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  1. I know what you are saying, but it's not just this last meeting, after nearly 60 years watching speedway my love for the sport has unfortunately diminished .
  2. Unfortunately I thought it was one of the worst meetings I have seen at the EWR, from the poor refereeing to Godfrey's ridiculous protests and mediocre racing, I stuck it out to the end but was well ready to leave, unfortunately I don't think I will be coming back.
  3. Dave Peet and sense in the same sentence, yeah right lol
  4. Probably wanted to watch the speedway of nations at Belle Vue instead.
  5. I think Aarnio has an average lower than Garrity's and Bailey is on 3.18 according to the official averages with a team total of 38.11, List just might fit back in in place of Bailey but someone on here will probably know for sure.
  6. For those old enough to remember the Quibell Park days this has transported us back to them when Scunthorpe were nothing but a joke team on their travels, Garrity should be sacked for not turning up again ,as Captain he let the team down big time and should be replaced ,Tero Aarnio would be a better option, and Josh Bailey is no better than he was a couple of years ago
  7. Why, has he no speedway track to go to.
  8. Tonight's embarrassing display by Scunthorpe has highlighted how weak they are on their travels, at the moment they are coping at home although Josh Bailey is a concern both home and away, if only Jedd List could be recalled , already looking like a very short season.
  9. This is a report from last year highlighting the Garrity fiasco again
  10. Sack Garrity, he will be injured soon anyway and get rid of Josh Bailey and recall Jedd List, at least he wants to race for a club + he was released too early.
  11. Looking at the scores they won't have got alot in wages and surely no one from Scunthorpe made the trip , disgusting that Garrity never turned up, unless he has a really good excuse should be sacked.
  12. Disgusting and embarrassing display by the Scorpions, with this team there will be many more big away defeats.
  13. Hope the weather picks up for this one, need a speedway fix.
  14. Surely nobody can be as tedious as odd1 boy.
  15. Obviously too much sun this weekend lol.

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