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  1. From 1st September Gappmaier 6.09 and Etheridge 6.03 so at the time of the meeting Danny is above Jye in the averages.
  2. Nick Morris has only done 3 meetings for Somerset (just as many for Eastbourne) so seems to be no qualifying standard.
  3. sparks123

    berwick bandits 2019

    Would be better if Jamie explained what was happening with the scheme over the PA when there are no tractors etc. He could then advise that there is a table (or otherwise) set up and any interested parties can speak to an organiser to set up their number(s). The spectators then get the same information and you could possibly process more applications (as you could have to keep repeating yourself if more people come to the table at different times). Maybe it could be put on the home page or be a news item on the website as people on here have said lots don't use social media (only look at the website for match previews etc). Either way lets hope all numbers are taken.
  4. sparks123

    berwick bandits 2019

    Just looking at the fixture list on the BSPA site and it has Berwick racing a double header with Glasgow and Edinburgh on 7th September. When is the cut off date for fixtures?
  5. It is strange the 3 times Berwick got away for major heat advantages the races were pulled back for starting offences (Wright and Greaves moved first when Aaron and Kev got warned). It seemed to be ok for Redcar riders to jump in 9, 11(back wheel spinning), 13 and 14 (best jump I have seen for a while). I only noted after 2nd Berwick warning.
  6. Lets hope the family still attend the speedway. I wasn't having much luck with a work colleague (who goes with one of his friends) despite reiterating that the British champion was at Berwick and how often does that happen.
  7. sparks123

    berwick bandits 2019

    Wonder how the Bandits will do against the new British Champ on Saturday night. Think Danny King was at Berwick just after winning three or four years ago.
  8. sparks123

    Leicester 2019

    That isn't you being childish earlier Blobby is it saying other clubs might look at this now.
  9. sparks123

    Leicester 2019

    Don't agree with Glasgow's approach but I would blame Newcastle (who didn't bother using him after signing him) and Edinburgh (who dropped him) a lot more than Glasgow. If he was still in either team then he would still be earning a living.
  10. He did say he didn't want to devalue the competition then has one rider in a race to determine the leaders of the meeting. Surely it should have been against Sweden when one rider was used.
  11. Does the website not say Berwick are back to full strength tonight? Thought it said that on the facebook page when skimming through earlier.
  12. sparks123

    berwick bandits 2019

    Is Leon not in Poland this weekend also?
  13. I don't really understand your point. There was a function on last night for the STARS project (the Berwick equivalent to a fans trust) and instead of going 160 yards to support it you decide to go 160 miles to an Edinburgh v Glasgow meeting. For your info Jamie, Scott and Kev Doolan were in attendance.
  14. Meeting Off. Berwick facebook page.
  15. What about teams in the top league? Converting his average I get 4.68 which according to issue 11 of the green sheets Dimitri Berge wouldn't fit but according to issue 12 he would (on this issue his 4.68 starts immediately). On another issue for Saturday. At least with Busk not racing, someone won't be able to open the pits gate and run across the track in front of him while he is still racing.

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