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  1. sparks123


    Looks interesting on the rolling averages on the B.S. site. Has Kev 0.07 above Spud. There is also only 0.25 between 4 riders with Jye the bottom one on 5.72. If they stay the same Kev will be at number 1 and Jye will be back to reserve.
  2. sparks123

    Sheffield 2018

    Think Berwick have been stopped at least a couple of times. 1st time I think was Moggo or Banger (or both). Think also David Meldrum and another that I have forgotten.
  3. That's probably the fairest way as removing the bottom team scores from the points and having fewer teams in your group will favour that team. Peterborough 46.25 - Others 43.75 Sheffield. 48.167 - Others 41.667 Glasgow 45.333 - Others 44.333 Sheffield have a points difference per match off 6.5 points so they should go through.
  4. Think McIlkenny was 2nd in heat 1 then had 2 lasts. In his 2nd heat was trying different lines to pass Blair but couldn't. In his 3rd heat he was again pushing Blair for a couple of laps before slowing down a bit (not sure of the reason).
  5. If you said to Berwick fans at the start of the season their results in the league up to the end of June were as follows most would probably take them. Berwick 4. Newcastle 3 Berwick 3. Redcar 3 Berwick 3. Sheffield 3 Berwick 3. Lakeside 3 Berwick 3. Ipswich 0
  6. sparks123

    Workington 2018 .

    Don't know about events over 2 days but Tottenham finished above Real Madrid in the group stage of the Champions League and Real went on to win the competition while Tottenham only got to the last 16. Al least we got a silver medal for our efforts which is more than Spurs got. Portugal sneaked through with 3 draws at Euro 2016 but still won the competition. Happens in loads of sports until tennis format is applied or you get rid of finals/best runner up etc.
  7. sparks123


    Greensheet averages still show John in the team (maybe job sharing for when Theo is on longtrack duty). Theo and Matty are still in the Redcar team (release 10 from today).
  8. sparks123

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    Jonas B Andersen was late in arriving. Heat 1 would be a good 5 minutes later than the previous week against Newcastle.
  9. sparks123

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    Don't get a guest for one second string missing. we should try Newcastle's rules and try giving Busk an RR ride (his average is below Jye from tomorrow and Newcastle got an extra day for Lewis Rose taking time out the sport).
  10. sparks123

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    Think I seen on Kieran's Facebook page he is on standby to be number 8 so probably not racing. The good thing is they can probably give Jye a while longer to see how he is nearer start time if it's close to racing or not.
  11. Funny results between GB and Russia. Both teams 5-1'd Poland and Australia, 4-2'd Sweden and Germany and had a 3-3 with Denmark (with a different race partner).
  12. sparks123

    Newcastle 2018

    It was your fellow Newcastle fan who brought the point up about the function running out not me. I had no idea if Newcastle had another 28 day facility or not but as another Newcastle fan has basically said, if they have it should have been confirmed to the fans before Sunday's meeting. #justsayinglike Since I have taken exception could you explain why Newcastle fans are saying that a 28 day facility run out after 29 days. Could you confirm what facilities are available to teams when a rider takes time out/retires? Could you also confirm what other teams have had an extension to the facility for a rider retiring?
  13. sparks123

    Newcastle 2018

    Not sure what you are on about as it is the Ipswich home match where the facility would have started (on 6th May) not the Ipswich away match (26th April) or the Sheffield home meeting (April 29th). Newcastle had an injury guest for Sheffield but Lewis retired/ took time out the next day (April 30th). As I said earlier could you tell me what facility was used for the Ipswich home match (Kevin Doolan guesting and RR for Stuart) if it wasn't the start of the 28 days?
  14. sparks123

    Newcastle 2018

    The comment was mainly aimed at Ruffdiamond with his car-park comment. However in a 28 day period there is four Sundays. Newcastle v Berwick was the fifth Sunday
  15. sparks123

    Newcastle 2018

    It will be 7 days at the "end of a meeting". You are already there for a meeting in the first place. Some teams have a licence to run once a week. They don't get stopped by the council saying you run last Sunday so you are not allowed to run this Sunday.

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