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  1. Bandit59


    When do the new averages come out and will there be any changes to team?
  2. First of all many thanks to my mate Allan ,Razor and the other 3 volunteers who were at the track at 7am putting down the covers or there would have been no speedway at all.Great win for the Bandits good choice of guest in Matty always know what you get with him.Don't think that score will have any bearing on the KO Cup,would like to think we could do the same again.There was someone on updates asking about M Mackillkenny in the junior meeting if anybody could put anything up sure they would appreciate it[did not stay for junior meeting],we also enjoyed our chat with Davids better half telling us about the team spirit hope Avas feeling better soon.
  3. Bandit59


    Gates open
  4. Morris was class last year when he rode for us great rider
  5. Don't think you will be far away with that score
  6. Did not think they would win thought the score might have been closer,probably the same tomorrow night
  7. Well that was £iss poor tonight
  8. Bandit59


  9. Bandit59


    Will Jye be riding on Saturday?Who replaces Theo on Saturday ?Questions Questions
  10. Like to think we could get a point but probs get gubbed
  11. Bandit59

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    Does this mean we have to have a NL guest? Sure Crescent Girl will tell us
  12. Bandit59

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    Heard she had hit the stewards
  13. Bandit59

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    Well that was an interesting meeting to say the least.Some good races with no quarter asked or given some very tough and fair racing [IMO]both sets of riders going at it hammer and tongs.The heat 13 fiasco was a bit much though where i stand on the first bend we were betting who would be next on the deck,then the spectator getting escorted out was one of the livelier Saturday nights.Glad they have got the tractor routine sorted let the wonder wheel be last of so it can spread what has been dumped on track instead of the rakers having to do it.
  14. Bandit59

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    If we go R/R presume its David and the reserves
  15. Bandit59

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    Care to enlighten us ?

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