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  1. remembertheracers

    Swindon Stadium

    With Dore, Fearman, Higley and Silver they might have been tempted to pay. But the idea that high eg, lavish living Fearman would have coughed up circa £400k is ludicrous. Not long after he, or his company, did not giveNeil Middleditch is testimonial money sst Poole. Meanwhile Fearman had a luxury pad at Henley, a flat in Sanbnks and a Rolls Royce - allegedly.
  2. remembertheracers

    Speedway Star

    Superb edition of Speedway Star, well done Phil Rising and your team. A great pre-season guide, thank you.
  3. remembertheracers

    Polish Rules 2017

    The Polish club want Jack Holder for his potential. Poole give him the experience but the Poles wont. Well done Matt Ford.
  4. remembertheracers

    Speedway Star

    A few years back it was late even in Reading! I rang Royal Mail to complain, got nowhere. Then wrote threatening to send lettersj to the local rag (which no longer exists) and my MP. Since then I have received the Star every Thursday, only once was it two days late.
  5. remembertheracers

    Swindon 2017

    I sense at long last that Swiindon fans realise they have been conned. I gather much of the car park is now unusable and even worry about this season happening - in full at least. I think this is the case whether Oxford, where Osbourne was stadium manager in the 70's is available later or not. Remember they still run dogs at Poole for their BAGS monies...
  6. remembertheracers

    Swindon 2017

    Why don't the local media run stories on the delay/inaction? I have never thought the new stadium will be built as long as Osbourne and GI are involved, they will drag it out and play the long game. The current stadium is very run down now, it could be condemned. Or there could be a fire or two like at Eastville when they wanted Bristol Rovers out of the place due to a peppercorn rent. At Reading there was only ever going to be a new one, despite the council helping with land, unless a casino or someone paid every last ha'penny of it. A very well known former Reading official first met Osbourne in the mid 70's and described him as slippery and likened him to a snake! Dont blame Russell, Bowden or Rossiter. They may be afraid of pushing publicly but why the local rag and radio stations have not run stories and asked hard questions on it in unexplicable - you begin to wonder how much desire there is behind the wall or earth mound of silence. Sense Swindon folk are now coming out of their sleepwalking and sweet dreams thinking and smell the coffee for real.
  7. remembertheracers

    Will Coventry Complete The Season?

    If Sandhu was going to reinstate what he vandalised it would have started by now. Horton cannot afford to sustain speedway on crowds of 400-400 some 29 miles up the road, congested as it is on Fridays. Well meant maybe but in all a disaster, and largely down to personalities given the 3 year extension at was a decent if ageing stadium.
  8. remembertheracers


    Seeing Smallmead derelict and torn down without development for nearly a decade is bad enough. While I know Oxford crowds slumped badly it must be even more agonising to see a once decent stadium there and allowed to decay so some big banking business can one day make a mint must hurt even more.
  9. remembertheracers

    Swindon 2017

    What a dreadful fixture list. Three matches close together in April and nothing till the end of May. Hardly going to generate interest. Wonder if it based on the latest Clark Osbourne timetable on portakabin delivery etc?
  10. remembertheracers

    Coventry 2017

    I'd love to be wrong but to me it seems blindingly obvious there will be no speedway at Coventry this year. The damage was part vandalism and someone with keys wants that stadium knocked down.
  11. remembertheracers

    Swindon 2017

    Saw on twitter that Bob Radford, despite his cancer battles, has called on the Swindon paper to do some serious questioning on the almost total lack of progress at Blunsdon on a new stadium.. Dont blame Terry Russell and Alun Rossiter, - back up the demand for disclosure because bugger all is being done. Like Bob we know what happened at Reading, let alone Bristol and Milton Keynes..... Wake up and start a rolling protest to add pressure.
  12. remembertheracers

    Swindon 2017

    Stadium building rationed in Swindon! Fans hoping to see much happening get no Christmas present as a new Osbourne company Riviera takes over Torquay United FC. Cant imagine what that is about if not housing in the future. But no good news for the Swindon Robins as we move into 2017.
  13. remembertheracers

    Rye House 2017

    I hope to be wrong but this move seems against all odds.
  14. remembertheracers

    Dave Lanning Rip

    Wonderful TV commentator, announced at Reading for several seasons where we have had some class announcers. RIP Dave Lanning, legend.
  15. remembertheracers

    Lakeside 2017

    Dennis Jonsson has retired after nasty back injuries, Ellis wants to stay at Poole.

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