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  1. Heavy rain forecast for that night
  2. You must like the Berwick riders never let you down
  3. Bandit59


    NBJ scored 15 pts for Leicester tonight
  4. Thought before the meeting and after heat one this would be a close meeting turned out the opposite very good all round team performance,looked like Berwick were more up for it than Edinburgh well done to Theo on his 2nd paid maximum.Well done the Bandits,think Edinburgh will still qualify for the playoffs but they need to ride better than they did tonight.
  5. Bandit59


    Speedboat or caravan
  6. Doubt we will be able to fit a rematch in before the cut of date because of our busy schedule coming up
  7. Bandit59


    In the proper sense of the word supporters are just that they go and support their team I would imagine most of them are busy trying to earn a living and try to have family time as well.
  8. Easy home win probably about the same score as last time
  9. Bandit59


    Good to see David getting another guest booking for Leicester after his 10 points on Monday night for them.
  10. Anybody got a link for tonight ?
  11. Think most of us go hoping to see 1 or 2 decent races per night we don't expect 15 exciting heats heat 9 on Saturday night was one such race.
  12. Yes fair enough we both misinterpreted each others posts all fair in love and war
  13. A fair result IMO Berwick seemed more up for it Glasgow were always going to be up against it without Cookie and then the withdrawal of Nathan made it worse.The times were faster last night not sure why we still won't make the playoffs but if we can keep having the odd race like Jye round Bomber bend 2 lap 1 and the rest of that race it will be worth watching yhat was worth the entry money alone.

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