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  1. Well jel of both sets of fans hope you see two cracking safe meetings may the best team win
  2. Bandit59

    berwick bandits 2019

    Heat leader status yipee
  3. Good meeting to end the season with the good to see David have a good meeting Stormy also,liked the style of Kasper Anderson one for the future at Berwick ?
  4. Miracles do happen did not think that was possible well done the Comets,as I have mentioned earlier after all the carry on about Friday race nights would be great to stick 2 fingers up at someone hope you get the treble.
  5. Think Kev scored more than most people thought
  6. Bandit59

    Sheffield 2019

    Could someone remind me of your top 3 meetings this year seen it somewhere thanks in advance
  7. 23 races hope they start at 7 prompt it was cold a fortnight ago at the Stars meeting here's to Saturday night hope they get a decent turn out
  8. That would be one up for Worky not to mention your injury to Dan what i think is, remarkably you have achieved this with young Kyle at 7 all season, seen him win the Stars meeting at Berwick last night sure he will be a very decent rider with more experience one for the future good luck in the playoffs.
  9. Bandit59


    What a great way to end the season two away wins just a shame we fell short.Totally surpassed my expectations so well done to all concerned at Berwick Speedway,think now we should have a large attendance at the final meeting to show our gratitude roll on next year.
  10. Bandit59

    Ipswich V Berwick

    Great weekend to be a Bandit fan so near and yet so far proved a lot of people wrong myself included at least we finished above Edinburgh
  11. Bandit59

    Ipswich V Berwick

    If he was didn't do any good
  12. Good post totally agree with all the above
  13. Surely there is a supporter within a couple of miles of the stadium that could have put the local weather up.(Maybe not now)Glad I went now thought we would get humped but credit to the bandits got stuck in.Think Courtney gave Edinburgh a sporting chance by taking gates 1 and 3 in heat 15 when 7 out of 14 races had been one from gate 4 two of them by Theo pity the season was not just starting.

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