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  1. Berwickbandits2018

    What about ?
  2. Berwickbandits2018

    Glad you got fixed up hope you enjoy your weekend
  3. Berwickbandits2018

    Cara House in Berwick does b+b
  4. Berwickbandits2018

    Well did you secure yourself a job ?
  5. Berwickbandits2018

    Remember to turn up at the Black and Gold tomorrow night at 7 30 for your interview good luck
  6. Berwickbandits2018

    Luke Ruddick signs Bandits contract,Gary Havelock steps down from Berwick duties.
  7. Think the name of this thread should be changed now
  8. Berwickbandits2018

  9. Berwickbandits2018

    When is the fixture list out?
  10. Poole 2018

    Hope some of you backed Darcy Ward in the 1 35 Won at 14/1
  11. Poole 2018

    Horse called Darcy Ward running today at 1 35 any of you guys own it?
  12. Edinburgh 2018

    Now retired according to Twitter
  13. Berwickbandits2018

    What about the other 14
  14. Berwickbandits2018

    Now we know the 7 riders Aaron at 1 NBJ at 2 Kev at 3 John at 4 David at 5 Dany then Jye would be my preferred order
  15. Berwickbandits2018

    Hope everyone had a good xmas seen Jye took a fall in Aus, hope he is okay