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  1. Berwickbandits2018

    When is the fixture list out?
  2. Poole 2018

    Hope some of you backed Darcy Ward in the 1 35 Won at 14/1
  3. Poole 2018

    Horse called Darcy Ward running today at 1 35 any of you guys own it?
  4. Edinburgh 2018

    Now retired according to Twitter
  5. Berwickbandits2018

    What about the other 14
  6. Berwickbandits2018

    Now we know the 7 riders Aaron at 1 NBJ at 2 Kev at 3 John at 4 David at 5 Dany then Jye would be my preferred order
  7. Berwickbandits2018

    Hope everyone had a good xmas seen Jye took a fall in Aus, hope he is okay
  8. Official Teams 2018

    Ashley Morris to Newcastle
  9. Berwickbandits2018

    Don't you mean the one and a half hours in the middle
  10. Berwickbandits2018

    Apart from the new Swede they have all raced at Berwick so wont need to get dialled in still think a lack of a proper number 1 will come back to haunt us [not for the lack of trying]
  11. Official Teams 2018

    Berwicks final 2 John Lindman 5.2 Dany Gap 5.1
  12. Berwickbandits2018

    Really never knew that just goes to show what goes on behind the scene thanks for the info
  13. Sheffield 2018

    A Ford Holder for £25000 is it a 4 by 4 ?
  14. Berwickbandits2018

    A new asset ?
  15. Berwickbandits2018

    Time to name the last 2 riders so we can order our season passes knowing what the team is