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  1. He pulled out of a Birmingham meeting earlier in the season also. Wouldn't bother with him for an open meeting.
  2. sparks123

    berwick bandits 2019

    When the opposition see our number 1 they will think its an easy match. You can jump out from one of the inside gates and surprise them. Heard the Glasgow offer has been removed after Edinburgh's meeting last night. Mr Blobby is going now? That bung you got has worked wonders.
  3. sparks123

    berwick bandits 2019

    Might as well tell you the team. 1. Balderdashandpiffle 2. Screm 3. Allthegearbutnaeidea 4. Fromafar 5. Bandit59 6. DSC67 7. Normski 8. Crescent girl (for when one of the others is missing) TM. Emilali Sorry you just missed out. If injuries kick in then you are a possibility. Nobody is messing with that team.
  4. Have to agree that riders should be ready to race when the 2 min light goes out. If not then they are rightly excluded but you need consistent refs who apply the rules all the time. Can think of 3 times at Berwick in the league match when riders were not remotely ready to race when the 2 min light went out.
  5. He was the deserving winner with a good pass in the final. Downside to the meeting was that there seemed to be a lot of engine problems last night (hopefully not to costly for the riders). If David is back with Berwick next season maybe we could try signing Kyle as I think his 2 best meetings were Sheffield and this one (maybe he brings out the best in him).
  6. Will put up the same argument as at Newcastle. Kev beat 4 Edinburgh riders and 3 Workington riders beat 1 Edinburgh rider between them.
  7. sparks123


    Usually buy DVD's from re-run most years. Was checking an e-mail from them when I asked.
  8. sparks123


    Will the track shop have any DVDs from the wins at Edinburgh and Ipswich?
  9. I am for 4 meetings. Jonas B also rode in the cup match as a guest. You therefore got 18 points (haven't watched match yet so going by your points totals) for Cook, Bewley and Riss. I think that's a fairer assessment than saying you got 9 points for Bewley and Cook. On another point about the tie being over. Ask Robert Lambert how his Swedish team got on last week after winning away the week before (Rospigarna 51-39). He won't be very impressed due to getting beat 52-38 at home.
  10. Does that not have to be balanced out by the fact Jye scored more last night than the replacement scored in 5 meetings at Belle Vue since he was sacked (9 compared to something like 6+1).
  11. Think he has a prior commitment (like Theo). Was on the website or Facebook (not sure where I seen it mentioned).
  12. sparks123

    Glasgow 2018

    Thought I saw last night that Craig was hoping to ride on Monday so hopefully not as bad as feared"
  13. Thanks for that. That confirms a team had a 29 day facility instead of a 28 day facility (guest scored 12 points and probably cost a team 3 points in the league).
  14. Thanks for that. So if a Sunday is day 1, then the next Sunday will be day 8, the next will be day 15, the next will be day 22 and the next will be day 29? Am I correct in my thinking that there are 4 Sunday's in a 28 day period?
  15. Are Ipswich still running the 16 lapper? Seems a well balanced field as CG says.

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