgh on Friday night before the start? Good luck for the rest of the season if Berwick don't make the playoffs.
  7. sparks123


    Possibly or people having a laugh with regards people being called real fans. How have you enjoyed the last 4 or 5 Berwick home matches? I think both and don't know to much regarding the Edinburgh trust except that it's separate from the speedway and they donate money to the Edinburgh promotion every month.
  8. Victor in heat 1 and Theo in heat 2 seemed to cope ok with gate 1 so it couldn't be horrific? I seen a good few Monarchs gate and go into bend 1 in leading positions and come out bend 2 behind the Bandits (that's where the Monarchs probably lost the meeting with it happening various times).
  9. Last week people were on about how good Rene was by riding and how bad Claus was by not. At least Claus didn't make Glasgow race with a conference league rider. That's at least twice Workington have been left short handed by them racing in Poland (the fours). Surely the SCB can make a stand regarding Dan. I remember a few years ago David Bellego was suspended by his federation when he was going to race for Berwick instead of France. They should be able to say the same to Poland (he races in Britain or we suspend his licence).
  10. I thought I saw in an Edinburgh report that Aaron was at 5 at Berwick. Wasn't paying a lot of attention so will need to recheck.
  11. Jorgensen was in the Kings Lynn team at the start of the season. Would be harsh if a team who signed him part way through the season had priority.
  12. sparks123

    Birmingham v Kent

    Will find out if he is just missing due to being banned (does the 7 day suspension for being ill apply in the national league?) or if he is still ill at the next Birmingham meeting.
  13. sparks123

    Championship Shield

    Seems so. I looked last Friday at the fixtures and didn't see a KOC or Shield match in the fixtures on the SGB website.
  14. sparks123

    Glasgow 2018

    I think it all depends how you read it. I thought he was on about next season when he said 2019. Shows that different people read the same thing differently.
  15. sparks123

    The 2 minute Polish system

    Just showing that even at the highest level there is some give so it's not only league referee's that could be stricter.

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