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  1. sparks123

    Edinburgh & Glasgow race night

    I don't think the clashes were to bad last season? At the Edinburgh v Berwick match at the end of July an Edinburgh fan told me that tonight's meeting was the 5th clash of the season with Glasgow. Two of them were with fixture fillers with the inter league challenge and the Caledonian riders championship. Even at 5 clashes for 4 months (April - end of July) I wouldn't say its a big problem.
  2. sparks123

    bandits 2020

    Hope your right screm. Hopefully Leon will go there as it will help him on the smaller tracks although I would suspect the track to be slicker for NL meetings than it is for Championship meetings.
  3. sparks123

    bandits 2020

    Think Berwick did that at the start of the season (through sponsor (think it was Clear Energy)) for the first 3 or 4 meetings. George will possibly be able to confirm as I can remember buying a ticket or 2. Think it was announced along with them sponsoring the first Berwick reserve to be quicker in heat 2 than the winner of heat 1, first Berwick rider to score a maximum and first Berwick rider to score a paid maximum (or I could be making it up).
  4. sparks123

    bandits 2020

    Wonder why the league didn't just have 1 meeting (home and away) with each team in the league and have 2 Trophy groups (North and South). It would give all teams the same matches (16) and everyone would have another trophy to race for.
  5. sparks123

    Knockout Cup Draw

    Its usually done the way it has been done for next season. This season Edinburgh, Scunny, Leicester, Newcastle and Berwick received bye's. Matches were Edin v Scun and Ber v New. Only Leicester had to wait to find out their opponents. It allowed these 2 matches to take place when the teams wanted (as stated by another poster) and they were completed before the three matches from the previous round.
  6. sparks123

    bandits 2020

    It's hard to judge a team at the start of a season on previous averages. Take 2018 with Workington, Peterborough and Lakeside having 3 of the 4 lowest team starting averages. Did any of these teams make the play-offs?
  7. sparks123

    Glasgow 2020

    Wonder if he will get a top league place to start the season then get a converted average from there (4.43x1.6 =7.09).
  8. sparks123

    Eastbourne 2020

    Would have said the same about Chris Harris with Ipswich this past season after signing with Peterborough (or Craig Cook)
  9. sparks123

    bandits 2020

    See Aaron is back for Berwick again.
  10. Says it's off on the SpeedwayGB site. Restaging date is 27th Oct. Was going to take a trip down for this as well after Glasgow being rained off on Friday.
  11. sparks123

    2020 CL

    Did Maksym Drabik not finish in the top 10 Polish Elite league averages (for Wroclaw) this season. He was at reserve all season. Could make it that only Brits can be at reserve during the season?.
  12. sparks123

    Eastbourne 2019

    Why give Brennan a reduction? Eastbourne scored by getting Newman in this season for Brennan's average. Why should they score next season with Brennan getting a reduction? If he was to go to another team in the league then I could see no problem if they decided to reduce his average.
  13. sparks123

    Torun 2019..

    Well done Bartosz. I hope Emil learns how to race in the semi finals (had first pick 6 times and never won a semi final all season). Had the most points in the qualifying heats all season (Emil 108, Bartosz 103 and Leon 96).
  14. From 1st September Gappmaier 6.09 and Etheridge 6.03 so at the time of the meeting Danny is above Jye in the averages.

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